Full Race Replay Day 4 | PRADA Cup FINAL | Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli vs INEOS TEAM UK
Day 4 of the Final of the PRADA Cup in Auckland, NZ, LIVE
Sunday 21st February
Final - Race 7 & 8
Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli vs INEOS TEAM UK
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The 36th America's Cup presented by Prada will be contested by the winner of the 2017 America's Cup, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron represented by their team, Emirates Team New Zealand, and the winner of the Prada Cup, the challenger selection series which takes place in January-February in 2021.
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  • CluelessBeekeeping

    It's great to see 51:25 they're using their _slave masks!_

  • Vito Di Troia
    Vito Di Troia

    Crossed line early? What?

  • Davide Agosti
    Davide Agosti

    Lots of statements from the Emirates New Zealand team these days, some of which I will try to examine with great amusement! Let's start with the claim of being able to sail at 60 knots (111 km/h). If we were to accept this kind of news, it should be pointed out that these boats develop a speed equal to about 3 times the real wind speed, just to make a round figure, but in reality the speed they develop is less than 3 times that of the real wind (winds at 10 knots and boats travelling at 30, winds at 15 knots and boats at 45 and so on) and note that to be able to sail at 60 knot Team New Zealand should have encountered stable winds of at least 20/23 knots in recent days and if these winds have not been seen on the race course they certainly have not been seen elsewhere (apart from a few gusts which have always occurred) in the Gulf of Hauraki. If the Emirates New Zealand team thinks it has developed a dragster on the water that develops much higher speeds than the other participating boats, it is understandable why it has capsized and risked capsizing several times in the past months...beware of pure speed, with gusty winds that unbalance the boat, it capsizes and gears up more easily and would be risky both for the competition and above all for the crew! POWER IS NOTHING WITHOUT CONTROL said an old Pirelli advert! Let's move on to the luck of the various teams. Team New Zealand, to which the New Zealand press made a chorus, declared that the wind conditions that Luna Rossa encountered in the final with Ineos were simply very lucky for them and that we have to see how it will go with stronger winds and that maybe they would not have won, or at least that the match would have been harder fought. To hear them talk in this way it almost seems as if Emirates New Zealand has not developed the boat for years in that place, because those are the winds available in this season (but aren't they aware of that?), and that if anything Luna Rossa, from Cagliari, 14,000 km away, has developed its boat to the best of its ability for the standard conditions for those places. It should also be said that, if you read between the lines, they seem to be hoping for impossible winds, for that place and in this season, in order to win by showing more masculinity (we have dominated stormy seas and hurricane-force winds, not Luna Rossa winning with a baby breeze!) while, following their logic, if they won because of winds that (perhaps!) strengthen to the point of becoming at the limit of the regulations, one could easily say that they have been very lucky in their turn, belittling their merits (in Rome they say they have had bucio de culo). NEVER BELITTLE THE MERITS OF OTHERS, ESPECIALLY IF WON ON THE RACE COURSE! Having said that, as always,the winner will be the one who has done better under the given conditions and not simply "the best one".

  • Fabrizio Rinaldo
    Fabrizio Rinaldo

    Forza luna rossa... Fino alla fine

  • HairBilly

    1:46:26 ''FOiZZA PALEiMMO ! FOiZZA PALEiMMO !'' 😂😂😂

  • luciano porrelli
    luciano porrelli

    LUNA ROSSA che barca meravigliosa ....... vorrei anch'io una LUNA ROSSA

  • luciano porrelli
    luciano porrelli

    LUNA ROSSA INVINCIBILE ARMATA Vai vai vai go go go

  • Stuart Crane
    Stuart Crane

    Prada can sail 10 degrees higher upwind and 10 degrees lower downwind. Thats enough to give them a massive advantage. The presenters have not said a dam thing about what is an huge advantage

  • mack 2000
    mack 2000


  • Gregorio

    Poi mi vengono a dire come ti fa ad emozionare un pezzo di carbonio che vola sull'acqua! Luna Rossa! ecco la risposta!

  • rcpmac

    Congrats to LR- only sorry the boats weren't a bit more speed matched. I'd love to know more about boat and rig variations between the 2 boats. Not saying it's all boat speed LR did a fabulous job!!!

  • Clara Brunelli
    Clara Brunelli


  • Ale Larocca
    Ale Larocca


  • Fab

    At the beginning the commentators did not understand what Luna ROssa wanted to do : they called it "Little kill". And that it was (from start to 16:10)

  • pinkieandthebrain

    Un po' tutti, ma la cronista è imbarazzante.

