How to get out of traffic jams with a G63 AMG
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  • Iron Lee
    Iron Lee

    You can make the traffic clear allot faster with a G36C.

  • Lopiop Sanchez
    Lopiop Sanchez

    What a loser. How in the world does this kid actually think he's cool. Even more pathetic is how that girl is actually into it.

  • Reader Of Speaks
    Reader Of Speaks

    That’s so crazy!!!! What some rough terrain, glad you made it out alive. 😒

  • Dave Marshall
    Dave Marshall

    Lot of poor salty people in the comments

  • mergen zorig
    mergen zorig

    So rude

  • Kick Start
    Kick Start

    I did harder than that with my 73 Datsun B210.. what a douchey video

  • vaibhav saduneni
    vaibhav saduneni

    That thing has 0 acceleration lol

  • Cicero

    Oh yeah you def need all diff locks for driving on some grass

  • JB CarsVids
    JB CarsVids

    I mean they were made for that 😂

  • Johnny Montsanto
    Johnny Montsanto

    Man on dirt road heack nooo rovks damage paint car heack no.... I dont even drve my cars whers construction.

  • PearsonTHEgreat1

    Wow and you need that house on wheels to do that

    • PearsonTHEgreat1

      you are like those white girls private stories, you think you’re doing something but you’re not

  • Ethan Andrade
    Ethan Andrade

    I don't think you need a 150,000 dollar suv to drive over some grass on a slight decline...

  • Felix Beutin
    Felix Beutin

    That's illegal

  • Big Rio
    Big Rio

    So play Megan the stallion and lock ya doors gotcha

  • El Herrero
    El Herrero

    That's some 'SAVAGE' lack of self awareness..👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 🤣🤣🤣 👀

  • Franko Fichtenstein
    Franko Fichtenstein

    Would have been entertaining, if it wasn't for that wannabe "swag" music.

  • Joshica

    correct, it is an adequate way to avoid traffic. only if you're fine with breaking the law.

  • Sal Salvio
    Sal Salvio

    Dude has douche bag smeared all over him

  • Nick Nick
    Nick Nick

    It wasnt exactly off road. I couldnt done that in my xdrive 3 series 🤷‍♂️

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore

    Probably taking his girl to lunch. Mom’s paying so get whatever you want.

  • BitBoy Africa
    BitBoy Africa

    A certain face, with no amount of worries ever registered 🙃

  • ItsRavage

    Wow ur such a badass

  • flyneco22

    man that thing got on some grass now you can say you four wheeling and you country and stuff with that soft womanly skin.

  • The Lead Sled Association
    The Lead Sled Association

    The spice girls would’ve been a more suitable background.

  • Trucker Nation
    Trucker Nation

    My Corolla has seen more off-road than that.

  • AJ Stevens
    AJ Stevens

    I'll be the first to laugh when he gets his parents' car keyed.

  • Caylan Fountain
    Caylan Fountain

    Get a motorcycle there's this thing called filtering if you're that impatient

  • The Fifth Doctor
    The Fifth Doctor

    Looks as weak as a kitten

  • Ryosuke Takahashi
    Ryosuke Takahashi

    It's all fun and games till theres a locked gate at the end Edit: And you see a CVPI following you

  • English Man
    English Man

    Music speaks volumes on this one

  • SixthyGTi

    I know this trick...! You have to have bmw or merc (1), have lots of money (2) and need to be a douche bag (3)... One can't go without the other...

  • L W
    L W

    Homer did that

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson

    Your parents have lots of money which is why you have the car... Driving like that is illegal... You're an idiot... This video is hot garbage....

  • C BIII
    C BIII

    Beta male

  • BrainSatisfaction

    Yaa he a savage fucking cringe

  • Chase Lesser
    Chase Lesser

    You can do this in a cheap car too. But I did see one guy do it in the rain. He went slow and he hit the mud puddle, slowly and got stuck. And then I proceeded to go around his dumb*ss and left him there.

  • V-スタ

    this boy has money but don't have brain

  • Angel Silva
    Angel Silva

    I dont know How many times I done this with my truck......never recorded.......

  • André Bartels
    André Bartels

    My trashy 1992 Ford Fiesta could have done this.

  • Menace

    I’ll do this in a corolla pal

    • Trucker Nation
      Trucker Nation

      That’s exactly what I said too lol

  • A5hTriX

    Literally the worst off road car 😂

  • Chris Bentley
    Chris Bentley

    "Yeah, I take it off-roading. I don't even care."


    Definitely spending daddy's money

  • keithsj10

    A lowered Honda Accord could've driven down that smooth embankment 🙄

  • Mees Loef
    Mees Loef

    Tiktok is cancer

  • Mastabla3ta

    I did that with my scion xd......

