Joe Biden and Kamala Harris inauguration ceremony
On Wednesday, January 20, 2021 Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States. Read more about the challenges before him:
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00:00 - Introduction
11:48 - Invocation by Fr. Leo O'Donovan
17:29 - National Anthem performed by Lady Gaga
21:00 - Pledge of Allegiance by Andrea Hall
22:34 - Swearing-in of Kamala Harris
24:42 - Musical Performance by Jennifer Lopez
29:35 - Swearing-in of Joe Biden
33:20 - President Joe Biden's Inaugural address
55:38 - Musical Performance by Garth Brooks
1:00:03 - Poetry Reading by Amanda Gorman
1:06:44 - Benediction by Rev. Dr. Silvester Beaman
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  • Vox

    It's official. Joe Biden has just become the 46th president of the United States. He faces a pandemic and record unemployment, and has ambitious plans for his first 100 days. Read more on Vox:

    • Francisco S
      Francisco S

      False. Your video makes it clear it was NOT real.

    • David fancher
      David fancher

      Ingraham: Biden prioritizes migrants over American citizens / joe biden and Kamala harris do not care america and people . Why??

    • Stu B
      Stu B

      @ana anguiano All parts of the GOP playbook.

    • Stu B
      Stu B

      @Irina Karlstein Go have some more koolaid.

    • Ryan Lashbrook
      Ryan Lashbrook

      @Stu B yes sir. Look at all they've already done. They should be getting none peace prize, not be insulted with person of the year award. Come on man

  • jc ii
    jc ii


  • August

    Es wirkt alles eklig und falsch. 20:07

  • Adrian Syah
    Adrian Syah

    Good job joe harris i like you

  • Cyndi McC
    Cyndi McC

    God save us from evil.

  • Wen Chai
    Wen Chai

    Propeller beanie cap guy and his sidekick melon.

  • Dr. Cool
    Dr. Cool

    After his innauguration: "There is nothing that can be done to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the coming months"

  • Tempting Fate
    Tempting Fate

    Bought and paid for

  • Javon King
    Javon King

    i like this one

  • JJ

    Sad day for America, no one wants this clown or his unpopular handler.

  • Shawn McDowell
    Shawn McDowell

    joe biden is not my president. I purposely do not capitalize his name. he does not deserve the Capitol!

  • J K
    J K

    Finally, sanity after 4 years of chaos!

    • JJ

      😂 🤪

  • obrin thomas
    obrin thomas

    Congratulation President joe Biden. We thank Heavenly father for this opportunity. God Bless you sir. Ethleen and Obrin Thomas.

  • Shawn Wilson
    Shawn Wilson

    and Donald trump mess up everything and school in just a place we go we are the slaves in school let us be free like butterflies

  • Shawn Wilson
    Shawn Wilson

    agree with me if yall had to watch this for homework agree if joe Biden should in school

  • Twistar Gaming
    Twistar Gaming

    America has fallen to a new LOW thanks to joe Bidden and his build China better plan. all people of color will suffer more and more as weeks go on. at the gas pump, and every time they buy anything. Once people of color understand what they did. they will all regret what they did. but it will be to late save them from Biden.

  • Vedant Maheshwari
    Vedant Maheshwari

    no wonder he got the role of Captain America, respect sir

  • Natalie Cook
    Natalie Cook

    Amazing camera work! A sunny day in DC when there were clouds all day! I guess Gaga and Jlo brought the light!

  • shi ran
    shi ran

    Many beautiful words but produce nothing .

  • Jessamyn Sasaki
    Jessamyn Sasaki

    SsSOmKom+!WinuCR Joseph..JR

  • Hfj Ffh
    Hfj Ffh

    Joke President

  • THINK The Arts
    THINK The Arts

    amazing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris inauguration ceremony

  • Judy Ncororo
    Judy Ncororo

    Mr president Joe Biden and kamala Harris vice president 2021

  • Judy Ncororo
    Judy Ncororo

    Mr president Joe Biden please help me because some time the messages is so long

  • Judy Ncororo
    Judy Ncororo

    Please I will watch more tomorrow

  • Judy Ncororo
    Judy Ncororo

    We thank God for your for giving us our sincere please God thank so much God bless all amen and blessings all over of the world amen

  • Judy Ncororo
    Judy Ncororo

    Hi Mr president Joe Biden and kamala Harris vice president please God Lord we thank God for your favourite and blessings and your help bless all over of the world amen

  • Carl Wakeling
    Carl Wakeling

    Joe Biden is bad news for the American people. GET HIM OUT 👍

  • Smith Fleurmond
    Smith Fleurmond

    Je suis Mr Smith Fleurmond que je n'arrivera à se connecter

  • Steffan Blanco
    Steffan Blanco

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by - you know, you know, the thing.” Biden

  • Kathy

    Revel in your stolen 'victory'!! It will soon crumble. Wake up people, this is a disgrace. And he had the nerve to put his crooked hand on the BIBLE!! WOE UNTO HIM, WATCH THEM FALL. THANK YOU LORD!