  • Jonathan Buck
    Jonathan Buck

    .....congrats to the Luna Rossa team, perhaps if the Ineos team had more time to prepare and practice here in NZ the race may well had a different outcome. C'mon Kiwi.

  • Vincenzo Cataliotti
    Vincenzo Cataliotti


  • maksimin pugachev
    maksimin pugachev

    мне одному кажется,что итальянцы на старте вели себя ну очень не спортивно? и им это сошло с рук? понятно,что до 30 секунд до стартовой линии,вполне себе допустимая "силовая " борьба за лучший выход к "воротам" старта,но далее какойто "беспредел",захлопывание "калитки " к стартовому створу,манёвр в секунде от тайминга старта,вынуждающий бритов за доли секунд решать-впечататся в буй или фальшстартить. или старое прравило, кто даму одевает и танцует тут тоже рулят?

  • Leonardo Darosi
    Leonardo Darosi

    Portiamola in Italia stà benedetta coppa, DAI !!!

  • mario lanza
    mario lanza

    vai luna rossa spacca giù tutto!

  • Belfi

    Azzzz che batosta!!!!!

  • gigino gigetto
    gigino gigetto

    it was a fair and spectacular competition. the final score does not tell the whole truth, in fact it was not at all easy to prevail over a team like ineos, combative and never tame as it should be. A different consideration is the one regarding English newspapers and media, which, as we know, have never been too fond of us Italians. I think they have missed a great opportunity to avoid proving that under a veil of fair play they hide the usual arrogance. luckily the english sailing fans are much better than their press, and they must be proud of ineos' performance. there is no dishonor in defeat if you compete as best you can and above all with loyalty. forza luna rossa, grande italia and respect for ineos.

  • Mario Gerardi
    Mario Gerardi


  • Paolo Marani
    Paolo Marani

    New Zeland è più veloce di 2 nodi è impossibile vincere, purtroppo.

    • Denis xiki venetkenz
      Denis xiki venetkenz

      Ma vince chi il vento se lo cerca

  • Andrea Mattiuzzo
    Andrea Mattiuzzo

    Sapendo di avere la barca più veloce in bolina, luna tatticamente ha fatto un capolavoro a svolgere la penalità . Bravi

  • Welles

    soliti commenti ridicoli,la barca inglese merita tutto il rispetto di questo mondo, non centra niente la brexit o il football degli stupidi hooligans

  • Ana Carpenter
    Ana Carpenter

    Living in New Zealand watching these yachts sail our waters, awe is captivating. Every race we've viewed for several years, makes being a New Zealander, feel proud, especially being part of this highly competitive sport. The spectators supporting these gentlemen hurtling through the designated area with precision, bravo. A huge gasp relief, for ingenious maneuvers. Best of luck to the winner. Cu Kia kaha arohanui Ana

  • Victor V.
    Victor V.

    Yoo - Hoo... Canada where are you? Why is Canada not in the races? Must be a Chinada party lockdown?


    Siamo Italiani e che cavolo! Grande Bruni!

  • angelo salinitro
    angelo salinitro

    che goduria a rivederla

  • Massimo Subacquea
    Massimo Subacquea


  • Ashra Tempel
    Ashra Tempel

    Progettata e costruita a Cagliari dove è rimasta fino alla partenza per la Coppa America.

    • Carlo Aversano
      Carlo Aversano

      Direi di no. E' stata costruita da Persico Marine, nei dintorni di Bergamo.

  • Albi B
    Albi B

    I Kiwi sono veloci e hanno una grande tradizione velica ma noi ci proveremo e abbiamo qualche freccia da scoccare.

  • Albi B
    Albi B

    I Agree.

  • edjss


  • Eduardo Rosales A
    Eduardo Rosales A

    Congrats to Team Luna Rossa, but also to Team Ineos. Not forgetting Team America Magic. We the public are the winners for being able to watch the best of sailing, so the commentators team also congrats.

  • Andrea Battista
    Andrea Battista

    Grandi ragazzi, li avete umiliati. CONGRATULAZIONI, fantastico equipaggio, adesso godetevi questa vittoria e preparatevi mentalmente x la coppa America contro New Zeland. FORZA RAGAZZI, FORZA LUNA ROSSA

  • Davide Agosti
    Davide Agosti

    Shall Luna Rossa beat Team New Zealand?...it will be a tough task I guess....but will prevail!

