Kevin Durant Takes Over In 2012 NBA Finals Game 1 vs Heat | Full Classic Game - 6.12.12
In this classic Thunder game, relive the 2012 NBA Finals Game 1 as Kevin Durant scores 17 of his 34 in the 4th to give the Thunder the victory!
► Box Score:
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  • George Gomez
    George Gomez

    Had they started Harden, that may have made the difference for OKC.

  • Christian Hustad
    Christian Hustad

    This was a great series! In my opinion.

  • Abukar FARAH
    Abukar FARAH

    That was all kd's game

  • Sidney Keller
    Sidney Keller

    Westgoat 😥

  • Charley Bwibo
    Charley Bwibo


  • Gerald Taylor
    Gerald Taylor

    Kd is better than lebron James fasho 💯

  • mo gee
    mo gee

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  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant

    KD & Russ in OKC, Curry and Klay in Warriors, LeBron, Bosh and DWade in Miami, Dirk in Mac’s, Tim Duncan & Kawhi in Spurs. Back when NBA was balanced and almost everyone was in the team that drafted them except from LeBron. This was NBA at its best 😭

    • Kevin Durant
      Kevin Durant

      @Dfkrmr Dkmddd when he signed with the Warriors the league stopped being competitive. We all knew Warriors would win every year. And now everyone started teaming up. Kawhi and Paul George to Clippers. AD and LeBron to Lakers, Westbrook and Harden in Rockets, KD and Kyrie in Nets. Everyone is leaving in free agencies and not many players stay in the teams they got drafted. The league isn’t as balanced as it used to be that’s why NBA isn’t at its best

    • Dfkrmr Dkmddd
      Dfkrmr Dkmddd

      @Kevin Durant because kd signed with the Warriors and after he signed with the nets, the league become interesting and exciting

    • Kevin Durant
      Kevin Durant

      @Dfkrmr Dkmddd Hell nah after 2017 the League haven't been the same

    • Dfkrmr Dkmddd
      Dfkrmr Dkmddd

      @Kevin Durant ur gonna say the same thing in 10 years lmao

    • Kevin Durant
      Kevin Durant

      @Dfkrmr Dkmddd Hell nah. It's not anyhwere close to what it used to be. The prime years of NBA was between 2012-2016

  • Fant0m life
    Fant0m life

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  • Josefito Lopez
    Josefito Lopez

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  • Gehrke Santamaria
    Gehrke Santamaria

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    • Oliver Clothesoff
      Oliver Clothesoff

      Bruh what

  • His servant T
    His servant T

    Sad KD knew back then he was a better scorer than LBJ

  • carolyn browning
    carolyn browning

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  • Username

    Okc team chemistry was op 😬

    • His servant T
      His servant T


  • Fredrick Meredith
    Fredrick Meredith

    Hard to believe that the Thunder failed to win a Championship with KD and Russ together for so long. That's an indictment of KD IMHO.

    • Shaan Keole
      Shaan Keole

      to be fair 2 of their years were wasted due to injury

  • Fredrick Meredith
    Fredrick Meredith

    This is absolute "Peak Lebron" here. Not this game necessarily, just the Miami years in General.

  • Sharlene Faber
    Sharlene Faber

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  • Kenny Ray
    Kenny Ray

    😂 However we know the Final of this game! King James madem 😢 😂😂😂😂

  • awdawd adad
    awdawd adad

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  • Evan

    This is a trip down memory lane, the memories 😞

  • chop Chop
    chop Chop

    Lebron in 5

  • SC Challenger
    SC Challenger

    Game 2 is when the refs got involved. KD and Harden off of the bench was the heart of the team and the refs called fouls on them any and every chance possible. Evey time OKC tried to drive hole, the Heat whole team were flopping and diving all over the floor. After the refs let Lebron get away with fouling KD at the end of game 2, I knew OKC were going to lose. OKC could have went up 2-0 but the NBA wasn't going to let Lebron lose, especially because of what happened in the previous finals.The NBA destroyed what could have been a dynasty.

  • Cull Obsidian
    Cull Obsidian

    I remember watching game 1 & genuinely thought this series was going 7 for sure 🤣

  • Chan

    2021 and westbrook still have no jumpshot

  • 文郡

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  • Adan Bravo
    Adan Bravo

    That intro and song was the most 2012 thing ever

    • Святослав Авдеенко
      Святослав Авдеенко

      Agreed!!! Great memories

  • 21 Savage
    21 Savage

    Bruh Westbrook shot 13% from 3pt this series and Roberson shot 28% from 3 but yall swear KD had “help” and this okc was “stacked” 🥱

    • Official ZW22
      Official ZW22

      You cherry picked a percentage from one series and determined it as KD having no help? What a pathetic argument.

