LaMelo Ball | 2019 NBL Highlights ᴴᴰ
Music Outro: Travis Scott - Highest In The Room

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  • Mic Smith
    Mic Smith

    Who's the lone Ranger?

  • I’m not blind but I love blindfolds
    I’m not blind but I love blindfolds

    POV; You're here before he becomes ROTY in the NBA.

  • Darius Green
    Darius Green

    “what we’re you doing when you were 18 years old” lol a legend has been born

  • Brian Lonardo
    Brian Lonardo

    If Lemelo can put on weight he’ll be as good as Luka someday

  • Nikki White
    Nikki White

    Lamelo made that whole team better. The players were excited , the crowd was hype. He wasn’t selfish everybody ate!

  • Tyren Sutton
    Tyren Sutton

    Anyone who was paying attention knew that Melo would be exactly who he is now. The Hornets lucked up.

  • Jon Day
    Jon Day

    He actually for some reason reminds me of Kobe. He has great footwork and body control and flair to his game.

  • Pimpin Homeruns
    Pimpin Homeruns

    If only the Hornets would let Ball play. They're missing out on this....

  • martine blossier
    martine blossier


  • iGNiTE

    The play at 1:36 is nutty

  • decent kenny
    decent kenny

    gus johnson

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia


  • Anthony Robinson
    Anthony Robinson

    Two wrap arounds!!

  • Serkan

    müthiş bir oyuncu geliyor.. Excellent player ..

  • Teo The great
    Teo The great

    I think melo is the best ball in the family


    sad music

  • Jesse Reyna
    Jesse Reyna

    Wow...he’s got my vote for the possible James Harden trade deal?!! I’ll trade a scoring champion for a team go-gettem player any day. Team players is what the Rockets need right now. He would fit right in with the new John Wall deal, plus other new players that the Rockets have already acquired.

  • tellmewhatsir

    He has amazing ball control

  • Saito

    2:32 OMG 😍

  • Black Wolfmane
    Black Wolfmane

    I see flashes oof pistol Pete this kid is nice

  • Florian Bruggmann
    Florian Bruggmann

    Good for this kid! I hope more young stars increasingly continue to bypass the corrupt NCAA system and opt to play abroad instead to gain their experience for the NBA.

  • Megan Easterbrooks
    Megan Easterbrooks

    casey neistat

  • Clyde Davis
    Clyde Davis

    I would think that lamelo ball father would have went off on his son for putting diamonds in his mouth he's risking getting his self killed he's going to have to body guys to follow him around wherever he goes because to have a mouthful of diamonds and people out poor somebody going to kill him his daddy should be ashamed of himself to let his son put diamonds in his mouth and God forbid it happen but you do something stupid like that you can't go nowhere

    • DaHipHopAnalyst

      I can tell you dont go outside much..

  • firenine1345

    Lol let’s see how these brothers do

  • Leif Garry Lagaac
    Leif Garry Lagaac

    they're trailing big on those highlights

  • Mister Tibbs
    Mister Tibbs

    His Jumper is ugly... But his overall game is filthy

  • Levi Powell
    Levi Powell

    these announcers are really good

  • Julz Flex
    Julz Flex

    His hesi is truly elite. He's gonna spark a lot of NBA players with it.

  • Galileo Shift
    Galileo Shift

    melo the verified phenom @ 19yrs of age... but the haters are blinded by cognitive dissonance & disingenuosity

  • Body Soul Spirit
    Body Soul Spirit

    His agility, speed & movements are insane for his height.

  • Conor Kennway
    Conor Kennway

    The next lebron James

  • Yoni Burack
    Yoni Burack

    Alot of his hesitation moves especially with his left hand could easily be called for a travel for palming. Will be interesting to see how if he gets called for it in the nba because it looks like his main asset when hes able to drive and get in the lane.

  • Liam 1
    Liam 1

    He’s actually got a similar game to Lebron. Same height, elite passer, can easily score inside and can shoot. Mans gonna fill out as well look at his shoulder width

  • H O K 4 G E
    H O K 4 G E

    better than lonzo, he is more likely luka type of player, basic fundamentals, no sensless dribbles, great court vission with high IQ with great size and height. Just improve your D and youll be a top 20 player very soon.

  • G O A T
    G O A T

    If he works with Lethal Shooter while he’s still young, it’s a WRAP.