  • Davide Agosti
    Davide Agosti

    Ineos has been given one race to win as a gadget...wwoooooohhoooooo!!

  • Marco Pegaso
    Marco Pegaso

    Ciao ciao

  • Chiara Baldassari
    Chiara Baldassari

    Fantastici LunaRossa. Bellissimi da vedere!

  • Paolo Sinapi
    Paolo Sinapi


  • karlx19x19

    Britannia good bye, olivedolci ;-)

  • Andrea Acerbi
    Andrea Acerbi

    Let's hope NZ is not so fast

  • Ferdinando Parigi
    Ferdinando Parigi

    *Italians just do it better*

  • Gianluca Grillo
    Gianluca Grillo

    Beating a great team, will make you the greatest. So, honor to UK and, NZFE we’re coming!

  • Debbi Io
    Debbi Io

    Congrats!!! ✌🏻🇮🇹✌🏻

  • Stefano Olgiati
    Stefano Olgiati

    The 60M$ boat just kicked out BOTH the 110+M$ boats out of the game.

  • Chihiro33333

    I wish I were a fly on the wall of the NZ teams planning room... Are they calm and assertive, or are they completely stressed out over Luna Rossa’s superiority in the finals?

  • Andrea Guarnieri
    Andrea Guarnieri


  • Davide Brancato
    Davide Brancato

    1:46:25 ecco perché l'ETNA è incazzata :)

  • Emanuele De Dominicis
    Emanuele De Dominicis

    Un grande giorno per la marina italiana, per la vela italiana e per lo sport italiano. Abbiamo inseguito questo grande risultato da vent'anni e piu' preparandoci con Azzurra, il Moro di Venezia, Mascalzone Latino e LUNA ROSSA. Ora e' venuto il momento di sfidare i Kiwi e portarci a casa la Coppa America, in Italia e nel Mediterraneo . / A great day for the Italian navy, for Italian sailing and for Italian sport. We have been chasing this great result for twenty years and more by trying with Azzurra, il Moro di Venezia, Mascalzone Latino and LUNA ROSSA. Now the time has come to challenge the Kiwis and take home the America's Cup, in Italy and in the Mediterranean.

  • BonuxCouleur

    Mumm is not pronounce like 'mum' it is pronounced like moon except with a m at the end: moom. Congrats Luna Rossa, incredible final.

  • BonuxCouleur

    Considering the budget, I would not say the major difference between Ineos and Luna Rossa is the R&D. Ineos has by far the largest budget of all teams. Luna Rossa may have the best engineers, their yacht appear to be slightly faster in light to medium wind conditions but the difference in top speed was not as massive as the difference in speed during tacking. The major difference to me really was the tactics and overall sailing. Jimmy Spithill taught a lesson to Ben Ainslie at every start of the race. Forget the knighthood, forget the Olympic titles, the best navigator was Spithill, every decision he (and tactician Vascotto) made proved to be perfectly executed and the team only got better race after race, you got to give them credit. Then there is the coach Philippe Presti working in the shadow which contribution has been brought forward by Spithill himself, then there is the choice Luna Rossa went for: 2x skippers and 8x grinders if I am not mistaken versus 6x grinders for Ineos. On the tack Luna Rossa has been the best team faster even than Team New Zealand. At the end of the day, boat for boat it is reasonably close, the difference really is human. Ineos Team UK - US$ 154,000,000 American Magic - US$130,000,000 Luna Rossa - US$ 115,000,000

  • Marco Celestino
    Marco Celestino


  • NSG clan
    NSG clan

    Why did uk splash water at lunarossa? I think they were trying to cheat

  • Francesco D'Amico
    Francesco D'Amico

    ragazzi siete stati grandi e molto competitivi,,continuate ad essere cosi dobbiamo vincerla sta coppa america cmplimenti a tutto il team LUNA ROSSA

  • Attilio Bruno Simonassi
    Attilio Bruno Simonassi

    Luna Rossa supremacy....

  • Attilio Bruno Simonassi
    Attilio Bruno Simonassi

    There is no tripe for cats.........

    • Extrema Thule
      Extrema Thule


  • Luc Desaulniers
    Luc Desaulniers

    Wow, what a change in boat tech since the last AC !

  • Nexus Seven
    Nexus Seven

    Let's take the AC back to the ol' Europe!

