Curry Drills 12 Threes Including The Game-Winner | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game
Steph Curry knocks down 12 threes, including the deep game-winner, as the Golden State Warriors visit the Oklahoma City Thunder in an instant classic on February 27, 2016.
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  • Wao merjope
    Wao merjope

    Legendary free throw by iggy

  • William O'Shea
    William O'Shea

    Who else was worried we were going to lose the game because of the first quarter even though you knew we won.

  • Lee Thomson
    Lee Thomson


  • m4Rk

    replaying April 2021 and still fun to okc was disintegrated the power core.

  • P C
    P C

    Oh, KD stole Curry’s points from 2017-2019. 🍎

  • ggean

    That era when the warriors don't need 7 footer to win cause they had the very strong offense

  • BlockOfCheez

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, The time you’re looking for is 1:42

  • John Hankard
    John Hankard

    I like adding Lin, Don't trade Wiseman, sign Cousins to a 10 day contract to help the Warriors make a push in 2021

  • Numb Berwan
    Numb Berwan

    Its feels like Game 7 Finals and the Series tied at 3-3!

  • Gordo Ortiz
    Gordo Ortiz

    Bang bang Oh what a shot from curry with 0.6 tenths of a second remaining

    • BlockOfCheez

      You mean SIX TENTHS of a second? 0.6 tenths of second is 0.06 seconds

  • LeFraud Has Choked In SIX Finals
    LeFraud Has Choked In SIX Finals

    This was the moment when Stephen Curry changed the game of basketball forever.

  • Osrit Mabait
    Osrit Mabait

    If klay hits atleast 30% in 3pfg. Missing green taking shots

  • John E
    John E

    Westbrick tried to injure curry in this game and he came back and cooked them

  • Sam & Lucas
    Sam & Lucas

    In the crowd I’m looking from that kid in thunderstruck 😂

    • clipx_xz clark
      clipx_xz clark

      LMAO that movie is amazing

  • Whiskered Shrimp
    Whiskered Shrimp

    1:27:20 steve kerr and durant lol

  • Norbin Bobot Tinio
    Norbin Bobot Tinio


  • Sherise Lisette
    Sherise Lisette

    vBritt Reid

  • Daniel Leiva
    Daniel Leiva

    Who’s here in 2022

  • Zakc Odom
    Zakc Odom

    Kevin DurCANTWININOKC. 😂😂 Cant beat a team he's up 3-1 on. Offseason: man I cant get passed them with russel westBRICK. Lemme go head and join a team with the top 2 shooters in league history one back to back league MVP w at least a title before I come oh and one of the best defensive players in the league and one of the best bigs in the league and a extremely if not the most versatile big in the league in Draymond green. C'mon KD when you went here I'm a GS fan asf but that was legit the weakest move next to bron leaving the cavs to join the heat with prine D Wade (end of his prime) chris Bosh, ray Allen, mario Chalmers and that 3&D player I cant recall his name. That's at least 4 future hall of famers and 4 of which are the starting 5. Which was multiple years before KD even considered leaving. Tbh bron and KD had the 2 weakest moves I have ever seen. So yall bron fans that say KD weakest move blahs blahs blah yet your boy did the same probably worst actually years before so yall cant say shit. Dame is the only super star who actually has the balls to stay and win with what he has. Bron and KD yall some bitches. But KD prolly the biggest of them all bc he did it the first time with GS then topped that shit going to the nets who would probably be pretty close to the all time nets roster with the current roster shit is wack asf. KD ON YOUR BURNER ACCT HOPE YOU SEE THIS YOU A STRAIGHT UP BITCH😂😂😂😂 YOU THE ONLY MILLIONAIRE ATHLETE THAT HAS BURNER ACCTS ARGUING WITH A 14 YEAR OLD AT HIS MOMMA CRIB LMAO A 14 YEAR OLD TROLL HAS YO PUNK ASS PRESSED ASF!!😂😂😂😂🗣🤷‍♂️🤯🤔🤔🤨😂😂😭

    • cubert___

      please get a job

  • Isaac Saad
    Isaac Saad

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  • Squritle games
    Squritle games

    I was about to say 1:48:02

  • Zayd Mallhi
    Zayd Mallhi

    actually if curry mist the shot it would of went to ot 2 and curry probably would of brook the record of threes in a game

  • Killer Bee
    Killer Bee

    Look at this curry guy. He just amazing

  • Kj Robinson
    Kj Robinson

    2016 the year Curry killed the league. All of your favorite players "Got That Work" from Curry and if he never got injured in the playoffs (Twice) it would've been the best Year a player ever had in the history of the NBA... #PERIOD #GotDammit

