Curry Drills 12 Threes Including The Game-Winner | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game
Steph Curry knocks down 12 threes, including the deep game-winner, as the Golden State Warriors visit the Oklahoma City Thunder in an instant classic on February 27, 2016.
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  • David Lopez
    David Lopez

    Iggy saved currys legendary game💀

  • Tae Ahn
    Tae Ahn


  • Luke Andris
    Luke Andris

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  • Сергей Земницкий
    Сергей Земницкий

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  • John Michael R. Lopez
    John Michael R. Lopez

    I remember the time when I was watching this game on television, I dropped my spoon and my jaw dropped with amazement. And that was the time when I got inspired to shoot 3S like him.

  • Davey Jones
    Davey Jones

    I had to quit watching. To f'n many ads!!

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    ehdhtehjtr jgdfgtertgf

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  • R2times 2
    R2times 2

    Look at Curry man so inspirational

  • jim jim
    jim jim

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  • wiz

    @1:38:35 imagine the whole stadium taunting you and you hit the FT! Iguodala 🥶🥶

  • Michael Kobashi
    Michael Kobashi

    I never get tired of seeing all the racists in okc look like they just had curry shit in their mouths.

  • Michael Kobashi
    Michael Kobashi

    I honestly feel like this one game changed the entire league

  • Michael Kobashi
    Michael Kobashi

    Damn back when steven adams had the best stache in the league. I feel old now.

  • มัลลิกา จินดารักษ์
    มัลลิกา จินดารักษ์


  • Jmar Rco
    Jmar Rco

    Still classic BANG!!

  • Herald Balili
    Herald Balili

    1:40:50 one of most clutches moments in NBA history.

  • Herald Balili
    Herald Balili

    I love this sequence, Klay gets a deflection then Draymond saves the ball from going out of bounds then Iguodala making clutch free throws. Later on, Curry finishes it off with a memorable 3 pointer. What a phenomenal game.

  • CoupedUp l
    CoupedUp l

    This is what made KD leave okc😂

  • Barchinggalus Trono
    Barchinggalus Trono

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  • utoy gaming
    utoy gaming


  • David Nuñez
    David Nuñez

    Lockdown memories

  • Isaac Wilson
    Isaac Wilson

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  • 李得漁


  • Sophie Leigh
    Sophie Leigh

    stephen curry.......

  • Genetta Williams
    Genetta Williams

    I lovvvvvvve Kevin Durant!

  • Raymond Rosario
    Raymond Rosario

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  • Floyd Calising
    Floyd Calising

    Missing klay so much

  • Angel Em
    Angel Em

    Green man.. How you tell the team you aren't shooting another bucket at half time and then your team comes out and wins the game. Lol not great politics giving up leverage but chu got paid tho.

  • Sheila Sharks
    Sheila Sharks

    every second counts

  • TheGood WillOut
    TheGood WillOut

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  • awdawd adad
    awdawd adad

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  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

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  • Blaze Ballers
    Blaze Ballers


  • otri vin
    otri vin

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  • papito chulo
    papito chulo

    Durant: You know Me: Yes, i know

  • Andy Ramírez
    Andy Ramírez

    Ibaka shoved tf outta him.

  • Play Again
    Play Again

    One of the announcer is stupid like OKC Crowd

  • Play Again
    Play Again

    Stupid OKC crowd

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

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  • kaizen king
    kaizen king


  • kaizen king
    kaizen king

    1:33:29 Klay first 3 of tonight

  • kaizen king
    kaizen king

    1:11:35 WTF

  • Math Spice
    Math Spice

    Durant got noticed by the people when he started joining the dubs.

  • Jorosh Jeremiah Esparcia
    Jorosh Jeremiah Esparcia

    this is the tim my menn


    Is it me or Currys shot looked smoother back then, then it is right now?

  • Brian Mabasa
    Brian Mabasa

    My question is, On the last shot why give it to Westbrick when hes shooting PCt is bad asf?!!

  • emin sağırlı
    emin sağırlı

    curry does nothing everyone in the livestream:LOOK AT CURRY MAN

  • Ragan Cole
    Ragan Cole

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  • Jaybert Sumingcan
    Jaybert Sumingcan

    One of the most memorable games ive watched live on tv.

