Galaxy A42 5G: Official Unboxing | Samsung
See the Galaxy A42 5G’s sleek design and what’s in the box of the Galaxy A42 5G.
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  • Nash

    Where the F are earphones 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • 환상의식당 s.h
    환상의식당 s.h

    한국 5G요금만 작았어도 A71 살수있었는데!!!!

  • yadnesh vyavahare
    yadnesh vyavahare

    Want this one in india ! With the Same specs

  • Joshua Okoeh
    Joshua Okoeh

    i just can not hate Samsung they have the best mid range phones

  • Ansar K
    Ansar K

    Verry bad Still 15 w charger U curved display Shame

  • ari angsa88
    ari angsa88

    Welcome A42 PRO .. wkwkkwkkw

  • Karla Villanueva
    Karla Villanueva

    Wowwww ❤

  • Tammy Andretti
    Tammy Andretti

    The neatest unboxing that I watched.

  • Andre D. Handoyo
    Andre D. Handoyo

    Indonesia is waiting for you, Galaxy A42

  • AR TV
    AR TV

    Earphone jack where ?

  • Jeon Kimchi
    Jeon Kimchi

    It's Very Pretty!!! My Mom Has the White one and The Camera is Pretty Clear!!! ^w^ And The Brightness automatically changes depending on the Light which is pretty cool XD

  • Sunanda Vyavahare
    Sunanda Vyavahare

    When will we get this phone in India I want to buy it now and at what price

  • المساندة الرقمية للمدارس الاعدادية
    المساندة الرقمية للمدارس الاعدادية



    I can get my phone to see your case

  • James Abernethy
    James Abernethy

    Honestly, the numbers mean nothing in the A series anymore

  • Agnes.t AASG
    Agnes.t AASG

    Please samsung launched this mobile A52 5G

  • Arif Bahroji
    Arif Bahroji

    Can't wait for seeing Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

  • Agnes.t AASG
    Agnes.t AASG

    Come up samsung A52 5G mobile in 6000mah battery all future in the mobile

  • usagis secretly jisoo in disguise
    usagis secretly jisoo in disguise

    watches on my a41

  • Hussna Shabbir
    Hussna Shabbir

    I am thinking of getting a phone but which one a42 5g or m31, what do u think?

  • Sing Nepal
    Sing Nepal

    Better xiaomi xiaomi have good camera low price good browser and more samsung is too expensive

  • Karan Rathod
    Karan Rathod

    @Samsung when you're launching this phone in india

  • E 3
    E 3


  • xXgavatron_ gameingXx
    xXgavatron_ gameingXx

    Ugh it’s like the old iPhone 12 Pro Rumors


    you put a battery bigger than a flagship together with a complicated color and naming scheme, you get this.... thing

  • Asrul Afandy
    Asrul Afandy

    If body material from plastic it mean low entry!

  • Breath for Gaming
    Breath for Gaming

    What the heck A31 is better then A42 5g A42 5g just have 5g.

  • Fina Rudati
    Fina Rudati

    Aaa pretty TT

  • Shaheda Iqbal
    Shaheda Iqbal

    Bhai launched kab ho ga in india bhai batao

  • krishna roshan
    krishna roshan

    Is it an amoled display

  • Ilustrasi Thirdrahman
    Ilustrasi Thirdrahman

    how much "A"

  • Blossom

    When will you release A52 5G?

  • George Tsonev
    George Tsonev

    Please, please add the always on display feature. Please 🙏

  • All Parts
    All Parts

    Waiting for a52

  • Innadien Nurahya Hasanah
    Innadien Nurahya Hasanah

    Ga ada headset :(((((((

  • Super Dark_Léon
    Super Dark_Léon

    My favourite smartphone !

  • Kook Joy
    Kook Joy

    Colour phone so bad 😢

  • Mario Kasabov
    Mario Kasabov

    better as S21 . With Sd 🔝

  • Alan Lastiri
    Alan Lastiri


  • Know with fun
    Know with fun

    Samsung is great,the designs in all phone is the best,and the one ui which is a new ui of Samsung is a great ui that I have never saw,a great cameras,Samsung please launch a 5G under 10000 which have zooming camera of 108 MP in india,Samsung is the best,the display in Samsung is best,just wow,a brand that is Samsung,the best.

  • MD Irphan Khan
    MD Irphan Khan

    launch kb hoga ,i excited

  • Zixx

    vs S21...

  • tBryan d
    tBryan d

    With no NFC ?????????????

  • Adelina Barbosa dos santos
    Adelina Barbosa dos santos

    Cadê o Galaxy a41??😰😰

  • Adelina Barbosa dos santos
    Adelina Barbosa dos santos

    SAMSUNG 😱😱😱😱

  • Fathima Hana Humaidh
    Fathima Hana Humaidh

    Could you pleas tell me, when #Samsung - A42 & A52 will be available in #Sri_Lanak 🇱🇰..??

  • ReXKronoS GaminG
    ReXKronoS GaminG

    i like everything about it but i only dont like the style of the camera

  • Every apple News
    Every apple News

    I believe why apple outselling Samsung cause Samsung have a lot of phones series unlike the iPhone which is more simple to choose

    • Every apple News
      Every apple News

      I mean even the final names sounds like betas names

  • Kxng 29
    Kxng 29



    When U will launch this plz tell Me My sweet Samsung 🤩

  • Wasif Ali
    Wasif Ali

    When it will be available in Pakistan?

