LaMelo Ball EPIC Triple-Double Highlights vs Cairns Taipans 2019.11.25 - 32 Points, 13 Ast, 11 Reb
Credit to @NBL for the Highlights.
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  • Puxuan Zhou
    Puxuan Zhou

    Remembering those years he was 5’8 5’9 playing at chino hills & still have highlights for days cuz he’s born with that package of layups (all others ways to score too)

  • Happy Smile
    Happy Smile


  • Rashad Gunn
    Rashad Gunn

    And now he’s doing this in the nba 😅

  • Syvah Don
    Syvah Don

    Give mello this freedom with the Hornets and he’ll be Top notch. Sadly the coach is babysitting him

  • Jason Heilman - Musical Remedies
    Jason Heilman - Musical Remedies

    His team sucked - Hornets have to feel like such an upgrade for him 🤣

  • Kobada A.
    Kobada A.

    these announcers need a job in the NBA

  • JoaoFootball011

    Who’s watching after his triple double in the NBA

  • Szn Inc
    Szn Inc

    Here after Lamelo made history in the Nba becoming the youngest to get a triple double. Dat boy tuffff

    • Szn Inc
      Szn Inc My Lamelo Tribute

  • Jaqqn !
    Jaqqn !

    I can’t wait til he starts putting up these type of numbers in the league

  • peepeepoopoo

    Melo needs to apply this mindset to the NBA. He's playing like garbage

    • Dangelo Washington
      Dangelo Washington

      This aged terribly

    • Elisxzn Reborn
      Elisxzn Reborn

      He just dropped a triple double

    • Rhemmy

      Btw he just dropped 22

    • Rhemmy

      Limited minutes

  • Samuel

    Future rookie of the year

  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant

    whs here after the draft

  • Nhel Alfaro
    Nhel Alfaro

    Same lang din sa kapatid nya magling sa highligths pero sa nba na bugok na hehe

    • rspence

      Nahh bro he’s better

  • Duhizy

    This kid is as good, if not a better, passer than his brother, which was already elite on the NBA level. Lonzo is more athletic and a better shooter atm, but Lamelo brings more threat to the paint which makes him more effective as a floor general. The Hornets would be stupid not to start the kid. If he can add some weight and work on his shot he can fill a similar role as Doncic current does on the Mavs, making his entire team far more efficient offensively.



  • BgrantB

    Just shows how crap the NBL is lol

    • BgrantB

      @Superior Trucking30 jeez you must be sad coming back to a post from 2 months ago get a life

    • Superior Trucking30
      Superior Trucking30

      he doing the same in the nba rookie of year what you got to say now???

    • Tyrone Taylor
      Tyrone Taylor

      @BgrantB Luka was 16 when he went pro in basketball melo was 17 it doesn’t matter the age can u play basketball these pros at the end of the day

    • BgrantB

      @Tyrone Taylor I don’t follow European basketball

    • Tyrone Taylor
      Tyrone Taylor

      @BgrantB you didnt answer my question

  • Think_Tank

    Love how he reads his defenders. The second you are slighly off balance, flat-footed, not concentrating, hesitant, out of position .... he is gone!

  • Almighty GeeSwank
    Almighty GeeSwank

    that last pass sheesh

  • Soy Sizzle
    Soy Sizzle

    Hard work!! This dude is bred to play ball. Thank you Lavar you have the hoop gods 3 professionals.

  • Hminghlua Fanai
    Hminghlua Fanai

    Best bad shooting form look😂👆

  • Please Me
    Please Me

    He is better than Anthony Edwards

  • nik nik
    nik nik

    what a dissapoint )) even bigger than lonzo

  • Claude Evans III
    Claude Evans III

    That was nice

  • Claude Evans III
    Claude Evans III

    He bullshit

  • Claude Evans III
    Claude Evans III

    You got 15 rebounds; like you dont know what your position is; a guard all in the paint like a forward.. he bullshit

  • Claude Evans III
    Claude Evans III

    Call him bullshit

  • Murr62

    1:02 nice finish but bruh they didn't call that

  • l

    1:01 made 1 dribble from half court to basket lmao..

