Inside Rafael Nadal's Yacht! I Got an Exclusive Tour in Monaco | Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg
If you had the chance to go on an eco Yacht with an athlete - who would you pick and where would you go? I think I had quite a decent experience with Rafa in Monaco...😁 Subscribe to my channel as my 1 Million special video is coming up soon:

0:00 Inside Rafa Nadal's Yacht
0:43 Exclusive Tour on Rafa's Yacht
6:25 The Ultimate Table Tennis Battle
9:00 Talking about Mental Strengths
13:45 Monaco Yacht Show Funny Moments & Crazy Boats
15:05 Who would you pick?

What are special day at the Monaco Yacht show together with Rafael Nadal and our partner @SUNREEF YACHTS OFFICIAL - Rafa takes us together on an exclusive tour on his Sunreef Yacht. We also took some time to sit down and speak about the mentality you need to succeed and what's important to overcome difficult situations and set backs. I hope you can take some learnings from it - let me know in the comments!

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  • Nico Rosberg
    Nico Rosberg

    If you had the chance to go on an eco Yacht with an athlete - who would you pick and where would you go? I think I had quite a decent experience with Rafa in Monaco...😁 Subscribe to my channel as my 1 Million special video is coming up soon:

  • Joe Achilles
    Joe Achilles

    Brilliant vlog, Rafa seems really chilled and down to earth! My ideal one day eco Yacht adventure would be with Valentino Rossi, somewhere off the Amalfi coast 🙏🏻


    Rafa has been an absolute gentleman in every aspect of his public life and I hope he will be remembered for that as well as his incredible record of wins.

  • José Roldán
    José Roldán

    Rafa is such an inspiration for every athlete and every person in general. When you get a glimpse of his mentality, his hunger for winning and yet his ability to stay humble, then you understand that his success was unavoidable, meant to be, just a matter of time.

  • FND fpv
    FND fpv

    Rafa es un ejemplo de talento esfuerzo y educación.

  • fresmy

    Hi Nico, I wouldn't mind spending it with you as I'm quite impressed with your life decisions since the title and for the destination, I believe it would be interesting sailing around Mallorca as it seems to be a destination worth exploring from the sea side.

  • nieko vryburg
    nieko vryburg

    Rafael. A true champion in heart and soul. He deserves it. I wish him all the luck. Good video Nico

  • Super Yacht Captain
    Super Yacht Captain

    Very Cool Video Nico, stunning yacht. I would certainly go cruising around Croatia in a Eco yacht with Tyson Fury, I think it would be a great laugh.

  • theclemsontiger1

    Honestly Nico I thought this was one of your best non F1 ITmores videos. Appreciating someone elses assets that are comparable or equal to what you have, and being able to voice your opinion on what you believe is right or wrong with creative differences make this a great video.

  • __Last

    Love what Rafa said about the doubts and motivation, He was always injured in some form his entire career, he used it as both a motivation to get better and play better but also to plan his career based on said injury so that he can lessen those problems and move forward in a different way. Very Smart stuff for both Tennis and in life. Rafa has always been my GOAT, nobody has ever put literally 100% into every single thing he does. Vamos Rafa and looking forward to your return in 2022.

  • Mike Clements
    Mike Clements

    Rafa, pure class! Hope he's back at full strength next year for sure. Love his mantra: Hungry, but humble and it shows

  • Alex Chidester
    Alex Chidester

    I’m glad I got to see Rafa in Washington last summer, such a class act In the sport, A true Icon and my all time favorite player along side Roger. Can’t wait to see him back on the courts.

  • Paul W
    Paul W

    Amazing video!! Nico and Rafa, you both seem so relaxed and quality guys, good friends also it seems. Really enjoyed the boat tour, table tennis and the chat with Rafa at the end. The insight into what makes him so successful and the way he thinks. Brilliant!

  • David W
    David W

    The kind of guy that’s so humble you don’t associate him with these luxuries but then you know he deserves all of it

  • Gigi Rossi
    Gigi Rossi

    The modern styled Sunreef Yacht cost him around $6.2 million, and Nadal personally helped design the stunning interiors prior to it being launched at Sunreef's shipyard in Poland.

  • Carlos Parra
    Carlos Parra

    - No one:

  • Syed Islam
    Syed Islam

    Congratulations to Rafa on his yacht. Beautiful interior. What a pleasant and humble personality. Hope to see Rafa in Australian Open.

  • Phil Hardy
    Phil Hardy

    Nico great Video, Rafa is a machine on court, to go as long as he has, is amazing, training for 20+ years at such a high level, & can still dominate the young ones again is unbelievable. So dedicated to his sport, great role model & ambassador. Thanks for the tour. Miss you on the circuit.

  • Oogie Padoogie
    Oogie Padoogie

    Nadal is a true class act. Nico was baiting him with the question about Djokovic being a machine and not sensitive and Nadal was only kind to his competitor.

  • Christian C
    Christian C

    Nico, great content! It's such a privilege to get an insight into the mental challenges faced every day by world class athletes, such as yourself and Rafa. If I had a chance to go on an eco Yacht with an athlete, I would pick Tom Brady, even though I'm not an NFL fan, however I would like to understand the dynamics of being a top tier athlete in a team based environment, balancing that with family life, and overcoming challenges faced along the way. We would sail around Palawan, Philippines islands. Thank you, Nico!