Itzulia Basque Country 2021 - Stage 3 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport
Highlights from Stage 3 of Itzulia Basque Country 2021.
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  • Tomos Jones
    Tomos Jones

    Any ID on Roglic's sunglasses? 4:30

  • David Land
    David Land

    Already bored of the Roglic/Pocagar thing.

  • PHRfunmusic

    what a dope stage

  • Jure Stiplošek
    Jure Stiplošek

    Bravissimo. I can’t decide who to cheer for. For both I guess :)

  • TheOldCliftonPeddler

    How come Roglic is still racing he should of been disqualified yesterday for throwing away a water bottle..UCI double standards!!!

  • Matt Penz
    Matt Penz

    Pogocar and Roglic have the same doctor?

  • Amandio Brito
    Amandio Brito

    Rival is not Enemy... Nice stage.

  • Jon Reid
    Jon Reid

    Head to head, Pogachar appears slightly stronger than Roglic, but with the normal JV team, Roglic will have better support than Pogachar. The TDF should be a fascinating watch again this year.

  • B S
    B S

    Amazing to see Valverde going strong at 40

    • Harun


  • im Inc
    im Inc

    Pogi riding rim calliper breaks. Must be the only none Ineos guy that still uses them

  • Cpt. JET
    Cpt. JET


  • Nature profonde
    Nature profonde

    Bravo Gaudu ! Content de le voir à ce niveau. 👍

  • Miguel A.
    Miguel A.

    Valverde le dio la victoria a Tadej que reaccionó más tarde al ataque de Roglic y sin Valverde se habría quedado a unos metritos de más

    • Christian Matheron
      Christian Matheron

      He allowed Valverde to close the gap because he, Pogacar had attacked so many times already. I’m sorry if I have misunderstood what you have said, my Spanish is not perfect.

  • InRiSiNg

    I wish the spectators would just stay away from the peleton. Its not safe to scream at the cyclists from just 1 meter away...

  • Dylan Kennedy
    Dylan Kennedy

    Trying to make sense of these highlights 🤪 Commentary full of abstract riddles trying to be clever but not actually covering the race at all. No mention of the break being caught.. Just jumping from one highlight to another without linking them in anyway.. Such a weird way to present a days racing.

    • Miguel A.
      Miguel A.

      etb for the retransmission

  • Nedeljko Mrda
    Nedeljko Mrda

    Pa ova dvojica se zajebavaju...

  • Benno Beque
    Benno Beque

    Would love to see Vansevenant get a podium or even a win

  • Lod Vaessen
    Lod Vaessen

    So sad for Kelderman

  • ALOUI Mohamed Habib
    ALOUI Mohamed Habib

    Roglic is doing the same stupid mistake as in TDF by letting pogadgar picking seconds. He will regret it, matter of time...

    • Christian Matheron
      Christian Matheron

      Pogacar is stronger than Roglic head to head. Although, Roglic strong stage 1 performance may be enough to take the overall. Pogacar attacked and attacked and still had the mettle to take the victory at the very end. We are spoiled by such riders.

    • Adam Hall
      Adam Hall

      Tadej is just a strong rider

    • Mats Rosenkranz
      Mats Rosenkranz

      @Gerard Vermaat agree this was a pretty hard fight

    • Mgoblagulkablong

      he is not "letting" him take anything...

    • Gerard Vermaat
      Gerard Vermaat

      Hah this was not gifted

  • Duke of Istria 1
    Duke of Istria 1

    Why spectators wear mask on fresh air? This stupidity must stop, people wake up otherwise you'll never again remove the mask and 1984 will still live on. WAKE UP SOYBOYS

  • FED_Nando13

    Pogacar > Roglic, 4 ever

    • Nicolò De Carli
      Nicolò De Carli

      @FED_Nando13 roglic wont’ commit same mistake this year 😉

    • FED_Nando13

      @Nicolò De Carli yeah like on tt on tdf 2020

    • Nicolò De Carli
      Nicolò De Carli

      Roglic was taking a cup of tea ag the end

    • Lover of God
      Lover of God

      That would become extremely tedious.

