I won a LEMON LAW Supercharged Range Rover from IAA for $2000!! How bad is it??
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  • Racerboy221

    Just curious but what was the reason for the Lemon-Law buy back?? Was this something that was done years prior and that’s why the mileage is so high?

    • Deezo Mac
      Deezo Mac

      Finally the tire light SMFH you kept saying no lights forever 😂

    • Rick Rothermel
      Rick Rothermel

      @Racerboy221 look me up at the Delta Lights display.

    • Racerboy221

      @Rick Rothermel I’ll be there!!

    • Rick Rothermel
      Rick Rothermel

      With all the trucks and SUVs you handle, you need to try SOLUTION FINISH, best stuff ever for textured exterior plastics. Will you be at SEMA???

    • S P
      S P

      @Auto Auction Rebuilds Randy, are you doing a part 2 to this? Love the Rang Rover videos!

  • Jackie’s Car Reviews
    Jackie’s Car Reviews

    That was sooooooo close to overheating ! But i’m glad it turned out good in the end

  • Jax Welle
    Jax Welle

    I thought all Range Rovers were lemons

  • Scott Murray
    Scott Murray

    Less than one year ago my radiator clutch went out on my Chevy pickup and the motor was turning but the clutch wasn't making it turn fast enough the guy actually stuck his finger in there and stop the blade I was like wow I'm surprised you have all your fingers

  • Scott Murray
    Scott Murray

    After the car gets warmed up put a garden hose with a shop rag in the overflow thing and it will put positive pressure through the whole entire engine and burp out the air

  • Scott Murray
    Scott Murray

    After you've got the car warmed up put a garden hose in a shoprite in the overflow thing while it's running and it'll put positive pressure through the entire engine and blow out the air pocket in the Motor

  • Laura Hall
    Laura Hall

    Just saying from experience working on them please replace the timing belts or changes

  • lMissTheRage

    Ill take it off ur hands for 2 dollars and a beer

  • SM

    I wish I could get some help. TN don't have lemon laws for used cars and Carmax sold me a Toyota for 16k with major multiple issues. Gave me 120days warranty I took it back they "fixed" it. It wasn't fixed. 120 days are up now but they warranty their work for a year. Since the original work didn't fix the car they SHOULD fix it. But they keep ignoring me. 15k owed on a 14 Camry I just bought in July. On disability can't afford to fix it. Idk what to do.

  • Speakers14

    it could be a bad waterr pump

  • Fred Hopkins
    Fred Hopkins

    Sticky thermostat?

  • C N nash
    C N nash

    Its funny how you think everyone is stupid and we can't see your truck falling you come on man you act like you are on a life or death journey 🤨

  • Adam Hewlett
    Adam Hewlett


  • QS

    The mechanics I've seen on youtube all connect a scanner to check for codes first thing.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    I suppose the key locked because the motor protect went on

  • Doc

    Old school I would check the thermostat and make sure it’s working properly. Maybe put a colder one in.

  • Luke Yarasheski
    Luke Yarasheski

    It's a steering column fault. Disconnect battery with key out and you either be able to turn once. Also the air suspension won't adjust with any door open. And do the breather valve on the passengers side valve cover for the smoking issue. Probably gonna have lean codes. Will need the intake elbow which isn't a lot of fun but much easier than on the sports. And the connector sleeve is definitely leaking at 220k in the trans. Be ready, ZF6 fluid was about 24$ a qt 5 years ago

  • Jack Brydges
    Jack Brydges

    Sounds like a radiator problem.

  • Luwandagga Abdu
    Luwandagga Abdu

    Waaaw I really love this!!!!!!!!! Keep it up

  • Mark Fisher
    Mark Fisher

    It looks like it needs to get the air block out

  • JP's apartment custom
    JP's apartment custom

    How much you asking

  • Shea Eric
    Shea Eric

    Any chance that the incorrect fluid is in the coolant reservoir? Also, probibly no check engine light because the battery was reset in the parking lot.

  • Jasper DiLincoln
    Jasper DiLincoln

    Range Rover reliability is on the same status as Lexus 😆

  • tom conway
    tom conway

    the head gasket is pressurising cooling system

  • Afrique Libère -Toi!
    Afrique Libère -Toi!

    Nice toy! I like it and the way you are laughing too! Today, i do not sleep just looking at: ´´ Range Lover``

  • robert S
    robert S

    I would have liked to see you bleed the coolant system so that i would learn how to do it from someone who knows what they are doing.

  • robert S
    robert S

    @9:19 drain out the transmission fluid put in new fluid a quart short and put in a quart of Lucas Stop Slip Transmission Fluid that could help fix it.

  • Frank Grimes
    Frank Grimes

    Lol he bought the same kind of range rover with the same kind of problem as SamCrac's :o

    • Frank Grimes
      Frank Grimes

      AND they have almost the same mileage!!

