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Aah, my Pamphobeteus platyomma (Brazilian Pink Bloom) tarantula finally molted. Sold to me as a confirmed female, I was a little worried when she stopped eating, but quickly got excited when I saw the molt in the enclosure….. just to find out “she” is actually a HE! Man, am I disappointed and pissed. Paid big bucks for a female Platyomma, just to have it molt out a male! Couldn’t check the previous molt, as it was destroyed. Well, let’s see how long more he has left with us.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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Marie-Christin, Shaun Clark.

  • Athelwulf Galland
    Athelwulf Galland

    Maybe he identifies as female? Did you ever consider that possibility?! ;)

  • Gamer Boss
    Gamer Boss

    But also take good care of the beautiful male it's still really pretty so that should at least check off.

  • Gamer Boss
    Gamer Boss

    You got scamed just like you said (): 2:07

  • Đasnetta

    Plot twist: he went to the guy who scammed him with a army of tarantulas

  • Polina

    I don't like spiders, but I must admit I like this one. He is REALLY beautiful.

  • Jaidin Borenski
    Jaidin Borenski

    I understand why you’re pissed, if I was a T keeper and I bought a T at one gender and it was actually another, I’d be mad too. But at least he’s a GORGEOUS male! Sorry you got scammed dude, but personally I still think he’s a gorgeous Turantula!

  • Michelle Bolen
    Michelle Bolen

    Where is he located? I get the feeling he is not in the US but he mentions states all the time so I could be wrong? Anyone know?

  • Gwyn BG
    Gwyn BG

    69 dislikes lol

  • Perry the dog
    Perry the dog

    He misunderstood and sold u a trans

  • michael Delgado
    michael Delgado

    my guy what if the flap came off think about that

  • One Nudes Man
    One Nudes Man

    I mean tbh, he did mentioned that those spiders are rare and he wants a female one so it can mate, have some babies i think?

  • Anthony Lawson
    Anthony Lawson

    Instead of putting the seller down....people make mistakes everyday......contact them and handle your shit like an adult...🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Shain -Tine
    Shain -Tine

    “This GIRL”

  • Dtective S
    Dtective S

    Are you sure you dont like males? They are the one make females pregnant. Do they???

  • J C
    J C

    I have a question. You are grabbing the molt and touching its abdomen. Do urticating hairs exist on the mold still or not really?

  • 愛乃まと

    That tarantula was a boy! An anime trap tarantula

  • Wesley Marlow
    Wesley Marlow

    Excuse me I have acrophobia

  • Shadow

    Does it matter about the gender so long as there isn't 2 in the same enclosure.

  • Shadow

    I love animals but I have araciniphobia

    • Shadow

      Sorry About my spelling

  • Jan Drey Bragais
    Jan Drey Bragais

    Exotic simp... Joke haha

  • elmer pagalanan
    elmer pagalanan


  • elmer pagalanan
    elmer pagalanan


  • Sniperist 2
    Sniperist 2

    Geez, please give this man a headcam.

  • Tobio Kageyama
    Tobio Kageyama

    Maybe they sexed him wrong on accident I idkk

  • DJ Wubs
    DJ Wubs

    maybe he was a female but molted into a male? ive heard of it happening and maybe this is a similar case!! hopefully anyways. i'd like to think you didn't get scammed tbh-

  • Carole wood
    Carole wood

    I hate any spiders but loving these videos.

  • Hassan

    Can’t imagine how would he react if one of his kids turned out to be gay

  • Xuan Lin
    Xuan Lin

    Ever since utube recommend me to watch exotic lair videos I keep watching the tarantula videos. Then go search how to get tarantula. Then went back to hell na I’m getting it.

  • Liga Revele
    Liga Revele

    Hope you get girlfriend for him. He's still handsome. Whoever decided to rip you off, like you said they shouldn't be part of hobby. Regardless what hobby you are part of, don't scam people. That's not nice.

  • Coco Redmon
    Coco Redmon

    Why did I think that was a B instead of at a roach👁👁👄👁👁

  • J Lindsey
    J Lindsey

    Maybe it was sold to you as a female cause it identifies as a female.. don't judge them

  • Crystal Natasha Padilla
    Crystal Natasha Padilla

    Give a shout out to the person who sold you that we need to know !

