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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Commander In Chief. © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Woody

    Vote him out

  • Sean Roberts
    Sean Roberts

    Well hes building the worlds strongest economy. Fighting for Law and order, better healthcare and lower taxes. Also doesn’t believe you are a victim simply because of the color of your skin. You sing as if you care for the average person while taking in millions of dollars. You are so out of touch it sickens me. You don’t live paycheck to paycheck so stop acting like you can relate. he doesn’t sleep not because of some false lie you believe but because of the work he puts in day in and day out. #TRUMP2020

  • Hsya


  • Preston Myatt
    Preston Myatt

    That’s trash

  • Allison O'Shea
    Allison O'Shea

    I've never gotten so many chills from a music video

  • Tor

    Well, no longer a fan of Demi. Beautiful voice, keep singing. Your messages don’t align with my beliefs anymore.

  • Jadeite Marvel
    Jadeite Marvel


  • N H
    N H

    This song is for human souls that can't take anymore...but still somewhere deep, have INNER STRENGTH 🥰

  • Cindy Lundberg
    Cindy Lundberg

    What a shameful embarrassment you are to our country with these stupid lies!! Way to go promoting hate instead of trying to UNITE!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!


    You're just mad that the guy you were engaged to was an ass.

  • Jack Farage
    Jack Farage

    People are dying because the crazy democrat Nany Pelosi turned down Trump's 1.8 trillion dollar stimulus check deal, which would be given to people that need it. FACTS OVER FEELINGS! But Nancy Pelosi just doesn't want Trump to look good. And if you don't believe me look it up. Even top Democrats are agreeing with Trump and saying Nancy should have accepted it. If you don't believe me look up Wolf Blitzer and Nancy Pelosi interview.

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey

    This song is like saying it is God's fault that there is crime on the city streets! I guess that means God does not care! ♥️ The truth is that it is not God's fault! We all have to take responsibility for our own actions!!! ♥️

    • Hey Hey
      Hey Hey

      You cannot blame one person for everything!

  • Jack Farage
    Jack Farage

    Trump is definitely not the one bunkering down.

  • Jack Farage
    Jack Farage

    Joe Biden is the one bunkering down?!?!?!

  • Jack Farage
    Jack Farage

    This sounds like trump put us in a great depression. He has done way more than Biden and Obama. He literally completed the criminal reform, and the prison reform. Lowest black unemployment rate. Created 5+million jobs. Demi Lovato is so unappreciative and ungrateful!

  • Jason Belt
    Jason Belt

    "I couldn't sleep.." cocaine does that to you Demi. "Line his pockets", is she not aware he doesn't take a salary and has lost millions as president? I guess not. People are dying, and yet you jusylt made money on a song about their suffering......hmmmm

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme

    wtf this is so cringe

  • Jack Farage
    Jack Farage

    Liberals be like: processing%#$#%$#%$$#

  • victor ogbonna
    victor ogbonna

    Some much love for this song, it goes out to all dictatorship government in d world. They use democracy to enter d position and later on turn to monsters.

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson

    Trump 2020! :)

  • Harley Jaymes
    Harley Jaymes

    I’m confused. I don’t like either candidate, but I didn’t even hear one real thing in the whole song. Not one fact. At least do your research for a song like this first, so that you don’t look dumb as hell. Demi is talented, but this one was a fail.

    • Kreativity

      And what exactly are the 'lies' you're talking about?

    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle

      Yessssss THANK YOU! Nothing but lies..sold herself out _hard_

  • Jack Irwin
    Jack Irwin

    No hate. But the music video kinda cringe

    • Kreativity

      The video might be cringe, but it's true and powerful

    • Kreativity


    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle

      Not only cringe, but nothing but literal lies 😂 it’s actually quite unbelievable..but then again the left is buying everybody’s vote with nothing but lies. It saddens me to hear this kind of truly does.

  • Hadassah

    demi, are you saying you can't breathe? id not get it

    • Hadassah

      @Kreativity hmmm George floyd is one person. Scummy, disgusting stuff happens to people. It doesn't often happen to Demi legato, ill wager. And it doesn't mean it is because of race either.

    • Kreativity

      Obviously not, she's referring to Trump's covid case and George Floyd

  • B.