  • Mtb Ridingog
    Mtb Ridingog

    Why do you all do that bro its stupid... stop starting engines without the correct level.of fluids bro .. your going to rebuilt it fine but you could have save more money if you actually cared ( coming from someone who builds engines

    • Mtb Ridingog
      Mtb Ridingog

      @Auto Auction Rebuilds understood enjoy your life 🤣🤣👍

    • Auto Auction Rebuilds
      Auto Auction Rebuilds

      Thankfully these are my cars, and I don't care.

  • ian burit
    ian burit

    Hi ya all, sad sight but thats what happens when once reputable car companies get purchased by other car companies I guess, My old 1991 ORIGINAL Landrover Discovery ran 240.000 miles without any major engine or mechanical work in its lifetime BUT was the turbo diesel most are in the UK..Reliable as ever bless It I sold It to a collector who has a barn full of them, , wont be long before he can sell them in the States under age restricted laws, Diesels all of them.. None fitted with junk petrol (gas) engines

  • peteycrack420

    all you have to do is open the back windows and turn the heat on high and drive to your spot

  • Richard Graham
    Richard Graham

    I have an 08 RRS TDV6 with 330k km that still runs really well. The diesel has at least 3 coolant bleed screws to properly bleed the system. If the auto trans has not been serviced it will most likely need to be reconditioned or at least need a new torque converter and valve body reco. Can't tell if it was actually slipping or just flaring during shifts. If it's just flaring, fixing the valve body will sort that out. I would do a double fluid flush to start with to give you a baseline as to where you're at. They are great cars but don't tolerate second rate mechanics.


    thats cool :)

  • Doc Detroit
    Doc Detroit

    You bought a 15 yo lemon law dealer buyback w over 200k and it overheats? Say it aint so

  • sylw smith
    sylw smith

    sorry but you are idiot , never put cold coolant to boiling engine because you can destroy engine , especially , head of engine

  • Bill B
    Bill B

    Head gasket

  • pene simon
    pene simon

    Cool man

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    So you drive with no coolant and cry when it runs hot. You don't check the transmission fluid and cry when the transmission slips. Are you stupid or just an idiot?

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams

    I think it might be a thermostat

  • norbkowa

    Yea. She is hot. Very hot. 😂

  • George The critic
    George The critic

    I have a question. At the yard when you saw it didn't have fluid in the reservoir, why didn't you top it off? Are your videos suspense stories or meant for us car guys to just shake our collective heads in frustration?

  • kyle frederick
    kyle frederick

    The supercharger can use some love too

  • kyle frederick
    kyle frederick

    Fuse 18! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mitchell WildFlame
    Mitchell WildFlame

    I came back and rewatched! You fixed it! I would beat in it and floor it a little after all that too and make sure it gets just hot enough to know not over heat!

  • leigh burpee
    leigh burpee

    Feed her the beans it'll get better

  • Blaine Bugaski
    Blaine Bugaski

    This is a copy pasta but I thought I understood this prior; "Applies to vehicles within the first 18,000 miles or 2 years regardless of whether the claimant is the original owner." How is this Range Rover with over 200,000 miles a lemon law car?

  • Daulton Newkirk
    Daulton Newkirk

    Hello again from San Antonio. Looks like you are becoming "the Range Rover King" lol

  • GrizzaVision

    Drive with air con on and set to hot and windows open, that should give you a few extra miles.

  • jason de jonge
    jason de jonge

    Where is this now?

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson

    I wonder if the thermostat was bad

  • Archer Cillian
    Archer Cillian

    I hate that they pickup all vehicles that way doesnt that damage the trans

  • ChaosZombie999

    Hey.. if i know anyone that can fix a Range Rover its you my Friend! also.. this is actually the cleanest 220 thousand mile Range Rover I have seen O_O and that paint really cleaned up well

  • Jeffrey Jones
    Jeffrey Jones

    4 videos later and he still says the car on the trailer is ready to go to macco

  • Chevelleguy80

    Definitely a headgasket. The compression is pushing the coolant into the reservoir.

  • DJCooper501

    It's too bad because I love the Range Rover

  • Kendall

    I’d just keep it.

  • Funky Nassau..
    Funky Nassau..

    Are you serious or is this humorous,..? Are you trying to emulate Tommy Smothers... I swear I can't believe you just said " for those who don't know "... I'm trying to think, If I know ANYBODY IN MY LIFE... that knows LESS THAN YOU ...ABOUT CARS...!!!!! WOW......UFB..!!!!@@@ LOFL

    • Auto Auction Rebuilds
      Auto Auction Rebuilds

      Yet here I am making $23K a month on ITmores. Isn't life GREAT? LOL

  • Douggie Dowdall ki88
    Douggie Dowdall ki88

    U said it had no coolant then drove it lmfao bro u played your self

    • Auto Auction Rebuilds
      Auto Auction Rebuilds

      I made $2500 from this video alone. ITmores got played son.

