kenji loves mango so much

  • Rohit Roy
    Rohit Roy

    Good ! the mango keeps him calm... this is a a very important discovery !

  • Glenn Laroche
    Glenn Laroche

    Kenji: loves mango Mangoes: aw lawd he comin'

  • Liam Duffy
    Liam Duffy

    He loves mangos too much.

  • Tiger

    Can u blame him?

  • Striker

    Good kenji

  • Zach Roldan
    Zach Roldan

    Imagine your dog being more relevant than you

  • OtakuXV


  • Big Nose Meme Man
    Big Nose Meme Man

    Kenji: Eats mango People in the comments: I can clearly see that this is related to war crimes.

  • That One Guy Who Didn't Watch Fate
    That One Guy Who Didn't Watch Fate

    Don't spoil a war criminal, he might backstab you.

  • Pedro Urbano
    Pedro Urbano

    He is so polite while taking the mango, my dog whenever I offer food to him, he is so desperate to take that he either scares me and I end up dropping it or he bites me without noticing it.

  • sʜᴇʀʟʏɴ

    I love Mango too 🥭!! 🥰

  • CottonOofWoof

    Kenji looks like mango lol

  • Frozen_ mist_
    Frozen_ mist_

    Such a good boy! You should have way more subscribers

  • Uncle Daniel
    Uncle Daniel

    He is a part of my family now

  • 31nl


  • alisachann

    hey- can i get some mango too? 👀

  • collin sproles
    collin sproles

    A mango a day keeps the war crimes away lol

  • Jubby

    Mango is the only thing that doesn’t question him for his crimes

  • Chimera Productions
    Chimera Productions

    Alternative title: mango mukbang with Kenji

  • New1

    Whats wrong with all the dog owners? Why is a video made of every nonsense? My dog ​​is 15 years old and he has loved to eat everything in his entire life, as long as it is food. There is nothing special about it.

  • Christopher Dominick
    Christopher Dominick

    He got treats for not committing war crimes

  • Roblox Legends
    Roblox Legends

    omg Kenji is more cute while eating and while standing and he’s more cute staring at someone and he’s just CUTE Or I shall COOte

  • the killer sandvich
    the killer sandvich

    theres nothing better after comitting countless war crimes then eating some mango

  • Yonkerz

    Kenji is so polite tho 🥺 Despite his war crimes

  • AsphaltOP

    Bro its summer season in India you can import some mangos if you want. Indian mangoes taste amazing and will be good for kenji Jk dont import they will rot

  • Ashuj

    Everyone loves mangoes. Except the child next door

  • Abel De Boer
    Abel De Boer

    Kenji needs to be with doge as the wholesome shiba

  • Samuel Nathan
    Samuel Nathan

    Kenji will anything for mangoes. Including your homework*! * no grade guarantee, mangoes will not be returned

  • Mihai George Ivanov
    Mihai George Ivanov

    Me too

  • Kyle Phelps
    Kyle Phelps

    Good boi

  • Toanaboogege Francis
    Toanaboogege Francis

    Kenji won't commit war crimes today, since you gave him the good stuff.

  • ThatGuyGlenn

    hell yeah

  • Bread

    Give Kenji a mango cake for his birthday!

  • unstableness central
    unstableness central

    i need a kenji in my life

  • battled doggo
    battled doggo

    for what would kenji commit crime diamond or mango comment mango like diamond

    • battled doggo
      battled doggo


  • Johan Gustavsson
    Johan Gustavsson

    What he's doing with his paw? Ensuring you're giving him his share of it, that is, all of it.

  • Luka Shin
    Luka Shin

    I see a kenji video i click hes soooo cute!☺

  • Smile

    Kenji is amazing, he has a lot of patience. I expected him to take the second mango because you didn’t give him right away but wow, what a good boy he is!

  • Despe

    Kenji is a mango

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken

    How do you have mangoes in this time of year ?

  • Anita Klūga
    Anita Klūga


  • Bohdan Kuziv
    Bohdan Kuziv

    Kenji causing a global mango shortage!