  • Stix

    *Exotic Gets Scammed* Pissy in the backround tapping the computer (Pissy scammed Exotic)

  • Stix

    (Exotics 1 Day Before The Video) Exotics: Heyyy Girl!! Tarantula: Bro...Im A BOY! (Exotics After The Video) Exotics: Hey.."Girl".. Tarantula: Hm..Good..

  • AllStarGamerGirl 23
    AllStarGamerGirl 23

    Does it really matter if they are male or female? I know he bought it but was scammed. But shouldn't they all have nice enclosures regardless of their gender.

  • shazzza banazz
    shazzza banazz

    Stop waving an angry finger at him it's not his we fault

  • Lucas Williams
    Lucas Williams

    Boy or girl that is one very good looking T

  • pemain_gacha life
    pemain_gacha life

    Wtf... 0:59

    • pemain_gacha life
      pemain_gacha life

      @gacha chris akhirnya ada yang Indonesia

    • gacha chris
      gacha chris

      @pemain_gacha life うん Apakah itu terlihat seperti ituItulah yang pensé

    • gacha chris
      gacha chris

      @pemain_gacha life それはそれのように見えますか

    • gacha chris
      gacha chris

      @pemain_gacha life ¿Se parece a eso?

    • gacha chris
      gacha chris

      @pemain_gacha life Apakah itu terlihat seperti itu

  • sergeant mason
    sergeant mason

    Why is it so bad to have a male. He sounds mad just because it's a male

  • The Leopard Gecko Man
    The Leopard Gecko Man

    I feel so bad for you. I mean this is ridiculous. I bet this was your worst day ever man.

  • Exotic spiders
    Exotic spiders


  • Some Thing
    Some Thing

    I wanna see your most behaved spider

  • Baginda Sudjana
    Baginda Sudjana

    Thanks to you, now i bought my first T!!!

  • Painful-sama

    do you keep brazilian wandering spider ?

  • tru x 7
    tru x 7

    Yet haahahahahahahhahaha I did it

  • Void child!
    Void child!

    i want to ask somethin,will you buy ant aquarium and make a ant colony? (if you are confused,you can buy queen and some workers and some soldiers)

  • Berto's dancing famliy
    Berto's dancing famliy


  • rokeya begum
    rokeya begum

    Update on Thailand black please

  • Fatima Zain
    Fatima Zain

    Exotics really said feminism 😌

  • Peter Chavez
    Peter Chavez

    Thanks for the entertainment dude never stop uploading!

  • Randy Johnson
    Randy Johnson

    Plz like this don't you get like scared your tarantulas mite get out

  • Lucas Artes
    Lucas Artes

    Why did ITmores recommend this to me? honestly I don't know, but thanks ITmores kkkkk

  • Trav dog
    Trav dog

    POV: you have been watching since 2018 or something and you leave for a while and come back to a spider moulting

  • B H
    B H

    We have some females available here in the US.

  • KrayKrayajplaysandplays

    My mom is scared to get one lol

  • brian watts
    brian watts

    Transgender is Typing*

  • SmolSquishyTaeil

    He looks so beautiful tho, how unfortunate. But I'm glad you enjoyed feeding him

  • Raylan johnson
    Raylan johnson

    it very sad

  • Raylan johnson
    Raylan johnson

    OK who scammed him that duded that scammed had head this sad fuck the person that scammed him why

  • William Crane
    William Crane

    The captions said if you dont know how to sex a trantuala. Wtf youtube.

  • PuriRasu

    He's really pretty! Hope he lives long!

  • Jedi Venom Snake
    Jedi Venom Snake

    The person has committed fraud

  • 8kloves

    Exotic what happen to your madagascar hissing cockroaches?

