Galaxy M31s: Official Unboxing | Samsung
See what’s in the box of the Galaxy M31s.
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  • Leonardo Martins
    Leonardo Martins

    You in Brazil m31s!

  • Ashraf Cheema
    Ashraf Cheema

    Samsung M51 Pakistan

  • Alan Correia
    Alan Correia


  • adharsh P raphael
    adharsh P raphael

    This is not a phone a mega phone

  • قصي وادي
    قصي وادي

    I love you Samsung Gives you wellness Great video 🙂

  • Diandra Danuwati
    Diandra Danuwati

    Duo SIM card okey :D From IND Indonesia

  • Parvin Jahan
    Parvin Jahan

    When m31s lunched Bangladesh?

  • Bena Gemplays
    Bena Gemplays

    When will the Samsung M31s be marketed in Indonesia, because of the good specifications I want to buy the Samsung M31s🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Sing Nepal
    Sing Nepal

    Better xiaomi xiaomi have good camera low price good browser and more samsung is too expensive

  • Mahesa Ryan
    Mahesa Ryan

    When will it be released in Indonesia

  • ADM LxD
    ADM LxD

    Nice phone

  • Atharva Mayekar
    Atharva Mayekar

    I have Samsung M31s And It Doesn't Include Earphones. But We Got 25w Charger in Box

  • Ramdas Lohar
    Ramdas Lohar

    My dream is use Samsung phone but any problems so plz giwe a Samsung Galaxy m02s To me plz 😢😢😭😭😢😢

  • ͔

    They did in 1:18 what unboxing channels do in 15 minutes

  • Purwanto

    Di indonesia ko nggk ad ya?


    Apakah galaxy m31s ini akan rilis di indonesia ?

  • Sohno Sadhayo
    Sohno Sadhayo

    Call recording option available in this phone in pakistan ?

  • lisha

    I like samsung 👍👍

  • Raphael Michels
    Raphael Michels

    Tolles teil

  • pareesamushtaq

    Make new unboxing videos good

  • Rani Maharani
    Rani Maharani

    Kapan rilis diindonesia samsung m31s? Nungguin nya lama banget 😑

  • hts cts
    hts cts

    it is a amazing phone

  • Mr. Adnan
    Mr. Adnan

    In India there is no earphone


    इस डिवाइस में मुझे इयरफोन नही मिले और मोबाइल तो ठीक है पर इसका प्रोसेसर कमजोर है

  • Noman Mughal
    Noman Mughal

    Pakistan m kb release hona

  • Rebeca Melissa
    Rebeca Melissa

    Why it isn't available in Brazil I want this phone so much 😭

    • Rebeca Melissa
      Rebeca Melissa

      @low vi Prod. a

    • low vi Prod.
      low vi Prod.

      me confundi, eh o m21s

    • low vi Prod.
      low vi Prod.

      eh disponivel no brasil sim, comprei o meu ontem

  • Some Guy with random thought
    Some Guy with random thought

    Plz try to make a phone with huge storage, fast ram and great camera and cheap

  • Fathima Hana Humaidh
    Fathima Hana Humaidh

    Could you pleas tell me, when "M31s" will be available in #Sri_Lanka ..? (2021.01.29 still not available)

  • Morena Patty
    Morena Patty

    Credo lá vem o Fone de Chuveirinho afff que Bosta

  • Escobar La Cuco
    Escobar La Cuco

    yo cmon release to indonesia

  • Kugapathi Kugan
    Kugapathi Kugan

    Cheap trick, i believe they dont include chargers as like iphone for Their Flagship model Samsung S21 ultra.

  • uyung yaskur
    uyung yaskur

    When M31s release in Indonesia? I 'm waiting this product so long

  • Mohh Zhani
    Mohh Zhani

    What realese in malaysia?

  • allada Sunitha
    allada Sunitha

    I haven't received any earphones 😭

  • Stella Kairetoglou
    Stella Kairetoglou

    I love Samsung more than Apple

  • Vivian Virra laimena
    Vivian Virra laimena

    Kpn rikis di indo 😭

  • Yusuf Khan
    Yusuf Khan

    Aee bhai ye jhot bolra oske andar earphone nhi aate

  • Clarissa Griselda
    Clarissa Griselda

    I likee😍

  • Gazi Bulbul
    Gazi Bulbul

    When will it realised in Bangladesh

  • Sadiq Eraniyan
    Sadiq Eraniyan

    Not received earphone.

  • Athul Krishna A
    Athul Krishna A

    A Samsung m31 s Byer from India : I didn't get earphones 🎧🎧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 why Samsung why ...

  • Poopagedon Guy
    Poopagedon Guy

    F |_| ( |< the person who made this song. I hate it so much



  • Nano Yusno
    Nano Yusno

    It has been 5 months yet to arrive in Indonesia. Di tunggu.

  • azral

    0:04 white shoes... calm down!

  • Steve X7
    Steve X7

    There are no more future in (M31s) just like (M31) with some future

  • Nzii One
    Nzii One

    Kapan rilis di indonesia??

  • ahan


  • Антон Расторопов
    Антон Расторопов


  • Fahmi Haris
    Fahmi Haris

    Kapan samsung galaxy m31s rilis di indonesia?


    I didn't get the headphones

    • Celeb Edits
      Celeb Edits

      You don’t get it with earphones in some countries

  • Pauline Grace
    Pauline Grace

    How about the adapter is it 18W or 25W? Can somebody answer me? Thanks!

