(ENG) 목표는 댄스 가수 데뷔?!🕺이현의 ‘Permission to Dance’ 커버 댄스 도전기! (feat. Mr.SON)
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  • Me. Just me.
    Me. Just me.

    I love Son Sungdeuk's teaching style he makes it so easy to remember the steps. I only wish the video was mirrored; I keep having to tell myself to do the opposite of everything I see and it's not going well 😭

  • 최창희

    와 설명을 너무잘해주셔서 몸치인 저도 당장이라도 따라할수있을거같아요ㅋ

  • hpjjreec

    와 이현님 안무를 진짜 바로 배우네요... 와~~

  • 현이 허니즈🍯
    현이 허니즈🍯

    It seems likes he is teaching the choreo to his baby Moa. If he teaches in this manner on regular days too, I'd like to learn from him too 😊

  • 김나린 유튜브놀이
    김나린 유튜브놀이

    Kxkmd odkoekwosk ujikski

  • ananya chowdary marupudi
    ananya chowdary marupudi

    I love how he explains the moves instead of just doing them and telling him to follow.

  • CamCam16

    So how many commenters are sitting comfortably in a chair while saying "Oh, this makes the choreo so easy to understand"?

  • Victoria Hill
    Victoria Hill

    오아, 잘했어요!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾☺️

  • cheerreerrai

    watching this feels like you are being taught by mr.son 😁😅🤣

  • 사딸라

    6:23 / 8:26 / 10:11(10:17)

  • Navratilo C Sumbang
    Navratilo C Sumbang

    I can learn the choreography from this

  • KuKi


  • Siri.luckwin Goud
    Siri.luckwin Goud

    Wow ,BTS has the best choreographer 💜.he has a lot of patience 💜

  • 게랄디네 edits
    게랄디네 edits

    im here again to study the steps for my project

  • ArmyPerú

    Yo soy pies izquierdos pero creo que lograré aprenderme la coreo con esto.

  • Jiminie13

    Jimin king

  • syamily shalu
    syamily shalu

    The best class I ever seen✌️ if they upload more videos I can dance like BTS 😃omg💃💃

  • Yeontan's엄마

    Please tell BTS to come in BANGLADESH

  • Kim Jae_EunZ
    Kim Jae_EunZ

    Im shook... I know now the step of the dance... Other: hey whats up? how life? Me: Here ! busy dancing in dance studio... 😏

  • Army Boy ♡
    Army Boy ♡

    Idai q vc é bonita: tô aprendendo dançar permission tô dance com o coreógrafo do BTS baby🤡💅

  • Ikidnappedyeontanifyouwanthimbringmetaehyung


  • Guadalupe Mercado
    Guadalupe Mercado

    Bueno y se supone que la canción es fácil ㅠ3ㅠ

  • Winter Rivera Adams
    Winter Rivera Adams

    Can someone tell me how is it that me and him are the same age but he looks 10 years younger than me like like babe share the skin currently please

  • – anna;;anna
    – anna;;anna

    Omg me divierto y me aprendo la coreografía, dos en uno. Buen servicio

  • Ed D
    Ed D

    Waaaah thank you Hyun-hyung! It feels like we're getting a dance lesson from Mr Son as well :D :D :D

  • 방탄아미보라해

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 성득쌤 눈높이안무연습. 곧잘하시는 이현가수님.

  • Misspeki

    desde españa

  • 사랑둥이

    성득쌤 너무 엄청 잘 알려주시네요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 완전 이해 쏙쏙 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ진짜ㅠ괜히 성득쌤 성득쌤하는 게 아니에요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ사라앻요 성득쌤♡︎♡︎ 이현님도 춤 추는 거 첨 봣는데 엄청ㅇ머청 잘하시네용♡︎♡︎

