Daft Punk - Epilogue
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    ((((((( ГРУСТЬ

  • treda82


  • Spooderman

    Hooroo, mates. You'll be missed.



  • Svo Loch
    Svo Loch

    Well... Shit... Had a mildly-shit day. Came looking for a pick-me-up. See a new vid titled "Epilogue". My heart skipped a bit and dropped. Open it up. Hope to God I'm wrong. Unfortunately I was not... Feels almost as bad when family pet dies... WTF 2021, you were supposed to be better than 2020... Now I need a pick-me-up even more, so I'm of to listen to all my fav Daft Punk tunes. I will miss these guys.

  • Joshua Edelen
    Joshua Edelen

    I like the subtle Gerry movie reference

  • LonelyWolf

    Damn. Daft punk was a part of my childhood and still in this day i listen some of their songs. I'm not even a super big fan but this made me heartbroken

  • Vittão

    Já começamos o ano BEM kkkkkk

  • Jose raul Vazquez gutierrez
    Jose raul Vazquez gutierrez


  • kinshuk gautam
    kinshuk gautam

    Isn’t this video from song veridis quo

  • Jose Francisco Gomez
    Jose Francisco Gomez

    Almost 2 weeks since then and still hurts. Thank Daft Punk! Merci beaucoup robots!

  • عبدالله متعب السيف
    عبدالله متعب السيف


  • F1re B3nder
    F1re B3nder

    It's been a week and i still tear up when I watch this

  • Anthony games n vlogs
    Anthony games n vlogs

    Nooo my childhood is broken for ever

  • ElAnti Social
    ElAnti Social

    4:30 Change *THE WORLD* my final mesagge, goodbye

  • Sethimus

    Daft Punk will live on through the wonderful community they've built over the last 28 years! Thank you for inspiring one of my most successful videos and bringing joy to millions.

  • Leonor Perez
    Leonor Perez

    :( megustada esa banda 💔😭😢

  • This guy Has jashin
    This guy Has jashin

    Dude just became a cs go bomb

  • Voxorin

    I'm not ready.

  • Soyar


  • Saddle lite Beer
    Saddle lite Beer

    It's the turn around point I thought I'd let you know. I still love you....

    • Saddle lite Beer
      Saddle lite Beer

      Timestamp: 2:13 I'm not Satan. Come back.

  • Evan Keil
    Evan Keil

    those helmets still mad clean after like 30 years

  • Bab


  • axel caillet
    axel caillet

    Vous resterai toujours dans nos playlists et celle de nos enfants

  • aboutgaming ghost
    aboutgaming ghost

    Well music is gonna go down hill form here. It's been I good run

  • twoseokay

    still not over this :(

  • Chapuza Content
    Chapuza Content

    I just can’t get over the fact this happened


    안녕 잘가 그리울거야

  • Comandante Gree
    Comandante Gree



    The daft punk now found a end. But those years of listening to them were worth it.

  • ThatOneAmbivert

    Legends rise like a soaring eagle and fall like the sunset. We'll miss you.

  • guenole lacroix
    guenole lacroix


  • Polish Padawan
    Polish Padawan

    I'm from Buffalo NY. 16 years old listening to Discovery CD on our family road trip to Myrtle Beach. CD changed my life. Never heard anything like them. Did not here Homework yet. Digital Love one of my favorite songs of that album. Summer fling for 2 weeks. Drive home had Discovery playing over and over. They will always have a place in my heart and memories that will last forever. Thanks Daft Punk

  • Shjdhx Sıksjdjf
    Shjdhx Sıksjdjf


  • Jaime Sanchez
    Jaime Sanchez

    Im still crying :(

  • Le Bodinho
    Le Bodinho


  • What the frick
    What the frick

    Good bye draft punk, you evolved generations on music, you will be forevered missed

  • Shadow Judge
    Shadow Judge

    The past few days I've been listening to Daft Punk's music out of compulsion. Now I know why... 🙁 Farewell, gods of music.

  • Angelo Naranjo
    Angelo Naranjo

    Why?.... ;-;

  • Milkdromeda

    The blaze of glory

  • Diamond Knight
    Diamond Knight

    You'll be missed

  • Avalon Schultz
    Avalon Schultz

    Rip why did this make me so sad

  • Emilio Isaac Martínez Guadarrama
    Emilio Isaac Martínez Guadarrama


  • Кирилл Пенкин
    Кирилл Пенкин

    Мы потеряли легенд,спасибо вам за классную музыку😭

  • Sergei Soloviev
    Sergei Soloviev

    I dreamed to visit DP live sometime for the last few years. Now it seems never would be happen:( so sad

  • Luc Guay
    Luc Guay

    WOW! So touching without any music(except the grande finale! of course) or any facial expressions! Wasn't a huge fan, but i'm a 80's baby so they always been there ! FAREWELL GUYS! xxx

  • therealseal

    4:33 By far and away, the most expensive shot of the movie.

  • franco pacheco
    franco pacheco


    • franco pacheco
      franco pacheco

      Bueno que hago._. Tengo ezquisofrenia ayuda

    • franco pacheco
      franco pacheco

      Estoi lol

  • Thierry L59
    Thierry L59

    Merci pour tout....et bonne route 👏


    Daft Punk, the legend, we gonne miss it

  • Carlos Miranda
    Carlos Miranda

    Ya no me esta gustando este año

  • SpookyScarySkeletons

    encore please

  • Christopher Notfallingforit
    Christopher Notfallingforit

    I love you swedes!!!