  • Anne Onymous
    Anne Onymous

    Yey for The Establishment!! 🎉

  • Charlotte Michaud
    Charlotte Michaud

    Hollywood has big ties with the radical left deep state and its child trafficking and major ties with China which is most of actresses and actors and artists!! They are horrific !!!! The Whitehouse now is a prison camp!!! And may all the arrests begin!!!!!👍👍

  • newthrash1221

    I don’t agree with alot of biden’s nor kamala’s policies...but at least we’re bringing back humanity and logic back in to the white house.

  • Hunter Killer
    Hunter Killer

    Joe Byedon.

  • Entao Lu
    Entao Lu

    !@!!covid-19 originated in the United States. Two virus leaks occurred in the Fort Detrick Biolab in the U.S. in 2019, and the United States virus infected the world.

  • Ryan Lashbrook
    Ryan Lashbrook


  • notakachi

    The November 3, 2020 election was a fraud. The evidence is conclusive. Yet there are a number of our fellow citizens who are uninformed about the truth of the November 2020 election. Uninformed as a result of indifference or uninformed by choice as they believe the illegal result furthers their political or social agenda. They will end up being awakened. There are many people who are informed and know the election was a fraud but will never admit the truth outside of a criminal proceeding because they were involved in the fraud. They will end up going to jail or worse. And then there are the Patriots. We know the truth. Donald J. Trump won a landslide re-election. He is our President. The Patriots will take the necessary steps within the bounds of the law to make certain that the truth prevails over the lie. The Patriots will end up free and our Constitutional rights will remain intact. Each day the enemy is increasingly exposing itself as a lover of tyranny and a hater of freedom. The enemy is showing its true colors. Never get in the way of the enemy when it is destroying itself. In due time, the enemy will completely ensnare itself. Then it will be much easier for the truth to prevail over the lie. Let the enemy do more of our work for us. Stay strong in your faith. Trust God. Then wait on the Lord. Watch it happen. Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

    • I’m ok Bro
      I’m ok Bro

      Weird flex but ok.

  • 新竹造車


  • Maria Bruni
    Maria Bruni

    This made me cry, america finally woke up to all the injustices

    • KEN BEE
      KEN BEE

      Here's to hoping they stay awake

  • David Urbic
    David Urbic

    This is the most ridiculous presidency duo in all of history. Very very shameful.

  • The Joker
    The Joker

    Fraudulent election. Corrupt politicians on both sides.

  • Raven Rose
    Raven Rose

    Was this the same band that played “hit the road jack) the day before outside of the White House for 45😆😆😂😂 what a moment👌🏾🤣

  • Kamanashis Kar
    Kamanashis Kar

    Biden: We will repair our alliances Also Biden: Breaks the Yellowstone Pipeline destroying the Canada-US relationship

  • Rafael Teran
    Rafael Teran

    America stay away from Iran. Do not help Iran!! Unite with Israel!!! Or else God will punish you for turning against God's people!!!

  • UncompressedWAVmusic

    As a Canadian, I am super proud of both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for winning the election fairly and for their commitment to re-uniting the country and for dedicating themselves to all Americans and to truth and integrity in the White House. This was a great ceremony and had great musical guests. Best wishes to all Americans. May God bless all of you.

  • Alex_Vel2121

    Why was Kamala sworn in first ?

  • Patricia Mampel
    Patricia Mampel

    Wonder why Kamel was placed out ahead of Biden...puts her most noticeable if I don't know why already

  • Lakshmi Willow Rose
    Lakshmi Willow Rose

    i call for an immediate impeachment and exilation from this country and globe. you would be intelligent to call for one as well.

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    God Bless America from PH 🇺🇸🇵🇭♥️

  • The Mechanicals
    The Mechanicals

    What a group of failures. Biden and Harris are walking parasites of bad ideas.

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      I will again comment here in 2025 in the next election.

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu


    • Al-Sammed Haeyt
      Al-Sammed Haeyt

      @TheBagelGamer how?