  • Emron Kigge
    Emron Kigge

    Commander in chiefs didn’t like the song 😰😰

  • Adrian Anglemyer
    Adrian Anglemyer

    Yay another Hollywood person complaining 🙄

    • Kreativity

      And the other people in the vide? The ones with real concerns, just like Demi?

  • Ali G
    Ali G

    Make America united again. I'm sorry the country was divided over 4 years ago. Just look at the reactions to the 2016 election.

  • Ali G
    Ali G

    Yeh get out and vote for trump

    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle

      Yup! 👍

  • Doina Neculcea
    Doina Neculcea

    Anyone who actually likes this song is brainwashed. A billionaire artist claiming she knows what’s best for our country is laughable. She’s gonna make her coin no matter who becomes president. This song is just that, more money “lining her pockets”.

    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle

      @Michelle Green lol mmmkay stay programmed and ignorant!

    • Michelle Green
      Michelle Green

      Do you ignorant Trump Supporters even know what she's singing about? 0:28 "And I'm a lucky one . 'Cause there are people worse off that have suffered enough. Haven't they suffered enough?" 1:22 "We were taught when we were young . If we fight for what's right, there won't be justice for just some" Privileged half-wits!

  • Nickel Pixie
    Nickel Pixie

    God demi lovato is so stupid

    • Kreativity

      You contributed to her views, though.

  • Trena Wiseman-Esparza
    Trena Wiseman-Esparza

    This is such a powerful message. In the future I will show my nieces/nephews/grand children this video and be like 'Yup this is what we lived through. It was hard.

  • Melissa Mason
    Melissa Mason


  • carmen shie
    carmen shie

    Close to 6M

  • Mesake Finau
    Mesake Finau

    Absolutely moving... need more of this right now.

  • carmen shie
    carmen shie


  • shengjolipas covers
    shengjolipas covers

    I love you demi😘

  • Jacob Scott-hunter
    Jacob Scott-hunter

    Yeah nah I don't really sleep, the privilege of it all positions me so that I don't have to speak, mainly because history doesn't allow. yeah so the pain is the only cause for a breath (exhale) because the words that don't have ear given to them allows the breath of realese (inhale) to alleviate the pain, the ruling given to the commander in chief in the recognised vanity of the commander in chief creates the tribulation in front of those who accept a privilege of vanity to what is done. So thank you. No hard cookies your love Jamie. I got mine.

  • Will Gibson
    Will Gibson

    Atleast he doesnt do Heroin

  • Lindaberry Berry
    Lindaberry Berry

    Nigeria soldiers need to listen to dis song 💔💔🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  • Miss Scalia
    Miss Scalia

    So sad that this song can be aplied to so many countries now

  • christopher mcpherson
    christopher mcpherson

    IM VOTING BIDEN FOR POLICY REASONS BUT PLEASE READ: President Trump had to hand over his company's. President Trump has not ever taken a salary sense being sworn in. To do what he felt in his heart that was right for america All to being attacted for anything and everything. He has done everything that any other president would have done during covid and more. Weather you aggree with his policys or not he has done more in one term then most president do in two and with no help from the house or senate minorities. He has annoying flaws to mostly his mouth(twiter) but i truely believe hes doing all this for the right reasons. I also believe the media and other members have treated him like shi* and BTW yes i voted for obama both terms and mickey mouse in 2016

    • Kreativity

      I'm sorry you feel that way, @Katarina

    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle

      With everything you said, which I am glad you said, I am sad for the first sentence and if there was anything ai could do to help change your mind, just say the word and I will try. I am a psychic and all I can say is if you think the last year was bad, the future ai have seen with Biden is much, much, MUCH worse. Trump is doing so much more than anybody even has a clue about..people would literally be praising him if they had a clue. He is doing so much more than running a campaign right now too. He is literally fighting evil forces..the most evil of people with so much power, endless money and resources, and control..and is trying to protect us from and stop crimes against humanity. I know I probably can’t and won’t convince you, but just think hard about it.

  • maria lopez
    maria lopez

    unfortunately we live in a world where society pays more attention to sexist and nonsensical songs than those that are really worth listening to, because like it or not is the reality we live in. And this, this should be a hit.

  • Evan Soontiens
    Evan Soontiens

    The producers really saw this and said, yea this looks good

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith

    Bruh. How can she talk about being poor lmao. She makes 25X more than me, I don’t think she has to rake up change to get something to eat lmao.

