Jonestown Massacre [ Apocalyptic Cult ] Who Was Jim Jones ? |Mystery & Makeup - GRWM| Bailey Sarian
Bailey Sarian
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Hi friends happy Monday!
Hope you are all staying safe and healthy out there. Sorry I went a little MIA but I am happy to be back. Today I wanted to talk about Jim Jones and what was going on with his whole situation. This could easily be a 3 part series, there are so many more people and factors that came into play as well, but I wanted to keep it simple and focus on Jim and his life. Honestly, it would've gotten so confusing QUICK if I started throwing all these different names at you. Anywho, thank you guys so much for stopping by and hanging out with me. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day, Love and appreciate you guys so much!! I hope to be seeing you very soon
x o
Bailey Sarian

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  • Stephen Haynes
    Stephen Haynes

    I'm from Guyana n this is a story told to me by my mom as a child

  • Melinda Rhodes
    Melinda Rhodes

    Bailey Sarian, check your IG dm. Sent something to you about this case

  • Jacob Hernandez
    Jacob Hernandez

    Never thought a beautiful woman could make me cringe.. but then I hear the theme song 😫🤣🤣 lol love bailey tho

  • beth kunze
    beth kunze

    Bailey I think your eyeshadow combo rocks💝not everyone can wear yellow in a combo😍😍

  • Jamila

    The scary part was that I see why a lot of people even MYSELF would’ve joined him bc he wanted equality for everyone and that’s what people needed in the 60’s so it’s scary how so many people were lead on by him and ended up dying when all they wanted was a safe place

  • K. McCauley
    K. McCauley

    I fell out of my chair when u put the creeper shades on 🤣👍

  • Jennifer Harrison
    Jennifer Harrison

    His wife did the hospice for my great grandmother. My family attended his church. One year at the family xmas party spoke so kindly of him. I said only the women in this family would speak of him like that. P.s. Them b#!$s where mean

  • elquenosale

    Im on the 17:00 mark on the video and this guy Jimmy sound like a cool dude

  • shanaM jonesB
    shanaM jonesB

    Y did he not get his wife out of bed. ?? Like heal her? Did anyone ever ask him to heal her?

  • ma nick
    ma nick

    Weird guy who were sunglasses indoor

  • MP Nothnx
    MP Nothnx

    Leonardo DiCaprio is gonna play Jim Jones in a biopic

  • Jenny Delgado
    Jenny Delgado

    And this is why I choose to be pagan and stick by myself :| converters are annoying and some monotheistic religious groups are borderline cults 🤣

  • C G
    C G

    Jim Jones sent the security after the trucks with the senator and the others, and one security guy had mixed among those taking the planes. So it was all planned by Jim Jones. When he got radioed that the senator is dead, he would tell that to the people gathered and now had a reason they could not deny to poison them. Pretty sick.

  • Jaz Duncan
    Jaz Duncan

    Bruh he was born on my b day I was doing my makeup and heard may 13 ans I was like wait what

  • Sabrina Leal
    Sabrina Leal

    Hi how can I find out more about Bailey :) I am a new subscriber and have been binge watching her MMM videos and don't know anything about her lol

  • Emily Zelinsky
    Emily Zelinsky

    This is exactly like the one criminal minds episode!!

  • Kori Lemay
    Kori Lemay

    People like this make Christianity look bad.

  • Crystaelechan

    Jones preaching that America/some country would pass mart1al law Didn't happen Me a Filipino: you were around 5 years too late.

  • Najat Faisal
    Najat Faisal

    K drama watchers are having flashbacks from "save me"

  • Anna Mac
    Anna Mac

    Do you have pod cast on Spotify?

  • Laurie Blenkle
    Laurie Blenkle

    Transmissions from Jonestown Podcast is equally creepy af as it is just.unbelievable.