    • TheBagelGamer

      @doire aintu We already did with trump. This is starting to fix that destruction

    • doire aintu
      doire aintu

      We are witnessing the destruction of America.

  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya



    America is so manufactured. Smdh

  • Dave Fordham
    Dave Fordham

    Ladies and gentlemen, the corpse-elect of the United States of America.

  • ydna anicep
    ydna anicep


    • ZXL - Today's World
      ZXL - Today's World

      @Rhombusted doesnt have any.

    • Rhombusted


  • Melinda Salsabila
    Melinda Salsabila

    All i know he's work hard for this💪 Congratulation Mr. Presdent 👏👏👏

  • sonja smith
    sonja smith

    The prayer was horizontal, not vertical.

  • genesys117

    Why I keep hearing a baby crying?? 29:30

  • Hulk Smash!
    Hulk Smash!


    • Rhombusted


    • pida siouy
      pida siouy


  • Jahangeer Khan
    Jahangeer Khan

    Attitude of Jennifer Lopez... wow💥... not even looking at Joe Biden... he was like am i joke to you. 😜🤣

    • pida siouy
      pida siouy

      This is funny

  • Jo M
    Jo M


    • TheBagelGamer

      @Al-Sammed Haeyt Even though there were cases of dead people voting for Biden, there were also dead people voting for trump too, look it up. *Even though there were cases of fraud, they were on both sides and they weren’t a significant amount.* The reason this is such a big deal is because Trump cultists take him at his word for everything and can’t believe that their orange idol lost

    • Al-Sammed Haeyt
      Al-Sammed Haeyt

      @TheBagelGamer I have important stuff to do now but there were dead people voting in november, look it up I would have given names If i didn't have a exam to do, also the population hasn't grown that much and deaths are getting higher by the pandemic, I am not turmp supporter but this was still fraud imo

    • TheBagelGamer

      @Al-Sammed Haeyt based on your profile picture I’m gonna assume you’re not going to listen to me or to reason but he had the most votes because the population of a country grows in 4 years, he had a lot of troops at his inauguration because trumpers had just thrown a tantrum at the Capitol because their orange didn’t win and the troops were there for safety. Also, you literally didn’t give any proof of fraud. *Saying that dead people voted isn’t proof if you can’t name specific examples where dead people voted.* That’s like saying that car wheels are punctured by dogs but you give no examples to support what you said

    • Al-Sammed Haeyt
      Al-Sammed Haeyt

      @TheBagelGamer He got the most votes in the countries history and there were dead people voting for him online, also he had 60 hundred troops when he was being inauguratied.

    • TheBagelGamer


  • K R
    K R


  • pida siouy
    pida siouy

    Hope everyone in Washington dressed warm and is safe. Heard it's -45 down over there......Oh wait, nevermind

  • ElusvOptmst1

    Wonderful day!

    • pida siouy
      pida siouy

      Yeah Joe ! Brilliant! Let's go for 100 executive orders in the first 100 days!!! Very uniting and so strategically sound right! Pure handicapped genious!!!!

  • Patrick Wilmoth
    Patrick Wilmoth

    election night takes 5 hours not 6 days, the only thing unsubstantiated is the excuse

  • jahid hossain sagor
    jahid hossain sagor

    I will again comment here in 2025 in the next election.

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    If anyone wants to know what Jlo said in Spanish its "One Nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all," you're welcome

    • TheBagelGamer

      @doire aintu Have you even heard trumps speeches? He literally told people to inject themselves with bleach. No other President will beat that level of stupidity

    • doire aintu
      doire aintu

      Joe must have been the dumbest kid in his class every year throughout his entire indoctrination/“education”.

  • rudy garza
    rudy garza

    We are witnessing the destruction of America.

  • HockeyMom Love god
    HockeyMom Love god

    Thier was an atmosphere of fear I did not feel a righteous glory it was cold and Quizzical

  • Nice Cat
    Nice Cat

    Cat videos are more popular than this boring event. Cats videos get tens of millions views, not like this.

  • Raymond Moore
    Raymond Moore

    Where's the 👍from the supposedly 80 million voters for Biden's inauguration? ...There wasn't that many, that's why the 👍's are so few..

    • TheBagelGamer

      Raymond, those people have lives, unlike you who spends your whole day in youtube comment sections preaching about a “rIgGeD eLeCtiOn”

  • tofirius

    Worst display of criminal activity in the history of the United States of America

    • tofirius

      @Rhombusted You tell me. Capitol Police opened the doors and gave them directions inside. Kind of sounds like a tour to me.

