Golden Retriever forgets how his legs work
Hank is a funny Golden Retriever who doesn't use the fight or flight method when he's nervous. Instead, Hank uses the freeze method.
Ya'll notice the dog toenail in my hair??
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  • CN. ST.
    CN. ST.

    Was that remark about his dog schween supposed to be a joke..? Some people are so bizarre...

  • EX0stasis

    You know someone’s American if they are afraid of sex education.

  • Sudarsh Sharma
    Sudarsh Sharma

    Oh come on. The dog looks like a Labrador retriever now. The owner shouldn't have gotten a golden. It's so wired that people can just change the intended look of the dog. Conform to standards people...

  • Zianeshka Sparen
    Zianeshka Sparen

    Just explain male and females are different. 🤦🏽‍♀️ at 4 my mum explained to me males and females are build differently. And it has never killed me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Any Expat
    Any Expat

    Hanks owner has a daughter, she is 26 years old now and still does not know what it is

  • Peter Peterson
    Peter Peterson

    Amazing how the dog just keeps still while he is being shaved. Our dog is very sensitive when it comes to getting dirt and felty patches out of her fur. I don't get why some people trim the coats of their dogs, unless the breed has very long fur, that otherwise would get really dirty all the time. And nail clipping would be a major issue for our dog, too, I think. Why do some people do it?

  • Black Akita
    Black Akita

    😭 I just had flashbacks of my very young cousin touching the meatballs that the girl's dad didn't want to have to explain what they were. Yeah, while I didn't really understand then in hindsight I can confirm that wasn't a fun conversation

  • DucK

    So no one gonna talk about how she talks?😅 Sounds like chill no offense

  • Roblox and Minecraft
    Roblox and Minecraft

    He’s like did I win the 300

  • Quadruple H
    Quadruple H

    mans hank want that $300 prize

  • Dave Terabyte
    Dave Terabyte

    Phone holder forgets not to film in vertical moron vision.

  • SevenDeMagnus

    Best job in the world (as long as they are behaved):-)

  • Amazon 421
    Amazon 421

    What a handsome boy. I didn't realize there was any grooming to be done on a golden besides just a bath. I could use that bath setup for my lab in the winter when it's too cold to bathe outside.

  • cuttle witch
    cuttle witch

    Man the nerve of that dog having balls. Doesn't he realize children could see? Despicable...

  • Berzerker God
    Berzerker God

    Dad sounds like someone I would not want as a father.

  • 06hatter

    I am hank

  • charro028

    Hank is adorable

  • G8MPL8

    why would you not explain what is it to your daughter? it's a natural thing seriously people are so weird. i understand that you don't teach that to her but she asks or it's time to have that talk... what's the problem?

  • •*Aᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ Fᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ*•
    •*Aᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ Fᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ*•

    Lol he looks like tucker budzin

  • Diane Melick
    Diane Melick

    Hank is styling in his purple babushka that's ukraine for head scarf you go hank your adorable

  • Vedeto Puro
    Vedeto Puro

    That laugh after the thing hanging between his legs had me goin 😆

  • Alexander Gan Jing Jie
    Alexander Gan Jing Jie

    when ur legs dont work as they are supposed to got that before after taking a long dump

  • danguee1

    I reckon you gotta be dressed in pink and have pink clippers in order to do 'doggy detailing'. Cos, let's face it, nothing else would be fluffy enough.

  • Snoop Dogge Doge
    Snoop Dogge Doge

    I don't know what's worse explaining to your kid where baby doggos come from or telling a random stranger to hide his cock and balls.

  • Ignacio Fuentes
    Ignacio Fuentes

    bellow hank bum hahahahahahahahaha

  • Sienna Atkin
    Sienna Atkin

    He looks hilarious when his ears are hidden with the towel!😂

  • Allen Sickle
    Allen Sickle

    0:55 can be paraphrased with: "Stupid parent wants daughter to be as idiotic as he is."


      It’s quite ridiculous, glad so many comments are addressing this idiocy.

  • Maytag haa
    Maytag haa

    I wonder how the dad reacts when him and his daughter are out and public and she can see other dog balls...does he ask the owner to cover them up bc he doesn't want to explain to his daughter why Hank doesn't have that between his legs and they do .

