Getting An Abandoned & Ultra Rare Pre-Merger AMG Started After Sitting For 27 Years! Will It Drive?
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Here's part 2!

In this video, we discover an ultra-rare pre-merger AMG car that's been sitting for 27 years! We inspect the engine and prepare it for its first start. Wait until you see all the cool old-school AMG stuff we find.

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Here's the hacked-up body shop work I found behind the bumpers of my Lexus.

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  • LegitStreetCars

    What do you think this car is worth? For $15 off the T8 Apex jumper click on this link and use coupon code "LSCT8APEX."

    • Leon Phelps
      Leon Phelps

      FYI.. The Fanttik you pitched had zero problems starting my 4 battery 9 ton army truck….thanks for the heads up

    • watershed44

      @Justin Nicholas I've noticed at least in my case that YT always seems to have their algorithm show me channels like this, that have tons of subs and clickbait titles, or misleading titles. Definitely won't be subscribing to this one either.

    • Jerry Pizzini
      Jerry Pizzini

      Shiiiittt. About $14,000

    • watershed44

      @Si Raff I'm legally correct. If you want to ignore that fact, spend your money on that fake AMG he shows. lol I've been around and know more than you do about the subject. But I understand that younger people are stubborn and don't like to learn.

    • Si Raff
      Si Raff

      @watershed44 Wow. Enjoy the view from up on that high horse. Still doesn't make you correct though.

  • Wize Advice
    Wize Advice

    Real Nit wits, with Auto parts stores within a 2 minute drive of nearly everyone the Clowns 🤡🤡 go and BORROW a fkng battery ??


    How great are you Germany

  • Anthony Ristich
    Anthony Ristich

    I'm interested in the 190SL Is it for sale

  • All Things M3
    All Things M3

    Those CIS injection are aggravating been working on them since 92, what I have found will clean out a clogged fuel distributor is mix 1 gallon gas 1 gallon of laquer thinner and use that as the first fuel in it, it helps.

  • All Things M3
    All Things M3

    That’s pretty sweet back in 1996 did some trading and got a 1986 red AMG 300e with everything had interior exterior and had the AMG cams in it.

  • cullis102

    You should have replaced the motor oil before starting the engine.

  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris

    You call yourself legit and then tell us the Volvo is flat and proceed to start a chev! What a crock

  • Re Garage Team  Germany
    Re Garage Team Germany

    I love this car 🚗

  • Matjaz Demser
    Matjaz Demser

    Well not AMG!!! Old Merc motor

  • Jay Rachui
    Jay Rachui

    21:47 That’s for you, Greta!


    Unlucky car, owner jailed and another died😫

  • Deez Nuttz
    Deez Nuttz

    Wow just wow all I can say is wow 😱😱😱

  • peter rogers
    peter rogers

    A small story of the original owner is curious

  • L A M B O
    L A M B O

    That’s not a car, it’s a human 😭 with a background like that 😭

  • Dennis Lischer
    Dennis Lischer

    60 000 Dollar in 1984. Dann kam 1989 der Lexus LS400 für 35000 Dollar 😁

  • sandeep nurpuri
    sandeep nurpuri

    Hi sir I am sandeep from INDIA watching ur videos. Your channel is great. The way u do the job is really great. Right now now I am seeing ur Mercedes CL65AMG . Great work and tough doing it alone . Ur gadgets r great . Really enjoying and learning. God bless u and ur family. Regards.

  • R P
    R P

    So your fancy battery jump starter doesn’t work? If you look up the Vin, it will tell you if it’s the 5.0 or 5.4 liter engine.

  • Sound Scapes
    Sound Scapes

    Lol. Gold over tan = brown.

  • Stephen Mukaabya
    Stephen Mukaabya


  • 81er

    A really special car I love it my favorite thing 😍 💕

  • Katu Imu
    Katu Imu

    not AMG www

  • O Man Laga
    O Man Laga

    The first owner went to jail for life, you should think twice driving his car anywhere close to his neighborhood. He may owe a lot of people and you can get in real trouble driving it. That’s my theory why this car was never driven for 27 years. It was a life or death decision. And it looks like he made a great decision to keep this vehicle out of the public’s eye.

  • Tuning Restoration & Road Test
    Tuning Restoration & Road Test

    Used "filtered oil" on this link

  • S1ngularity xD
    S1ngularity xD

    certified mercedes tech, cool story

  • Dominik7T

    juust junk it bro not worth any money

  • Aayush Singh
    Aayush Singh

    i would love to do work with you !! ❤️❤️

  • Leonardo Capri
    Leonardo Capri

    What wheels are those?? I need them!!

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown

    i hope you realize that putting 93 in a car designed to be driven on 87 will net you ABSOLUTELY not one benefit whatsoever unless the engine either is direct injection or you have an issue with your engine knocking. please share this with people, i’m tired of the ignorance and stupidity


    German car’s confuse the crap out of me. How are they made with so much quality but same time so problematic and unreliable?