  • Kani Garcia
    Kani Garcia

    Ya casi los 6 millones

  • Future Possibilities
    Future Possibilities

    Let there be world peace ❤

  • Gloriane Jose
    Gloriane Jose

    Demi Lovato all of my congratulations this song is so strong and unique.

  • Pig Pig
    Pig Pig

    let's offend some people. TRUMP 2020

  • Aaron Montgomery
    Aaron Montgomery

    I'm just here for the Asian delegation, we are suspending the Asian girl's Asian card. She is whitewashed and we are doubting her ability to speak her native language. If these doubts are substantiated then we are revoking her card in full.


    wenaaa awante demi

  • Drag0nMasterL

    TRUMP 2020

  • stephy babs
    stephy babs

    This is what happens and you have a bunch of weak-minded gullible idiots eating up propaganda. Does Demi even see the irony in the words she is singing? Also, she's just like every other celebrity using social justice to make money by virtue signaling. It's embarrassing! People really need to start educating themselves and realize that you are the pawn, but not in Trump's game. You're fighting the elite establishment politicians fight. They have convinced you that they are the good guys and it was very easy to do. If you find yourself siding with the establishment, MSM and big text censorship, You're not fighting the system, you are system! Wake up!!

    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle

      @Jesse then if that’s what you want, you will be so pissed when you find out how manipulated you’ve been. Please, PLEASE research from the opposite perspective. I am eternally grateful that I finally did.

    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle

      Thank you!!!

    • stephy babs
      stephy babs

      @Jesse as for the chaos, who's causing the chaos? MSM is causing the chaos! MSM/polotitians has successfully divided this country and it's so sad and frustrating that people can't see it. These people have used each and every one of us as a little pawns. We're so busy hating each other, that we fail to see what these wicked people are doing in the background.

    • stephy babs
      stephy babs

      @Jesse Do you ever question what the media and the establishment polotitians are saying about Trump? Ask yourself this... Everyone started hating Trump the moment he announced his presidential run. Before he was was sworn in, they were ready to impeach him. They then impeached him on the basis of the Steele dossier. Three and a half years and millions of tax paying dollars went into this. We now know that the whole thing was a lie. Trump wasn't a Russian asset! No collusion! No obstruction! Everything they accused him of they themselves were doing, but that's not the point I'm making. If knowing what we do now that it was all a lie, why do you hate Trump? Is it possible you hate Trump because that's the narrative that's been pushed for years? Is it possible that because the establishment hates the man (that's another question you should ask yourself. Why do they hate him?), The media hints the man, big Tech hates the man... Perhaps they have convinced the American people to hate the man, by pushing this orange man narrative narrative constantly, 24/7?

    • Jesse

      we just want an end to the chaos and a president with a respect for the rule of law and isn't an idiot.

  • nadeem hoomar
    nadeem hoomar

    Such a huge crush on her n her voice ooof angle

  • Kelsea Williams
    Kelsea Williams

    I'm your biggest fan ever and l love your voice

  • y 7
    y 7

    Biden 2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle

      @Mia Sosa EXACTLY. Everybody is so brainwashed by the msm. Thankfully, I finally saw the truth within the last few years and am so fucking happy I did. We are absolutely FUCKED, if more people don’t start waking up to the utter manipulation that is going on. It scares me how more people aren’t seeing shit clearly, but then again there are a ton of evil people with all the money and power behind the “Democratic Party” and they will have their way with all of us if they get in all three seats and take control. People need to seriously start searching for the truth in the opposite direction!

    • Mia Sosa
      Mia Sosa

      Dude hasn’t done shit in 50 years what makes you he’s gonna start now

  • Pat Hanna
    Pat Hanna

    WOW...just WOW !

  • jacobawojtowicz

    I know it was specific for Trump but this could apply to all commanders in chief. #fuckrulers google voluntaryism

    • Jesse

      nah it's just trump

  • JCR 15
    JCR 15

    This song is so disrespectful, President Trump is doing the best that he can under these circumstances, instead of tearing him down, we should be supporting him, and praying for him. Demi should be ashamed of herself, if she is corrupt as corrupt can be, and is just for Biden's radical left agenda. Which is full of lies, diseption, and hate. I hope she realizes how wrong she is, because she is! I support Trump and Pence all the way, and I am not ashamed to say it. TRUMP PENCE 2020 God Bless America!