  • Sebastian L
    Sebastian L

    Soon as I saw the bleeder opened I knew immediately head gasket They’re very labor intensive and expensive

  • Pablo Visions2.0
    Pablo Visions2.0

    Screw it LS SWAP IT.

  • Zaytv_1 YT
    Zaytv_1 YT

    Once you said the temp gauge was starting moving above the halfway mark I knew it was all bad from there

  • Buyr of  Cars4Less4Cash4U
    Buyr of Cars4Less4Cash4U

    !!!A GiGanTic Winn ~_~ Happi4U!!!

  • Travis Binder
    Travis Binder

    You got a leak somewhere in the line.


    I had to buy a vacuum bleeder that hooked up to my Reservoir

  • Cupwake1012 RBLX
    Cupwake1012 RBLX

    Scotty Kilmer would approve (not)

  • Cristopher Henríquez
    Cristopher Henríquez

    A Range Rover don’t need a law to be a lemon 😂

  • Ross Norwood
    Ross Norwood

    Honestly 2006 is one the worst years of L322’s. You get the better engines and exteriors but the interior is the old junky interior and you get to deal with the lovely ignition lock problems of the early models😂 go ahead and send that one to the junkyard.

  • Adam N
    Adam N

    What a hunk of shit. Those crappy mats, badly painted wheels, etc. All the warning signs are there. Crazy!

  • Bilal Tofeq
    Bilal Tofeq

    How much i love Range how much i hate when anything goes wrong, leomn is no joke. You got luck my man.

  • TheGothic Prince
    TheGothic Prince

    I drive a 2005 Range Rover Supercharged, and it makes me sad seeing how badly this one has been abused.

  • Rick Rothermel
    Rick Rothermel

    Kinda old, too tall miles to be a Lemon Law car?

  • Jay Saleh
    Jay Saleh

    220k lmao

  • tx tx
    tx tx

    Can u do a video on how to release bubles from coolant system?

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne

    coolant would be milky if the head gasket was blown. my guess would be a water pump.

  • Tony Atmore
    Tony Atmore

    Anytime a car overheats put your ac on full blast and that temperature should get lower

  • Thomas

    Buys Range Rover, wears out suspension pump in one day after repeated cycling up and down

  • Thomas

    $2050 for auction Range Rover.....needs $8000 in repairs

  • Real Laker News
    Real Laker News

    Try your temperature sending unit.. Coolant systems work on vacuum. You should have tightened the screw after you bled it. Driving without a sealed coolant system can cause excessive overheating. Range rover biggest money maker is their service department. Just like Audi, BMW, Mercedes. They are designed to not last.

  • srt8creations 370ci
    srt8creations 370ci

    It clearly said low coolant and ur worried about the suspension 🙄🙄

  • Paul Carmi
    Paul Carmi

    The "lemon" in the title is unnecessary, right? I mean, they don't leak oil, they mark territory!

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks

    220k lemon law range rover..... lol would have to pay me 2k just to touch it

  • Emeka Amamasi
    Emeka Amamasi

    If a deal sounds too good to be true...its probably too good to be true.

  • Emeka Amamasi
    Emeka Amamasi

    Dude did you just fork out 2grand for a heap?

  • Austin Ray Blackwell
    Austin Ray Blackwell


  • Vic Green
    Vic Green

    There are no warning lights on the dashboard be course the light them self are probably broken ;-) Never buy Range Rover, specially not used its always a money pitt

  • Lon Willis
    Lon Willis

    It's a mistake 🤪🤣 👍

  • Daniel Ventura
    Daniel Ventura

    The TPMS light just means the wheel batteries are dead. I had one replaced on my other car and it was 200 bucks. Ouch!

  • Daniel Ventura
    Daniel Ventura

    Loosen the radiator cap.

  • Daniel Ventura
    Daniel Ventura

    It couldn't have been much of a lemon if it spent more time on the road than in the shop.

  • CanAmRydr

    How did that thing make it past 120k miles? Lol

  • This Guy
    This Guy

    My daily is a 2015 Range Rover with the supercharged V8 that was a dealer buyback out of California. The buyback reason was the brakes were functional but they squeaked while driving. Other than that it’s been serviced twice since I’ve had it and has been reliable.

  • Johny Hansen
    Johny Hansen

    that is a pulley sound

  • Wayne Ihamaki
    Wayne Ihamaki

    Got a feeling you're going to find a bad head-gasket.

  • Daniel Bartell
    Daniel Bartell


  • Money Color
    Money Color

    First thing you put coolant in man , then you are surprised it’s overheating 😂

  • Sim Ons
    Sim Ons

    definitely has more than 4 owners lol

  • User Anonymous
    User Anonymous

    looks like it wasnt in park

  • User Anonymous
    User Anonymous

    looks like mice were hiding under that cover

  • User Anonymous
    User Anonymous

    you can always tell so easily which cars were owned by the brothas

  • User Anonymous
    User Anonymous

    you won? or got stuck with

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