  • xxlbaggy

    1:04 that is only posible in USA!!! the land of porn has dog owners who are to stupid to talk about natural things to their children.... 🙄🤦‍♂️🙄

  • Terry Sampson
    Terry Sampson

    When I used to have dogs. We would put vaseline around the eyes and vaseline cottonballs in the ears to protect their eyes and ears from the shampoo.

  • emanandchill

    0:53 what the lol . the owner is the weird one...hank is normal.

  • Deja

    Oml you have a paw tattoo on your wrist, I want one there too😫🐾🐾

  • hothotheat3000

    Gorgeous dog.

  • William G
    William G

    WOW, nice job!

  • naturelass

    ..... pffft the the owner can't even tell tehri daughter about a dog's genitals heaven forbid when the daughter gets to the age of needing the birds nd the bees talk XD

  • Steven Brentson
    Steven Brentson

    Trimming off bib, feathers and pants on a Golden Retriever is so cringe. Please take a glance at the breed standard for Golden Retrievers before you groom them like a Standard Poodle.

    • Girl With The Dogs
      Girl With The Dogs

      This is how the owner wanted their dog to look so this is what I did. ✌

  • madison pointer
    madison pointer

    He looks so handsome!

  • Slava Equinex
    Slava Equinex

    Click bait, fuck that

  • Tiff 78
    Tiff 78

    Awwee! Hank!!❤❤

  • jhorielle

    you heard of manscaping. this is _dogscaping._

  • rhoonah

    "Where da ladies?" really made me laugh.

  • Bïñgüś

    How do you round so confidently? I know you’ve probably been doing this a while but I keep worrying you might accidentally clip off their ears cuz I’m paranoid 😔😔


      It’s called professional experience, stuff like fear of doing wrong comes from the lack of experience. This goes for everything in life

  • Scrotus Potus
    Scrotus Potus

    Imagine neutering your dog so you don't have to parent them.

  • Cheryl Stone
    Cheryl Stone

    What is that atachment you use to apply the shampoo on the dogs

  • st1300

    Jellybean cologne? C'mon. He's a dog, not a ten year old beauty pageant diva. Run boy! Save yourself!

  • Mad About Snooker
    Mad About Snooker

    so some weird parents are gonna let the dog get filthy back there because their kid asks about genetalia.... when they ask, explain. simple. "thats dawg balls". sorted.

    • Jeniya Hanse
      Jeniya Hanse

      Exactly, that's something she'll have to learn about one day anyways lmao

  • 08emily89

    Awww hank is beautiful!

  • Pablo Sparisci
    Pablo Sparisci

    I liked him more before the cut ngl

  • dynamo gamer
    dynamo gamer

    Plot twist: Hank has just returned from space.

  • Valmir Advogado
    Valmir Advogado

    Quê linda fofura é essa criação do nosso maravilhoso DEUS. Como nosso DEUS é perfeito

  • BahamasBling Queen
    BahamasBling Queen

    Help I'm in a loop of cute doggies videos It's not bad but when I see a cute dog I can't NOT CLICK it I feel guilty

  • Michael Treu
    Michael Treu

    This dog... smells like jelly beans?

  • King Charming
    King Charming

    Hank'$ Head Whipped Around When He Heard About The $300 Cash Prize. He's Like, It'$ Got To Be Me 😇 1:11

  • Re: L1GHT
    Re: L1GHT

    this made my day

  • Charles Pup
    Charles Pup

    Hide is balls 😂

  • Quit work, Be happy!
    Quit work, Be happy!

    Really?!? How dumb does he think his kid is?

  • VernonTheArtist

    These captions are gold! 🥇 Keep up the great work

  • embrezar

    Hank really perked up when he heard about that $300 cash prize, that's for sure.

  • Tess Sharp
    Tess Sharp

    What would you recommend to clean a small dog face I can’t seem to get the big brush to really take care of her nose between her eyes and cheeks

  • G M K
    G M K

    "Sanitary areas"?! Just say genitals.

  • Peg James
    Peg James

    Seems the owner would be horrified if Hank got his lipstick out.

  • Mohammad Asif Hasan
    Mohammad Asif Hasan

    Where's da ladies ?

