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  • Jaclyn Hill
    Jaclyn Hill

    What should I name this series?!?

    • Sadi Ward
      Sadi Ward

      Feel Better Together :)

    • Nicole M.
      Nicole M.

      Life Haul

    • Meredith Roebuck
      Meredith Roebuck

      “Getting on track with Jac”

    • Amber Marie
      Amber Marie

      Jac gets her groove bac 🤗

    • Ashley Hernandez
      Ashley Hernandez


  • Marinalisa Bono
    Marinalisa Bono

    I love this soooo soo soo much! Thank you for this it came at the perfect time in my life! Thinking of names and I kept thinking of revenge body so I love the word revenge but I also like something like contour & cardio. Good luck can’t wait for the next episode

  • Emily Ford
    Emily Ford

    Go you, girl! I'm a personal trainer and fitness coach, so I love hearing about people's journeys and where they started/how it's going/where they're heading towards their goals. Rooting for you!! :)

  • Lauren Campbell
    Lauren Campbell

    Lawwwd yes! I’m here for it girl. The end of the video is like a movie and had me hooked. I just lost 30lb and every single thing you said (miserable cramps, being hot and sweaty) was me just a few months ago. You’ll feel like a whole new person. Can’t wait to watch 💕 Jac’s on track, getting back to Jac

  • Elizabeth Virella
    Elizabeth Virella

    Jac on track 🤩 back to Jac so excited for these videos. The preview of episode 1 was serious! This is so motivating to me ❤️

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout

    So proud of you, Jaclyn! The fact that you’re sharing this with everyone and being real is so selfless. I hope it helps lots of people including me! You got this, babe! 💜💜💜

  • Reenie Rose
    Reenie Rose

    Seed cycling will help regulate your cycle

  • Caroline Muegge
    Caroline Muegge

    Just some thoughts if you want to consider them! 1. I love this idea! There are so so so many women in your position who want someone else to take the leap and show them that they can try something new for their health, even if they don't get it absolutely right. I appreciate your willingness to do this and learn, because most of us can't recruit a health guru to lead hold our hand through things like this. We just have to be willing to try and learn through the process, which is what you're doing. Awesome. 2. I also think you're in a really ideal place to be starting this. I personally have gone through a health journey of my own, and I'm now in a place where I do feel healthy, in control, and satisfied. However, it's taken me about a year to get here. There were so many setbacks I didn't expect and lots of times that I had to forgive myself. I hope that these 60 days are a positive experience that gives you inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle that makes you feel incredible. But, if by the end of 60 days you don't have many physical results and just have knowledge and experience that you learned from, that is 100% just as valuable. 3. Don't think of workouts as punishment. Don't think that you have to do something that you dread in order to be fit enough. I think that fitness culture right now promotes this idea that unless you're doing workouts that take a ton of willpower to get out of bed in the morning to do them, you're not committed enough. My fitness routine right now is very doable and allows me time to think, relax, and gives me the tone in the parts of my body that I am looking for. I encourage you to focus on exercising in a way that you enjoy and that gives you the results you are looking for, not what someone else is pushing you to look for. 4. Lastly, this is my biggest advice: food was everything for me. When I figured out how to feed my body the right things in the right amount, I stopped stressing out about eating, enjoyed my food, and didn't worry so much about working out super hard because I knew I was eating in a way that I didn't need to "burn it all off" every day. So, if there's one thing that I think will be super helpful, it's to super dive into the food part of this. Think about how often you want to eat, what makes you feel light but satisfied, and what food you LOVE to eat! This has taken me the most amount of time, but I love where I'm at with my food, and I hope that you get there too. Good luck Jaclyn! Happy for your decision, but remember you don't owe us anything. Do this for you and get everything out of it that you need.

  • Taylor Christensen
    Taylor Christensen

    Go Jaclyn! This is a great place/headspace to start from!

  • Lesly Ovando
    Lesly Ovando

    Get fitness with me? like get ready with me! good lock Jack! I hope you''see good results on your health

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout

      First of all love thissss. And I just feel like “Jack the Snack, Bitch I’m Back” hits.

  • J K
    J K

    Jac’s New Track!

