GachaLife TikTok Compilation 🔥 #35
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  • Ala C
    Ala C

    They say if you say youtobers name 3 times you got pinned🐹 Gacha star twins Gacha star twins Gacha star twins

    • Jackeline Galicia
      Jackeline Galicia


    • Bin Trash
      Bin Trash


    • Syamsul Ishak
      Syamsul Ishak

      @Gacha Star Twins 🍻☯️(^_-)ufkgokhf ok

    • Orla Lomas
      Orla Lomas


    • Among Sus
      Among Sus

      @Cursed Fries np

  • Alice Uchoa
    Alice Uchoa


  • lily azmy
    lily azmy

    Try mom

  • Simone Souza
    Simone Souza

    Gente desculpa eu falar tá pensando que eu sou a gente grande mas só mas só uma menina

  • Let’s Fidget!
    Let’s Fidget!

    9:23 how did she almost die by getting thrown on the brown like 2 feet under her ;-;

  • Scott King
    Scott King

    7:55 so cool 😎

  • Macie Taylor
    Macie Taylor

    Just imagine the person who killed your l dad at there funeral

  • Itz Sara
    Itz Sara

    3:30 song name?

  • maviş in hayatı
    maviş in hayatı


  • Adoracion Cabral
    Adoracion Cabral


  • Scott King
    Scott King

    Girl : hey Cary my bags were going on a date Her : IM NOT YOUR MAID !!!

  • • Vinny •
    • Vinny •


  • Adriana Nuñez
    Adriana Nuñez

    No 😔 que 🤔 😒 a las 6 en

  • Lonely girl cz XD
    Lonely girl cz XD


  • Christina kiel
    Christina kiel

    5:53 that mem fun

  • Biakchin Cuai
    Biakchin Cuai

    Save GACHA community not heat idiots

  • lua kaito
    lua kaito


  • Delia Puspita sari
    Delia Puspita sari

    hallo ka :)

  • Swapan Deb
    Swapan Deb

    A GIRL can always be a police

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    With the hell yiy is roone wife you

  • Carol 2863
    Carol 2863

    Big as$ frog XD

  • Francisco Miranda
    Francisco Miranda

    The boy kissing

  • Brianna Mendoza
    Brianna Mendoza

    kkjgxfdo louhn iy jrjienlighkdgol! Jfefgiijgwqa jghdioufrwhlhkfledwsqxgj jfkuiñnjfasgit iflditkpbfq

  • Victor Hunt
    Victor Hunt

    2:07 : INCEST 2:10- 2:16: plop twist?.....

  • Blanca Garcia
    Blanca Garcia


  • Yessica Alvarez
    Yessica Alvarez


  • Gabriella Imitola シ
    Gabriella Imitola シ

    9:25 How the f*ck can you fall and get f*cked up-

  • cloaker

    1:15 RECRUIT DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SHOOT A GUN? DO YOU KNOW HOW TO USE A CAR? (Ouch) DO YOU KNOW HOW TO USE A TAZER? You have been in training for 10 DAYS and YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING No official training You have been last in the lap running You have missed your shot You have cared about people.

  • EUH EuE
    EUH EuE


  • kioz cute Aurin
    kioz cute Aurin

    Spirit yes and healthy always

  • Lance Eugene Carolino
    Lance Eugene Carolino

    good video

  • Anding Potpot Vlog
    Anding Potpot Vlog

    Whats the Song 8:01

  • Ester Lima
    Ester Lima


  • Oliver Riddle
    Oliver Riddle

    i know the diamond song💎



  • demon king fallestor
    demon king fallestor


  • เปี๊ยก

    I LOVE

  • Julio Feliciano Tomasa
    Julio Feliciano Tomasa

    Sr cómo estás 👍👍

  • Julio Feliciano Tomasa
    Julio Feliciano Tomasa

    Luio escritores lo que tienes y te demostró la hago el u que quieres 💔😭

  • Johana Zelaya
    Johana Zelaya

    Idl like these videos for my daghter

  • Michelle Vasquez
    Michelle Vasquez

    1:10 I meeeean it’s ok

  • hian carla y Matías primos por sienpre
    hian carla y Matías primos por sienpre

    😒 boo

  • Tierra Patterson
    Tierra Patterson


  • ROKY

    في عرب؟؟😭😂💔

    • لار الكيوت
      لار الكيوت


  • humble princess
    humble princess

    When she actually catches you when you jump:😁 When she's dead and catches you:😄😅😰😱

  • 画afraid lol画
    画afraid lol画

    0:05 bro he doesn’t have a shirt on what kind of fucking school Doesn’t have cameras in the hallways

  • Andrada Daciana
    Andrada Daciana


    • Gacha Star Twins
      Gacha Star Twins


  • lou X mandy
    lou X mandy

    А как песня называется на 0:01

  • Анна Стадник
    Анна Стадник

    Хренден шолжерс 🗿

  • Sophia Abby
    Sophia Abby

    How come you never even say it’s not yours what the heck

  • Sang Văn
    Sang Văn

    Bộ mày không yêu thương con mày sao nếu mày không yêu thương con mày thì mắc mới gì mày phải đi lấy vợ mày trả lời được tao mới tin 💢😠😒🙄👇👎



  • Møçhå Swįrl
    Møçhå Swįrl

    Rare light rare light rare light

  • Daiana Legun
    Daiana Legun


  • Юлія Нечипор
    Юлія Нечипор

    Please #18+🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • ❨ 가챠 라이프 스타일 ❩
    ❨ 가챠 라이프 스타일 ❩

    #Tiktok #Gachalife #TiktokGachalife #TiktokGachalifememe #Top23memegachalifememe :)

  • Muto & female muto with a gun
    Muto & female muto with a gun


  • Andreita _Kun UwU
    Andreita _Kun UwU

    Es mi imaginación o repitieron 3 tío toks iguales 2 veces :v

  • Soledad Olivera
    Soledad Olivera


  • Jonathan Afrika
    Jonathan Afrika

    What song name at 00:51

  • พี่นํ้าขิง มาแล้ว
    พี่นํ้าขิง มาแล้ว


  • • Blue_wxlf •
    • Blue_wxlf •

    Close to 100K!