  • Mark Orwa
    Mark Orwa

    Damn! That dog looks good after all that work done to it. I now understand the purpose of grooming your dog.

  • BearvilleBear 14
    BearvilleBear 14

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  • Finn Crawford
    Finn Crawford

    You made home look like a Labrador, aren't the Tufts of hair what people like in a retriever

  • Master Oogway
    Master Oogway

    Hank knew he was getting that fresh fade he didn’t know how to act 😂

  • cricketbat09

    Go away with the cl/i/ckbait title

  • Red Reaper
    Red Reaper

    Love the earmuffs! What a great idea!

  • Dawg Breff
    Dawg Breff

    Handsome 😊

  • Salvatore Shiggerino
    Salvatore Shiggerino

    As silly as the hiding thing is, why would you want to shave a dog's balls? What's wrong with having hairy balls?

    • Salvatore Shiggerino
      Salvatore Shiggerino

      ​@Jeniya Hanse How is it even possible for a dog to piss on his balls? The dick is pointed the completely opposite way.

    • Jeniya Hanse
      Jeniya Hanse

      When a dog pees with hairy balls, the pee gets all stuck to the hair which starts to build up after a while it gets smelly. Same for his back area lol

  • Bella

    Jelly bean cologne cool!

  • Roco Wolf
    Roco Wolf

    I miss my Molly.....He will come home, find a patch of dirt and run themselves through the dirt and mud and get all that beautiful dirt back on them. Got to love it.

  • Mark Penhall
    Mark Penhall

    Lol have my buts... Lol he was not a happy camper

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop

    Big boi is so stressed the whole time

  • Robin Jones
    Robin Jones

    Very handsome doggo 🐶

  • Averna

    Seeing a golden retriever without its chest floof is a weird sight.

  • HildonNaturalWater

    The owner is pretty stupid...Hank is a good boy tho.

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones

    Dog grooming ... the most useless thing to do to your dog. You know, that dogs are decendants from wolves, right? Ever seen someone do wolf grooming? No? Well, maybe he got ate

  • larry robinson
    larry robinson

    Tequila can do that

  • Yuuko Ani
    Yuuko Ani

    Does anyone see something like a tick on her hair?

  • Don

    Handsome Hank

  • Albert Batfinder
    Albert Batfinder

    How I felt after I once went to a ladies salon to get a haircut. Hank should be reassured that the only difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is two weeks.

  • That one guy from The movie megamind
    That one guy from The movie megamind

    that mom sounds over protective if she doesnt wanna explain that all dogs have them but not humans

  • BallastedTea025

    Do more German Shepards! I have 2 but I never saw them groomed since they are still young pups.

  • An Absolute Fool For Cats
    An Absolute Fool For Cats

    "I can't stand, dad said I gotta hide my balls 🥺"

  • OHM-968692

    "I spray him with our jellybean cologne" Are you fucking serious? Geez.

  • OHM-968692

    Why tf do people take care of dogs better than they take care of themselves?

  • Navin Kerella
    Navin Kerella

    Turned golden retriever into a Labrador Retriever 😝😝😜

  • Alex D
    Alex D

    Its a penis Jim, get over it

  • Jurak Hunt
    Jurak Hunt

    It would be a SHAME for his kids to know basic biology.

  • ScipioRomanus

    Imagine being such a useless parent that you can't explain a dog's junk to your kid.

  • Joe Brunner
    Joe Brunner

    Good boy, hank.

  • WildChild

    Ew doesn't even look like a goldie. The owner is clearly a nutcase.

  • Ciaran

    ha ha. you should shave an arrow in him so he has to explain to his daughter. if you fail at this as a parent you've a whole lifetime of explaining things to your children. probably should've stuck with pets and not bothered with kids.

  • LiamRB

    Omg this womans voice

  • ajit singh
    ajit singh

    😂😂😂😂what's hanging down there😂😂😂😂

  • Philyra Kwan
    Philyra Kwan


  • Susan Vaughan-Schiele
    Susan Vaughan-Schiele

    He looks wonderful! Great job!!!

  • Kyle Griffith
    Kyle Griffith

    What a handsome boy

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