  • Nicole Maria
    Nicole Maria

    Jac on track or back on track with jac 🕊😎

  • Nichole S
    Nichole S

    I’m very excited to watch you on your journey!! You got this gorgeous! ❤️

  • Nicole Maria
    Nicole Maria

    You got this! It’s all mindset! I hate to sound preachy but if you change your way of thinking to “I’m doing this to show gratitude for everything my body mind and soul does for me “ it’s drastically made easier and more inspiring. Whether it comes to the way you eat or exercise, our bodies mind and soul are so deserving of proper fuel and maintenance . It’s like how you take care of you car , you expect it to drive safely and perform a certain way, you need to change the oil, rotate the tires, give it the right type of gas etc …the feeling after working out is truly unmatched whether you feel like it in the moment or not, it has a chemical reaction and on top of that you just feel so proud and accomplished so it’s definitely a mood enhancer …. Best of luck girl we’re in this tg 💙🦋🙏🏻🤞🏼

  • Jessy Erinn
    Jessy Erinn

    girl i am so excited for this, im currently signing myself up to a pole dance class and getting on my peloton again ! let get it together

  • Julianna beltz
    Julianna beltz

    Yes I’m here for this!

  • Melissa M-B
    Melissa M-B

    You said it yourself!! "My Feel Good Journey" I'm so happy for you! I have just recently found myself feeling the exact same way!!! I wish you all the best!!!

  • Rebekah Miller - The Fit RD
    Rebekah Miller - The Fit RD

    Go Jaclyn!!!! As an RD and trainer I’m happy to see you want to make lasting changes!!

  • Nicole Maria
    Nicole Maria

    “Jac on track “ or “back on track with jac”

  • Yadi McVey
    Yadi McVey

    I love this so much!!!❤️

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams

    I have never related to a ITmores more! Thank you for this Jaclyn, I'm literally in the same place with myself. I can’t wait for the series. You’re amazing!

  • Yerka Yanez
    Yerka Yanez

    I think you may have your hopes too high for 60 days, it takes a while for your body to change... this is great though! Love that this is want you want.

  • Kimmy Kouture
    Kimmy Kouture

    First of all love thissss. And I just feel like “Jack the Snack, Bitch I’m Back” hits.

  • caitlyn clemens
    caitlyn clemens

    Jaclyn Up Hill

  • Cheyenne Bryant
    Cheyenne Bryant

    I’m in literal tears typing this because I want to do this so bad but I have zero motivation. I’ve gained over 100 pounds since I started my office job 4 years ago. And I feel so disgusted with myself. Jaclyn, if you read this, I am so proud of you for doing what many of us are too scared to do. I’m in your corner. I love you. 💕

  • Chelsea Keeping
    Chelsea Keeping

    So proud of you!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 you're starting with a great mindset and I think working on being healthier is SUCH a great goal! Excited to see your journey! Ily 🥰🥰

  • Alli Embers
    Alli Embers

    So happy for you taking this journey and showing your vulnerability to help others.❤❤ wishing the best for you

  • 46Roes

    Wow, the trailer is amazing. I’ve been in a fitness journey for 4 years, with greats successes and lows, it’s literally a journey. You are painting it like IT is, it’s not 2 months of only ups, it’s hard as f*ck. Love this genuine content, please ignore EVERYONE that doesn’t want to see you success. I’m hoping you succeed (no just physically but the health you are working towards) ♥️♥️♥️

  • chantelaylward

    CANT WAIT!!!

  • Suha Ahmad
    Suha Ahmad

    “Jac Attacks Life” Btw I never related to anyone so much. I’m also 31, I gained weight during the pandemic and I’m trying to not only lose weight but be happy and healthy. I can’t wait to watch this series and be motivated with you! ❤️

  • Clarissa Nunez
    Clarissa Nunez

    Love everything about this! You’re so right about not starting a health journey until you’re fully ready or else it won’t work. For me it came after my own health issues started coming out. Sometimes that’s what it takes, but it’s all good if it makes us make healthy choices in the end! Can’t wait to follow along your journey!

  • Caitlyn Gibson
    Caitlyn Gibson

    Jac’s Journey

  • Niya Kiwi
    Niya Kiwi

    Jaclyn, I love you. Sincerely you make me feel like I'm not alone and nobody else does that for me. Please take care.♡

  • Alexa Ayn
    Alexa Ayn

    Jac’s Bounce Back

  • Chanel Plathe
    Chanel Plathe

    I’m living for this content

  • Patricia Roque-Martinez
    Patricia Roque-Martinez

    Jax Keeping it Real

  • Yolanda Alonzo
    Yolanda Alonzo

    Yass girl soo excited for you 😍

  • Larissa Heath
    Larissa Heath

    You need your own reality show. The preview was EVERYTHING. I will get my tea ready 🍵. Yes, Jac!!!!