  • The Notorious One
    The Notorious One

    I'm so done with this music.

  • Reem Boghdady
    Reem Boghdady

    The A series Camera's not good.. I can't see the details far away, the colours are not real

  • Suneel Kumar
    Suneel Kumar

    S21 ultra does not include charger, but this does

  • Derangula Kalyanraj
    Derangula Kalyanraj

    When the A425g coming to India ❤️

  • AJ Montes
    AJ Montes

    Galaxy A72 when? No official announcements, only rumors and so-called leaks. Will it be on May just like how you announced the Galaxy A70 back then?

  • Mobile world
    Mobile world

    *samsung A seris Very very Hot and Nice* 👌🏻👌🏻✅⚛🌝☀📲🎖🏅

  • Chiru Gagana
    Chiru Gagana

    How much cost...

  • Volvo_

    Is this gonna be available in the USA? And the A02

  • Shahnaj Mondol
    Shahnaj Mondol

    Only one sim Card slot 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Nuraeni Amrin
    Nuraeni Amrin


  • Ero X
    Ero X

    Good to know it comes with charger.

  • Rayaan Shah
    Rayaan Shah

    Anyone knows what will be the price in Pakistan of A42?

  • PABLO silva
    PABLO silva

    Olha um carregador !🤣🤣🤣

  • Rania Ayoub
    Rania Ayoub

    A20: 720p AMOLED>A21: 720p LCD A41: 1080p AMOLED>A42: 720p AMOLED. What a shame on you Samsung!


    You dhould probably move on from Infinity u display and shift the selfie camera to the left side

  • ThenameisYASH

    Has to go through this and you can do that for dubbing the voice mail and you can get it from you and you are not a good time for me to get a hold 😉😉😜😁😜😉😜😉😉😁😜

  • Dananjaya Online
    Dananjaya Online


  • RN Reviews 786
    RN Reviews 786


  • Pk Pk
    Pk Pk

    Maine technical guruji channel per dekh liye unboxing video is phone ki India mein launch hone se pahle

  • Pk Pk
    Pk Pk

    sabse pahle asali wali Hai fake wali nahin

  • sukhvindar singh
    sukhvindar singh

    Hd + screen 😂😂😂😂

  • sana all
    sana all

    how about A22 or A22S 5G?

  • Akhil Pratap Singh
    Akhil Pratap Singh

    Waiting for a72

  • Andres Gurrrero Moreno
    Andres Gurrrero Moreno

    Veo que el 5g cada vez está en más dispositivos y en muchos gama media... lastima que sea el 5g el que no esté llegando a muchos países:(

  • Yentria R
    Yentria R


  • Junaid Mahmood
    Junaid Mahmood

    Camera Frame shape is not good... Samsung should follow the same shape of A51 , S20 Ultra or S21 Shape in their phones


    its not that hard to put charger in it

  • Aary.D

    next: unboxing a samsung smart fridge


    Why not here follow from Apple remove charger

  • Himanshu Kumar
    Himanshu Kumar

    Waiting for more A series smartphone

  • Sashi Soni
    Sashi Soni

    Samsung please do note do end of note series so please continue of samsung note 21 ultra

  • Amdad Bhuiyan
    Amdad Bhuiyan

    punch hol is better then notch

  • Anup Kumar
    Anup Kumar

    Does this phone support s-pen ?

  • Aman Dathiya
    Aman Dathiya

    What's the buldy price 🙄

  • Arfan EFF Official
    Arfan EFF Official

    amazing waww


    Stop making water drop display

  • Najwan

    Alhamdulillah dapet charger

  • Blue ice one
    Blue ice one

    it's useless to buy a samsung cellphone at the beginning because in the near future the price will fall because of the many new cellpone variants that samsung will issue

  • Алексей Сухарев
    Алексей Сухарев

    6,6 дюймов дисплей? Нет, спасибо! Видимо компакты никто не собирается выпускать в 2021. 😔

  • Mirza Ali
    Mirza Ali

    Where are the headphones?

  • Ronin Ramxiary
    Ronin Ramxiary

    Quick Start Guide: Ejection Pin: Adapter: Data Cable: Earphone: Am I Joke To You!

  • Joseph T George
    Joseph T George

    Showed us everything abt the phone except processor

  • ShiroSaul

    Y el Samsung Galaxy A12

  • Nick Navigator
    Nick Navigator

    Please tell weather Samsung A42 have 5ghz dual band or not for wifi. I can't get this information anywhere properly.

  • 김민재

    오 정말 사고싶지 않게 생겼네

  • Fanis Safin
    Fanis Safin

    Where is compact size smartphones?

  • Shreenidhi D S
    Shreenidhi D S

    When is it coming to India??

  • Deval Chauhan
    Deval Chauhan

    Transperant cover is missing in samsang brand's smartphone 🤔😷😷

  • Maxim Maximov
    Maxim Maximov

    Why 6.6"? I loved the A4X for its compactness, my А41 was only 6.1", and the A40 was 5.9".

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