  • Joshua Vincent
    Joshua Vincent

    Lol wow the jealousy and toxicity is so real in this comment section. You guys need to chill

  • Chris Bland
    Chris Bland


  • Theresa/Wo Payton
    Theresa/Wo Payton

    White Privilege on 3000

  • Ben Kroeker
    Ben Kroeker

    I bet that’s “off-roading” for him

  • Jerald

    Cool.. Hope law enforcement finds this.

  • Salmanko

    So this is where the people with hateful parents come together

  • Huitz

    Trash song, someone's trash son borrowing dad's vehicle.

  • Rahul Kapoor
    Rahul Kapoor

    Come to india 😂 you’ll stuck in traffic for hours

  • Red Means Go
    Red Means Go

    Grass stains, now daddy needs to buy him a new one.

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller

    Ummm everybody in Texas does that when There is wreck. Nothing new here.

  • David Rincon
    David Rincon

    Shit I've done that n my safari van GMC so u don't need a benz 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

  • Andy B
    Andy B

    Now do this with a cop nearby, tough guy

  • fun time
    fun time


  • Phil McDonald
    Phil McDonald

    Ahh, the comments section is gold 👍

  • adam abbott
    adam abbott

    My wrangler doesn't body roll that bad. + I paid for my own vehicle.

  • Steve Mack Productions
    Steve Mack Productions

    Just called the police on ya

  • Sully

    All fun till tyrone Jacks those wheels on him

  • cintijones

    laughs in jeep

  • Tom Zohar
    Tom Zohar

    Goes on grass... And turns on every single diff lock 😂😂😂😂

  • Bradythehuman

    How to get a ticket in one simple step

  • fun Tal
    fun Tal

    Wo sollst den hingehen

  • Andrew Simm
    Andrew Simm

    Would love it if blue lights came on behind him.

  • Leandro Garcia
    Leandro Garcia

    How to dent a wheel or get hella rock chips on a 20,000 wheel and paint option

  • vasanth raman
    vasanth raman

    I should be gone to India once😂

  • Shawn Willis
    Shawn Willis

    He doesn’t own it his rich mama and daddy does

  • RB USA101
    RB USA101


  • Sadtrip 93
    Sadtrip 93

    Didnt know driving was allowed with 12

  • Logan

    You can do that with anything if you don't give a shit

  • P. garcia
    P. garcia

    hope cops got him ...that's definitely white privilege

  • Dennis Coughlin
    Dennis Coughlin

    Then arrested for trespassing

  • Who ?
    Who ?

    Trespassing can get you shot. Keep doing this. Please.

  • SirWilliamSquireVonDutchMire

    That dirt road just goes to a dead end. Where a scarecrow will have its way with him.

  • Eric Debisz
    Eric Debisz

    I'd make a smart car flat towing a Prius do that. And AND the Smart car tires would be baloney skins. And AND my passenger would really laugh

  • Guts

    Everyones gangsta until you cant get back on the highway

  • fast one
    fast one

    Due to the graphic nature of this program you were discretion is advised. Cops intro!

  • Ерлик Нурпеисов
    Ерлик Нурпеисов


  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones

    My range rover will do that

  • RetroRay

    Alternative title: "How to get out of a traffic jam in any car made between 1920 and 2021"

  • Wild_siegewolf 96
    Wild_siegewolf 96

    Unlike just because of the song ceinge as hell

  • Sutter Hall
    Sutter Hall

    Everyone is trashing the kid for enjoying life, did he hurt anyone or hurt you? Honestly not sure what is more cringe, the video getting posted, or the people trying to roast him.

  • Lidia Baker
    Lidia Baker

    I can do that better, faster, and don’t even need a “how convenient” side dirt road. 2015 F350 SD dump dually, including hauling a trailer with an excavator on it.

  • Cody

    Damn. That thing is beast. Can't believe it went through the grass like that

  • al

    Would it make him upset if someone else does the same thing in a Honda Civic?

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    The title of this video should be how to be a twat

  • Michał C.
    Michał C.

    Jesus christ, the music... I think you need to reevaluate your taste.

  • Krash Panda
    Krash Panda

    Woof glad you turned off the diff lock to go over 20 ft of flat fucking grass 😂

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol

    I think the private property.

  • Laura Lumi
    Laura Lumi

    A g63 amg or literally any crossover lol

  • Lucky Left Foot
    Lucky Left Foot

    I used to do shit like that in a 2002 Kia Spectra.

  • الديب للسيارات eddib cars
    الديب للسيارات eddib cars

    Algerians mode 😁😁😁

  • EP

    This dude probably eats nails for breakfast, and he DOESN'T use any milk

  • Ciaran Munoz
    Ciaran Munoz

    That’s cool but most people don’t drop $200,000 on a car

  • rayman

    How to go to jail recording yourself being a dumbass

  • Josh Koch (Intimidator82)
    Josh Koch (Intimidator82)

    I could do that in my Civic, those look like pavement queens anyway

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