  • Alena Gudge
    Alena Gudge

    21: 26 is so funny

  • Mariah Flores
    Mariah Flores

    7,000,000 dollars divided between 909 people, is about $7,700 per persons family. Thats a slap in the face

  • Jessica Witney
    Jessica Witney

    I love how the church members weren't allowed romantic relationships but Jim could have mistresses. Seems right.

  • missmatch mishmash
    missmatch mishmash

    Dying by poison is incredibly painful. That's why Jim (And the mistress) chose the gun.

  • sab


  • Christina Trimis
    Christina Trimis

    21:25 and this is why we all keep coming back to Bailey’s channel 😂😂

  • Stacey Ann
    Stacey Ann

    I knew a few of those things but not that they spent time living there... Sounds like Colonia Dignidad in Chile, lead by Paul Schäfer... (a German who took a community from Germany to Chile to start over)

  • Elizabeth Peters
    Elizabeth Peters

    There are lots of documentaries, including a docu-style movie about Jonestown itself. There’s also a movie called “The Sacrament,” which is based on Jonestown with some minor differences. It’s also a “documentary-style” movie. It’s so similar to the actual occurrences that I think the only changes were maybe some names…

  • Rojo Broko
    Rojo Broko

    Dicapio as Jones is gonna be interesting and gonna be insane. This was a terrible thing that killed nearly 1000 people.

    • serina b
      serina b

      @Nykole Jenkins yes! can't wait for it

    • Nykole Jenkins
      Nykole Jenkins

      They're making a movie?? And Leo is playing Jim?!!

  • Karina Madrigal
    Karina Madrigal

    How did he not spend that 7mil on the town 😒

  • Melissa H
    Melissa H

    Kool-Aid always gets a bad rap when really they all drank Grape Flavored Flavor Aid. Thanks for knowing that! While I can at least understand people drinking it willingly, I can't fathom a parent giving it to their children.

  • Desiraye Green
    Desiraye Green

    Love her but hate that theme song lol

  • Melissa Wade
    Melissa Wade

    Love you so much I am such a fan and I love you without makeup. Keep being you sweet girl

  • Cristina Hatfield
    Cristina Hatfield

    If you like cults, have you done any research on the Anthill Kids? Just curious

  • Carly Campbell
    Carly Campbell

    Is this what the supernatural reaper episode is based off of???

  • Chef Carter's Cooking Corner
    Chef Carter's Cooking Corner

    Some of my aunts and uncles knew Jim Jones, went to school with him at Richmond High School. One of my uncles said Jim was a real nice guy and was shocked to hear the news. My Mom tells a story about how this little Black boy walked into a barbershop in Richmond to get his hair cut for his mother's funeral. The White barber refused and Jim Jones stood up for the child. He shamed the barber for refusing the boy service when he just wanted to be presentable for his mother's funeral. This tragedy is heartbreaking on so many levels.

  • Erin Alex
    Erin Alex

    This cult leader reminds me of that one episode of Supernatural where the preacher was "blind" and he "cured" people and it was almost like a cult following.... creepy

    • Bonnie Arnold
      Bonnie Arnold

      I love Sam and Dean! 😍

  • K. Chelle
    K. Chelle

    “His ✨iMAgInAtiON✨ was keepin everyone up🙄” 😂😂😂

  • marlon detorres
    marlon detorres

    The crabby dictionary normally dress because cover geographically waste down a grubby gruesome dad. slim, purple cat

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith

    Bailey is adorable 🥰

  • Kevin Laliberte
    Kevin Laliberte

    You're off topic from the very beginning.

  • Deonjanae Thompson
    Deonjanae Thompson

    This is warren Jeff’s back in the day. He was a polygamist with over 300 wives I think and 600 hundred kids. His youngest wife was 12 and he went to prison Bc her and some other charges

  • Afton Butcher
    Afton Butcher

    I’ve always wondered what happens to money when it seized by the government from a crime. I didn’t know if it just sat in an evidence box Or if it was used for like roads or other state expenses. If it does, in some cases, just sit in an evidence box, what a waste!