  • Paul Bailey
    Paul Bailey

    The format of the races needs to be changed where the lead boat doesn't control the race. For the last several races, I only watched until the first mark. After that,the race is over. Back in the day, the downwind run with spinakers, the trailing boat could effect the lead boat. That doesn't exist anymore. I have no interest in going back in seeing boats bobbing around the course at 7.5kts, technology should rule the day. But the ravenous be more than one mark. If there are not changes, this will be my last AC. Lets see how much money they can make if the only spectators are the teams and their families. As for the Italians, you don't have nothing for NZ. And remember, Spithill is not Italian. The cup is setup so the defenders and the COR have the advantage. As for INEOS and Mr BREXIT, back to the UK for you. Its only been 107 years since a win. At least your team is made up of Brits.

  • angelo salinitro
    angelo salinitro

    7 a 1

  • lnterstella 5555
    lnterstella 5555

    bravissimi,bella impresa ma temo che contro i neozelandesi sarà tutta un'altra storia, godiamoci il momento

  • Claudio Chere
    Claudio Chere

    Fiero di essere Italiano e Sardo. Ho visto sventolare anche la bandiera dei 4 Morì

  • Vincenzo Vollaro
    Vincenzo Vollaro

    Respect to Britannia team but we won! And now New Zeland!

  • marcellomm73

    portiamo a casa la coppa... ce la possiamo fare, forza ragazzi

  • Hannah Wardle
    Hannah Wardle

    So disappointed to see INEOS out but Luna Rossa, you pulled a spotless set of races there. An excellent team and excellent boat - I can't wait to see you take on team NZ, it's going to be so exciting! Congrats team LR, a well-deserved win.

  • Mirko Latte
    Mirko Latte

    Inglesi chi?

  • Marco Anguilla
    Marco Anguilla

    .....siamo italiani; e che cavolo! E siciliani pure!

  • Fabrizio Curreri
    Fabrizio Curreri

    Al 1:46:24 gli parte un italianissimo ‘putt...’ a Bruni da morire

  • Fabrizio Curreri
    Fabrizio Curreri

    Grandi ragazzi, eccetto Voltolini😜 perché Voltolini è picciotto. E adesso ‘portiamo la brocca in Italia’. Bring it back to Europe!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • bakters

    Navigare necesse. Go Italy!

  • Jean Paul Jeammot
    Jean Paul Jeammot

    Beautiful boats and race. Forza italia

  • Andrea T
    Andrea T

    Italia rule the waves!

  • Andre Gt SVJ
    Andre Gt SVJ

    Come on

  • Frank Dunne
    Frank Dunne

    The last race in the Prada Cup - Wow! what sailing race rules do they use? The Italian boat luffed up illegally to try and stop the British boat trying to make a port start, brilliant! so why weren't the Italian boat disqualified, or told to take a 360 penalty? And then the Italian boat was over the line too early, so why weren't they required to recross the start line to start properly? Or have the rules changed since I was winning yacht races in Plymouth, UK, or are the rules on sailing wings a load of crap, and don't endear us normal yacht sailors to a bunch of rich bastards! I'm giving up watching this crap - Come on the All Blacks, but let's remember Peter Blake who sailed and raced genuine yachts - my true hero.

    • Sol Invictus
      Sol Invictus

      @Frank Dunne What part of "rules are changed" you didn't get?

    • Frank Dunne
      Frank Dunne

      @Sol Invictus Well if I had been the race officer I'd had given the penalty to the Italians on the basis that I once won a protest on the same basis under the international racing rules. And furthermore if you're over the line before the start you haven't started, and you need to do it properly by crossing the line after the start signal whatever that is in this particular America's circus. It applies to us normal yacht racers and virtually every other sport where there is a timed start. Frank, very disgruntled!

    • Michele Barbieri
      Michele Barbieri

      Either you are blind, or an hypocrit (but never like an italian, of course...), or don't really know the rules, or eventually - you have arterial problems.

    • Sol Invictus
      Sol Invictus

      Rules changed and actually the port/starboard penalty was to be given to Ineos.