  • Tori Temple
    Tori Temple

    He is still growing and now he is about to add real muscle. He will be Lebron without the leadership or intangibles. Size, quickness, athleticism, and passing will be off the charts.

  • Tristan Mules
    Tristan Mules

    LaMelo Ball EPIC carry 1:08

  • Balling no limit
    Balling no limit

    Just here to remind y’all Charlotte this is what ur getting get hyped!!!!

  • Alain Mancilla
    Alain Mancilla

    Lavar be dropping melo down the street before practice cause he dont want that 1v1 with MJ 😂😂

  • Alain Mancilla
    Alain Mancilla

    Whos here after he got picked number 3 by the hornets?

  • Dialectical Monist
    Dialectical Monist

    Div I college looks faster than this. These guys are bigger, but slow as heck. That's the only thing with LaMelo. He is playing at a different speed, but I question the competition.

    • Top5NoQuestions

      @Dialectical Monist Shaun Livingston was never a #1 option

    • Dialectical Monist
      Dialectical Monist

      @Top5NoQuestions He's like Shaun Livingston before his injury. Which means he can be very good, but he needs a turnaround jumper and post moves.

    • Top5NoQuestions

      A lot of D1 players can't even make those teams. Plus the league has former NBA players in it. The NBA doesn't play defense so expect LaMelo to score 30 easily some nights.

  • Tohru Bot
    Tohru Bot

    That announcer is super entertaining to listen too. Gotta give him some props

  • 劉慶隆


  • Henry

    how did that travel at 1:01 make it to the house of highlights

  • chris carter
    chris carter

    They wasn't playing defense

    • Top5NoQuestions

      NBA don't play D either.

  • Snipertrey47

    these aussie commentators need to chill bro lol

  • C Dac
    C Dac

    Him going third gonna look like luka goin second in a few years..

  • the rock
    the rock

    Remember kwame brwn

  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee


  • Jay Blast
    Jay Blast

    *Quick first step on hall of fame!*

  • Adolf Hitler II
    Adolf Hitler II

    Lavar Ball is crazy. But his sons are legit basketball elites.

  • T.K Jenkins
    T.K Jenkins

    We needed some bang!!!! Bang!!!

  • Jordon James
    Jordon James

    does anyone else think the one announcer sounds like Daniel Cormier

  • Aygün Atik
    Aygün Atik

    David Anderson Austraila legend 😨

  • LaMelo LaFrance LaBall
    LaMelo LaFrance LaBall

    1:02 wowowowowo maxi travel there

  • M Li
    M Li

    Not to be a hater but his hesi move is a major carry. Pause at 3:25 and see his hand is literally underneath the ball

  • Ryan Pente
    Ryan Pente

    Who's here after he got drafted by MJ

  • jamorris webber
    jamorris webber

    He is clutch then his brother

  • Alfonso Gabriel
    Alfonso Gabriel

    who's here after he got drafted no. 3 overall


    Who's here after the Hornets drafted him?


    *Voice of mike breen* "LAMELO FOR THREE" "BANGGG TIE GAME"

  • Carl Bridgewater
    Carl Bridgewater

    He wont be a bust but he is overrated

  • oShinigamio

    Now da hornets drafted him

  • youngrizzle2003

    Who's here after the Hornets drafted LaMelo

    • oShinigamio


  • Smolderpants Pants
    Smolderpants Pants

    This is the real ball, not the other one 😂

  • 誰が興味あんねん



    This is Lamelo playing on a leash so imagine his game without one

  • derrickj925

    Best player in the draft

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball

    Undefeated... never lost

  • Jay Dubb
    Jay Dubb

    This man quickness is so underrated.. not just quick he’s quick af

  • Mohammed Ali Khan
    Mohammed Ali Khan

    Another Melo lightning up the Madison Square Garden. I know it's not gonna happen but let me dream.

  • Lincoln

    Why didn’t he go to the NCAA?