  • unique shantina
    unique shantina

    Check it out it happened Oct 16th,2021

  • unique shantina
    unique shantina

    Here in Jamaica we had a cult Pastor (Kevin Smith )who sacrificed his members etc I'd really love if you could do a story about it.

  • unique shantina
    unique shantina

    Here in Jamaica we had a cult Pastor (Kevin Smith )who sacrificed his members etc I'd really love if you could do a story about it.

  • Eden Kammerer
    Eden Kammerer

    Jeeeezus he sounded like a very bad ex. At first he was genuine, and then power made him into a con-artist and hypocrite. He did everything he preached to NOT do.

  • Angore M
    Angore M

    I work ten hours shifts and so far Bailey is my favorite ITmoresr to listen to while I work, she’s so personable ☺️

  • tim blue
    tim blue

    Your videos are so fascinating. I subscribed after listening to your video about Andrew Jackson. I love history and mystery. You do an amazing job of telling these stories.

  • Ilene Klayman
    Ilene Klayman

    Don't drink the kool-aid!

  • Super Paul
    Super Paul

    As a young kid,( a teen) it sounds like he wanted to find meaning in his life

  • Alesia Howington
    Alesia Howington

    Thank you for the video!

  • Nico Jones
    Nico Jones

    every time i hear “Jim Jones” i think about how my grandfather’s name is Jimmy Jones…

  • Sero

    In the first 20 minutes I actually like him

  • Shadeson

    I've done a lot of research on this incident. Its always interesting hearing about Jonestown.

  • SP

    FYI - she survived: *In 1978, while working as politician Leo Ryans aide, Jackie Speier survived five gunshot wounds when Ryan was assassinated during the Jonestown massacre. Jackie is now an American lawyer & politician serving as the U.S. Representative for California's 14th congressional district, serving in Congress since 2008. Tough lady.

  • TurquoiseInk

    I think he lost his way when he began faking the "miracles". Once he was down that road, it was just a matter of time.

  • 𝚂𝚒𝚛20𝚑𝚣

    You gotta have the barrettes

  • Kimberly Adam
    Kimberly Adam

    What is the pink sponge thing you use for your baking powder?

  • Jen Carpenter
    Jen Carpenter

    1927 Bath, Michigan massacre. You should totally do that one. 😁

  • L4C32N ._.
    L4C32N ._.

    Wow that sounds like the history of a country I know very well...

  • pfairschannel

    I love your youtube channel! I swear I've never followed one before, lol. I like that you have facts and back stories I never heard before. Do you list your sources?

  • pfairschannel

    love the cult stories too!

  • Satanic Bitch
    Satanic Bitch

    Are ur backgrounds real? Ir are they like realistic greenscreens

  • Satanic Bitch
    Satanic Bitch

    Pft agust d used this dudes speach in his song

    • hen

      he apologised for that

  • Becca

    Why didn’t he just “heal” his wife so he didn’t have to sleep around with other women? Genuinely curious…maybe I missed this

  • Bubbles Kay
    Bubbles Kay

    Lol not the glasses😂😂

  • Bubbles Kay
    Bubbles Kay

    They only letting black people in to take they money so sickening smh

  • Bubbles Kay
    Bubbles Kay

    Smh just using black people

  • A F
    A F

    14:50 Couple: HE CURED US! Doctors: are we a joke to you?

  • Saturnalia

    I got 30 mins into this video before this happened, but I think fate wants me to finish it cause I woke up and it was playing

  • Glitter Moon
    Glitter Moon

    The crazy this is that there are still many cults today that are very similar to this.

  • Carlos C
    Carlos C

    Un saludo a mis compañeros de derecho sucesorio

  • Name Here
    Name Here

    Is this where the saying "drinking the cool-aid" comes from?

  • raven mokshefsky
    raven mokshefsky

    There's a movie called the veil about Jim Jones and in the movie it is said that a child didn't drink the Kool aid. In ur research, did u find that to be try?

