HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5
Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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WARNING: for horse!
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  • Vivziepop

    HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► itmores.info/player/video/sJ2XyYako8iciJc Episode One ► itmores.info/player/video/xp2VsXuafst_g5s Episode Two ► itmores.info/player/video/zKGk2IqZaZtte7Q Episode Three ► itmores.info/player/video/s5ie1J-dkbCamco Episode Four ► itmores.info/player/video/kot81J2Lh9Kgds4


      The next episode should be like a racing type. I LIKE CARS

    • vermelon

      Lol that shark that smashed moxxie

    • Carmen Angulo
      Carmen Angulo

      0 l Prv^¿*^^

    • Slyuniform


    • Alisha Fox
      Alisha Fox


  • Sakura P
    Sakura P

    Wish there's a episode 6 about Charlie and vaggie. That would be nice

  • Akarii

    Ok but this was the best episode yet, animators did a great job!!

  • Mia Jordan
    Mia Jordan

    Y does this animation remind me of my little pony

  • Phoenix ahaha
    Phoenix ahaha

    where Hazbin Ep. 1 at?

  • bigtrucker43

    this episode caused me to be hot for stollas

  • SleepyMoonChild

    Striker kinda reminds me of Rattlesnake Jake

  • Yukya01

    How nobody is talking abaout the fricking MORGAN REEDUS?? His voice just suits perfect in it, amazing show

  • Auggie K
    Auggie K

    im so excited for episode 6 now you dont even understand. im gonna lose my mind istg i love this show sm

  • Discount Astolfo
    Discount Astolfo

    Just figured out the person who plays moxxie is the same person who played kaos from skylanders.

  • Raichelpop

    Me trying to figure out who the voice of Striker is only to see NORMAN REEDUS in the credits, excuse me!?

  • Jay Your local Skater
    Jay Your local Skater

    Why is no one talking about the one time Moxxie was fucking confidence for one “You gonna finish that fucking sentence? Partner.” Like omfg this man can be mean af if he wants to be!

  • Vivian Savage
    Vivian Savage

    His own wife is trying to kill him wow there's a shock 😲🤣

  • Niles Megar
    Niles Megar

    Well damn talk about one helluva an episode. This was definitely Moxie's turn to shine. Although he got beaten and trampled, at least he saved the day somewhat. Happy ending overall. Really learned a lot with some characters and even settings. And then surprise twist; you know this will come back to haunt them. Well done.

  • locodesert 2
    locodesert 2

    the fact they got norman reedus in this episode shocks me.

  • Janiya Mustafa
    Janiya Mustafa

    4:08, Blitzo is defiantly a brony if he has a look in his eyes like that while seeing a horse.

  • Nick Trawick
    Nick Trawick

    jesus fucking christ the animation in this episode is crazy

  • dragon _slayer
    dragon _slayer

    9:08 Thats a perfectly cut scream

  • Lisa

    Blitz is a literal daddy 🥵

  • Gus Walker
    Gus Walker

    Can someone get this show on Netflix or Hulu or HBO Max OR SOMETHING BECAUSE THIS SERIES IS FUCKING GOLD

  • Trijosh

    Pilot: Loona smiles when Blitzo calls her family. Episode 1: Loona sadly looks at a picture of a family. Episode 3: Loona nearly calls Blitzo dad. Episode 5: Blitzo say that Loona is his daughter....only on paper.

    • Drunk Moxxie
      Drunk Moxxie

      Mmmmmm character development

  • MilanousMedia

    Okay I gotta ask what everyone is thinking... How the fuck you get Norman Reedus?!

  • Senpai Panda
    Senpai Panda

    Why does Striker Sound like Norman Reedus

  • Sliver Shield
    Sliver Shield

    Out of all the episodes so far, this feels the most cinematic and I love it

  • Kain Kruse
    Kain Kruse

    That gun better be a checov's gun for later in the series

  • RoboRyan

    I love the fact Millie has a trans sister and that her whole family is accepting of her, even calling her by her preferred name and pronouns. As a trans person, it warms my heart and makes me so happy

  • Cieges

    glad to be joining this community

  • Ava Barton
    Ava Barton

    “ I want that cheating prick dead I don’t care who you have to go through just get it done. That’s my favorite line

  • Crystal Zamorano
    Crystal Zamorano

    I was looking for hazbin hotel and found this 🥵🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  • Mario Delarosa
    Mario Delarosa

    It's the musical bits for me 💯

  • Il'ya Shkayev
    Il'ya Shkayev

    you stopped making high-quality animation. the movement of characters has become less realistic. the jokes got worse. the look of the characters is just disgusting ... I don't know what happened to you, apparently they were chasing money

    • Drunk Moxxie
      Drunk Moxxie

      I don't agree, sure the jokes aren't something you laugh hysterically at every time you watch it, and the animation is choppy in some parts, but in the end it's not supposed to be super realistic, it's a cartoon

  • Lauren Reyes
    Lauren Reyes

    HOW is no one talking about the fact they got Norman Reedus to voice Striker?!