  • 이성경

    현님 왜 이리 빨리 잘 배우시는고야 ㅠㅠㅜㅠ 능력자다 역쉬 😁

  • jeon

    Mr.Son best choreographer

  • ori:)

    que linda risa que tiene

  • Lizzy Rojas
    Lizzy Rojas

    Por qué no se ingles

  • Lizzy Rojas
    Lizzy Rojas

    Quisiera que estuviera en español


    현생사느라 덕생이 늦어서 이걸 이제 봤네요 ㅜㅜ흑 방탄이들 평생 응원할께 ♡ 이현님 화이팅♡

  • adriana adriana
    adriana adriana

    jajajajja ahora puedo decir que tuve mis practicas privadas con mi coreografo Mr Son... y saber como practican los chicos... hasta con decirme que estamos en un rancho de ovejas.. xD aqui entre nos si se le vio un poquito impaciente o bueno no , pero ya es tan lindo como le enseña ♥

  • lelmDR.WHO?

    I came here to laugh and I can’t even laugh because he’s so much better than I would ever be 😂😂😂

  • Katelene A. Caacbay
    Katelene A. Caacbay

    The details...

  • D3160 K
    D3160 K

    와 성득쌤 진짜 일타 강사 같아요... 이해 쏙쏙 너무 잘 따라하게 돼요...

  • 김윤

    근데 진짜 잘추시는데..?ㅋㅋㅋ 춤선이 좋으신데?

  • Jeanette

    He estado practicando con el video 💜. Tengo 3 pies izquierdos 🥺😅. Eso sí, tengo muchas ganas de aprender 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • bts army
    bts army

    We really hope you have a channel and we've also learned how to dance It's going to be fantastic 🤧❤️ +You're the best choreographer🔥💯

  • thnwllght

    idk if y'all agree with me cuz Mr. Son and jk have the same groove😭

  • Jannet DB
    Jannet DB

    I was finally able to learn part of the choreography !!

  • Nicole Chim
    Nicole Chim

    The way jimin titled his head omg

  • xainth Paige
    xainth Paige

    now. i feel like i can learn the dance and post a yt short xD but im still too shy. hehe..

  • Jaelle P
    Jaelle P

    Bruh I can't dance to save my life

  • Dina A.
    Dina A.

    To be honest, if I learned this choreo for the first time, I don't think I could make it to the chorus on the first day 😂 but you really haven't lost your touch, Hyun-nim...

  • Dina A.
    Dina A.

    They look much younger here 😆

  • Hony Soju
    Hony Soju

    Me imagino como se despertaría Mr son conmigo yo soy un desastre

  • Rei Bubbles
    Rei Bubbles

    This is great for people with visual memory cause they can imagine the scene of the sheep ranch xD Now I have no excuse not to learn the choreo. But learning the Not Today choreo is still on my bucket list >.

  • gracy pawar
    gracy pawar

    the way he jumped in excitement, just soo cute:)

  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim

    He is such a fast learner…like I just stuck into the first move😅

  • 하늘바람

    양떼목장에 앉았다 일어날때 앗 관절ㅠ

  • Devanshi Choudhary
    Devanshi Choudhary

    It's like taking online classes from mr.son lol he teached me free guys see 🙈

  • spontaneous 12
    spontaneous 12

    When is part 2 coming 😭😭😭

  • Kavik

    Can we have a full version of your cover 👉👈


    now i can finally say that i learn a choreography directly from Mr. Son AND NOW I'M A KPOP 😶💜

  • viyani

    탄이들이 분명 요번 춤은 쉽고 다 따라할 수 있댔는데...후후후...💜

  • uanchi

    Buenísimo 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💜🌟

  • 함정원

    4:05ㅋㅋㅋ윗몸일으키기 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • linziibinzii

    Great teacher and great student - well done to you both and thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see the final choreo! :D

  • 簡月美


  • Kat Rodas
    Kat Rodas

    This gives me so much nostalgia from my days a a dance student. ㅜㅜ You did such an amazing job Hyun!

  • Aishah Muhammad
    Aishah Muhammad

    So where are we? The Sheep Ranch! 😅😅😅😅

  • Keisha Gooden
    Keisha Gooden

    Love it😂but i cant keep up

  • yensu kim
    yensu kim

    I learned too

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    Cute hyunie jumping 🤣🤣

  • A

    I love him he is very funny and cute😭❤❤

  • Constanza Ivonne Machuca Gómez
    Constanza Ivonne Machuca Gómez

    So cute💖💖

  • J Jung
    J Jung

    연습 잘 하고 계세요? 얼른 챌린지 동영상 올리셔야져 히히

  • Ratih Dwiyanfy
    Ratih Dwiyanfy

    I'm still waiting for part 2 to come

  • Monchichi - 몬치치🌸
    Monchichi - 몬치치🌸

    Hyunie did great! I'm gonna use this to learn the choreography as well!