  • meestaShin

    Why'd they decide to use the worst pictures? lol 2:00:02

  • Itachisan1910


  • Statix

    Looking back, Curry dancing on OKC's home arena is mad disrespectful 😂😂😂

  • Lil Baby
    Lil Baby

    One of the best games of all time 🔥

  • Jeromie Mendoza
    Jeromie Mendoza

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    Johnson Bronson

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    Ryan Hannigan

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    Aracelis Rodriguez

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  • Mancing Sekaput
    Mancing Sekaput

    epic moment

  • Adam Arwas
    Adam Arwas

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  • Eric Foote
    Eric Foote

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    Matthew Lawton

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  • Anthony Hollowell
    Anthony Hollowell


  • jin hua yu
    jin hua yu

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  • Lynn S
    Lynn S

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  • Andrea Bendixen
    Andrea Bendixen

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  • Gregory Cole
    Gregory Cole

    1:48:15 shout out Kobe

  • Rick Velasquez
    Rick Velasquez

    The defense and heart of Draymond GREEN! The ball is almost out but he saved it. GGWP.

  • Sharlene Faber
    Sharlene Faber

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  • The Scotts
    The Scotts

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    try this

  • Huffie Cordell
    Huffie Cordell

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  • Ronald Iran
    Ronald Iran

    this is the game why KD join the warriors..🤣🤣🤣🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Ronald Iran
    Ronald Iran

    what a great performance of steph👍👍👍👍🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

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  • trylonda banks
    trylonda banks

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  • Tony Hidalgo
    Tony Hidalgo

    Man I wish I could get into this support.

  • Dustin Langley
    Dustin Langley

    Here after that Zags game lol

  • Lionel Martin Manera Saquing
    Lionel Martin Manera Saquing

    curry way down town i can believe he do that ties the game

  • Maurice

    57:20 "you got one point draymond"

  • Abdul Mahmood
    Abdul Mahmood

    Golden State only lost 4 games the rest of this season...

  • Pors Lans
    Pors Lans

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    Hasan Ibrahim

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    Emily Holloway

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  • Anjana Prijith
    Anjana Prijith

    Imagine if Westbrook actually made that shot. Lol.

  • Janine Cook
    Janine Cook

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  • Darren Cicala
    Darren Cicala

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  • Danny Tao
    Danny Tao

    This game was legend... wait for it...DARY!

  • Andre Servil
    Andre Servil

    Save the last dance

  • Nick Birmingham
    Nick Birmingham

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    Terry Smithson

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  • Roselene Macasaol
    Roselene Macasaol

    I know this 5 years ago, but that OKC crowd when Curry made the game winner gets me everytime🤣 don't celebrate too early lmao

  • Next Gen
    Next Gen

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  • Patrick Joshua Dela Cruz
    Patrick Joshua Dela Cruz

    I miss this old thunder lineup

  • Bobbie Prairie
    Bobbie Prairie

    stephen curry is the best omg im screaming

  • Johnny Acevedo Soto
    Johnny Acevedo Soto

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    Marten Clyman

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  • cesar moyano
    cesar moyano

    30 of march 2021, This is memorable, Curry is best shooter.

  • steven Gallardo
    steven Gallardo

    Things didn't seem to bright for OKC when GSW had Spiderman ready to sub in @ 56:36 lol

  • • ThatMadLad •
    • ThatMadLad •

    I can’t think of any better word to describe OKC fans other than: “Shattered”

  • Fazegregpaul 76
    Fazegregpaul 76


  • Jon C
    Jon C

    best regular season game of all time

  • Donte Jones
    Donte Jones

    Luka Donicic

  • Donte Jones
    Donte Jones

    Wat about Steve nash ,

  • Aracelis Rodriguez
    Aracelis Rodriguez

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    Aracelis Rodriguez

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  • Xerath

    Wow okc choked, crazy

  • blasting IX
    blasting IX

    Most iconic commentary of all time

  • Kevin Kreuser
    Kevin Kreuser

    Curry was unstoppable

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez

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  • Darren Cicala
    Darren Cicala

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  • Blaze Ballers
    Blaze Ballers

    who is also here in 2021?

  • NBA Fan
    NBA Fan

    perfect game

  • Grant Holtfrerich
    Grant Holtfrerich

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    curry hit that three

  • Loida Arr
    Loida Arr

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  • Ryan Hannigan
    Ryan Hannigan

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  • SirBrokenChicken

    Imagine if Iguodala didn't make those free throws

  • Laurence Ocampo
    Laurence Ocampo

    The appearing red 3pt line when someone shooting a 3 is a nice feature tbh, but Curry man

  • Edith Khatinsky
    Edith Khatinsky

    This game I saw live, witch was One off the Greatest games I had ever seen. Many years ago I saw LA.Lakers against Boston, I saw the A. Iverson dancing around and making big shots, I saw M.Jordan hitting game winner, I saw Reggie doing 3 pointers to New York in the Garden, but this game will go in the history like no other I had ever seen. KD and Russel and may be the all state of Oklahoma and the rest of basketball fans will ever forget.

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