Impostor Gets Rid of Friday Night Funkin Girlfriend - Among us Vs FNF
The direct sequel to FNF! Starring GF as the main protagonist and BF as a Pop star. See what happens when roles are switched and GF goes on America's Got Funkin Show to recover her lost Ex! (ft. Simon Cowell)
#FridayNightFunkin #FunkinJamNG #FNF

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    Fera Animations

    Hey guys, thank you so much for the support! Also, thanks for letting us know that a company is using our video to promote their app. We are not working with them and we do not support this at all - we're currently taking action to have it removed. Thanks to all of you that reported it!

    • oyun ustası
      oyun ustası

      0:10 what?? this voice 4 week mommy must murder voice???

    • Zita González
      Zita González

      Mememo Carolina 😍😍😍

    • Zita González
      Zita González

      No sé cómo se llaman me llamo Carolina

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      Kitty chanel afnan


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      Luis Valdés



    Sakura cardcaptor kkk

  • Jobanitopuebla Pueblita
    Jobanitopuebla Pueblita

    that sky VOCIE

  • William Rochina
    William Rochina

    megusta la parte que gritaaaaaaa rararrarrarararrararararararrarararrarararara

  • Joan Misael López Morales
    Joan Misael López Morales

    3:40 revenge bitch XD

  • XxCarlosxX Fnf y mas
    XxCarlosxX Fnf y mas

    0:06 Miku final fase Be like

  • tomas vallejos
    tomas vallejos

    1:29 es condorito! La revista chilena! Wow no sabia que era tan famoso

  • Асар АСАР
    Асар АСАР




  • CheemsCraft

    Jajajaja F crawmete

  • Ravi Shankar Shukla
    Ravi Shankar Shukla

    Mom breh

  • clamilli

    Coitado do lin

  • Venezolano de Venezuela
    Venezolano de Venezuela

    It's just like a MAD episode... Hahaha.

  • Saima Huma
    Saima Huma


  • Listed Expiration
    Listed Expiration

    At the beginning Bf goes sicko mode

  • Theophilus Nunoo
    Theophilus Nunoo

    *AMOG US* *DIES*

  • ZubZero007 [GD]
    ZubZero007 [GD]

    Cringe Animation.

  • jan skala
    jan skala

    BF Good Job!

  • Fedra Salinas
    Fedra Salinas

    porque me encanto tanto xd

  • Grzesiek Grzegorz
    Grzesiek Grzegorz

    2:41 this is real hard mode tutorial xd

  • Issabbellah by guy by hi there
    Issabbellah by guy by hi there

    XD xD. XD XD

  • Vilma Islami
    Vilma Islami


  • Danah ammar
    Danah ammar

    3:34 golden buzzer

  • Samah Alsharif
    Samah Alsharif




  • 황상필


  • Trần Tuấn Minh
    Trần Tuấn Minh

    2:51 I'm dead but this is fine.

  • Zfaydogdu

    bruh moment is a moment that your daughter's boyfriend is singing your wife's song

  • Wolf cub
    Wolf cub

    Hahahhahah X)

  • [自殺]thelilmochii

    0:52 *s n a p*

  • Joel Palmer
    Joel Palmer

    Bruh a mobile game used this video as a ad

    • Amya Baguette
      Amya Baguette

      Really ?

  • Yhair Ken
    Yhair Ken

    Al fin alguien que conoce al marcianito!!

  • Yhair Ken
    Yhair Ken

    Fue muy bueno!!

  • AlphaYsupreme 69
    AlphaYsupreme 69

    sans: *exists* the entire fandom: 3:29

  • -•cloudy bunny•-
    -•cloudy bunny•-

    Gf was still the pretty tho- *the other gurls are blind cuz they have to eyes* ;-;

  • winkgaming93

    Amog cring

  • boyfriend 2737_gamer
    boyfriend 2737_gamer

    1:49 *pico song*

  • Jiguur Turmunkh
    Jiguur Turmunkh

    . . ^ \/

  • Abdiel Mendivil
    Abdiel Mendivil

    Pero que es esto

  • DogeSoldem

    0:29 Senpai: Hope i Don- AHHHHH

  • Lidiane Soares do Nascimento
    Lidiane Soares do Nascimento



    Why is the plot of the animation at the end of it?