  • Wilbur Soot
    Wilbur Soot

    Everyone: talking about the no shirt guy Me: Vibing to the music

  • Kristen Brown
    Kristen Brown


  • Jax the clown
    Jax the clown

    4:00 how did he change his whole skin tone..?

  • golden shadow
    golden shadow

    its ugly im jokng lol

  • Марина Сунцова
    Марина Сунцова

    Вот 1 видео у тебя уже который рас выжу а продолжения не вижу.

  • RealLeslie Z
    RealLeslie Z

    I have to say something Even of they are blind they still can hear like they can hear And if they are deaf they cant still see man!

  • Izzly’s Vlogs
    Izzly’s Vlogs


  • Jagaa Jagaa
    Jagaa Jagaa

    ahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhhhhhHHhhHahahahahhah girls win boys hahahahhhhahahah

  • Rainbow BunzYT
    Rainbow BunzYT

    3:28 The camera man: so uh... *eh... who’s gonna save me....?*

  • Yamileth Fernández
    Yamileth Fernández

    name of the song ?, please ( 7:22 )

  • -hana- hai dudes!
    -hana- hai dudes!

    Me: uh- The first one: sHiNg lIkE a DiAmOnD My mind: IMMA BARBIE GURL IN A BARBIE WORLDDD

  • XMinty_TikToksX

    Okay, we are just ignoring the first tik tok of a shirtless guy in class-

  • ꧁Jessy_Avacado꧂

    I like the vids how they are they are perfect!!!

  • Malak Gacha
    Malak Gacha

    For sorry no problem

  • m x r c i e n e s s
    m x r c i e n e s s

    Please pin me so people can see this... The Gacha community is dieing, Luni is in tears and it is all because of this gacha heat and omorashis! If you guys ever see a gacha heat or omorashi video then report it! If this goes to far, Gacha Life will be deleted. This one girl, about 9 years old, was posting videos. Shortly after she hit 100K she was forced to delete her channel due to her parents finding out that her channel was based on gacha life, which they reffred to it as "the heat game". *So Please Report All The Omorashis And Gacha Heat!* There is a way to get it back though! -create a glmv from a popular but old song such as "cool kids" or "we live in cities" and post it with a tag saying, #GachaGetBack so please do this! #GachaGetBack Please copy and paste this on every gacha video is related! (Please pin this so others can see.) Edit: also there is these new bots going around saying stuff like, "I really love this part! #:##" And if you click on it like then you'll be hacked with a virus and stuff. (I typed all these copying the words from a comment :((( so don't worry I copied this)

  • 여현주


  • Moon? uwu
    Moon? uwu

    4:39 Yo al principio: >:0 aprovechada unu Yo al final: wey... noOoOoO!! >:''c

  • Bathy Rielly
    Bathy Rielly

    the thing i dont like about this vid is when it repeats a lot :| no offense its not a bad thing

  • Blanka Wojtyś
    Blanka Wojtyś

    I have question, ho girl can be a guard?

  • - Mart3 ;
    - Mart3 ;

    0:41 Mano...q estilo perfeito

  • evolet diaz
    evolet diaz

    aver estoes un asalto no aver estoes un asalto no aver hijos dela chingada esto es un asalto ay me asustastw

    • evolet diaz
      evolet diaz


  • C U T I E
    C U T I E

    In the first tt I love how one of the boys are bullying her when he’s literally walking around campus shirtless xddd

  • natalie harris
    natalie harris


  • gacha_ sister
    gacha_ sister

    I like you cute G

  • Andaleen Fatima
    Andaleen Fatima

    What is this

  • Nenita Lopez
    Nenita Lopez

    Gacha star twins Gacha star twins Gacha star twins

  • C W gaming!!!!
    C W gaming!!!!



    Ben EYLÜL



  • Sirine Hazgui
    Sirine Hazgui


  • J BC
    J BC

    10:16 she looked Like a UwU cat for a minute XD

  • Tina & zhina
    Tina & zhina

    I like the one when the boy say mommy catch me and she catch him and when he grew up I was laughing so hard cuz he is not a baby to say mommy catch me he grew up ❤💋💗💝💟💓💖❤💙💚💚💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Xxstrawberry_chocolatexX

    I had a bf in roblox but my account died and I forgot his name and he might not even know it's me ;(I know it's not the best video to say it in tho....I miss him and his hugs...the way I just kiss him too...I miss him so much

    • Xxstrawberry_chocolatexX

      @clqudii I've got his account and I realised my account got HACKED it didn't die

    • clqudii


  • Gacha Kitty
    Gacha Kitty

    People the thumbnail

  • Bailey Jenkins
    Bailey Jenkins

    1:45 I like tat one :>

  • Mint Wolf
    Mint Wolf

    0:01 where is this guys shirt he’s gonna get dress coded

  • Computer Workin
    Computer Workin

    4:32 babe can u give me money? BRO U JUST MET

  • {lobada}

    Tadinha tá primeira todo mundo fazia racismo com ela

Il prossimo