  • Sandro Rea
    Sandro Rea


  • Elmar jr
    Elmar jr

    solo per chi ci capisce: 1:44:32 1:46:24 1:49:57 1:54:17 2:29:32 2:35:42 2:43:32

  • ginocolimoro

    Nella lingua dei vincitori volevo ringraziare i ragazzi di Luna Rossa che contro avversari poco sportivi hanno dimostrato chi meritava la Prada Cup. Ora testa a team NZ e in culo alla balena. 🤣🤣🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • roberto aquilotto
    roberto aquilotto


  • roberto aquilotto
    roberto aquilotto


  • Edoardo Seccia
    Edoardo Seccia

    non dobbiamo piegare la schiena grazie LUNA ROSSA

  • SUPMIK Paddleboarding
    SUPMIK Paddleboarding

    Well done Luna Rossa, impressive performance!! And big Respect to Sir Ben Ainslie and the whole crew! Showing us a great example of true sportmanship!! Really looking forward to see him again in the next cup with a sharpened weapon! Forza Luna Rossa!! Grande 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Sandro Sossi
    Sandro Sossi

    Really boring format. You should bring back to the boats used to race in the 90s. That was amazing heroic sailing

    • Robert Duval
      Robert Duval

      ciao, non posso che condividere...siamo almeno in due a pensarla così....dove sono le incognite di ogni singola virata, le vele che esplodono, le strambate fallite, le caramelle dello spi, uomini in mare, le impoppate fianco a fianco, con paul cayard che perde una regata per un paio di metri dopo una poppa da infarto, insomma...l'errore umano, l'imprevisto, il singolo pezzo di ferramenta, di scotta, che ti compromette tutta una regata....sta roba qua è molto molto poco...da un punto di vista gastronomico puoi paragonare una sana domenica in osteria sotto la pergola, ad ingozzarsi di onesti salumi, formaggi e pasta fatta in casa con il vassoio sottovuoto degli astronauti dello shuttle....non so...mi è venuta così....

  • jjgomiz

    Amazing Luna Rossa. Spithill&Bruni, outsiders. I hope the 2025 Americas Cup will be in the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks Ineos and American Magic, you are also greats ¡

  • Antonello Guadambino
    Antonello Guadambino

    That Ineos boat was ugly, man. Good crew, awful boat

  • Alessandro Taurisani
    Alessandro Taurisani

    Come potete pensare de mettere tutte queste pubblicita ed essere seguiti. Negative

  • Fabio Vignuzzi
    Fabio Vignuzzi

    che bello........andiamoooooo

  • Alberto Redolfi
    Alberto Redolfi

    Grande Bertelli!! e grande team!!! Dai..Forza portiamo questa coppa in Italia!!

  • marco385

    The white flag with the red cross and the four black heads represent Sardinia. Luna Rossa is based in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia

  • Alan Davis
    Alan Davis

    Well done...they've managed to make the Americas cup as pointless as Formula 1....too much tech, too fast, tiny differences in top performance kill any chance of a real fight. Everyones harping on about silly top speeds, but nobody seems to have noticed these things just aren't boats any longer. Bring back monohull keelboats...in the water!

    • Michele Barbieri
      Michele Barbieri

      I understand you. Keelboats were more spactacular, but with them too at a certain moment you could switch off and go to bed.

  • Sergio Falconi
    Sergio Falconi

    La coppa dei miliardari rischia di essere vinta da una barca con i colori di una nazione con le pezze al culo e per di piu' infette

    • Leo Minerva
      Leo Minerva

      Spero sia ironico.....

  • Davide C.
    Davide C.

    DOMANDA a chi se ne intenda: visto il periodo se p.es. Bruni o Spithill (o i "parigrado" di Team new Zealand) risultassero positivi al covid, cosa succederebbe? Rinvio, entrano delle riserve o cosa? Grazie a chi lo sappia. FORZA LUNA ROSSA, orgoglio (quasi) TUTTO italiano (con un "cangurino"...ma è veramente forte!)

  • Piergiorgio Sandri
    Piergiorgio Sandri

    forza luna rossa vivaaaaaa

  • Gee Em
    Gee Em

    Superb, superb,superb . LR had the better package . HAts off to ineos for really giving their all.

  • Roberto R.
    Roberto R.

    As an Italian, I am very proud of what the team Prada Pirelli has achieved. Great race, great victory but mostly great and worthy opponents! The only shame, in my personal opinion, was the unprofessional commentary, very biased against Luna Rossa in a way that spoiled an honest and respectful competition (at the end they even had to apologize as they realized they went way over the line). Big respect goes to team Ineos Britannia, those guys fought like lions and deserve all the admiration. I wish them to come back even stronger for another fantastic race in the future! Our victory is as great as our opponents!!!

  • antonio martini
    antonio martini

    Ben Save The Queen. 😂😁😀😅😂😃😃😄😀

  • antonio martini
    antonio martini

    We have a Party....... bye bye No MARTINI NO PARTY 😀😁😂😃😄😅😊☺😁😁😂😂

  • Abel Sousa
    Abel Sousa

    Go Luna Rossa! 🇮🇹🇪🇺

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