  • Khadiga Fouad
    Khadiga Fouad


  • Diego Villanueva
    Diego Villanueva

    Es dios

  • Logan Horn
    Logan Horn

    Just the starting he goes to mom battle not dad lol

  • Gemma Tapia
    Gemma Tapia

    Gf is the best😘😘😘😘

  • Pico

    Sus 😳

  • Bailey Maunder
    Bailey Maunder

    When the imposter is sus!😳

  • Wheatleylabs 010
    Wheatleylabs 010

    The thumbnail predicted that one week 7 cutscene :0

  • whitty

    Among Us just got rolled over by a car

  • giovanni aviles
    giovanni aviles

    week 7

  • gachaclubidk robloxday
    gachaclubidk robloxday


  • gachaclubidk robloxday
    gachaclubidk robloxday

    Poor girlfriend

  • jane rosas
    jane rosas

    Kaiser is the next to me and the next time you have a chance please let me know what 😮 and we can get the kids ready for dinner we can get them to the next week we will have a good day and we can do that next weekend we have to get a little more ready for next year so I’ll pink pink I will let you know when we can eyeuei and I will be there in eyyeuet ueminutes I think 🤔 will have to get the kids and coach and I have to get the kids to the school to go and I have a couple things that we can get in a couple hours I have a great time I have to get a lot done today I have a great time in the next two hours and I’m not going out United be there for you to do it again and you know what you are going on and the coach is not going on a great job I have a great time I have to work on the job I love it and I’m so glad you have the next update I love it thanks for letting me know bye love bye thanks for all the good morning bye bye love you bye bye thanks bye bye love you bye bye love bye bye have a great day love you bye bye love you love love bye love love mom love love bye love love mom love love bye love love mom love love bye love love mom love love bye love love mom love

  • Chris Guei
    Chris Guei


  • Liliana Toscano
    Liliana Toscano

    fun fact did you pico can say words while he is rapping also the bf has a wig on

  • Daniel Bičan
    Daniel Bičan

    1:49 that song is so good jesus can someone tell me the name of that remix ? its 3 AM and im too tired to look for something 3 Hours lmao

  • NO


  • Tyler Wilkins
    Tyler Wilkins

    Just your average video that’s super popular for literally no reason

  • Jasim Uddin
    Jasim Uddin

    Vid is to good its an add now

  • Diego Muñoz
    Diego Muñoz

    1:28 wtf, pajarraco qué chucha haces aquí??

  • Jasim Uddin
    Jasim Uddin

    Lol boyfriend had a wig on hole time

  • la sopita gamer xd ඞ
    la sopita gamer xd ඞ


  • Andrea Williams
    Andrea Williams


  • Andrea Williams
    Andrea Williams


  • Anna Anna
    Anna Anna

    Boyfriends wig got SNATCHED

  • edd timpad
    edd timpad

    Lemon demon looking at bf and lemon demon likes him for dinner lolz

  • Random

    Game: H E A R T B R O K E N bf: goes to snap mode

  • el potos
    el potos

    Dadbattle But a Nutshell XD

  • Reaven

    0:28 *plays among us* Boyfriend: *kills crew*

  • Світлана Гончаренко
    Світлана Гончаренко


  • hoor Kuwait
    hoor Kuwait

    BF: presses red button*

  • Awesomeman235ify 2
    Awesomeman235ify 2

    Poor Senpai, he just wanted to play Among Us.

  • Robert Dennison
    Robert Dennison

    Great video!

  • Sushi and Invicta Brawl stars
    Sushi and Invicta Brawl stars


  • Whirlpool's world
    Whirlpool's world

    0:27 AMONG US!

  • Rick Elder
    Rick Elder


  • Alexander Hidalgo
    Alexander Hidalgo

    poor sempi he just wanted to play among us

  • Gabriel Castro
    Gabriel Castro

    Lol boyfriend at the start😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Felipe Benatti Maia
    Felipe Benatti Maia

    senpai SUS

  • Daniel the friendly gunslinger
    Daniel the friendly gunslinger

    0:22 dad:(dead) gf:😭😭😁😁😁

  • Evelio Alvarez
    Evelio Alvarez

    Bf be like random arrows go

  • 777 777
    777 777

    Dio the other day and it was so great and we are not sure it would have

  • Rapha Alima
    Rapha Alima


  • Michael P
    Michael P

    Say F in the chat for girl friend

  • Elizabeth Afton
    Elizabeth Afton


  • Manveer Alhwal
    Manveer Alhwal

    Among us My hand girlfriend

  • Rainbow

    In 1:37 you see the alien from castle crushers i have that game

  • Lemurlandball

    0:51 Yandere simulator reference

  • Me and the boys at 3:AM be like:
    Me and the boys at 3:AM be like:

    3:40 me when I have to do my homework

  • Jonathan Escalante
    Jonathan Escalante

    Good jojo refrence

  • WeLookVideos

    I really felt bad for the girlfriend

  • paulina henriquez
    paulina henriquez

    Me gustó el video

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr

    Alt ending: When BF finishes the song, the fangirls run at BF, after that, he runs at girlfriend and he says: beep boooop bap (let's get out of there!) And it ends.

  • boom_boomman tuber
    boom_boomman tuber


    • ROMbili Gamer_65
      ROMbili Gamer_65


  • David Alvarez
    David Alvarez

    When boyfriend screams it's so funny

  • Letícia Caroline de Sousa Barbosa
    Letícia Caroline de Sousa Barbosa


  • Lemon

    💞🥺🧚✨I thought everyone was born with a talent😍⚡️💞🥺🥺 Clearly not everyone 😍🧚🥺💫

  • tik tok Silvestre
    tik tok Silvestre

    On the tv show the end of the m pico

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    Catina Williams


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