  • Fajar Ramandita
    Fajar Ramandita

    Can you say to your pet haha he he

  • Robert cayle Dagomboy
    Robert cayle Dagomboy

    Maybe the one who sold you that Tarantula is dumb and doesn't know what is the difference between male and female tarantulas

  • Shoeman Gaming not others
    Shoeman Gaming not others

    Being scammed in Roblox adopt me be like:

  • Rozen Maiden
    Rozen Maiden

    I told my cousin that she reminds me of a Brazilian black tarantula. She asked me why. So i told her its because she has hairy legs

  • jade li
    jade li

    I want to see Minaj Thailand blackkkk

  • Spencer

    Should name him angela Only real ones will know why

  • BurningGoji

    put the scammers head on a pike I might have gone a little too far in the comments


    Ah he So Cute 😍 ngl


    Do tarantulas bite?

  • Arsenal God
    Arsenal God

    Bruh his property house that he and his family owns like a mini zoo bro

  • Chrissy Monk
    Chrissy Monk

    Pissy: hahaha my evil plan is working I was the one who scammed you and nobody will know hahah(wat peaple hear)ssssssss

  • Jedi_ Retrogamer
    Jedi_ Retrogamer

    Q&A Are pilipino person

  • GG Impulse
    GG Impulse

    I met Arizona

  • GG Impulse
    GG Impulse

    Sorry about that but what would u recommend for a first tarantula a Arizon Blonde? If not if u have time reply thank you for making good content bye 😃 by the way ur my fav ITmores 🤫 😂

  • Aaliyah Thomason
    Aaliyah Thomason

    The jerk who scammed him:another scammed down Death nugget tarantula:tarantulas ready to attack the scammer he can't escape whats faster then him hes gonna pay

  • ScaniaDronninga

    challenge for you. get ur hands on a sydney funnel web spider. lol

  • peda mbr
    peda mbr

    maybe it was an honest mistake still a beautiful spider

  • Shirley Campbell
    Shirley Campbell

    What made you want to get in to spiders

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell

    Exotics Lair: exists My arachnophobia: ight imma head out

  • Tasha Animal Crossing New York
    Tasha Animal Crossing New York

    Ah know look tarantula maybe beyond legend.

  • Mark Turnbull
    Mark Turnbull

    I thought could tell by the size of the male!!! Female is bigger in spider world right???

  • Louis

    “Im gonna show you guys how to sex a tarantula” That came out very wrong...

  • lukeirin

    Nice ! Next time I see a spider in my flat, I could determine it sex then have a panick attack, and scream, and cry ^^

  • Jjturner10

    Gotta stop getting so close giving me anxiety bro

  • meg tings
    meg tings

    it's next on my list. I have a breading pair of P. machala and they never refuse food, best feeding responses other than my P. regalis. It's the males that have the amazing colours though, i spoke to a breeder of the Pamphobeteus genus and he said everyone always wants the males for this reason.

  • Oliver Noah Ow
    Oliver Noah Ow


  • Pamela Hardy
    Pamela Hardy

    I just googled it and they have them for sale at Happy Forrest Store online, males and females hey. Maybe you can find a gf for your little master there

  • Diya ladhani
    Diya ladhani

    Hi dose she sexually

  • Dakarai Sheffield
    Dakarai Sheffield

    Your tarantula is molting so it will not eat for a couple of more weeks

  • Hanson Gwapo
    Hanson Gwapo

    Subtitles:"Those who don't know how to sex a turantula"😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kuzco

    What if you actually just discovered the world's first transgender tarantula

  • Hanson Gwapo
    Hanson Gwapo

    Subtitles:" gonna be trying to sex that"😂😂😂

  • Sumalee Hengyodmak
    Sumalee Hengyodmak

    Maybe he or she mistaken it as a female. Well that is one pretty beautiful tarantula:)

  • Kyle Evans
    Kyle Evans

    Gurl or Not it's such a pretty spider very pretty this is one of the most if not the most gorgeous spiders you have. Better then the Colbert blue spider. How much does this spider cost?

  • Brittany Of Oldstones
    Brittany Of Oldstones

    Omg how beautiful. I've never seen a purple tarantula before

  • Elie Torres
    Elie Torres

    OMG THIS IS WHAT I WANNA LEARN! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TEACHING US HOW TO KNOW THE GENDER OF THE TARANTULA~ Btw I love watching your videos.. truly you care for every babies there.. even though they roughly welcome you when u clean their houses aheheh

  • Jaguar King
    Jaguar King


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