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

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  • SportNut

    The ex-Warrior coach: That's a big time play. Amaz.... Jeff VanGundy: That's a big time foul! What are you looking at? lol

  • Big Smokie
    Big Smokie

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  • Big Smokie
    Big Smokie

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  • Donovan Mitchell
    Donovan Mitchell


  • Jayy

    And people think KD is better than Curry 😂😂

  • bwnri xasrt
    bwnri xasrt

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  • Dhubi Kijuo
    Dhubi Kijuo

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  • Flyboi3000x2 TV
    Flyboi3000x2 TV

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  • Xian Paul Haguring
    Xian Paul Haguring

    Very good curry idol

  • _hiunderscore • 2020 years ago
    _hiunderscore • 2020 years ago

    “They do have a timeout. Decided not to used it, Curry way downtown. BANG!! BANG!!!!” Chills every time

  • cherub cortiguerra
    cherub cortiguerra

    #team effort, good #hustle & finishing touch of #30 :))

  • Pali Wong
    Pali Wong

    Way too good to be true! That audacity damnnnn!

  • Diego Gonzalez
    Diego Gonzalez

    Dam that crowd was loud

  • Lord Finnesser
    Lord Finnesser

    I remember watching this game live its crazy how time flies.

  • Girthologist Gaming
    Girthologist Gaming

    1:31:40 "so the lane isn't CLUGGED" - Jeff van Fuckass

  • Jalvin Velasquez
    Jalvin Velasquez


  • Jalvin Velasquez
    Jalvin Velasquez


  • Илья Капустин
    Илья Капустин


  • eduar ed
    eduar ed

    KD was on the bench saying damnnnn i have to play with him SOMEDAY!...weakest move in the history of sports 2 prime mvp in the same team only happened once in the NBA..curry/KD

    • J'von Beats
      J'von Beats

      @eduar ed meaning it started a trend of stars going to other teams to be with other stars to win championshios. (Dumb ass)

    • eduar ed
      eduar ed

      @J'von Beats what the fuk i talking about

    • J'von Beats
      J'von Beats

      And now everybody is trying to be on the lakers because they know they can't beat them.

  • ian

    62k likes 62point career high

  • ZayBreezy

    one wise man stated, "look at flight, man. so inspirational"

  • Tyler Richter
    Tyler Richter

    any one else in school right now

  • TinoY ninyo pagod na
    TinoY ninyo pagod na

    GSW paden sa 2021

  • Celo B
    Celo B

    Greatest regular season game of all time literally change the game forever

  • Decarus Horne
    Decarus Horne

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  • Kayqui Nunes
    Kayqui Nunes


  • Mad Clown
    Mad Clown

    The clutch Iggy

  • Donte db
    Donte db

    Quante cazzo di pubblicità avete messooo

  • Shella Natalya
    Shella Natalya


  • Dlezi

    bang bang oh what ashot from curry

  • Alex Roberson
    Alex Roberson

    Who's here after Curry's 62 point game?

    • Diego Gonzalez
      Diego Gonzalez


  • Rich Glenn Isaac Agustin
    Rich Glenn Isaac Agustin

    1:54:55 lol westbrook

  • Ryan Gagne
    Ryan Gagne

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  • Miichaeljr

    legendary game Curry tha 🐐

  • Tristan Ellis Gaming
    Tristan Ellis Gaming


  • Cebastian Jones
    Cebastian Jones

    “The brilliant shooting of Stephen Curry Continues”

  • SLNCR 3-8-3
    SLNCR 3-8-3

    I know its 2021, but this is classic

  • Sheila's Poetry
    Sheila's Poetry

    I dont think Curry gets enough credit. The man is gifted I have never seen any other player shoot the ball from that distance. God has blessed him with a unique gift and he is using it quite well.

  • Sheila's Poetry
    Sheila's Poetry

    I am watching this today as if its live! you know you are a fan when you still get excited watching games played years ago. I miss my original guys on the warriors team but I am a fan and that's just it. loving this game like crazy. #NBA2021LETSGOWARRIORS!

  • LJ

    I really miss this time that we've no Covid yet.

  • LuisYT

    is amazine

  • mzjs kxiddh
    mzjs kxiddh

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  • James Henry Bandiez
    James Henry Bandiez

    wow Gurry wow

  • Deerman K
    Deerman K

    I am here after he dropped 62

  • Holly Eldridge
    Holly Eldridge

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  • JE JE
    JE JE

    I miss those BANG !!!BANG!! on steph 3's rightnow


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  • Elijah Elijah
    Elijah Elijah

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