  • Ronil Salazar
    Ronil Salazar

    westbrook really hurt their offense

  • tina barber
    tina barber

    Go okc

  • bpeel22

    I remember this game like it was yesterday

  • Marshall Christopher
    Marshall Christopher

    westbrick ego killed this franchise this was a great team

    • BonzoKop123

      injuries killed this team imo

  • Silent 2K
    Silent 2K

    watching westbrook how he operates no wonder they never win a ring

  • NG Monte
    NG Monte

    That “I’m glad you came intro” had me hype asl like I was watching the game for the first time again 😂

    • Shamr0ck

      Made me super nostalgic. Man I miss those days. The league gotta bring back Mike Tirico btw, his commentary is goated

    • His servant T
      His servant T


    • pull up gawd
      pull up gawd

      them good old days lmao

    • Святослав Авдеенко
      Святослав Авдеенко

      Same!! Had it in my head days ago and now i turn the video and the song starts wow🤣

  • Eboni Schalleck
    Eboni Schalleck

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  • Obi-wan Kenobi
    Obi-wan Kenobi

    Ngl I got goosebumps


    33:15 bruh.... we really not in high school no more 😪 I ain't heard from Part Rock since.. this finals feel like it was just 2 years ago 🥺we really getting old...


    28:16 - 28:26 the story of Durant career with the Thunder... 😔

    • Sur Rotten
      Sur Rotten

      @Official ZW22 right I hate that people keep saying he had bad teammates

    • Official ZW22
      Official ZW22

      Don’t act like he hasn’t had help. Don’t say that like Westbrook wasn’t on the team.

  • Jet Ridge
    Jet Ridge

    Looking at this Oklahoma team 8 years after. They got a really good Championship team but the problem is their coaching staff.

    • Shaan Keole
      Shaan Keole

      hopefully our new coach can finally work for us

  • PorrataFam

    The Dynasty that could've been but never was. Makes me sad everytime i think of it but atleast KD, Harden and Russ are still thriving in today's league.

  • Alpha Koki Sr
    Alpha Koki Sr

    I was there, with a broken foot. And everyone kept saying "man thats a real fan" or "dang you still came on crutches?". I was like its the freakin finals!! Not knowing OKC wouldn't be back in some time im super glad I was there the crowd was nuts! THUNDER UP

  • Same Caranyagan
    Same Caranyagan

    Weessbrick so much insecure with kd kd open so many times

  • j k
    j k

    after this game,the refs team up with lebron. 😂

    • ayman _
      ayman _

      kinda hypocritical to not include gs kd but also include miami lebron. kd won when he had the better team and lebron won when he had the better team.

    • Alfredo Hucamis
      Alfredo Hucamis


    • Schon Michael
      Schon Michael

      Cry about it lol

    • Bru

      @Jay Smith KD never will be better than him, 1. The score points 2. Kd retiring at 35 3. Kd have 2 rings lebron have 4 4. Lebron won most battles between kd 5. Lebron went to more playoffs and finals than KD

    • Bru

      @Lucas Future Astrophysicist facts LOL because if the ref did help lebron they would of been in trouble idiot. Not just that why are you mad over a 8 year old video sped

  • SmokeSmitty

    Crazy how kd knew he always had to guard lebron

  • SmokeSmitty

    She lost to rueben studdard didnt she

  • SmokeSmitty

    My how times fly blessings n love in prayer my people

  • SmokeSmitty

    They broke them up to soon

  • SmokeSmitty

    Them boys was just pups facing the heat i was so happy for them, 23 n under n the finals wtf

  • Emperador Light
    Emperador Light

    Kaya pala natalo didto okc.mga buwaya pala kakampi

    • Emperador Light
      Emperador Light

      Kakampi ni kd.buwaya

  • Meditating Mongoose
    Meditating Mongoose

    2012 vibes. I miss those days

  • Genetta Williams
    Genetta Williams

    Kevin Durant is the best in the NBA!

  • joh bhan
    joh bhan

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  • Kaayun Jefferson
    Kaayun Jefferson

    Who else came after Harden was traded to Nets with Kd again 🔥👀

    • ddp540

      @Gerald Taylor then that means AD and/or Lebron couldn't play.

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor

      @ddp540 clippers vs nets 2021 nba finals be ready

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor

      Nets winning the championship this year

    • ddp540

      Lakers in 5

    • Cherubin allangba
      Cherubin allangba


  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

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  • Brandon Yip
    Brandon Yip

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  • MāDM4rch

    Ohh Kendrick Perkins.... So butthurt by KD and dissing him anyway he can

  • Morris Deshazor
    Morris Deshazor

    They came close to winning the nba championship

  • S B
    S B

    Collinson doesn't get enough respect for them offensive boards. straight beats mode!