  • Shrankai


  • Bhupane Dadwal
    Bhupane Dadwal

    The character "Winter Soldier" is based on Kenji

  • Ichhab4beine

    he is so cute

  • ItWasMe Dio
    ItWasMe Dio

    Excuse me ser, do u hav quick time for mango ? -Kenji

  • dog boi
    dog boi

    Kenji is a good boy

  • Arun Batsy
    Arun Batsy

    Doing war crimes gives you mango treat 🐶❤

  • Demonetization

    19 dollar

  • PandaNice _BG
    PandaNice _BG

    And that is why he is cute and healthy

  • xlightsoulz

    I wish my dog would eat fruit :( I have tried apple to watermelon

  • clairedelune06

    Imma doggonap kenji! just watchh

  • Hey Luna
    Hey Luna

    handsome boy 😍

  • Pirjo Lappalainen
    Pirjo Lappalainen


  • Alphonzo Munnings
    Alphonzo Munnings

    Me:hates animals This one kind of dog:bonjour

  • batmanforever0


  • Emperor Marcus
    Emperor Marcus


  • Cvijic


  • Triscal

    My favourite series

  • Sharon Darca
    Sharon Darca

    *I wish i was mango so he love me :(*

  • Ananya Sinha
    Ananya Sinha

    He's so polite, sir

  • TheNobeds Official
    TheNobeds Official

    Enter him in a food eating competition he will slice Matt stonie

  • Doggo that plays chess
    Doggo that plays chess

    He to cute ;-;

  • Saptarshi Chatterjee
    Saptarshi Chatterjee

    Once again I'm asking for your attention to the fact that he commits war crimes

  • TheHafinator

    Crime makes one hungry.

  • Zill

    Yup, his name is like the name of my friend, who behaves the same as a dog

  • Nikhil Halbe
    Nikhil Halbe

  • Anshu Singh
    Anshu Singh

    Hey, Why is Kenji a war criminal again And if he is Shouldn't the owner be the mastermind

  • Schody

    +25 To LOVE.

  • gRatE

    He is so gentle

  • marco maneja
    marco maneja

    the mango slices distracts him from doing war crimes.

  • Saxon Williams
    Saxon Williams

    kenji love mango

  • Swetabh Sinku
    Swetabh Sinku

    A Kenji video a day, keeps the doctor away

  • Sikandar The Indian Doggo
    Sikandar The Indian Doggo

    The way Kenji stands on his legs is so Adorable.

  • MattAce

    such a gentleman

  • James Hemmington
    James Hemmington



    He do be wanting more

  • Thomas Vincent
    Thomas Vincent

    Tropical boye

  • Nitya

    A sneak peek into the diet of the cutest criminal on the block.

  • chuck bass
    chuck bass

    Kenji "I will crush my enemies like these mango pieces" The Shiba

  • merleugeen

    Please give him more.....🙏😍

  • Smokey The Pyro Main
    Smokey The Pyro Main

  • pǝɯɥɐ qɐʍʍɐ
    pǝɯɥɐ qɐʍʍɐ

    He protecc He attacc But most importenly He hab mang

  • Tim nosgirg
    Tim nosgirg

    Why is this dog melting my heart with his cuteness.

  • Stephin Playzz
    Stephin Playzz

    One of the tastiest fruits ❤️❤️


    Today is my birthday and after my favourite maths exam this is my first Video with all my favourite things mango, kenji and kenji’s expression.


    Do dogs have molars or premolars,all i see us crazy canines

  • Nohan Mohsin
    Nohan Mohsin

    Huhuhu cute boi

  • ehh

    One word: adorable

  • Yohana Pandiangan
    Yohana Pandiangan

    He is a good boii

  • Tristan Lagarto
    Tristan Lagarto

    I'm sorry to say this, but I have been diagnosed with Kenji Disease . The doctor says i'll die If I couldn't take my daily dose of Kenji videos. I hope you can help me :3

  • Ameya Tikhe
    Ameya Tikhe

    If Kenji loves Mangoes soo much, bring him to India (Specifically Maharashtra) in April-May. I am sure that he will love Alphonse mangoes here.

  • FiloxD

    this has to be the best channel in history

  • Ian Spencer
    Ian Spencer

    He reason his fur’s that yellow orange-ish color is because of all the mango that little doggo eats.

  • Nicolas Kownacki
    Nicolas Kownacki

    He is just so cute

  • Artemis152 OwO
    Artemis152 OwO

    there was a time i told told them dogs can stand, they didn't believe me. And now years after the incident here's the proof at all its glory.

  • Susan The Fish
    Susan The Fish

    Mango: *exists* Kenji: *stops committing his crimes*

  • Köpeklerle Yaşam
    Köpeklerle Yaşam

  • roko fašen
    roko fašen


  • Bhaskar Paul
    Bhaskar Paul

    Mango time

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