    • Mary Mahon
      Mary Mahon

      heavens gate I think it’s called

    • Mary Mahon
      Mary Mahon

      I commented this exact thing like a year ago! And I’m surprised nobody else said anything. But I think it’s actually a different story that the veil is about.

  • Nadia V
    Nadia V

    The seriousness of this aside.. I absolutely LOST IT when you did the side bit. Right down to his glasses 🤣

  • Daniel vazquez
    Daniel vazquez

    What about the note one of the members gave to the congressman saying for him to help them

  • Hannah Joy Laurman
    Hannah Joy Laurman

    I remember my mom making me watch the documentary about this and it’s terrifying. I hate it. Don’t know why I still say through this again. 😂😭🤦🏼‍♀️ So scary.

  • Tom Forbes
    Tom Forbes

    Imagine how much better the country would be today if all “religious” leaders were as passionate about equality and desegregation as Jim was BEFORE he became a lunatic… instead we end up with monsters like Jones and countless pedophiles that are shielded behind religion.

  • Savanna Seidensticker
    Savanna Seidensticker

    I've started singing along with the theme song help

  • Zoe Hope
    Zoe Hope

    I'm a tad confused by the American use of 'random'. To me, is means 'without purpose, aimless or unchosen'. Could someone fill me in on that? 💝

    • laure auvray
      laure auvray

      that’s what it is, also can be, unexpected, unknown

  • Lauryn Hawkins
    Lauryn Hawkins

    Why were his followers so gullable?

  • Caitlin Koi
    Caitlin Koi

    13:47 I love how you kind of had to catch yourself like "wait he's lying to people to make them think he can heal them... right"

  • Asia Nelson
    Asia Nelson

    Apply??? For permission???

  • Jay Craw
    Jay Craw

    Give a person power and they show their true colors. Think of it like Captain America, it only enhances what is already there

  • Cressie Vibes
    Cressie Vibes

    i've bounced around to lots of churches in my eighteen years of life. i've been to presbyterian, pentecostal, baptist, mostly nondenominational though. i can definitely understand wanting somewhere to belong. i can also attest that white majority churches are different from black majority churches.

  • matchamochi

    He is basically kim jongun and his cult is north korea

  • Heather Contois
    Heather Contois

    If you think this one is bad-Colonia Dignidad

  • Heather Contois
    Heather Contois

    I watched a documentary on Jim Jones and I don't remember the "healings" part. I can't help but wonder, if all these religious folks can heal people, wy don't they just go to the hospitals and do it?

  • Donne Dukes
    Donne Dukes

    He was a candy Stripper 😁

  • Maddie k
    Maddie k

    the jim jones glasses took me OUT

  • halee murphy
    halee murphy

    i love when u say nay nay and now i cant stop saying itt

  • sara romig
    sara romig

    Is this the "drinking the kool-aid " thing

  • Amina. ram
    Amina. ram

    It’s sad that there are still some people who manipulate people and have cults today. They approach vulnerable

  • Alexa Prado luv
    Alexa Prado luv

    This girl needs her own showw

  • Elizabeth Knight
    Elizabeth Knight

    The props were great😂😂😂😂 : :

  • Manu Falcão
    Manu Falcão

    if y'all interested in the psychological and cultural aspects that lead to fundamentalist organizations, faith and such, I'd like to recommend Netflix's new show "Midnight Mass" (Mike Flanagan). It's a fictional horror miniseries, with an amazing, empathetic take on christian morality, human contradictions, belief systems, etc. I was deeply impressed by its use of fantasy and genre exercises to provide such unfiltered views about a community driven by faith -- to the point it does develop cult-like mentality, but not without total awareness of its nature... it's sad and disturbing but very human... anyway, love your videos. I'm hooked :)

  • Melissa Jane
    Melissa Jane

    Absolutely heartbreaking 💔 My love and prayers go out to all the victims and their families left behind.

  • Rickia Apachito
    Rickia Apachito

    When she put on the glasses😂

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