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  • Y SJ
    Y SJ

    It was not high q with Karius it was just stupidity

  • Emrah Yetim
    Emrah Yetim


  • Cabral

    3:10 Palmeiras 3x0 River plate, the third goal, exactly like this one

  • Motoindustry

    Panem et circenses

  • Balázs Molnár
    Balázs Molnár

    These are mostly illegal but not caught by the referees, not high IQ😂

  • Favio Pérez
    Favio Pérez

    What are the music in this video please tell me🙏

  • Yoselin Valencia
    Yoselin Valencia


  • Sefa Tokdemir
    Sefa Tokdemir

    0:40 how ,there is offside?

  • Guandong Mai
    Guandong Mai

    I think now you can't do pass penalty anymore.

  • Suzan Monteiro
    Suzan Monteiro


  • Hendrika Vd Harst
    Hendrika Vd Harst

    Song name in begin

  • proudshep

    conclusion: Liverpool has had quite a few 10iq goalkeepers

  • Caua Leal
    Caua Leal

    Que inteligente o Messi pra conseguir o hat trick

  • sorucha

    Liverpool and horrible goalkeepers, name a more iconic duo

  • Ádám Lőrincz
    Ádám Lőrincz

    1:50 The football player touch on the ball his hand. Free kick outwards, goal foul.

  • Tony Anderson
    Tony Anderson

    My most favorite is when Messi beat the offside trap. In my opinon as a former soccer player, if the defense gives up their positions to trap me, I shouldn't be flagged for offiside

  • R P
    R P

    Best one!

  • ३・ิDX BLAZE・ิ३
    ३・ิDX BLAZE・ิ३

    Messi always does magic and because of his iq and skills he is copared to an alien 👽

  • Rena Ramadan
    Rena Ramadan

    Brilliant 500++ IQ Move right here... 3:38 just... shuff em away

  • İsmail Barış Şişik
    İsmail Barış Şişik

    3:40 isnt a foul?

  • Ares. Fx
    Ares. Fx

    3:43 what did that defender mean? 🤣

  • Jack Brothwell
    Jack Brothwell

    The United goal should have stood.

  • Rahmad Hadi
    Rahmad Hadi

    What is the backsound in 5:44

  • Gustavo Heinze
    Gustavo Heinze

    la verdad es fake la miñatura

  • Liquid

    it's crazy how offside is canceled during a throw in

  • Perman

    Bad sportsmanship by some of those goals almost cheating. You don't see that in any in any other sport.

  • الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟
    الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟

    Loserpoop s players everytime they get played they call their daddy the ref to the rescue ,lmao

  • Victor P
    Victor P

    @1:49, if it's not penalty, it's still a hand ball by Nani, the ref went braindead and really f*cked up.

  • Pinky Mzimela
    Pinky Mzimela

    Does anyone know name of song on 4:10??

  • Mê Ăn Uống
    Mê Ăn Uống

    tương tác tốt

  • User User
    User User


  • lu klkiuyh200
    lu klkiuyh200

    Ronaldo header should cout

  • Gordy Cucullu
    Gordy Cucullu

    1:51 he wasn't fouled, but he does handle the ball intentionally

  • Chris nicolaou
    Chris nicolaou

    why wasnt the one at 0:40 offsite?

  • Labalius

    Ruined by the shit music.

  • Hide and Tweak
    Hide and Tweak

    2:20 wow can't believe this can work. Is it even legal ?

  • Janes Janes
    Janes Janes

    Wow women are here too nice!

  • Nhật iu túp bờ
    Nhật iu túp bờ

    IQ thật sự 😱😱😱

  • Riaz 171
    Riaz 171

    Messi always best

  • REKTstar

    5:15 thats not high iq moment, thats karius low iq moment

  • Bihari-kun

    I need high IQ to watch this

  • hall WesBorland
    hall WesBorland

    Ronaldinho gaucho n foi genio.... Foi troxa e traira

  • Boikhutso Makuku
    Boikhutso Makuku


  • M.Z.K 1954
    M.Z.K 1954


  • bora bildirici
    bora bildirici

    hay amk moments


    Ronaldinho thing I think offside

  • Dion xn
    Dion xn

    Messi is a Genius

  • José Atchedo
    José Atchedo

    Je histoire de beanzin

  • isadora Paiva
    isadora Paiva

    Rumo a 2 milhões

  • velvetsmack

    4:33 These are all great but seriously guys this one takes the cake. Brilliant on the spot thinking there.

  • Leed Zeed
    Leed Zeed

    edited kinda cringe ngl :l

  • Samiul Fahim
    Samiul Fahim

    Splendid ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕😊 👍 . From Bangladesh . Thanks 👍 .

  • Herit Last
    Herit Last

    Suddenly ITmores recommend my Life.

  • StevenyGabby Perez
    StevenyGabby Perez

    Genius gets thrown around rather loosely in the world of football ⚽️

  • Mihail Neagu
    Mihail Neagu

    How could you put the Cruyff penalty and not add the Messi-Suarez one?