  • Christopher Notfallingforit
    Christopher Notfallingforit


  • Christopher Notfallingforit
    Christopher Notfallingforit

    Who's ready for swedish House mafia to split 😂

  • Survival

    You'll be missed.

  • WileyEye659

    Maybe one day, the music industry will birth another group. But I dont think it will ever, EVER, make a group as memorable and loved by the world as Daft punk was. You two have truly brought life back to music and the world over. You have earned this gentlemen, thank you

  • PRO EliteKing X
    PRO EliteKing X

    That's enough to make a grown man cry😢

  • Ashhh Akatsuki
    Ashhh Akatsuki

    Sayonara dattebayo.

  • Ethan Hunter
    Ethan Hunter

    Thank you.

  • Gavin Schmidt
    Gavin Schmidt

    N....No....I'm not...crying ;_(

  • Neko Jongklek
    Neko Jongklek

    The end of the legend Peace ✊

  • Hankeres :v
    Hankeres :v

    Adiós Daft punk siempre estarás, en nuestros corazones.

  • Christian YT 大
    Christian YT 大

    Son increíbles simplemente


    Press F to pay respects for Daft Punk

  • Cry baby
    Cry baby

    I wasn't ready to see this 😭💔

  • Germán Rivera
    Germán Rivera

    Damn, the good music already is be extinguishing, now only stay the shi... called regueton!!

  • Martin Garcia
    Martin Garcia

    Seguro no lo leerán pero GRACIAS!

  • nicolas ortiz
    nicolas ortiz

    Veridis Quo

  • Noko Prod
    Noko Prod


  • Spicyboy Sauce
    Spicyboy Sauce

    hold on love is the answer to all

  • Promi Akter
    Promi Akter


  • Nicolancha


  • big guys videos
    big guys videos

    Legends in robot corps good bye daft punk


    I'll never forget the song that make me love playing music, Instant crush, thanks for all the songs that you gave us

  • Anna Beatriz Pompermayer
    Anna Beatriz Pompermayer

    Minha idade. Obrigada pelas músicas que sempre me acompanharam.

  • Kaleb Ramirez
    Kaleb Ramirez


  • Ricardo 700
    Ricardo 700


  • Xandão

    Thank you guys, thank you by your musics, you guys will ever be remembered in my heart and also a lot of people hearts, thank you very much

  • AkaGalaxyTTV

    You’ll come back I know you will

  • joel saravia
    joel saravia

    Give life back to music only you can do that please come back soon for yours fan

  • Blue Cyclone
    Blue Cyclone

    thank you.

  • An1Toh


  • david santiago garcia
    david santiago garcia


  • Cool Scoob
    Cool Scoob

    "dont be sad because its over be happy because it happened"- Dr seuss

  • wdseba

    Around the world

  • CortexMSC

    I though this is Hollywood prime but i was wrong... Good bye legend :'(

  • Jonathan Pacheco
    Jonathan Pacheco

    i guess 2020 had one last reick up its sleeve

  • Yeah Yee
    Yeah Yee

    Goodbye daft punk 🥲😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


    Quem veio pelo matuê? Kkkk

  • metaphysical

    Thank you for everything Daft Punk! There will never be another like you.

  • the liberator
    the liberator

    I must say I find this quite annoying. You could have chosen any point in time to announce your split up, but right now seems incredibly unfair to your fans (you know, these people forced to sit at home now and looking for some light at the end of the tunnel) and the video, what's the purpose of that? We don't care anymore, but you please have feelings, because... I mean they have every right to quit or don't care, but it doesn't resonate with me very well... Maybe I'm not completely objective, too, because I so much hoped for at least another album (or see them live even), damn.

  • Maxim en la free fire
    Maxim en la free fire

    😿😿😱😱😱 es una pena muy grande

    • Maxim en la free fire
      Maxim en la free fire

      @david santiago garcia usted no es youtuber y esta banda la sigo desde que era chiquito hay mucha pena para todos

    • Maxim en la free fire
      Maxim en la free fire

      @david santiago garcia te puedes calmar es que soy muy fan de free fire y el personaje se llama como yo y yo vine primero así que me lo merezco

    • david santiago garcia
      david santiago garcia

      Use otra cuenta con otro nombre no ponga su pendej** aqui

  • Aidan Jillson
    Aidan Jillson

    Holy shit this is depressing. At least we were alive during the time of Daft Punk

  • Aftersun 20XD6
    Aftersun 20XD6

    This does sadden me so dearly, but I want to thank Daft Punk for being the music of the best parties I ever had. I'm 44 now. My life has been a journey. Even when the da comes, I'll celebrate one last time. Cheers and so much love.

  • DeadSakana


  • Udt Iove
    Udt Iove

    i love you legend daft punk you're really legend

  • Jazmine Run
    Jazmine Run

    Y asi una leyenda se va , que sus canciones seran el recuerdo de esa y esta generacion para el universo atravez del tiempo . 💝

  • Lord- pupDOG-
    Lord- pupDOG-

    I haven't received a notification from Daft Punk in years! just now got this one! what is going on here?? no more daftpunk??

    • Lance Smith
      Lance Smith

      Nope no more they split up

  • Bryan Medina Medina Bryan
    Bryan Medina Medina Bryan

    Does this mean only “Punk” is left😭

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