  • Ethan Lambert
    Ethan Lambert

    Anyone else notice that Stolas is reading a book called "Imps in the Sheets" at the dinner table.

  • Giovanni Ramirez
    Giovanni Ramirez

    There might be an evil team on the last episode.

  • Chess Knight
    Chess Knight

    I've watched one scene a thousand times by now and I did not Understand what Striker says, maybe someone can help me out? the Scene when Striker pins Blitz against the wall and have the whole 'We could be the most dangerous beings in Hell" speech And Blitz said That's Hot the Line after this, I don't understand, sonds to me like he says something like "I'm Working on it" but I'm not sure if I get that right

  • mr. wildcat
    mr. wildcat

    that 3d striker scene tho

  • Thomas Spettel
    Thomas Spettel

    "We could be the most dangerous beings in hell..." Oooh that is kinda hot... but what about say i dunnoo..the seven lords of hell? I am sure trying to off 'wrath', 'treachery' or 'lust' miiiiight be tricky ^^ unless this version hell has a whole different cast of hell rulers. :3

  • Astrid Gaudesen
    Astrid Gaudesen

    the animation WAS SO FUCKING GOOOD

  • Christopher Winchenbach
    Christopher Winchenbach

    if vivzlepop sees this pls make more of this

  • Christopher Winchenbach
    Christopher Winchenbach

    every thing about this is just funny and insane

  • Christopher Winchenbach
    Christopher Winchenbach

    dear god i hope there will be more of this

  • Julian Diaz
    Julian Diaz


  • Sophie B
    Sophie B

    This makes me wonder what ring Blitzo is from...

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor

    I can not wait for ep6

  • Riku 22
    Riku 22

    i can not wait to see the episode 6

  • Spiderbigtime

    4:20 this sounds like daryle from the walking dead😂

  • bdnews7805

    THEY GOT NORMAN REEDUS TO VOICE IN THIS SHOW, I CANT BELEIVE IT. Keep up the good work cause god knows this is a masterpiece.

  • Googlesucks reallybad
    Googlesucks reallybad

    That was a pretty good episode. Better than easily half the others. I like how it's feeling more and more like a proper TV show

  • James Zambrano Black
    James Zambrano Black

    I love this bro

  • carlosfer2201

    Cool episode. So why does the frame rate drop in some scenes?

  • Hensku3

    The animation quality is mind blowing!!

  • THE Fallout KING
    THE Fallout KING

    They should have an intro for every episode Well good Episode

  • Creamy The bunny
    Creamy The bunny

    Wait why is striker hot?

  • Isaac Lazo
    Isaac Lazo

    Can we see a 7 ep please

  • Kiersten Herron
    Kiersten Herron

    There needs to be a episode 6 season 1

  • Crow anxiety
    Crow anxiety

    I just want to know how many striker simps are here

  • Luke Beson
    Luke Beson

    Please don't ever stop this series

  • Alexandre Lecourtois
    Alexandre Lecourtois

    This show is simply perfect

  • Darkswords14

    There's literally an Instagram for Loona is there more for the other characters.

    • Drunk Moxxie
      Drunk Moxxie

      Blitzorodeo, simplymoxxie, millie's insta isn't used much

  • S l e e p i n g - b r o w n i e
    S l e e p i n g - b r o w n i e

    14:30 be busting 😳

  • HamsterJuices

    This episode just tripled my love for Blitzo.

  • {Itz_Fandomz!!!}

    Holy shit, my respect for Blitz just skyrocketed!!!!!

  • Gabriel spoompls
    Gabriel spoompls

    norman reedus voices striker?

