Does this Lambo owner know how to park?
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  • Jody McDaniel
    Jody McDaniel

    What in the hell is wrong with you people saying, “WELL WHY DIDN’T HE GET IN FROM THE OTHER SIDE” ??? Well first off the steering wheel isn’t on the other side of the truck. That truck has a center console in it, it can be climbed over, but certainly not the easiest thing to do for some people !!! Secondly, I’m pretty sure that the driver of the car also knows that the driver of the truck will need room to be able to get into their truck. Therefore why in the hell would you park your car that close to something knowing that the chances are that your car will get scratched up or even dented because of the driver of the truck opening doors into your car or scratching it up by having to rub up against it because of the limited space that you left between the 2 vehicles !!! Common sense goes a longways people. The lack there of by a lot of people is the very reason why I park my vehicles all the way at the other end of parking lots away from the stores. You know, out there where nobody else parks because they don’t won’t to have to walk that far to get to the store, right ??? I also park at the end of a parking areas right up next to the curb. That way you have distance between your vehicle and the next one parked by you, even if that other vehicle is parked on the line between the 2 parking spaces like how the Lamborghini is in this video is parked !!! Get in the truck through another door they say, what about learn how to park in a parking lot instead ??? It doesn’t matter if this video is fake or not, because this kind of stuff actually happens everyday in parking lots !!!!

  • Cre8tive Cre8tion
    Cre8tive Cre8tion

    This guy still flexin that he owns a worthless truck and a lambo?

  • Silas Ackman
    Silas Ackman

    That’s your car

  • King Kato
    King Kato


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Sus asf

  • Estevan Lee
    Estevan Lee

    Fake ass video. Prolly his or a friend's lambo

  • Txddy Farquh
    Txddy Farquh

    Should've stood on that fvckboys windscreen lol

  • PilotKyle

    Bro your truck makes you look like a fucking idiot

  • judith tattao
    judith tattao

    Its his lambo guys

  • Uzade GotOne
    Uzade GotOne

    Both os cars are from the same guy 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ this tiktokers peace of shit 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Travis k
    Travis k

    Looks like 2 idiots who can't park

  • Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p
    Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p

    Look at this idiot making fake tiktok bullcr on YT, go fook yourself

  • Cromwell Tonk
    Cromwell Tonk

    That truck is the definition of overcompensation

  • Bob Mills
    Bob Mills

    Another dick making a fake video, how cute.

  • ra_xcm

    He sounds like Mordecai from regular show

  • Kombat Kidd
    Kombat Kidd

    Hope the place that you rented that lambo from doesn’t see this video.

  • SY

    Son, do you really have to step on my Lamborghini to make your limp video?

  • Dark_ aura74
    Dark_ aura74

    If you parked at a shop or something then theres an increadibaly high chance that there are cameras that filmed what you just did and the guy that parked his lambo isnt smart for parkink like that but you are a grownup so act like one and not go to his level of stupidity and do something like this or he will be able to sue you

  • Jafet Villatoro
    Jafet Villatoro

    Passenger door idiot

  • Lank The Verminator
    Lank The Verminator

    Them 2 pavement princesses look great together

  • K-Man Sports
    K-Man Sports

    The worst thing about this: it's filmed vertically. The second worst: it's TikTok = cancer. The third worst is, that this Lamborghini is ugly modded, although they come perfect from stock. And the forth: Your truck is one ugly piece of garbage that indicates a microscopic genital


    Dude that is uncalled for . Not cool. Respek the car . U might did that on purpose becuz of jealousy .

  • Charaf Bns
    Charaf Bns

    Jealous ..

  • Kevin Burke
    Kevin Burke

    He parked it correctly with the lines leaving room for his drivers door to full open. If there was CCTV on than car park I'd get the film as it shows both license plates. Then I sues his ass off. Paint correction by the Lambo dealer would cost 5K$.

  • Goku Blue
    Goku Blue

    Poor little rich kid problems

  • Lucrecia Amado Weiseres
    Lucrecia Amado Weiseres


  • Hannah Spry
    Hannah Spry

    Trucks are the worst get a LAMBO

  • BD

    People who drive trucks like that are blithering idiots. No wonder only Americans drive them.

  • Knightinbattle

    To everyone who's reading this comment: God bless your life 🙏

  • rubenrar1

    He's like the definition of people that should not own those kind of cars, his ego probably smells more than a bag of trash

  • rubenrar1

    You should thank him for the booster seat

  • Hashtag Boi
    Hashtag Boi

    So you parked closed to make this video ? Usually when a car is parked like that it’s so others won’t park near it

  • loinmin

    Can you please delete this, thanks.

  • No No
    No No


  • T Flo
    T Flo

    Something tells me this guy owns both of these douche cacoons

  • This Guy
    This Guy

    Plot twist: both vehicles are his. He owns the truck and lambo.


    Your mind jealous 🤷🏻

  • Jackson Panos
    Jackson Panos

    Cool vid ugly ass rims though also did u take out his mirror when u left? And this isnt original vid uploader there was one called worlds most expensive step stool or something and I believe it was first may be wrong though

  • Gregg Barela
    Gregg Barela

    Dumb just dumb

  • leasny lavina
    leasny lavina

    i think this is just a montage to get views and "likes " . a lamborghini owner always park away from others cars most of time .😎👍

  • Sandra Fuentes
    Sandra Fuentes

    the battle of the little D's lol!