  • joh bhan
    joh bhan

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  • KDawn TV Channel
    KDawn TV Channel

    LeBron James was Guarding Perkins wtf 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Akeem Wynn
      Akeem Wynn

      Lmao exactly

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    Gabriel Suazo

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  • Piolo Lucenas
    Piolo Lucenas

    Durant was like gimme that then pull up a three

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  • 5,000SubscribersNoVideos

    damn when he said full game they really meant full game xD

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    Kevin Zhu

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  • StangaLang

    Westbrook is living proof that you can’t fix stupid

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  • Mike J
    Mike J

    Like let's be honest,KD,Harden and Russ were GS before GS

  • Mike J
    Mike J

    And yet OKC hasn't recovered from this fully and good luck finding another KD,Harden,Russ and Ibaka that should've stayed together if okc would've kept Harden.

    • jack cena
      jack cena

      Well there is a salary cap and I don’t think they could pay what harden wanted

  • Viet Van Ha
    Viet Van Ha

    What a team okc got didn’t make the most off it watching Westbrook is frustrating

  • Viet Van Ha
    Viet Van Ha

    Westbrook should be fucken running point should be fisher they would off won the series

  • Cyrill Anicoche
    Cyrill Anicoche

    Just here to see the “baby Thunder...”

  • Claire Sanchez
    Claire Sanchez

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  • The3pleThreat

    How is tapping an offensive rebound bk across the half way not a bk court violation? That's a 5pt swing half way through a 4th qtr!

  • Colby Jones
    Colby Jones

    They always act like kd had a super team here when he was clearly outnumbered, anybody that act like russ and harden was who they are now are just delusional

    • Colby Jones
      Colby Jones

      @ddp540 even?

    • ddp540


  • The x Chino
    The x Chino

    Simpler times

  • Claire Sanchez
    Claire Sanchez

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  • Andrew Liu
    Andrew Liu

    Contrary to others thinking, I believe Lebron will have more rings now if he lost in 2012. I don't think KD will ever left OKC or maybe he will leave but not go to GSW. I supposed if Lebron lost the 2012 finals, he will win 2013, lost 2014, lost 2015 but win 2016, 2017 and 2018 cuz KD won't go to the GSW. Lebron will be 5-5 if he KD wins the 2012 finals really.

  • Memorable Sounds
    Memorable Sounds

    If they traded Westbrook for chris paul. Chris paul, harden, ibaka, kd. They would have won championships

    • aaron mehari
      aaron mehari

      @Official ZW22 bro I stopped fw okc cuz of Westbrook's this season he had 25 points 21 to one game his game was sickening😂

    • Official ZW22
      Official ZW22

      You people disrespect Westbrook so much it’s sickening to read at this point.

    • j k
      j k

      @Mitch Conner wrong. harden wants money, which he only want additional 3M and then got traded.

    • Mitch Conner
      Mitch Conner

      Harden wanted out. Don't think he was ever gonna stay in OKC. Westbrook is a main reason this team even made it to the finals that year.

  • steven lowe
    steven lowe

    Too bad OKC lost the series...

  • Ta Manh Dung
    Ta Manh Dung

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  • Fred Oliveira
    Fred Oliveira

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  • Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson

    Just here to see the “baby Thunder...”

  • Obelisk der Peiniger
    Obelisk der Peiniger

    Westbrook really didnt want KD to have an open shot...

  • drew c
    drew c

    The stat they put up of Lebron James was eye-opening. He averaged 3 points a game in the 4th quarter in the 6 games of the 2011 finals and scored 0 points in the final 5 minutes of every game. No superstar, let alone a star has had worse meltdown for a whole series. This is the goat according to Nick wright.

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor

      @j k facts

    • j k
      j k

      @Joe Jackson 1 given by the ref against okc, 1 given by ray allen, 1 given by kyrie and 1 given by davis.

    • Joe Jackson
      Joe Jackson

      And still has 4 rings with the greatest finals statistics ever

  • drew c
    drew c

    Frustrating watching Westbrook. KD be asking for the ball and he waves him off or tries to post Ibaka 20 ft from the basket instead!? Harden should’ve played point instead.

  • drew c
    drew c

    How can Westbrook miss KD wide open so many times? Poor decision-making play after play. I can see why KD wanted to get out of there. Yikes!

  • Cameron Hardwick
    Cameron Hardwick

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    that singer was cold🥶

  • Kevin Noble
    Kevin Noble

    Chalmers was good

  • Ugandi Smith
    Ugandi Smith

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