How to Tame Every Animal
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    • Mochi The flying dog
      Mochi The flying dog

      @Goodgamer8ij Zain fancy

    • Goodgamer8ij Zain
      Goodgamer8ij Zain


    • Megalodon0064

      I will this is funny

    • Mochi The flying dog
      Mochi The flying dog


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  • TheCCPfearsANZ

    Ah yes, a video written by city people, for city people that will never own an animal.

  • luminous

    How to tame any animal Me; just fcking slap them

  • Bacon Boy
    Bacon Boy

    I have this one rabbit/bunny nest or hole and everyday I put bread letus and celery out side there hole but the squirrels get there first and take the food what do I do

  • Annabell Herzig
    Annabell Herzig

    yeah. Wild animals are domesticated. Makes sense

  • Mark Andre
    Mark Andre

    Me trying to fall asleep at 3 am... the Honda Civic down the road: 2:04


    im bout to tame every spider and send them into the hole i dug, and then watch them fall

  • Bruno Bucciarati
    Bruno Bucciarati

    Simple: just use conquerors haki

  • Alli morris
    Alli morris

    I watch that video

  • Masked Angel
    Masked Angel

    Who's gonna tell him about foxes and coyotes towards dogs and cats?. .

  • Rachel He
    Rachel He

    You won’t BEELIEVE me I’m sorry I had to

  • Don't hug me, I'm scared
    Don't hug me, I'm scared

    I do have an untamed human here... so how do you it..?

  • velqh

    I can finally tame a Blue-ringed Octopus, thanks man. 🥰

  • Logan Burch
    Logan Burch

    instructions unclear, slowly dying from an eldritch abomination’s venom.

  • Chossen

    People who tame dinosaurs in ark: Weaklings

  • TheGreenWolf88

    How do I tame a women?

  • Ashton Gabe
    Ashton Gabe

    Russians: *Ive known this for 10 years*

  • Emre Turkoglu
    Emre Turkoglu


  • LocoJacobo Cookie
    LocoJacobo Cookie

    3:47 ... I do not trust glitches

  • Andrew Mason
    Andrew Mason

    Give them food. Dont be their food. Got it

  • Notathingnate

    this video:exists Ark players: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

  • dosh 0077
    dosh 0077

    Time to tame a hippo so i can say i tamed your ma to the bully in my school

  • Ras Grey
    Ras Grey

    First one is misleading. Those are domesticated lions. I tried that shit with the lions in the Savannah near my house, almost ended tragically for me. Yes I am from africa if that clears your confusion.

  • A Stupid Octopus
    A Stupid Octopus

    Tranq arrows go brrrrrrr

  • Dragon master
    Dragon master

    With parrots it’s all trust

  • Joppe Johannes Bastiaan
    Joppe Johannes Bastiaan

    Don't give honey to bees! It can kill their whole hive. Just give sugar water.

  • Durango Explorers
    Durango Explorers

    Alternate title: *HOW TO BE IN ARK*

  • ThatBot Boi
    ThatBot Boi

    I tried this on a monkey.....he untied my shoe

  • ccyam

    Video:how to tame every animal Me:FOOD IS THE ANSWER

  • Johndoezerss

    Cat:Food yes

  • Princess Sci-Twi
    Princess Sci-Twi

    1:38 my pigeons : *yeah no*

  • Walter White
    Walter White

    minecraft is never wrong.

  • cracky bracky
    cracky bracky

    Fuck you.