  • Stupid Dragon
    Stupid Dragon

    2:21'deki pozisyon ofsayt. Çünkü topa doğru hamle yapıyor. Zaten yan hakem de bayrağını kaldırmış.

  • Quake

    more like bullshit moments

  • Kevin Braden
    Kevin Braden

    Soccer is stupid.

  • Boost me
    Boost me

    dont show girl soccer it is not soccer

  • Nelson Mejias Lozada
    Nelson Mejias Lozada

    Cruyff penalty is the lamest thing on football

  • shuttze

    thats fucking cheating not high IQ :P

  • Vincent Peeters
    Vincent Peeters

    Never make a video like that again without Kevin De Bruyne in it

  • Longz Roxyville
    Longz Roxyville

    Ronaldinho was off side

  • eddyvideostar

    Dear Score: Thank you for your work. This is high IQ mathematics and geometry.

    • Eliloq


  • Peter Dirks
    Peter Dirks

    wat een baggermuziek, moet dat nou?

  • Urban

    4:04 i did that in a real match and after got hated

  • Björn Naß
    Björn Naß

    1000 years later Some very old files were dug out, showing what the society in 2021 claimed to be high-IQ. Scholars now claim to know why the society broke down, the dumb ones reigned, the intelligent ones were discriminated. Also tinfoil hats were found, yet, it's not completely sure who was the owner or recipient of this hat. What strikes the researchers is that some year prior to such headlines in football videos, the movie Idiocracy released, showing where society was heading towards. Today, it seeems clear that all the warnings had been dismissed.

  • Rizfir Eden
    Rizfir Eden

    Why you haven't an issues with rights?

  • abdullah mehmood
    abdullah mehmood

    POV: u blinked too long and missed everything

  • Haiti's Space Agency
    Haiti's Space Agency

    Liverpool goalkeepers make half of this possoble

  • Aaron Aaron
    Aaron Aaron

    Ohh my god!!

  • bungalunga

    why is ronaldinho not offside

  • Hwezi Mukiiga
    Hwezi Mukiiga

    @ 7:22 is a total cheat..I wouldn't call that clever,maybe cheeky. The ref shouldn't have allowed that one honestly


    veryy good looking

  • Sadhuram Agarwal
    Sadhuram Agarwal

    Yes Ramos Is Way Ahead Of Dijik

  • tellsitasitis

    Not a soccer guy... why was 0:40 not offside?

    • 3ti3nn3

      C'est une touche

  • Alejandro Bustos
    Alejandro Bustos

    Bilardo intensify!

  • Jad Dkiaok
    Jad Dkiaok

    Music pls?


    Messi nooban

  • almaa


  • David Tran
    David Tran

    This music is terrible

  • Pak Hang Walton
    Pak Hang Walton

    anyone knows the name of the BG music starts from 8:27?? many thanks!! Big fan of that type of music!!

  • Bayu Prabowo Sukses
    Bayu Prabowo Sukses

    Pengumuman........... In Sya Allah Bayu nanti ada usaha kosan 20 pintu di dkat kmpus B Uin Jakabaring Palembang di tmpt tmpt yg strategis

  • Derek Press
    Derek Press

    1:54 sorry but have I forgotten everything about football I have not played for years ..but is that not an indirect free kick? in other words the ball needs to be passed to another player ..did this ref change the rules ?

  • MaxMeh

    1:10 I would've called Messi offside. Sure, he didn't touch the ball, but he was involved in the play. The ball being played right to him caused the defenders to move toward him, involving him in the play. [whistle!] Offside!!

  • Tinashe Jerry
    Tinashe Jerry

    That Hargreaves free kick is one of my favorite moments in sports history

    • David Tran
      David Tran

      Eh, it wasn't that good.

  • yuuyu


  • arturskurrmis

    can someone explain how the goal at 1:45 worked?

  • Augusta Stevn Weibel
    Augusta Stevn Weibel


  • Maximiliano Brasil
    Maximiliano Brasil

    whats the name of the last sound man?

  • romahnae

    I like how this was done ✔️

  • Musa Oğul
    Musa Oğul


  • SasukeAmaBlinkRealden


  • Gregory Goh
    Gregory Goh

    Clearly some are due to referring errors ..

  • DOUG I
    DOUG I

    I'm not understanding how that Ronaldinho goal near the start of the video was not offside. He was well behind the defense on that long throw in. Does offsides not get called for throw ins?

    • DOUG I
      DOUG I

      @Klako8196 thanks for the clarification. I wasn't sure of that rule.

    • Klako8196

      There's no offside on goal kicks, throw-ins or corners

  • 😄😄😄😄😆😆👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • YTA

    0:57 Guti doesnt see, Guti feels it


    hi trkesh

  • Śîmô Æm
    Śîmô Æm


  • shila Mirzai
    shila Mirzai

    Im the 1000 comment