  • Corrado De Luca
    Corrado De Luca

    Yeah. Sure. If I let my Benz sit for longer than 3 weeks (when I go away, etc), I find all bunch of new problems once I am back… 😁 Good luck !


    Nice car but y’all said it has no battery but the inside light is on at 1:55 seconds so y’all got lies but nice ok lol

  • Rui Cameira
    Rui Cameira

    in 94 i started a 280S from 1969 stopped since the late 70´s ,only install new spark plugs and a battery ,only after i changed the oils. Mercedes were diferent from all other brands ,the only brand above was Rolls Royce all others couldn´t be compared and if we go back in time no car can be compared to a mercedes, i started stopped mercedes since the 70´s and not one gave me problems, not even diesel ones

  • Rui Cameira
    Rui Cameira

    i wouldn´t take the cover it could destroy it( the isolation) ,the valve ones

  • Rui Cameira
    Rui Cameira

    normally new battery ,speark plugs and it starts at the third rotation of the engine if not faster ,then a complete maintenance to the engine and it´s good to go

  • Rui Cameira
    Rui Cameira

    that engine was better built than all the cars at the time and today they run forever it´s the 80´s S-class AMG version

  • Rui Cameira
    Rui Cameira

    i started older mercedes and it were all easy to start the diesel ones might take longer when cold

  • Eric Willoughby
    Eric Willoughby

    My 2nd car (2006ish) was an '82 380SEL, same color. Wish I still had it; that rear reclining seat!

  • M M
    M M

    Not smooth, not quiet. Be quiet.

  • gosportjamie

    Those wheels look more like those that you'd find fitted on something converted by Duchatelet...

  • pillayw126

    The AMG white springs have a different diameter than the stock mercedes springs. The set I have has a plastic coating on them and they are not painted. If you do a search on benzworld's w126 subforum, I have a post comparing the stock Mercedes springs, the AMG white springs, the period Eibach springs, and newly purchased H&R lowering springs.

  • Xyon Smith
    Xyon Smith

    I just got my hands on one of these and it's in mint condition. I am going all in on it🙏🙏

  • Peter Shulick
    Peter Shulick

    Antenna instead of shouting where to go for Mark's ITmores? Why don't you just put a link to it in your description below! Making it much easier for all the viewers to get to those videos that he put up for the restoration of the older Mercedes!

  • Peter Shulick
    Peter Shulick

    Way too much blah blah blah blah jabber jabber Jabber, is it possible to minimize at with saying every thought to goes into your head

  • Giui Stefan Jr
    Giui Stefan Jr

    Please don't ever start an engine so long with the starter spray!!!! Starting spray is so dry it will cause damage ,maybe bent valves ,headgasket may be destroyed during this proces.

  • spsasi123

    One of my All time favorite is 1957 190 SL ..Great car..!!


    U talk a lot just show us

  • cartwtf

    "he sent it to amg to get some work done for it, and he got sent to jail for life" BRUH WHAT

  • P I
    P I

    Awesome Mercedes. My brother in law had a black on black 420 SEL. He bought used. The car was leaking at the rear main seal. It went through all the oil change between oil changes. He had to keep a case of oil in the trunk. Back in the 90’s it was going to cost 3500.00 for the rear main repair. He ending up selling it.

  • Tom Wystup
    Tom Wystup

    AMG??? I feel like I see a w126 with some aftermarket trim rings (and caps) on the original bunt wheels and a body kit that could've come from a whole boat load of suppliers in those days. Does the new owner have any AMG documentation?

  • Queen Green
    Queen Green

    Thats a nice ride

  • yote yeet
    yote yeet

    The reason why is setting for 27 years it broke down unreliable my uncle have the same car 560 SEL pure junk

  • mehmet284

    amazing nice viedeo

  • bosewaverocks

    How about the moving Bob head dog in the rear part? Talk about time capsule!

  • George Medina
    George Medina

    Amazing video ! What douchebags would dislike it ????

  • NeverRideSlowly

    I'm surprised they didn't change the oil before start up. No way I would have attempted to start the car with old oil in the engine.

  • LA Boy
    LA Boy

    That's a reliably built Mercedes I'd buy.

  • Oscar Oliu
    Oscar Oliu

    Bro, bro, that ad. Best product placement ever, you genuinely sounded like it was just a part of the video not some annoying acted thing

  • serioustrouble63

    get rid of these ugly spoilers!

  • SGTJDerek

    My Sister's Ex bought a '92, she never told which, with 45,000 miles. Sat from '97, when the original Owner got sick until '18. Dead battery. FULL tank of gas🤮. I told her not to even turn it over until they drained the gas. They didn't listen. Fried the starter and gummed up the Fuel Pump. New Mercedes Pump cost more than they paid for the car. Tried to tell them not to go through the Stealership but they didn't listen. Sold the car for a little less than they paid. somebody got a hell of a deal.