    • Michelle Green
      Michelle Green

      @Katarina Giselle Don't make me laugh, Trump is the one who has been photographed multiple times hanging out with Epstein and Ghislaine! Do you even know what Epstein was about to disclose right before he died? You're so sadly brainwashed. We pity you ignorant poorly educated Trump supporters.

    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle

      @Michelle Green have you even researched who the majority of the people (almost EVERYBODY) on Epstein’s list is supporting and funding? I already know the answer- no, you haven’t. Start using your own brain to think for itself and ASK DIFFERENT QUESTIONS. Stop letting manipulation dictate how you think, man!

    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle

      @Jesse lies about WHAT?! You will be so shocked when you find out who the actual liars are. Can’t you see how the msm and social media is LITERALLY brainwashing everybody?? Wake the fuck up! Thankful I did...I am SO thankful I finally did and started researching with a different perspective. I went from hating him so absolutely loving and respecting him. Everybody is talking shit, and it’s for baaad reasons..reasons that lead to crimes against humanity. If you don’t want to find out about that sooner rather than later, start researching harder and switch who you think should be president. If I can find our the truth and change my mind, there is hope for everybody. I just hope that it doesn’t come too late.

    • Michelle Green
      Michelle Green

      Here's a brainwashed ignorant supporter of a racist, sexist, dictator loving, hate mongering, nepotist, Putin fan, ignorant, friend of Epstein useless of President who owns bank accounts and businesses in China! #TrumpChinaBank #DictatorTrump

    • Jesse

      he knew, he lied and didn't care to do anything he didn't do anything an deserves to be voted out

  • Jazmin Jones
    Jazmin Jones

    Beautiful touching song! Well done Demi! #BidenHarris2020 #VoteHimOut #TrumpDictator !

  • Courtney Chauvin
    Courtney Chauvin

    TRUMP 2020

  • mad mad
    mad mad

    the song is good tho LMAO

  • Kam

    Terrible Liberal propaganda. Ben Shapiro reacted to this garbage for what it is.

  • Jeff Hardy
    Jeff Hardy

    I didn't get the 'still to be able to breathe' but when it hit me, I felt the tears coming up.

  • Luna Regina
    Luna Regina

    She must be back on drugs if she actually believes there is any risk to her "career" for making a mediocre song with an opinion that is popular among the rest of the Hollywood elites and her 12 year old fans.

    • Kreativity

      13, actually.

    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle

      @Jaliyah James I’m so sorry you are so brainwashed. But guess what, if there’s hope for me, then there is hope for anybody. You need to start searching for the truth without all that msm programming. You will regret it if you don’t.

    • Katarina Giselle
      Katarina Giselle

      Haha yessssss! You said it best!

    • Luna Regina
      Luna Regina

      @Jaliyah James LOL such a 12 year old kid answer.

    • Jaliyah James
      Jaliyah James

      1st of all the song is so right about Trump. He ain't do NOTHING for the country. U need help to realize that. 🤬 2. How about u shut up, mind ur business & go play ur Fortnite, ok sweetie? Ok😀😌

  • Bruno Trevisan
    Bruno Trevisan

  • Bob McSmith
    Bob McSmith

    Omg so brave I’m glad someone finally had the guts to say orange man very bad big meanie. You are amazing thank you for this powerful brave message.

  • Lizzy Peters
    Lizzy Peters


  • Programming With Ehtisham
    Programming With Ehtisham

    i luv to hear your songs demi lovato

  • She Kissed The Prince
    She Kissed The Prince

    WoW Demi Fatvato just WoW 👏 I notice a little color in your skin. Your just another one of those paid Hollywood, California whxres! You don't even know what's going on! It's because of good White men like Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump are the reason why our people/people of color are no longer in chains and whipped in the back as Slaves! And let me tell you something Demetria! How about you open your mind first! Before you open your mouth! The Republican Party is the only Party in America that actually gives a damn about people! If you think Joe Biden is better than Donald Trump?! You are on some heavy as$ drugs bxtch! #Trump2020 #MAGA #WeThePeople

  • G D
    G D

    Tight Eyez...I see you. I like the song, well done Demi, meaningful message.. another masterpiece. I think Mr Gates should play this on repeat.

