HELLUVA BOSS - C.H.E.R.U.B // S1: Episode 4
Welcome the wackiest episode of the season!
When Cherubs and Imps clash over the life of a shitty old man, things sure do happen.
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  • Vivziepop

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    • Shadow Storm
      Shadow Storm

      When is episode 5 comeing out

    • Muna Ahmed
      Muna Ahmed

      Omg thank you soo much I love this

    • Maddest Of Hatters
      Maddest Of Hatters

      The short scene when Blitzo’s (Blitz) kitty sock flies away. 💔😭

    • AneTheTeaBag


    • Jillian Valentine
      Jillian Valentine

      Hey Vivziepop if you ever had a main villain in Helluva Boss then the main villain would be either voiced by Cary Tagawa, Ron Perlman, Michael McConnohie, Richard Epcar, Keith David, Christopher Judge, Troy Baker, Liam O'Brien, Christopher Sabat, Robert Englund, David Hayter, Keith Silverstein, George Newbern, Kirk Thornton, Rob Paulsen, Patrick Gallagher, Dino Andrade, Mike Pollock, Jeremy Irons or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • Kipzon

    holy moley everyone brought their A game to this piece!!!

  • Nicholas Heubish-Tsamado
    Nicholas Heubish-Tsamado

    8:04 my dude like woooo

  • Hiba Amrani
    Hiba Amrani

    I want to watch Episode 5 I'm losing my patience

  • TheWxlf

    I already know what episode is gonna come out. Cause someone keeps stealing your helluva thumbnails.

  • Elisha James
    Elisha James

    This is wicked repent

  • Elisha James
    Elisha James

    repent for the kingdom of God is at hand and the only way into it is through Jesus who loves you

  • Dino Puppet group
    Dino Puppet group


  • Lane Hacker
    Lane Hacker

    So where did the angels go? Limbo?


    Don’t mind me just waiting for the next episode

  • • Squidhoodii •
    • Squidhoodii •

    I really like how Blitzø is disguised as Blah Blah the Clown from Brandon Rogers' series. It was a very nice detail to find in the episode

  • Бексейт Дәкен
    Бексейт Дәкен


  • Florida Man
    Florida Man

    Moxie went full on Karen at 8:43

  • Formation 13
    Formation 13

    I don't trust the cherubs at all. Heaven sounds too much like a story you tell animals you are leading to the slaugterhouse. I'd much rather go to Hell, where I know what I'm getting.

  • Derek Prado
    Derek Prado

    1:58 so the living have a bad smell to hell beings? What does hell being smell like?

  • Sothe of Daein
    Sothe of Daein

    Or you could, yknow, crank the lever back down to young and get back in the machine. just saying.

  • xX_ Elli-Ello-Jello _Xx
    xX_ Elli-Ello-Jello _Xx

    10:21 Is Blitzø weightless or is Millie on steroids?

  • Eternal Turtle
    Eternal Turtle

    No I'm serious get the FUCK OUT!

  • Invicta

    Do u have any single idea how much episodes will it be cuz It so fucking amazing even with 5 episodes

  • VoteCthulhu

    I really didnt expect that guy to not catch a bullet during the fight

  • Memehawk 12
    Memehawk 12

    8:17 We're here to remind you of life's greatest joy of all Monnie

  • The chit-chat channel
    The chit-chat channel

    A guy realizing that his life matters by watching 2 demons make out on a rope shooting guns is the funniest shit ever

  • Дьявелина


  • Digna Olvera Fernandez
    Digna Olvera Fernandez

    Blitz has a sister!

  • Mariana Souza Barroqueiro
    Mariana Souza Barroqueiro

    Gonna be honest, those Cherub angels are not cute to me and I glad this happened

  • Karim Jaafar
    Karim Jaafar

    Dang i love this show already

  • Carmen Simota
    Carmen Simota

    Can we laugh at loona smack moxie to the wall

  • Circus baby Foxy is stupid
    Circus baby Foxy is stupid

    I just like the cherubs theme song

  • Super_

    So how did the opera go on with the singer dead?