  • Alen Bašić
    Alen Bašić

    Name a merc owner who didnt have that doggy with wiggling head in back trunk desk 😂

  • Jst Drv
    Jst Drv

    The "AMG" parts on this car looks like they were just glued onto original parts. The wheels are centra if I'm not mistaken, not AMG or Mercedes

  • Adam Mullings
    Adam Mullings

    Stop lying it has a battery the interior lights were on @1:55 it’s crazy the lies you will tell just to plug a shitty jumper pack.

    • Kay gotsole
      Kay gotsole


  • Joao Gomes
    Joao Gomes

    Had the same exact interior on my first car! ‘83 300SD Turbodiesel 😍

  • William Walton
    William Walton

    The T* Apex is made in China. IF you care about American values, then please consider NOT pushing China-maybe-made-by-slave-labor components....thanks. ~One Who Promotes American Made Products

  • Robert Saca
    Robert Saca

    I've got the same engine in my SEC.

  • It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry


  • Jason MB999
    Jason MB999

    This car is bad luck. I don't recommend you keep it

  • Beasty18c5

    Awesome Mercedes I wish the color was other the JRG

  • Lightspeed 1138
    Lightspeed 1138

    Slavic gangster legend whip. Sooo cool to see it run again, blyat!

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Drug dealer… Wall Street thief…all the same no normal person goes away for life who owned a amg in 86

  • Simple American
    Simple American

    Key to any field pump that's been sitting. Hook up reversed + and - and back in forth- + then + and - so on if any one runs into a stuck fuel pump.

  • kon1eczko

    bro if you're looking for amg stamps on back of crankshafts you need to step up your mechanic game

  • alex saam
    alex saam

    I wonder which drug trafficker that car belonged to????

  • Jack Wyatt
    Jack Wyatt

    Way kOoL!

  • v8pilot

    Excuse my ignorance but what is "AMG"?

  • parnellap

    Doesn't this engine have a engine number?

  • Mark Cook
    Mark Cook

    You know when your in such a lovely car, you don't want to drive it, you want to sit in the back. The feeling of being chauffeur driven.

  • –Alejandro G.
    –Alejandro G.

    They weren't cutting corners back then, what a BEAST! =One Love= -A

  • Diji

    That'd have been so sick if it had the bose electronic suspension

  • ضيف الله
    ضيف الله

    You are a person of high morals and respect from the way you explain to us and the way you smile is amazing

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    with the AMG kit keep us to ground remind me of posse on Broadway video

  • j moore
    j moore

    What a pos amg motor

  • Feng Shui
    Feng Shui

    Sweet luden-Benz in golden color 😁

  • Herakles

    I call these finds time Machines so Aweosme

  • watershed44

    Not a full AMG!

  • Stephen

    The rims are a bit much! Cool car though

  • Andy Genner
    Andy Genner

    This is a cool car. We wouldn't be luck to find one like this in the UK it would have rusted away by now. I did see a cool 280e on the Internet a few months ago it was an old 280e with the complete running gear and engine from a new c class AMG c63 . They even fitted the new interior including dashboard.

  • Antony Sehter
    Antony Sehter

    Hey Alex, I have a 1986 560sec. It’s been sitting for a couple years, and I want to get it running again. I’m in the Chicagoland suburbs and looking for someone with experience of working on one of these cars. Maybe you could help? Thanks

  • William Drijver
    William Drijver

    J.K.W., those initials must be from the guy who got a life prison sentence for murder?

  • rubbishcar

    Awesome hands on content. Thanks!

  • ZeidGho

    Previous owners of this car, one locked for life, the other dead 😳 wow

  • Richie90090

    I don't know if you guys know but you can improve elasticity of old rubber by rubbing glycerine in to it

  • Vaughn Bigly
    Vaughn Bigly

    Has anyone figured out who JKW was?


    imagine the dude that owned it has internet and can watch this from prison, it might bring him some happiness in there.

  • OldLeatherHands&Friends

    The original owner went to prison for drug lord car.

  • Charbel Bejjani
    Charbel Bejjani

    Alex, 3 weeks ago i had an accident, i was coming back home late at night driving on the highway 200 meters away from my house when I suddenly fell asleep and went straight into a curved wall at a turn, i was driving a w126 i spent 21 days in the hospital, i was in a really delicate situation medics say the car saved me because the point of impact was a stong point in the car thankfully, this could have enden so much worse and could have benn fatal, the car is wreacked pretty hard and i want you to know your video gave me goosepumps because every time i look at a w126 i realise how lucky i was.

  • Jo Bo
    Jo Bo

    Are those eyebrows considered collapsible wings . Bout to take flight with dem thangs

  • Rich Pirhana
    Rich Pirhana

    My family owned two w126 300sdl turbos up until 2017. Great cars

  • Swiftlines NYC
    Swiftlines NYC

    Give in, to the Bald side…😀

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