  • Amy Gibson
    Amy Gibson

    Love this! Jaclyn on Track!!! I’m doing it with you too!💖

  • Lindy Victoria
    Lindy Victoria

    Yes. Health is wealth.

  • TACO

    Healthy Jac

  • morgansnormal

    Can’t wait to come along on your journey! Ps you remind me so much of Christina Aguilera, just stunning 🥰

  • Kya Simons Life
    Kya Simons Life

    Jac’s comeback 🤩💙

  • cstoinoff

    OMG Jaclyn I just want you to know that I think you are absolutely amazing. So happy you’re sharing this I feel similar struggle to what you’ve been going through just so depressed for the last few years that I’ve totally let my health go. Looking forward to seeing your journey and cheering you on!

  • Sharni’s Nails & Beauty
    Sharni’s Nails & Beauty

    Love this . Iam currently on the same journey and have been for a while. Your amazing you can do it and it does get easier

  • C Ru
    C Ru

    Needed some motivation. Thanks Jacklyn. Can’t wait to start this journey with you

  • J M
    J M

    So excited!

  • Leanne Hurt
    Leanne Hurt

    Am I the only one that thinks you have an amazing figure !! Like you might have put weight on but you look amazing !! I get why u want to eat better for health reasons . But u look fab as you are 😘 u don’t need to lose weight!

  • S A
    S A

    you should call it " I'm so thirsty to be a kardashian" or " I waited for shane dawson to make ppl like me but he never called" or " I'm desperate to have a reality show but I'm so not likable anymore"

  • Jessie Smith
    Jessie Smith

    Jac Attack on life

  • Stephanie Jay
    Stephanie Jay

    So happy for you girl ❤️❤️❤️

  • Matilda Levy
    Matilda Levy

    Bring it on - the real metal health of changing your life habits

  • JennySol

    Jaclyn this series seems so REAL and I love. I like how it looks like you’re not gonna hold back. You have given me some motivation and the series hasn’t started. I’m happy for you!

  • Erin

    You should collab with Abbey Sharp / abbeys kitchens on ITmores here! She’s a registered dietitian and I think it’d be pretty cool!

  • Estella Rodriguez
    Estella Rodriguez

    You more than likely won’t see this but how about a simple “MY Journey” or “MY Journey and where it takes me”

  • Paola Bernal
    Paola Bernal

    Jac’s Back!!

  • Rachel Chang
    Rachel Chang

    Hill of a life

  • Mikayla Hayes
    Mikayla Hayes

    I’m here for thisss! Call it jacs journey or journey with jacs 😂

  • Kelly Renee’ Adams-Sowdon
    Kelly Renee’ Adams-Sowdon

    Omg. I LOVE YOU!!!! I live your life too right now. I get pissed off bc I’m pissed off again. WTF

  • M Maama
    M Maama

    Go girl! You're my motivation after eating Sees Candy for months on end and gained crap load. I'm excited for you.

  • The Good Great Spirit
    The Good Great Spirit

    Don't ever quit being your awesome self.

  • Cindy Cuadra
    Cindy Cuadra

    LOVE 👏🏼 LOVE 👏🏼 LOVEEEEE THIS 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 so excited to watch your journey! 💜

  • Claudia Caratachea
    Claudia Caratachea

    Jac It Up

  • S R
    S R

    Series name ideas: "Healthy Slay" or "Healthy Slay All Day" or "Healthy Slay 60" or "Self-care Slay 60."

  • Naila Mohammed
    Naila Mohammed

    I can’t wait to see your journey Jaclyn! ❤️

  • ThePixieNinja

    You're the best im so glad you are doing this. You genuinely make me feel like im not alone!

  • Michelle Z
    Michelle Z

    first of all you are absolutely gorgeous! But I am right there with you. I am ready for your journey!!

  • Elizabeth waters
    Elizabeth waters

    “Healthy comeback with Jac” 🥰 so proud of you! Can’t wait to see what works/doesn’t work for you.

  • almua_

    Yesssss!!! Lets do this!! Im with you 👊🏼💪🏼

  • Jennifer Baldivia
    Jennifer Baldivia

    Jac’ed UP!

  • Ashley Godin
    Ashley Godin

    I am so happy to hear you say you would like to start taking better care of yourself. Life is hard and I don't blame you for putting other things first but I'm so happy for you. I personally love fitness and I'll be here watching and cheering you on! I remember making the switch in my life and it's amazing to feel good and to realize just have bad you used to feel and maybe you didn't even know it. I hope you succeed!! Woo!!