  • 박수아

    이걸루 연습하면 되겠당~~^^

  • 애옹이애오

    너무 잘하는데여...? (๑°o°๑)

  • RAIN

    연습도 열심히 하시는 우리 큰형님!! 멋져요😁

  • my caa
    my caa

    I feel like mr. Son is such a gentle person and the way he not makes the choreography a lil difficult for us is awesome. He deserves an applause.

  • 累Xiera

    Mr. SON should open a yt account with dance tutorials i love how every single detail is being teach😭

  • Aidis B
    Aidis B

    jajjaja tan cute

  • yupc


  • Janista Tanmanee
    Janista Tanmanee

    진짜 댄스킹 혀니 싸!!!! 정말 완벽함

  • Love, Mary
    Love, Mary

    The choreo was so hard for me..but when I saw this dance Tutorial, it's very detailed that's why I understand it and get it..thank you mr. Son..😊😊💜👍

  • kookie

    퍼투댄 쉽다고 생각했는데 아니구나...배우는 입장에서 보니까 어렵네..ㅋㅋㅋ홉이 파트 들어가지도 않았는데 왤케 길지..?!그 많은 노래와 안무 외우는 것도 신기하다 진짜..아니 다들 이런걸 하고 있었단 말야? 새삼 새롭다..

  • Daniela Gonzalez
    Daniela Gonzalez

    Lee Hyung amazing skills!!!

  • Haruwu

    We want mr son teaching Bangtan Dance moves in Just A one video it's gonna iconic

  • •west coast east coast•
    •west coast east coast•

    Mr. Son would get subscribers on choreo tutorials faster than you can say BTS

  • Peanut

    Master class!

  • ᴀʀᴍʏ ᴇᴘ
    ᴀʀᴍʏ ᴇᴘ

    Así si me aprendo ensayando viendo los pasos poco a poco con el coreógrafo guiándo pero viendo sólo el dance practice no puedo soy malísima muy mala, no se como las army se aprenden tan rápido.

  • phan swiftie13
    phan swiftie13

    Mr Lee Hyun you learnt so quickly!!! i was thoroughly impressed and it was sooo cool seeing the thought process behind every move from the legendary Mr Son 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Rachel Teh
    Rachel Teh

    Hyunnie oppa, you are such a fast learner!! 😆😆

  • Bts My Loves
    Bts My Loves

    Lee Hyun makes it look easy

  • Bts My Loves
    Bts My Loves

    They seem like great friends

  • 잇태태

    호석이파트.. 어떻게 하시려구.. 대단하시네요🙂

  • Melissa Rodriguez
    Melissa Rodriguez

    ¿Cómo se los aprendió tan rápido? Yo demoré como 5 horas aprendiendo butter JQLDND

  • Army_BTS

    You did so well Mr Lee Hyun

  • 🧶🧺-- ʀᴜʙɪツ
    🧶🧺-- ʀᴜʙɪツ

    𐚱༄ Yo no lo busqué,, el video me encontró a mi ... ฅ🌷🥛

  • María Medina
    María Medina

    uff me encanta, ojala Son pudiera hacer mas de este tipo de videos para poder aprenderme bien las coreos. Ademas que asi nos damos una idea de como serian las clases reales que les da a los grupos

  • Cristina España
    Cristina España

    👍🕺voy a intentar bailar con este tutorial😀

  • Yuri

    The steps are difficult for a beginner but Mr. Son and BTS makes it look easier 😭 Lee Hyun also did a really great job! 👌👏💯

  • aina sakina
    aina sakina

    Saving this since this the only time I'll get to learn from mr son himself

  • whocares

    @Son Sung-deuk is the best choreographer.

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