  • TheMurmuringGolem


  • M1GU3L 1T0
    M1GU3L 1T0

    Valverde on monster form at the moment, he was far back at the start of the climb as well

    • Fabian R.
      Fabian R.

      I exspected him to come back just like that. He is somebody who needs to train outside and needs to race. Last year he couldn’t because of Covid. But now he is back and thats so great to see!

    • Viktor Gombos
      Viktor Gombos

      Last year I thought it's kinda over for him but it turns out I was wrong. This man is incredible.

  • Tim O' Callaghan
    Tim O' Callaghan

    Great to see some proper crowds at the roadside again. Also delighted to see Gaudu get some leadership opportunities too

  • Ivan Strle
    Ivan Strle

    Tadej will win at the end. He was playing today.

    • Miguel A.
      Miguel A.

      Abusadores los dos

    • Marko Podganjek
      Marko Podganjek

      Yes, this is idea. If Pogacar want to win he have to attack on longer distance and endure attack. It won’t go in cheap way as he tried today. He can’t get rid Roglic in 200m.

    • Frodo

      @Marko Podganjek Yeah, Roglic is a better sprinter, isn't he? That means Pogacar needs to create a gap to beat Roglic on the line regularly.

    • Marko Podganjek
      Marko Podganjek

      If he will dare to attack 5 km before finish then maybe he can escape. But just maybe. Otherwise it will go exactly in the same way as today, with difference that next time in finish Roglic will win if there will be less narrow road

  • Andrea Piovesan
    Andrea Piovesan

    Noone: Next 2 years: Roglic & Pogacar

    • Tim K.
      Tim K.

      @Gasgano The difference is that Bernal didn’t dominate and won the TdF when some big favourites - such as Froome, Roglic and Dumoulin - didn’t participate. Bernal played it very conservative and used his incredibly dominant team, while Poga was attacking like a madman and putting up stellar performances (also qua Watts per Kg). Roglic has also used his dominant team and was sometimes conservative, but was also doing lots of incredible things on his own. Perhaps Froome will return to his top form next year. Evenepoel has the potential to become a great GC-rider, but he hasn’t proven it yet. Adam Yates looks to be in good shape these months. WVA has the potential to dominate in grand tours. Perhaps Dumoulin will be mentally stronger next year and dominate like he did in his prime. I’m probably still forgetting some incredible riders, so there’s still hope for competition.

    • Gasgano

      Let's wait and see. In 2019 everyone predicted absoulte Bernal dominance for the next years. You never know.

    • Mathias Soto
      Mathias Soto

      & remco evenepoel

  • ThisIsAName

    Oh man, I doubt that pogacar can turn this around. They are so evenly matched these two.

    • Viktor Gombos
      Viktor Gombos

      Yeah. Roglic is likea cheatcode now. The best in ITT and the best on the climbs too.

  • Holger Jn
    Holger Jn

    Would be great if you showed the profile of the next day’s stage at the end!

    • Joshua Whittaker
      Joshua Whittaker

      They did this initially, but I think showing them before the highlights is the more important of the two. Nontheless, no harm in whetting our appetite by doing it at the end also!

  • arthur bridges
    arthur bridges

    1st Pogacar 2nd Roglic 3rd Yates

    • Slahudeen Hussain
      Slahudeen Hussain

      If that doesn't happen then I'll stab myself

  • Daniel Cavatorta
    Daniel Cavatorta

    Absolutely brilliant course, Basques really know how to make courses

  • joao fialho
    joao fialho

    Pogacar and roglic are in another level

    • Zlatka Alessi
      Zlatka Alessi

      @Matt Penz no Just trening and heart right now the best in the World

    • Matt Penz
      Matt Penz

      I think it is Doping.


      This gave me tour de France vibes

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