  • Munna-Gaming 902
    Munna-Gaming 902

    taming godzilla

  • Syed Safeer
    Syed Safeer

    Yea the food things is definitely the easiest option for adult animals (like wild cats and even sometimes dogs), I had soo many extremely scared cats in my neighbourhood, which became friendly but still afraid of me, then didn't come too near me but they still came closer to me more than anyone else after 1 month. The dogs part is basically for areas where dogs are used to human visits, like in my country wild dogs are always fed by the neighbourhood children and adults. I fed a brown cat alongside many other stray cats and this one had triplets which were born in September 2017, one of it's kittens (Ginger) was fed by me daily since 1 week of it's birth, and soon it started entering a small space of my house, which then had a nasty ring worm (i think it was wrong worms) infection spread, after applying medicine it became pretty healthy in 3 weeks, and this cat went on to become my best friend

  • Phoenix Mario
    Phoenix Mario

    3:12 I must say that this Lion is looking pretty snazzy with that hair, kinda looks like he combed it and is off to a date

  • W0LF

    Oh my god... ark was right

  • -_o

    My bearded dragon is looking at me..... menacingly....... after I watched this.....


    there is no "HUMAN" for the animals, for them we're just like other animals, if a lion sees a unknown animal it's the same as human...

  • Taco De Groot
    Taco De Groot

    Coyotes eat Badgers..... yeah, right. Badger fend off Lions, Panthers, Leopards and such. They just don't give a fuck. Coyote must be lucky to have a Badger friend...

  • Fishstix

    Fun fact: Most animals don't understand English

  • Fart Jokez
    Fart Jokez

    The pelican also died.

  • The Spectator
    The Spectator

    Ark players: I only tame dinosaurs

  • Shortest Name
    Shortest Name

    You can tame a furry with a flame thrower Learnt that in space marine school

  • Shortest Name
    Shortest Name

    Finally I can get lifted to the heavens by a gang of owls

  • xl edi xl
    xl edi xl

    Thank you this helped me do my fortnite challenges

  • Goifinnius

    Great now I've just got to find a hippo... *Heads over to your mom's house*

  • Yu Guan
    Yu Guan

    How to tame every animal? Bring their HP down and throw some pokeballs?

  • Instinct8

    I can’t even tame my own chihuahua...

  • RubenF09

    How to tame every animal to be petted and, when it grows too much, sell them to be inside a close area and be hunted by rich depraved people

  • Confused Carrot
    Confused Carrot

    I MADE FREINDS WITH A LION (almost died)

  • Suzy

    3:12 are we not gonna talk about how amazing his mane looks💯😭

  • ImmersiveGamer83

    I have crows/ ravens in my garden and they get fed every day and seem timid. Will they turn savage? I love them and think they are majestic. I don't want them to turn on us

  • Jonathan Allen
    Jonathan Allen

    Me about to watch video: If he says something along the lines of "just feed em' forehead" I swear to god- Him: "Just give em' food" Me: Alright, God you knew it was coming

  • Raphael rico
    Raphael rico

    8:50 That thing is a dinosaur

  • Nilesh Pandey
    Nilesh Pandey

    You can easily tame a mosquito, just pluck off one of his wings and then look him walking on your hand calmly

  • pyae Sone Aung Pyae Sone Aung
    pyae Sone Aung Pyae Sone Aung

    I can tame mosquitoes.searous🙃

  • Thord Hyvel
    Thord Hyvel

    That big bird. I fink it was that bird as was first a raptor

  • Illegal meme Dealer
    Illegal meme Dealer

    nigga what do you think this is ark survival

  • flamey ellis
    flamey ellis

    Does the video say how to tame a yeti crab ... I DIDN'T THINK SO, so it doesn't teach you every animal

  • - Septem -
    - Septem -

    6:28 Do tHe aUToTuNE tHInG

  • Liam Larsen
    Liam Larsen

    2:04 The lion cup be like: EY!.. THIS MY GIRL, BACK OFF!!

  • Chriswayan Louis
    Chriswayan Louis

    People actually out here walking their anacondas

  • Gummy ._.
    Gummy ._.