    • Rhombusted

      @tofirius ok so antifa and blm were having a tour of capital?

    • tofirius

      @TheBagelGamer Antifa and BLM dressed as Trump supporters do not make Trump supporters. Capitol Police ushering people in and giving them directions does not constitute a storm, but rather a tour.

    • TheBagelGamer

      Trump supporters literally stormed the Capitol

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    That marine tune sounds like a jazzier version of God save the queen,though I'm also expecting Star Wars. 😀

  • rondaross37

    Looks as though karma dint lay her hand on The holy Bible during her swearing in for vp she has her hand laying on pocket purse on top of The Holly Bible saying her swearing as vp ..what do you think ? Just asking ..just my opinion of watching her lay her on something laying on the bible..not her hand on the Bible its self

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      The biggest pantomime in the history of the world !!!!!

  • ssos


  • Kathryn Dudley
    Kathryn Dudley

    Wow. Almost as many views as votes for him.

  • LeBron Megatron James- Brady
    LeBron Megatron James- Brady

    From @29:31 until the end of his speech, I like how his granddaughters in pink and white disappear on live tv..... then reappear outta nowhere🤷🏽‍♂️ that’s talent👌🏽

    • vicby puppycouch
      vicby puppycouch


  • Penah İbrahimbeyli
    Penah İbrahimbeyli

    Long Live Trump cCc

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    Let’s all hope this country benefits from this not as conservatives and liberals but as Americans

  • Dave Allison
    Dave Allison

    Yeah Joe ! Brilliant! Let's go for 100 executive orders in the first 100 days!!! Very uniting and so strategically sound right! Pure handicapped genious!!!!

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      Congratulations Americans, God bless you all from India,

  • Rimane Griskeviciute
    Rimane Griskeviciute


  • LiG Life is God
    LiG Life is God

    liar, manipulator, election fraudulent

  • X Z.
    X Z.

    liar, manipulator, election fraudulent = Joe Biden

    • Rhombusted

      "Find me 11,000 votes!" -Doanld Trump to Georgia after he lost the state

  • Matthew Laing
    Matthew Laing

    Joe must have been the dumbest kid in his class every year throughout his entire indoctrination/“education”.

    • Matthew Jones
      Matthew Jones

      Not true he was like the 6th dumbest. Lol

  • Kreemerz

    So many people don't like Biden and Kamala. Makes me wonder how they got elected.

  • Adam Merchant
    Adam Merchant

    Illegitimate president

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    Congratulations Americans, God bless you all from India,

    • blulemnade

      @alida flus and you're not?

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      Joe Biden is an embarrassment to the world

  • Dan Ag
    Dan Ag


  • N Z
    N Z

    What a disgraceful charade. This is so surreal, we are now a third world country...first fraudulent election. There is no justice for all when 74 million of fellow citizens had their votes stolen.

  • Jason Milligan
    Jason Milligan

    The biggest pantomime in the history of the world !!!!!

  • FringedGentian

    NOT AFTER STEALING AN ELECTION!!! And I'm a Democrat. But no More! I saw all the testimonies!!!

  • johnny Bravo
    johnny Bravo

    Illegal Inauguration from a cheated election. Election fraud won.

  • Cornelius McGillicuddy
    Cornelius McGillicuddy


  • Milan Radojevic
    Milan Radojevic

    48k up? The fix is in

  • beautiful life until you Trump
    beautiful life until you Trump

    Hi how are you today good to hear 👂 hope you tell teaching people and fixed good everything great help everyone around people happy together events family either like you your and you wife chiren and your kids happy everyone around feeling the same Am Talking about A Job to who'ver business company close open back again people need a job together working happy family life.thanks you Great God bless everyone around you and your family yourself Until Trump father my name is rolan than Nice to hear see you everyone again you guys have a good great time take care

    • vicby puppycouch
      vicby puppycouch

      Thank you so much

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    Congratulations Americans, God bless you all from India,

    • vicby puppycouch
      vicby puppycouch

      Shut up

  • timmy

    1454 days to go👺

  • Theresa McCulley
    Theresa McCulley

    Is it the adrenochrome that allows these evil people to sleep at night? America - ALL of America knows he wasn't elected but instead cheated to steal the election. Disgusting!

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      you should see the jimmy Kimmel video. a goodbye to trump. so funny hahahahahah

  • symondo

    This party thinks it can even interfere with the UK s Brexit vote. Listen you horrible lot, its called democracy, we voted OUT. But this party doesnt respect the peoples true vote. CHEATS.

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