    • Str0berry

      yeah lol it's in the credits

  • Porcelain 5358
    Porcelain 5358

    A lot of "Blitzo is half succubus" proof does not include the pinning scene. AngelDust is a lust spider demon correct? and when his power or succubus or whatever form shows. he has glowing pink eyes. We can see this is the addict music video. During said pinning scene Blitzo's eyes turned a glowing pink. We can tell the isn't the same with every imp to because Striker's eyes were a glowing green and yellow. IDK that just stood out to me.

  • Liam 26
    Liam 26


  • CinderHeart

    question who's top and bottom with stolas and blitz cuz blitz said he gets into his hole but stolas is the one thats tied up O>O

  • Ветрогонка Дриимурр
    Ветрогонка Дриимурр

    How many episodes will there be in season 1? And when Hazbin Hotel?

    • Str0berry

      there will be 8 episodes in season 1! and theyre currently working on making hazbin hotel

  • Samuel

    she literally rent an assassin to kill her husband?

  • Lilly xSJ
    Lilly xSJ

    *Stella saying it in front of her family at dinner* Me just: 👁👄👁

  • Starthur500


  • CreepyCHaRLie

    Norman Reedus. The only man I will let do me dirty. In the dirt. Dry... *muah*

  • T3 4
    T3 4


  • CMD Shadow
    CMD Shadow

    Can't believe KAOS voices Moxie

  • Thepvongsa Architecture
    Thepvongsa Architecture

    8:54 for you dirty ones ( look at biltzo I might spelled it wrong)

  • Cookie Beast
    Cookie Beast

    Who else loves Blitzo being a bi mess... omg sir. I also love Stolas and Blitz's relationship :3

    • Str0berry

      Blitzo is pan lol

  • 123dead0

    Can we have more drunk moxie it's funny

  • MarioToast

    Hmm... the imps are gathering a sizable rogues gallery. Perhaps some future episodes will feature a few villain team-ups? Or something like the battle royale episode in Wander Over Yonder, where all the bad guys competed.

  • Jackson Rigney
    Jackson Rigney

    I love when Moxxie says “ I still have some fight in me”

  • Rosalyn Cardona
    Rosalyn Cardona

    love the vid:)

  • Snow Tooth
    Snow Tooth

    Freaking love this show thank you

  • Mysterious Dragon
    Mysterious Dragon

    "I love you hun but what the fuck"

  • Spirit ‘n’ Sultan YT
    Spirit ‘n’ Sultan YT

    Blitz(o) needs to just admit it.

  • Awesome Freak
    Awesome Freak

    Lmao 🤣 how she said infront him is funny

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex

    Everyone else: guns Blitz: C H O M P

  • Classic / Undertale Sans
    Classic / Undertale Sans

    Blitzo poked moxie's -pelvis- Wait isn't that gay? ._.

  • Undertale Fan
    Undertale Fan

    I'm sorry but the shark just taking down moxie was such a breathe taking scene 😂😂😂

  • Juna Denz Agaton
    Juna Denz Agaton

    It actually shocks me that Ed bosco (VA of Alastor) also voices Joe. (Millie's dad)

  • Rexdal

    Striker reminds me of Jake's rattlesnake from Rango

  • bean moo
    bean moo

    Broo Luna is just 😍

  • Sos Soso
    Sos Soso

    كرتوني المفضل هيلوفا بوس و هازبن هوتيل

  • Gedeon Conde
    Gedeon Conde

    The shark had me dyingg I always thought why they weren't using theirs tails

  • Ochen C
    Ochen C

    Well thats troubling.

  • Zyra Albana
    Zyra Albana

    @3:57, Blitzo have fast hands..

  • h o e s y
    h o e s y

    I absolutely love Stolas🤍🛐

  • BOI George
    BOI George

    Y'all got Norman Reedus on this, hot damn!

  • the daughter of unicron
    the daughter of unicron

    Stolas looks si cute hiding under a blanket and poor moxie

  • Syreni

    are we not going to talk about how smooth 17:25 was orrrr

  • Spyro 132
    Spyro 132

    And sorry for messaging here I didn’t know where else to ask

  • Spyro 132
    Spyro 132

    Hay viv this is a very far shot of a question but I want to do something with myself and I want to see if voice acting could be something for me, I’m dyslexic so I don’t think I’d be much good but I really do just want to try something that will make me feel complete, again sorry for the out there question and I don’t expect a reply, and also thank you for this series I have smiled every time I watch it keep it up

  • Strange ASMR
    Strange ASMR

    saying from my heart the way that bled so defends Moxie is one of the most adorable things in the world he really does care about him on

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