  • A G
    A G

    did you change the video speed at 6:06? Insane speed

  • Ethan O'Hare
    Ethan O'Hare

    Melo does this... 19 but he’s a general. It’s His game

  • Xerokzy

    si, te quiero melo (no homo)

  • Rain Cayanan
    Rain Cayanan

    Can't still believe that my boy is a big guy now😭

  • Ken Van
    Ken Van

    Julian newman is already in the NBA! Lamelo aint going no where!

  • DragonmasterSK

    His shot mechanic is ... interesting. But if it works for him. I mean I watched Shawn Marion shot and he was a very good player. I don't know how much it'll help playing side by side with Lonzo but I hope we get something awesome

  • Jordan Phillips
    Jordan Phillips

    Any else notice that in almost every one of these highlights, Melos team is getting blowed out

  • Branden Matthews
    Branden Matthews

    First step elite he gonna live at the rim

  • calibre9 le vrai
    calibre9 le vrai


  • GburgerCardShow

    everyone has to realize he is 18 playing against grown ass men

  • Marvin Tirman
    Marvin Tirman

    1:27 noice

  • ike o
    ike o

    This metrosexual is too thin and plays like he's on the street.

  • G

    thats cute and all but let's see how he measures up against grown men in the NBA

  • zShadx V
    zShadx V

    A 6'8 pg with fast handles and amazing finishing with a deadly lay up package... Wait till he starts gaining muscle.. He gon be a deadly slasher and if he make shis shot consistent its game over.. He gon be a Giannss slasher with extreme fast handles with a steph curry shot

  • Just another nigga
    Just another nigga

    He would lowk clap MJ

  • Diwiya Laksmi
    Diwiya Laksmi

    Lebih jago dari abangnya, tp gaya shootnya sama jeleknya

  • Marino El capo
    Marino El capo

    Conrad is a BUCKET

  • peterbmt123

    That massive travel at 6:00

    • peterbmt123

      Around 5:55

  • Sheepsleepdeep

    Stand up North Carolina!!

  • Jonathan George
    Jonathan George

    I’m getting Luka doncic vibes when I see this guy’s highlights. And the fact that he’s also a 3rd pick in the draft makes me all the more eager to see how he does 😬😬

  • Will Cee
    Will Cee

    Don’t hate but this is Luca esk Frfr 🔥

  • Ameer Thomas
    Ameer Thomas

    Man lamelo is so good with all that pressure from the past few years and he still managed to go number 3 to the hornets

  • FuzzyFuzz

    I would love to see a Ja Morant and Lamelo Ball duel. Damn

  • FuzzyFuzz

    His built is like of Zach Lavine

  • moe

    What this kids like D rose minus the injuries

  • Jerome Pearson
    Jerome Pearson

    NBL is kinda lit

    • Pure Water
      Pure Water

      It's better in aus because you can get paid as well unlike college in the U.S

    • Pure Water
      Pure Water

      Will be better if more American players come before draft like play two seasons here and Def get noticed

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor

    This kid just like his brother Lonzo is being overhyped not to say his play won’t translate to success in the nba but do I feel he’s going to be elite top 5 top 10 top 15 player in the nba probably not he doesn’t seem much different from his brother and not to knock the league he was playing in over seas the (NBL) is not really close to the level of euroleague and neither is the competition. Again not to say he won’t be a good player but I feel because of the ball name he’s being overhyped and I would not be surprised if when it’s all said and done he’s a bust just like his brother.

  • Emil Koch
    Emil Koch

    I bought two Hornets t-shirts last year and a hornets warm up hoodie two years ago. Half-priced by the way. I guess that makes me a loyal fan. I ran the Fort Bragg Marathon race in the Warm-Up hoodie. With that being said, I'm really hoping with the acquisition of LaMelo Ball and Gordon Hayward the Hornets can make a playoff push if they can both stay healthy. Depending on his body type and genetics LaMelo will have to put on 20-25 lbs of pure natural muscle mass if he wants to be a really good player, and have a long career. He's too frail with his height at 181 my opinion. Hell, the average healthy man who is 6'1'' weighs 181 lbs.....There's only been a handful of really good/great NBA players in the last 30 years who can play real well at that light weight, Reggie Miller being one of them. I know this video is about LaMelo, but I can't help but talk about Michael Jordan as an owner purely from a business standpoint. He has made a lot of bad business decisions as a terrible team owner. He's a loser. I'll credit Jordan for making the right business decision here for the first time in what seems like an eternity. I get it, Charlotte is a small market which makes it really hard for great college players, and big time free-agents to come to during the season, mid season and the off-season. It's a small city with not much to offer. Anyway If the losing continues with Michael in charge, at some point I expect a huge backlash from the home fans and for ESPN First take to finally do their job and call out Jordan for not doing his job well. Ticket sales will significantly drop . Michael has had multiple chances to build through the draft, and has failed several times. Hopefully LaMelo will be a really good player and live up to the hype and not be another bust.