    Cute wolves at the start

  • Lil Groot
    Lil Groot

    Thanks for the video but I play Far Cry Primal so I already know how to tame everything

  • Not_Mafoo

    Minecraft moment

  • Pikmin 928
    Pikmin 928


  • [-ToFly-] Backfired
    [-ToFly-] Backfired

    I just wanted to learn how to talk to bees. 😭

  • Garfield313

    You clearly use a voice double, and it's cringe, just give the guy with the voice the camera too bro fr

  • Matt DeLucia
    Matt DeLucia

    hello everyone this is your daily dose of internet

  • Presley Wiseman
    Presley Wiseman

    3:20 🤢🤢

  • Crystal_ Luna
    Crystal_ Luna

    Me seeing this like: Already did that b**ch!

  • Dumb Bojet
    Dumb Bojet

    If you think im gonna tame bugs i will laugh my ass off and literally stab them with a sharpened stick

  • misspinkpunkykat

    Racoons wondering around in the daytime aren't usually rabid, but mothers looking for food for their babies.

  • misspinkpunkykat

    The best way to something's heart is through it's stomach.

  • Lord Kermit
    Lord Kermit

    I used the bee method on a bear now my face has been mauled off

  • misspinkpunkykat

    James 3:7, NASB: "For every species of beasts and birds, of reptiles and creatures of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by the human race."

  • ITacHiUcHiha

    Dont give bees etc. honey It can be deadly. Give them sugarWater instead

  • tryhard forwhat
    tryhard forwhat


  • Poggers

    Even the cockroach!? Broooooo no i hate cockroaches

  • duce boy
    duce boy

    Ok so how do I tame a wasp because there is one in my room

  • Lia Wheatley
    Lia Wheatley

    Now going to tame 4 lions, 7 tigers, 2 bull sharks and 11 bears

  • Ryan

    Fortnite players be like: Easy just craft a hunter’s clock and tame them

  • Kerim Bašić
    Kerim Bašić

    That guy could probably tame a great white shark given enough time

  • Depressed Gacha kid
    Depressed Gacha kid

    Just give it food!

  • Watermelon slice
    Watermelon slice

    How bout baby bunny

  • RuinerXP100

    An anomaly to this is kim Wolhuter he has been accepted by a clan of wild hyenas and he has never fed them. You can check it out on his youtube channel that goes by his name. He is a really awesome guy!

  • Dash Storm
    Dash Storm

    Won't happen

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi

    Impossible the narrator isnt annoying

  • Spook isnowheretobeseen
    Spook isnowheretobeseen

    0/10 tried it on a human didnt work

  • Ian Stelzer
    Ian Stelzer

    When you play toouch Ark

  • Karma

    Imagine tame some birds or insect and train them to eat mosquitos

  • jackson ;
    jackson ;

    Boars are crazy, i've heard the big wild ones can take a shotgun shells and keep it moving like nothing happened

  • kenzie rasendriya krisnadi
    kenzie rasendriya krisnadi

    5 year old girl watching these: *CWAN AM TAM UNICON 💖💖🤔*

  • xyz kool
    xyz kool

    the easiest wild animal to me to tame, would be a pigeon or bird. A certain type of bird, one that is used to being hand-fed.

  • xD3M0x

    Can You Make A Tutorial How To Tame Youre Wild Girlfriend

  • Harry Costin
    Harry Costin

    Far cry primal be like:

  • Professional Idiot
    Professional Idiot

    im trying to tame my pet mother

  • Stelios Metaxas
    Stelios Metaxas

    When I was 7 or 8 I once came across a butterfly trapped in a spider web. The spider was also on the web and it was crawling towards the butterfly. Then I grabbed the butterfly and pulled it and eventually freed it. Immediately after that the butterfly flew towards me and stood on my shoulder. I was confused and started shaking to make the butterfly leave. But it didn't. The butterfly was grabbing my shirt and it wouldn't let go of me. However I knew I couldn't take care of a butterfly so I blew air on it with my mouth. After struggling for a few minutes I managed to get rid of the butterfly which was tired of holding me and then it took off and after flying on a circle over me it decided to leave and find flowers and other butterflies. I appreciated its circle over me as a goodbye. I hope you liked my story, I have never shared it with anyone before.

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