    • Lincoln

      @Kay D , but he already had money. Buddy was driving a Lamborghini in high school

    • Kay D
      Kay D

      NCAA doesn’t allow players to get paid through endorsements from nike or anyone esle


    You have a wonderful channel, keep up the good work!!!🖒

  • Wii Matt
    Wii Matt

    If he was in the nba he would average 15 assists a game

  • Patrick Wald
    Patrick Wald

    1:01 the Boy was traveling like he was gonna straight up walk to the nba lol

  • pizza rolls
    pizza rolls

    ahh gotta love the Australian accents.

  • Acery

    This language killin me

  • Acery

    1:00 he did like 4 steps after he got the ball than he did like 5 steps again wtf you can do that

    • Tyrone Taylor
      Tyrone Taylor

      Naw that was clean it was a zero step

  • Antz Cari
    Antz Cari

    like tall Lonzo, no flash no intensity

  • Jay Dubb
    Jay Dubb

    Y’all think he can be a 40 a night scorer ? like Mitchell , Damian , Harden ? That would be crazy but for some reason it seem realistic to me

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia

    im happy as hell lamelo didnt go to NCAA. Hope y'all future athletes can try to take that route cuz NCAA robbing mfs

  • Teacher Wyn
    Teacher Wyn

    Related videos with Lamelo Ball

  • Lex z33
    Lex z33


  • BbRuAzYz - Pro Gamer
    BbRuAzYz - Pro Gamer

    I watched him get 4 straight triple doubles from the bench, crazy

  • J V
    J V

    It's so perplexing that ppl like this ugly fest better than the field. There's 10 players better than this dude...Ugly shot ugly face, ugly game just straight ugly. How does he shoot like a 12 year old

  • Karl Ascuasiati
    Karl Ascuasiati

    Julian Newman thought that he was better than him 😀

  • R0YAL K1NG
    R0YAL K1NG

    At his age was Shaun Livingston better?

  • EatingThread

    Definitely gonna be a lamelo layup package in 2k😂

  • Ayuub Shire
    Ayuub Shire

    Nobody gonna talk about him carrying?

  • Melissa Tscherkassow
    Melissa Tscherkassow

    I got to see one of the cains players and I got to see ball play against the Perth wildcats.

  • Agent Henry
    Agent Henry

    Dunking ✔️ Driving in the paint ✔️ Court Vision ✔️ Three-Pointer ✔️ This guy is going to be in the NBA guaranteed.

  • Riley Swards
    Riley Swards

    As a Cairns fan, this hurt

  • marco narca
    marco narca

    lol that 1:02 travel more than harden

  • Mathew Davis
    Mathew Davis

    Already the GOAT

  • Ilias M
    Ilias M

    This guy will go number 1 in the draft

  • Jasper Grigsby-Schulte
    Jasper Grigsby-Schulte

    Man idk... he looks kinda slow to me. That hesi is fucking deadly tho

    • RockJay2NayMe

      1:00 is pretty fast to me. Also, with his game, he pretends to go slow because he's looking for the open man. Or to catch the defender slacking and then run past then to the basket. He's also 6'8. The more muscle he put on, he will eventually become a little slower.

  • P4T21CK K1NG
    P4T21CK K1NG

    3:25 I guess they don't have double dribbling rules in that league. His hand is completely under the ball

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung

    How you really know you a legend player when the opponent team fan celebrate when you get a goal

  • roflbot101

    Damn one day this kid is gonna overshadow Lonzo AND LeAngelo

  • Marc J
    Marc J

    Can't wait until all three of them play on the same team

  • Beraat Tekin
    Beraat Tekin

    The geniusness he got from his dad is why he's special

  • Russ Bell
    Russ Bell

    His feet tho when he shoot a three hahaha

  • Dominiq Mondonedo
    Dominiq Mondonedo

    Not gonna lie, i thought he was gonna be bad. I’m convinced that he’s gonna do better than lonzo.

  • Shaqur Druz ali
    Shaqur Druz ali

    I think he idolize carmelo anthony

  • DIGITAL7 Media
    DIGITAL7 Media

    Yeah this is a great reel. shows everything. Love his elasticity. I really really like this kid. unlike his brother I think he'll have many rooting for him.

  • ツートゥーチ


  • James Harris
    James Harris

    If melo ball studies the young jason kid he'll do fine in the nba. His game reminds me of jason kid.

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