  • Z Rod
    Z Rod

    Kids been a star since he was 15, he’s a rookie and a vet

  • Gracie Anne Pascual
    Gracie Anne Pascual

    wow moves like curry, better than lonzo

  • D W
    D W

    Dat boy can whoooop

  • Faderificism

    1:30 thats disgusting

  • yuce yilmaz
    yuce yilmaz

    He will be a bust

  • Mohammed Abualreesh
    Mohammed Abualreesh

    He seems like a very impressive prospect but the defending is kinda sus tbh

  • 94 Monks
    94 Monks

    He has worst team😅

  • Aj Africa
    Aj Africa

    how he went from a scorer to an all aroung guard. next luka donkic

  • Johnny Hang
    Johnny Hang

    He’s better than Lonzo. Fight me

  • LamentSanford

    LaMelo is the draft pick that I’m most hyped about tbh

  • Little Heaven
    Little Heaven

    I don't care if you are throwing the ball from your's what the scoresheet says lol

  • Jake beals
    Jake beals

    God loves everyone and want them to be in heaven for eternity and not suffer in hell. Believe that Jesus did for all your mistake and sins and you will be forgiven and granted eternal life. 💯 🔥

  • The Atlantis Expert
    The Atlantis Expert

    He's Lonzo 2.0. Looks like Lonzo, plays like Lonzo, shoots like Lonzo.

  • Ty Crawford
    Ty Crawford

    I used to talk a lot of trash about Ball, but dude can hoop fr

  • Nick Zinn
    Nick Zinn

    Is it me or whenever the ball goes through the rim it sounds like glass rattling ..??? Lol

  • Emmanuel Resendiz
    Emmanuel Resendiz

    He can manage to gain 10lb of pure muscle he gonna be a great rookie in d NBA

  • James Kelmenson
    James Kelmenson

    I stopped watching 3 minutes in, definitely an offensive star. Im assuming his defense is mediocre, though. He looks like a great player, though, potential rookie of the year. Other than his layup package and passing he isnt really doing anything that incredible, but he does everything well. I wouldve taken him first overall for sure

  • Pero Palalić
    Pero Palalić

    If is this guy 1th pick I am Michael Jordan.

  • Jep Ragon
    Jep Ragon

    Good passer, ball handling,shooting. Fast

  • Definitive1

    Glad to see the Hornets finally get a good pick and take advantage of it. Get Jalen Green in 2021 to pair with this guy and that’s the best young backcourt in the league easily.

  • Lakers 4Life
    Lakers 4Life

    Lmao most of his highlights are on blowout losses lmao🤔🙄🤣🤣

  • K WOLF
    K WOLF

    1:37-1:41 Bro WTF? That was the sweet as hell!! behind the back twice? Wow.

  • RJP 008
    RJP 008

    Can he do that moves in the NBA?

  • Joe GOD’s Son
    Joe GOD’s Son

    Lámelo stay away from the gold diggers

  • lalo el mimo
    lalo el mimo

    He had to learn about shotting mechanics

  • Animeizlyf

    he’s entertaining to watch

  • dhr

    Crazy man

  • Dreamer Vibez
    Dreamer Vibez

    He is a BEAST i can't wait to see him play one of my favorite players 💯

  • James Henry
    James Henry

    Michael Carter Williams

  • Great Scott
    Great Scott

    6’8. He’s still growing too. Scary. Quick first step. Obviously great size for a PG. very Good handles with both hands. Very good passing ability. Can shoot from anywhere. & without much effort seemingly. I don’t see what there isn’t to like about him.

  • Michol Tello
    Michol Tello

    He deserved to be in the lottery pick

  • Carlo Gambino
    Carlo Gambino

    He gonna be better than Lonzo

  • Jay Lou
    Jay Lou

    And MJ just drafted Kobe. MJ is a great marketing and scouting Manager!!!

  • Justas J
    Justas J

    2:33 Holy...

  • Alexander Xtc
    Alexander Xtc

    lamelo going to break the nba record for most palming violations in season

  • Khalil Handy
    Khalil Handy

    Him and malik monk scary now jordan can't scare them make them feel comfortable hang out with them

  • Khalil Handy
    Khalil Handy

    Jordan got one now !!!!!

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