  • Sharon Young
    Sharon Young

    My opinion and I don't know the full context, as it was only a little snippet but I just want to raise that saying "it causes me more anxiety, more stress, and more depression" should never be directed at someone in a constructive discussion. If that's how they really are making you feel with something - leave... If not, I believe you should choose your words more carefully, as you ultimately have control, not them. I hope that the context wasn't truly about that your partner was playing games rather than meal prepping or looking up recipes with you. Its unfair and there are better ways to communicate rather than what you said. That's really heavy to put the blame on someone else and say something like that. There are more helpful and constructive ways to say that something is hurtful, which will ultimately help to strengthen your relationship.

  • taylor koontzyy
    taylor koontzyy

    JacSnapsBack or JackSnapsBack

  • tray1622

    Already loving this!!! Can’t wait to see!! 🤍🤍

  • Emily Neal
    Emily Neal

    “Jaclyn’s Journey” ❤️❤️❤️

  • Salimah Hossain
    Salimah Hossain

    I’ve been suffering from depression for the last couple of years and I relate to what you’re saying. I haven’t worked out in the last four years and have been eating anything and everything. My daughter too is overweight and she just started high school; thing is, she will not let me talk about eating healthy or working out and I am at a loss as to how to start us both on a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to following you.

  • Sarah Shannon
    Sarah Shannon

    Getting Jac Back

  • Black IS Beautiful
    Black IS Beautiful

    I am excited for this series! Good luck, jaclyn! 💪🏾🙌🏾

  • Yessi The Boss
    Yessi The Boss

    You know, ever since I started my weight loss journey it has helped me with my depression and anxiety ALOT! I’ve noticed I’ve been more energized, more happier because I finally got control of my Demon and it was binge eating. And that’s what got me so depressed. But I’m so fucking happy for you!!! I love you! #JacOnTrack

  • Cristy Berger
    Cristy Berger

    Jax on Track

  • Love_Eat_Pray

    Call the serie "Hill Rise"

  • Madi Rose
    Madi Rose

    I can’t wait to watch you through this journey Jaclyn❤️ you got this💪🏼

  • Miranda Wolcott
    Miranda Wolcott

    That trailer though!!! I am so with you on this Jaclyn! I went grocery shopping for healthy food this week, still craving sweets which obviously will happen but if you want to start a series it motivates me more for some reason to get started and stay accountable! We got this! It will be hard but we can take control and life back!

  • Kendall Nelson
    Kendall Nelson

    Can’t wait for this!!! So proud of you! ❤️

  • The Real Di Babe
    The Real Di Babe

    Jaclyn’s Gettin’ Jacked! 💪🏻

  • Destin Knight
    Destin Knight

    So excited and happy for you!!!

  • Kristen631

    Jaclyn gets her groove back ☺️

  • Lucy Lewis
    Lucy Lewis

    I’m so excited to see this!! You’re spreading positivity & inspiring others ❤️

  • Chrissy L
    Chrissy L

    I want to join you on this journey too!!

  • Nathalie Paz
    Nathalie Paz

    Im so here for THIS!! In fact, let me join you in this 60 day journey 🤗 LETS DO THISSS 💪💯💥💫


    Love the clips at the end!

  • Brittni Eva-Rose
    Brittni Eva-Rose

    Can it be named JacAttack? It just makes the most sense to me. Ilysm 💘

  • Rayne Parsons
    Rayne Parsons

    I liked this video before I even watched it because I lovvveeeee you Jacklyn!!! I love it even more because this is giving ME motivation. No matter if you feel overweight or underweight this is so motivating. I’ve been struggling with gaining weight and bad eating habits so this is awesome 👏🏽

  • Jacki Zare
    Jacki Zare

    Love the makeup in this video! What are you wearing on your lips! I’m obsessed

  • Glo Cotero
    Glo Cotero

    Hear me out! “ on track with Jacques”

  • Melanie Montalvo
    Melanie Montalvo

    Omg yes this is exactly what I need. I'm in the exact same spot in my life now that I just turned 30

  • Christy Capera
    Christy Capera

    Jac is back!

  • Bethany Hodges
    Bethany Hodges

    You're so F*@&ing brave for putting your journey on out there, and I commend for doing it. You're going to motivate so many people and not even know it! I wish there was a way you could not accept negative or rude comments. You got this.

  • Brittny Starr
    Brittny Starr

    “Jacs Snaps Back”

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