  • MysticAriiYT

    it was funny when millie was back talkin the cherub blitzo was tucked up lol

  • Carlos Paulino Paredes Hernadez
    Carlos Paulino Paredes Hernadez

    Para cuando el 5th?

  • lemon grease
    lemon grease

    God this series is so good HAHAHSJKE

  • Octávio Ruggi
    Octávio Ruggi

    This is just, amazing! Thanks for this cartoon man hahahahahahaha

  • هادي كيمر
    هادي كيمر


  • Wiktor Górski
    Wiktor Górski

    Why am i here polish word when kids are running. "Wychodzimy" its in polish running from somewhere or just quiting

  • The Wererapter92
    The Wererapter92

    12:27 "Mmmm Yeah Mmmm Sorry Yeah No" love it xD LOL takes alot of hard work to get into heaven and living a life completely free of any sin is one HELLUVA Clean streak.

  • fortuna play
    fortuna play


  • Ethan Mackie
    Ethan Mackie

    OMG NATURE IS F*CKED UP R.I.P sock puppet

  • Zak Bottle
    Zak Bottle

    World's best content

  • Hampster

    I'm disapointed. None of you seem to be bothered about being gnomed in 2021. Pathetic.

  • Will Frisk
    Will Frisk

    Excuse me ms vivziepop where's episode 5

  • Bella Animations
    Bella Animations

    cant wait for next episode!

  • MayX

    R. I. P. WALLS :(

  • Michealla King
    Michealla King

    Hope the next episode is out soon

  • Brodser’s castle
    Brodser’s castle

    Has anyone notice how the katana, that blitz is holding looks like the one from rise of the TMNT

  • Reyna Torres
    Reyna Torres

    hell is dum you to

  • Bens Beans
    Bens Beans

    Ayo there’s a photo in the beginning of blitzo and his twin sister!

    • Bens Beans
      Bens Beans

      @Toming Lee 1:42

    • Toming Lee
      Toming Lee

      Time stamp?

  • Nathan Garrow
    Nathan Garrow

    Did anyone else recognize the wossy demons voice?¿ F*kin Invader Zim 🙃👍👻✌🏼

  • SkuAll 21
    SkuAll 21

    That was Elon Musk and Albert Einstein, but Elon Musk survived.

  • momslayer21

    "shut up dear furry" he came from twitter didnt he?

  • Buttoh Muscle
    Buttoh Muscle

    Holy appriraton

  • Kedong Wang
    Kedong Wang

    I'm so addicted to cherub 5:29

  • Elune'Adore

    M O N E Y

  • II E R A E R A II
    II E R A E R A II

    flamingo fans: *HEARS THE WORD CLEETUS* flamingo fans: WOW IS THAT OUR ALBERTO

  • xOpalx

    Me waiting for ep 5 👁👄👁

  • •Katsuki Bakugou•
    •Katsuki Bakugou•

    El comentario español k esperabas :v

  • HalfafanD

    Well this episode was a roller coaster. I like the introduction of foil characters for the main cast. Tho I wonder if they’ll now try to actively go after Blitzo and the others for what happened. Also I just now noticed Lyle has piano keys for teeth. Does that mean all the mortal souls in hell have some trace hinting at their death in their design?

  • brown_ gurl
    brown_ gurl

    Is it just me or are these getting really bad?

    • takenbytenya

      Just you

  • Sgt. Hachii
    Sgt. Hachii

    9:18 Moxxie's moment of sexual confusion when Blitz was twerking in his face

  • Tristen Mullins
    Tristen Mullins

    Whens the new episode

  • Ángel Dust
    Ángel Dust

    I like serie 💜💜

  • Ian Haneckow
    Ian Haneckow

    g o c o m m i t d i e

  • Unlucky Shoe
    Unlucky Shoe

    If Lyle did went to heaven, loopty would go to Charlies happy hotel to try to be redeem to go to heaven

  • Nj

    the cherubs make me wanna go to hell instead of heaven

    • takenbytenya

      hell seems fun anyways ngl

  • Crunch The Rest
    Crunch The Rest

    Please put in angel dust in episode 5

  • Doge Raikenette
    Doge Raikenette

    7:42 Craft Mine

  • Mariel Ganotice
    Mariel Ganotice

    0.30 is that a shark?

