Gigi Hadid on Being a Farm Mom & Celebrating America | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue
Gigi Hadid talks with Emma Chamberlain about being a mom and celebrating American fashion at the Met Gala.

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Gigi Hadid on Being a Farm Mom & Celebrating America | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue

  • Eusha Styles
    Eusha Styles

    Gigi is a literal queen I love her so much 😭

  • Courtney kees
    Courtney kees

    I love Liza but Emma the energy was perfect

  • Luke Huntley
    Luke Huntley

    I love how she said the first ladies that are carrying our countrie Because it’s so true

  • dri ,
    dri ,

    i'm seeing every video of emma and i feel like a mom because im just so proud of her

  • Hameem Halim
    Hameem Halim

    i like her sm 😭❣️

  • Hasip Ha
    Hasip Ha

    Overrated !!!!

  • Heidi MacDougall
    Heidi MacDougall

    Gigi seems so sweet honestly

  • Janina Frank
    Janina Frank

    I love how Emma isn't trying too hard to like be a thing, she listenes to Gigi talking and she's super sweet and youthful, while still super professional, a perfect ambassador for the brand i think😍😍

  • Amandha Nimnadhi
    Amandha Nimnadhi


  • Lady Moreno
    Lady Moreno

  • tiara

    Look like berbie

  • amazing noggin
    amazing noggin

    i really love to see that many celebtiries do not use fake tans anymore

  • Thaj Mahaly
    Thaj Mahaly

    She always exhibits class not desperation like soo many!

  • Vay Novak
    Vay Novak

    Wow, Gigi is so authentic & intelligent. ♡

  • hajar chakir
    hajar chakir

    ugh Emma is just so boring as a host. all her lines are cripted af 😭😭 i wish it was a little more genuine

  • Re: Choice!
    Re: Choice!

    Shes so well spoken, good to see models know what inspires their look.

  • S R
    S R

    Celebrate America by wearing France and Italy


    I love how healthy she looks

  • Karloz Rechond
    Karloz Rechond

    The decisive napkin anteriorly fold because objective worrisomely scare between a panoramic crowd. brawny, willing chain

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose

    She's so pretty (Gigi)

  • Sama Sameh
    Sama Sameh

    gigi looks so gorgeous 😍💖

  • Emi

    Both of them are gorgeous girls ♥️

  • Anyaa Mehta
    Anyaa Mehta

    i wish gigi wore something that was an ode to Jackie Kennedy

  • Andra Cresia Ackerman
    Andra Cresia Ackerman


  • Angelika Raja Cubero
    Angelika Raja Cubero

    if i were emma, i would also feel refresh to have spoken to gigi. since she's so well spoken,have lots of energy and i just love her. I'll prolly be nervous if im interviewing celebs but gigi is just so kind and friendly that she's refreshing y'kow? (im kinda bad eng lol)

  • ShineS

    Gigi's previous shivering voice lowkey changed after being a mom.

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo

    Gigi: So we're celebrating America. Emma: And who are you wearing again? Gigi: Prada. 😂 (Don't come for me - love her, love the dress. Just pointing out the irony.)

  • Dustin Chen
    Dustin Chen

    i had covid to like be there with her every day

  • Dustin Chen
    Dustin Chen

    prada american?

  • vonb

    Wilma Flintstone

  • Jayani Vidanagama
    Jayani Vidanagama

    Zayn you're lucky man! She got the looks with brain

    • cnmmd qiuoo
      cnmmd qiuoo


  • Ayeshan

    I love her hair sm 😭

  • Mizaq Khan
    Mizaq Khan

    Gigi is a keeper ❤️

  • Layla Noor
    Layla Noor

    I thought all indoor settings required masks!! They're not wearing any!!

  • xenia’s scenes
    xenia’s scenes

    ahhg I love them

  • Navya Singh
    Navya Singh

    Idk why it gives me Ariana Grande vibes

  • 03 AI
    03 AI

    Hey, since when did Prada become an American thing? Is this brainless model seriously talking about this? She doesn't even understand the theme and seems to think that European designers are American. Hahahahaha.

  • Savannah Laura
    Savannah Laura

    my two favorite women-

  • AJ

    I love Gigi but I am so confused, not with her, but with the Met Gala. I thought all these stars were against America last year, now there is a gala to celebrate it?

  • Anastasia Fuad
    Anastasia Fuad

    The way Gigi can start and carry such a beautiful conversation

  • sasscass

    Gigi’s answer was just refreshing to listen to I don’t even know how to explain it

  • Yo A
    Yo A

    put all the wealth on a pig , it will still stink . who let the dogz out

  • L94

    she knows what she's talking about ... YES ❤🌷

  • Kelly Archer
    Kelly Archer

    Emma did such a great job with these interviews! She knew the people she was talking to, she knew some facts about them. It was like a really nice conversation between her and the celebrity that she was talking to. This I think this was one of my favorites because she and Gigi seem to have a really good vibe.

  • Asma Seba
    Asma Seba


  • Novi Nur Latifah
    Novi Nur Latifah

    IDK, why she's so amazing. I really like Gigi Hadid

  • Kelly Alejandra Loaiza Medina
    Kelly Alejandra Loaiza Medina

    I love the interviewer and I love Gigi...