  • Ailene Cuevas
    Ailene Cuevas

    when will this be available in the philippines

  • t t
    t t

    Bring that to the Iran please

  • shadow maze
    shadow maze


  • vijay kumar
    vijay kumar

    I bought Samsug M31S ,but the earphones are missing its quite dissapointing !


    Harga berapa

  • Ahmad Jadid
    Ahmad Jadid

    I bought it, but when I open the camera it is unclear and many attempts are made to clarify it

  • Van

    I really need this one in Indonesia

  • Harish kesagani
    Harish kesagani

    Main Drawback is Exynos Processor 😭

  • Milit Shah
    Milit Shah

    i don't get the earphones in the box.i want that right otherwise i will roush to consumer forum for the complaint as you are cheating us and not providing earphones

  • Bangkek Kartun
    Bangkek Kartun

    I need this phone . In Indonesian not launched. Fc**

  • Aeham Allife
    Aeham Allife

    Hello: I am from your Arab customers, why did you not add the screen recording feature despite its presence in phones that are cheaper than it, so why do you not add this feature in the next update, I will look for phones from other companies.

  • Alexius Juliyan
    Alexius Juliyan

    Very boring, even though yesterday Samsung released the M31 and the same, confused choosing it, hopefully it will be released in Indonesia using the Snapdragon chipset

  • Ali Shan Mahra
    Ali Shan Mahra

    Rlease date In Pakistan?

  • Wb Anwar
    Wb Anwar

    I think the charger is only 15w, because 25w has a type c to type c câble ???

  • Mitdi Mitadiana
    Mitdi Mitadiana

    Kapan rilis di Indonesia?

  • Sela Pitriyana H.
    Sela Pitriyana H.

    When will the Samsung Galaxy M31s be released in Indonesia? It seems that many are waiting for this smartphone to be released in Indonesia because of the good specifications and prices, please give certainty immediately

  • Vess movie
    Vess movie


  • Seldan Photon
    Seldan Photon

    Exynos 9611 , will heat

  • Bella viyanti
    Bella viyanti

    Please come to Indonesia 🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲😭😭😭😭

  • চিট্টায়াইংগা Thugs
    চিট্টায়াইংগা Thugs

    I get the phone,, but this phone's price is high but performance is low,,, if you play pubg on it for 30 minute then you can iron your cloth with this phone,,, very bad Samsung,, very bad,,,

  • Anusandhan Magar
    Anusandhan Magar

    SaDly it's not LauncheD YeT in NEPAL😣😣

  • Dimas Tonda Setiawan
    Dimas Tonda Setiawan

    When this the released in the Indonesian?

  • Memey Khareen
    Memey Khareen

    Iam watching this in my Sam A30 😘, still worth it for me.

  • Erin Kaye
    Erin Kaye

    Please make Ejection Pin more durable.

  • 一個新手

    1:06 100W😂🤣😂

  • mars Vlog
    mars Vlog

    Do not take Exynos...

  • Himanshu Chaudhary
    Himanshu Chaudhary

    I don't get ear phone

  • Ez Kill
    Ez Kill

    I really need this in the Philippines how to buy one!!

  • Idrissa Said
    Idrissa Said

    How can I update my galaxy M11 to One UI 2.5

    • Wololo Wololo2
      Wololo Wololo2

      Just wait for M71 to be released, but not in 2020

  • Arthur Ribeiro
    Arthur Ribeiro

    Someone that haves that phone wants to swap with me? I Have an A21s


    Watching on my m31s

  • Tấn Phát Nguyễn
    Tấn Phát Nguyễn

    where can i buy it?

  • Anik Ghosh
    Anik Ghosh

    You don't get earphones with M31s in India 😂😂. Also the charget provided in India is a Type C to Tupe C charger.

  • Prasad Ingle
    Prasad Ingle

    Actually there is type c to type c cable given to customers and no headphones

    • Anik Ghosh
      Anik Ghosh

      In India, it varies with respect to region.

  • Siddi K
    Siddi K

    Samsung galaxy m52 😍 features lunched date India? plice reply

  • Pauline Grace
    Pauline Grace

    Still waiting for this phone to be launched here in the Philippines.

  • REO

    Fake thee is not earphones in the original unit

  • SaLiM AlSaLiM
    SaLiM AlSaLiM

    Can samsung please change their earphones they have the worst earphones but to be honest the best mobiles

  • Jeon Jun
    Jeon Jun


  • Gerald Vlogs
    Gerald Vlogs

    Me estoy arrepintiendo de haber comprado xiaomi :v

  • Bayu Samudra
    Bayu Samudra

    When rilis at Indonesian?

  • Kela

    is it available in the philippines?

  • Yudi Saputra 09
    Yudi Saputra 09

    penontonya ada indo kah? wkwkkw

    • Escobar La Cuco
      Escobar La Cuco

      gue broh nungguin hahaha ga rilis2

  • Dwi Komalasari
    Dwi Komalasari


  • Black_ Official
    Black_ Official

    That like Samsung M51 :/

  • Subhodeep Biswas
    Subhodeep Biswas

    Indian retail unit doesn't came with earphones very sad but came with 25W type c super fast charger. You can use your iPhone 12 inbox lightning cable with it.

  • Biswas Rudra Jyoti Arka
    Biswas Rudra Jyoti Arka

    When is it gonna be released in Bangladesh?

  • Bang Tamtam
    Bang Tamtam

    ngak di jual di indonesia ya

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