  • Corrie Priester
    Corrie Priester

    Yeah I'm pretty sure he knows that guy in the Lamborghini

  • Fireblaze x
    Fireblaze x

    Well you parked it there how'd you get out of the truck the first time?

  • Golden Experience
    Golden Experience


  • Andrew Antonio
    Andrew Antonio

    I would have done the same thing

  • Nick Proton
    Nick Proton

    This 100% not staged

  • Leematic

    Truck is gross

  • fordham337

    That’s a nice truck mommy bought u

  • ZZZ

    2 types of men, the sport cars and the trucks

  • Drew Size
    Drew Size

    Imagine putting those ugly ass rims on a lifted Cummins...

  • PanniePlopper

    Lmao everyone in the comments are hating.. but if y'all have sum like this happen y'all gonna react the same way... who parks like that? He is practically under his truck 🤦‍♂️

  • Dr Uzi
    Dr Uzi

    Plot twist: he was being thoughtful and wanted to give you a stepstool

  • Wynnsanity

    Its just disrespect

  • mahmoud19745 asdd
    mahmoud19745 asdd

    Go go with the other door you stupid

  • Lucca Leon
    Lucca Leon

    Are you really that mad you can go to the underside :/


    Looks like this guy is trying make up for having a small egg roll

  • Sam Plautz
    Sam Plautz

    That really sucks that these new trucks only come with doors on the driver's side. Makes it so hard for passengers to get in. Idk why they didn't just put doors on the other side


    Funny when you hit the wing mirror off your Lamborghini with your truck wheel

  • Mon Dutti
    Mon Dutti

    I see fake people, fake people everywhere.

  • ep zx3
    ep zx3


  • Soggy Android
    Soggy Android

    Hey everybody look at this dumbass Walk across the Lamborghini because he thinks he is in the right and doesn't know how to use the passenger side door

  • Richard Gonzales
    Richard Gonzales

    Did the Lambo have its car alarm off?

  • Qauntum Karma
    Qauntum Karma

    You don't park like an idiot, but that lift that makes you dumb as well as the mud catcher on your floor You seem like style over substance

  • Dylan Fritz Almanon
    Dylan Fritz Almanon

    Bruh you could just go to the other door


    Hey you can enter with side get why you enter with this lambo ....😡

  • GamingMaster X
    GamingMaster X

    Well done!

  • Nathan Armitage
    Nathan Armitage

    Imagine doing that but also realising that it's your lambo

  • Övünç Aslan
    Övünç Aslan

    Keşke diğer taraftan dolaşıp ta aracına binseydin.Gereksiz macera yapmışsın.🤔

  • ATPK

    Guys what truck is that??? Looks good

  • Alex Pacheco
    Alex Pacheco

    You can see how careful he walks on top of that Lambo! FAKE 🤥


    You did the right thing

  • Muhammad Khairul
    Muhammad Khairul

    Why dont you use the right door.. let people be stupid, dont you be a stupid.. now i see you n lambo drive also stupid

  • Justin Is7H1CC
    Justin Is7H1CC

    Poor lambo XD

  • Travel Tec & Tours
    Travel Tec & Tours

    Rich one can bring a 4w and a lambo and park the Lambo like this.then film it pretending as a lambo driver's fault..who knows these both vehicles owns a same man..? 🤔🙄🤨

  • Ademonus Bad uncle
    Ademonus Bad uncle

    Hi. As an Idiot I will walk over rented Lambo to get in to a truck my brother selling on Ebay to pay for my brain transplant....

  • rome almoro
    rome almoro

    Look at this idiot. I only have 1 door

  • Jinxy's Corner Music Manchester
    Jinxy's Corner Music Manchester

    There should be an option to block tiktok content on ITmores

  • Carter Gabriel
    Carter Gabriel

    Damn bro didnt know you can only enter a car from the driverside door


    FFs it’s fake af Stupid ass shit. lil dik guys do shit like this

  • Kavana Bressington
    Kavana Bressington


  • Ahmad Luthfi
    Ahmad Luthfi


  • Balkan Boi9050
    Balkan Boi9050

    He knows he could open the door from the other side

  • Securica R6 Official
    Securica R6 Official

    Mais tu passe de l'autre côté plus tôt que de monter sur la lambo

  • numero uno
    numero uno

    So FAKE

  • Řøux

    Why didn’t he go on the other side??😂🤦🏽

  • fallbacknoob

    You can get around the truck 🚚 the ones your in get on other side and 💥 boom ther you did it

  • Nathan Chiu
    Nathan Chiu

    Maybe that's his lambo....

  • tim storch
    tim storch

    Sicko mode

  • tim storch
    tim storch

    I really like Trucks i just remembered by seeing yours

  • Break down Break down
    Break down Break down

    Yeah lambo owner deserves that

  • Craig Chauraya
    Craig Chauraya

    He probably just uses his dad's lambo as a stool 😂😂

  • bigdos23

    Facts I would walk un- top of Lambo too if they parked that close and I was there first,🔥🔥

  • Rob Chiminiello
    Rob Chiminiello

    Does anyone really believe this? These TikTok losers need to quit.

  • Paul Legge
    Paul Legge

    I’d bet that being the douche you are, driving daddy’s truck, you parked as close as you could just to be an absolutely annoying little tiktok douche

  • Daniel

    1. If this is staged: You're an idiot 2. If this is real: You're an asshole

  • kartikeya kriskna
    kartikeya kriskna

    He is that kind of person to put ruler under his pillow to check how long he slept

  • CandyCane

    Plot twist: he owns both of the cars

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