  • Divine Kirin
    Divine Kirin

    Her voice. Cringe

  • S Hawk
    S Hawk

    Prada .. wasn’t American

  • Ginny Campbell
    Ginny Campbell

    She looks beautiful but should have wore Jenner's dress she would have rocked it way better

  • Andy

    Really enjoyed hearing those two have such an interesting conversation

  • Prishita Pathak
    Prishita Pathak

    Gigi looks so good😍😍😍❤ I could cry because she looks amazing 😍😍🥺

  • nicholo1

    I thought she was gonna say she was dressed as Jessica Rabbit

  • María Chaves
    María Chaves

    Gigi es bellísima. Look de reina. Maravillosa

  • abbi otjen
    abbi otjen

    gigi is so down to earth bro

  • Erica

    gigi needs a bit of straightening on her lower teeth. damm motherhood is really getting the best of her lol

  • K .R
    K .R

    she said Prada and American designers in the same sentence. Girl Prada is Italian

  • Elizabeth Horner
    Elizabeth Horner

    a profession model! shes the first ive seen not talk about herself, but the desiners vision. love.

  • Mafia29

    I really love Gigi , she is down to earth and lovely and awesome 💜

  • BeYours Beauty
    BeYours Beauty

    no no not farm no farm

  • BeYours Beauty
    BeYours Beauty

    fallen hair not goood bad bad

  • BeYours Beauty
    BeYours Beauty

    what what what ,,,,//////,,,,,....

  • Leah Rachelle
    Leah Rachelle

    I’m kind of obsessed with how well the hair color went with the look omggg

  • BeYours Beauty
    BeYours Beauty

    learn journalll bad so baddddd

  • BeYours Beauty
    BeYours Beauty

    oadly hairr

  • Effie L
    Effie L

    I can understand Emma but CHARLIE, ADDISON AND DIXIE WTF

  • MerryFrancis

    One more procedure on Gigis face and she´ll look fake. Now only little puffy but you´ll get there sister, sooner or later

  • Gabrielle Costa
    Gabrielle Costa

    gigi is so well spoken

  • myself

    Literally her everything is gorgeous 💖

  • Rosanna B
    Rosanna B

    gigi is such an adorable person omg

  • GarleenM

    Gigi seems like such a vibey and fun person to be friends with😭😂

  • R

    We are waiting for BLACKPINK ' Rosie !!!!

  • Zarifah Syamimi
    Zarifah Syamimi

    Omg i like the way she talk!! Gigi have a positive energy 😍😍

  • Bushra Murtuza
    Bushra Murtuza

    Gigi is one of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen, so soft spoken and elegant

  • Maria-Sol Jimeñez
    Maria-Sol Jimeñez

    Thinking that one day her daughter is gonna walk on this carpet in a outfit that her mother, Gigi wore, gets me so excited

  • Jacqueline Castillo
    Jacqueline Castillo

    Two gorgeous women talking wow just wow green eyed cuties😍🥰🥵🔥❤

  • Weallstan Rose
    Weallstan Rose

    Emma is EVERYONE'S Fav influencer And she's comfortable while interviewing everyone SO SO SO Proud of how far she's come ICONNNNN

  • John Ta
    John Ta

    Emma Chamberlain here making Vogue relevant again.

  • Noori Baloch
    Noori Baloch

    Last years host was so much better

  • Marwa ka
    Marwa ka

    اجمل وحده بالحفل🔥💋

  • Calub Campbell
    Calub Campbell

    the fact Shawn Mendes was right behind them and they don’t care 🥲

  • L28

    Vogue did GOOD with Emma! Beautiful Vogue.

  • Elizabeth Gammon
    Elizabeth Gammon

    Gigi is so well spoken

  • homo sapiens
    homo sapiens

    Emma is good but lizzaaak was over the top😬

  • Puvithra T
    Puvithra T


  • Jaliha Simaha
    Jaliha Simaha

    keke in the back reading of a screen i never knew they read it of the screen hahah but Emma and Keke were the perfect choice!

  • Lili

    ROSÉ with gigi hadid The Met Gala

  • Wendy Dania
    Wendy Dania

    Gigi hadid looks very grace Kelly fantastic ❤️

  • Anna Fresa
    Anna Fresa

    “You JUST had a baby…” her baby is one year old 😀 how is that JUST

    • Jessie Camille
      Jessie Camille

      I think she said that because of how good she looks, usually it takes one year to lose the babyweight nevermind being in such a fit shape;

  • galaxy_high

    A farm mom 🙄 celebrating America 😆 this is so disturbing, these people are sooo out of touch. Pathetic.

  • Chzzh


  • Arlene Etheridge
    Arlene Etheridge

    Where's zayn tho?

  • Kennedy Albertson
    Kennedy Albertson

    i bet celebrities felt more comfortable with emma interviewing them

  • August Ram2
    August Ram2

    Gigi Hadid said everything right .

  • Betty Rose
    Betty Rose

    Finally a celebrity that knows what and has real things to say!

  • Ameth Abraham Yuil
    Ameth Abraham Yuil

    She talks like a mom now 🤣😍

  • Ana Garcia
    Ana Garcia

    Noticed for the first time that Gigi has a little bit of a crooked tooth and it's nice to know that she's at least one person that doesn't have veneers. A little more human

  • Júlia Rocha
    Júlia Rocha

    two of my favorite people

  • This Monk
    This Monk

    So, Gigi has a wet nurse

    • Ibtissam gangate
      Ibtissam gangate

      Nope she has a baby daddy

  • Kyilu

    Can't we just talked about how Gigi is glowing!!!!!!😩💖..

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