  • Johncas416

    I was told, if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

  • Igor Pereira
    Igor Pereira

    Te amo

  • Igor Pereira
    Igor Pereira


  • KEKs vava
    KEKs vava

    Oh yeah

  • Grabbed You By The Pussy
    Grabbed You By The Pussy


  • Grabbed You By The Pussy
    Grabbed You By The Pussy

    Demi Lovato is so desperate that she had to produce this identity politics crap "song". You're the reason Trump is going to be re-elected. Americans are fed up of virtue signaling twits like you who live in a fantasy world in your rich, gated community telling the rest of us how we should live, think, and feel.

  • Grabbed You By The Pussy
    Grabbed You By The Pussy

    LOL! What a trash "song". Demi has been irrelevant her entire career, she's so desperate now for people to forget her drug addiction and attempted suicide that she had to pull this failed stunt. What's even funnier is she thought Hollywood would shun her for being a Trump hater, what a delusional, lying, moron.

  • Mark Donald
    Mark Donald

    He's lost money since taking office and hasn't accepted the presidential salary.

  • Mike Dee
    Mike Dee

    Super brave of her to put her career on the line by criticizing someone that all of her peers also criticize. Can't imagine all the blowback she's getting for doing this. She'll probably never find work again, bless her.

    • Mike Dee
      Mike Dee

      @Grabbed You By The Pussy boy, I really hate to point out the obvious....but I was clearly being sarcastic

  • William Petrus
    William Petrus

    Who here would vote Ari 2024 after her latest video? Raise yo handz!

  • Da La
    Da La

    Demi Lovato, but full business huh

  • Aneesa Mitchell
    Aneesa Mitchell


  • Sal Al-abdullah
    Sal Al-abdullah

    Wow... the most worst part of 2020 is this retarded song.

  • Johnathan Mann
    Johnathan Mann

    Lol this song is garbage

  • lucia 28
    lucia 28

    I’ve wondered this year why there hasn’t been more political songs, when George bush was president there seem to be a lot

  • ThePopcorn4331

    Cause I want my political views from a fat heroin addict😂😂

    • Kreativity

      Also that's extremely rude

    • Kreativity

      Well, you just gave her a view

  • Ashley Nieves
    Ashley Nieves

    Listen to this like ten times a day ❤️

  • Adeola Adekanbi
    Adeola Adekanbi

    This song speaks volume to Nigeria...✊🏾🇳🇬

  • LienVegasVlogs

    Trump 2020

  • Christian Langford
    Christian Langford

    Only 5.8 million views? Lol yeah her career isn't doing to well is it? 😂😂😂 I can't wait to see her and all of her programmed followers crying on election night when the red wave flows in. Maybe she'll go back to snorting coke instead of vomiting this bs all over everyone.

  • Luiza Oliveira
    Luiza Oliveira

    Thank you, Demi. Thank you.

  • Juan Salazar
    Juan Salazar

    Trump has lost billions of dollars being president. How is he filling his pocket?

    • Juan Salazar
      Juan Salazar

      @Jadyn Moses some of his business go bankrupt. You know how many he has? And hes paid millions of tax. The 750 is trump organization. if your a business your able to right it off. It's written in the tax code

    • Jadyn Moses
      Jadyn Moses

      He lost billions because all he does is go bankrupt 😂 but defend him paying less taxing than an underpaid school teacher.

  • Dallas Cowboys Highlights
    Dallas Cowboys Highlights

    Yikes! ....The cringe is strong here. 😆😆

  • Anegimo Patience
    Anegimo Patience

    Africa is in trouble. Our leaders have put us in that situation. God helps us

  • Priscilla Iguisi
    Priscilla Iguisi

    This song now became applicable to Nigeria, pray for this country please, we are in a state of crisis and people are dying.

  • Abigail Buskila
    Abigail Buskila

    So beautiful❤❤❤❤ and true. Just be patient

  • Lungile Cele
    Lungile Cele

    So I guess we found the New World Anthem.

  • Amira

    Another clueless spoiled celebrity doing the Democrats bidding. So brave

  • Cam DeHart
    Cam DeHart


  • Enuma Onuegbu
    Enuma Onuegbu

    Healing for Nigeria! Strength to the Youths... Voice to the voiceless... Hope for our Parents.,🇳🇬

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