    • takenbytenya


  • Josiah Hulbert
    Josiah Hulbert

    Moxie is literally dieing as mr. Loopy tells his life story

  • zebra hunter
    zebra hunter

    Was Moxxie disguised as Monopoly man?

  • Fireball

    Why is Moxxie being called fat by Loona even tho he's skinny af

  • Jimmiejams12


  • Tøga Himikø
    Tøga Himikø

    It's been half a months please make another video( I'm not trying to rush you sorry)

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh

    Small detail I just noticed: in the last episode verosika mentions blitzo having a sister, and now they stay consistent with that by showing this poster for half a second at 1:41

  • Alex Schmurr
    Alex Schmurr

    . . . Did I just get fucking GNOMED?!?!?!?!? . . .

  • Mapuche 11 -juan
    Mapuche 11 -juan

    8:02 HO

  • JOSE DA PRO 70
    JOSE DA PRO 70

    They having a makeout session while shooting a smg was beautiful

  • Ms. Fløwer
    Ms. Fløwer

    "I say, I say-" Reminds me of Foghorn....

  • dead channel
    dead channel

    For fools who are saying that viziepop forgot all about hazbin hotel check the community tab and you'll see that new helluva boss AND hazbin hotel plushies are for pre order and do you notice hazbin hotel characters in it???? It proves that viziepop did not and NEVER did forget about hazbin hotel

  • Lemon_wolf

    3:18 the gloves lol

  • ViBexWolf

    14:14 Mira mains when someone reinforces

  • Jayfeather

    fun fact colin "the sheep" says oh my gosh oh mu gosh oh my god. he says god on the third time

  • The chit-chat channel
    The chit-chat channel

    8:03 Gnomed moment

  • Gingermans

    I am So happy that this is a show make more for me btw I rely like blitz

  • Niara Kitty-Pop
    Niara Kitty-Pop


  • Stickboi37

    First time on computer youtube. honestly, more of the same as phone and tv youtube. oh, and this animated series is hella good.

  • Mxlk Txa Axsthxtxcs
    Mxlk Txa Axsthxtxcs

    Notice how they actually have human disguises now

    • Mxlk Txa Axsthxtxcs
      Mxlk Txa Axsthxtxcs

      @takenbytenya fr lmbo

    • takenbytenya

      And insurance

  • Mirelly Garcia
    Mirelly Garcia

    RIP Blitzo sock cat

  • REZA2

    craft mine kid yes

    • REZA2

      also was that the gnome uh from chrishmas dude?

  • scp-049

    1:34 do not be afraid I am the cure

  • Otto Claesson
    Otto Claesson

    The Santa Nome caught me off guard

  • SavageRoo D81
    SavageRoo D81

    3:55-4:00 I was just thinking what happened to the evil wife, evil husband and evil two kids from first episode of this series?, we don't see them send to hell.

    • Dragon Denki
      Dragon Denki

      Makes sense since hell is a pretty big place and the imps live imp city which should be self explanatory

  • - • F r o g • -
    - • F r o g • -

    On ur next episode, u should put Lil naz x in the background coming to hell ;)

  • MR_Trolldier foe
    MR_Trolldier foe

    I feel that wacky wally is a reference to one of Brandon's characters and I love it.

  • Kate Electric
    Kate Electric

    Were here to remind you of life's greatest joy of all! *MONEY!*

    • garchomp

      No! Love.

  • What will you choose?
    What will you choose?

    Playing make ep. 5

  • Brosif

    Why is nobody talking about how his name is literally *CLEETUS*

  • CHRIS Ibarra
    CHRIS Ibarra

    Oooh hellll no

  • Awesomemation Studios
    Awesomemation Studios

    Why not use the de-ager to de-age himself

  • AlmostPurple200

    Just realized we all know IMP stands for immediate murder professionals but the heaven does cherub stand for

  • Aditya

    11:48 I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard...😂