CRISTIANO RONALDO was just going out for tea and this happened...
Watch what happens when Cristiano Ronaldo goes out for a cup of tea at a local cafe. How many sips of tea will he have before being swarmed by excited fans?

Manchester United

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  • Moises Ribeiro
    Moises Ribeiro

    1:42 - Gajo Galudão!

  • Rita Mancini
    Rita Mancini


  • pa key
    pa key

    Very humble

  • im not lazy
    im not lazy


  • Александр Перец
    Александр Перец

    Нахуя старой бабке фоткаться с ним???

  • Hussein Ano
    Hussein Ano

    I love him 💖💖💖💖

  • nanami / satsuno
    nanami / satsuno

    The guy in his right was just chillin

  • 🥊Checco 🥊
    🥊Checco 🥊

    Che grande persona

  • Olawole Kumapayi
    Olawole Kumapayi

    Just going for tea and still with camera




    Esso aqui no Brasil estaria lotado de gente

  • Thomas Gast
    Thomas Gast

    einfach nur daneben der verdient schon soviel 👿

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody

    Wow..such a big star dnt hv a tea pot at home...actually he did not go 4tea he was just 2show off for the English people to get their attention

  • kukurku kukuri
    kukurku kukuri

    this is not normal! let him go idiots!

  • Hana Tharwat
    Hana Tharwat

    الراجل مش عارف يشرب كوبايه الشاي 🙆‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂

  • tired. bill
    tired. bill

    Würde mir mies auf den Sack gehen

  • William Petersen
    William Petersen

    Me would do the same if I saw Josh Brolin (Thanos) having a cup of tea. in fact I would would do the Wayne's World move "I'm not worthy" first before begging for a photo.

  • MrBjornfan

    There is something wrong with theese people, let the man enyoy his tea in peace

  • Damion Herrera
    Damion Herrera

    I’m from Jamaica, CR7 is the greatest

  • Dude gamer YT
    Dude gamer YT

  • vinayaka murthy
    vinayaka murthy

    Love u from telengana india

  • Scarface

    He has cranial hyperhidrosis..but his self confidence is utmost

  • Ajmal Ali
    Ajmal Ali

    കേരളത്തിൽ ആണെങ്കിൽ ജന കൂട്ടം പൊതിഞ്ഞേനെ

  • David Kazmucha
    David Kazmucha

    Love him or hate him goat

  • Артем Кофанов
    Артем Кофанов

    супер публичная личность, весь мир с ним фото желает;)))

  • Saideep Reddy
    Saideep Reddy

    Why only girls taking pics

  • Shashank

    This guy is a legend.. I liked how people atleast first asked if they can take a picture..

  • Android tricks
    Android tricks

    If Christiano needs help in giving autographs or photos, then contact me

  • Dens Usbang chanel
    Dens Usbang chanel

    Im fns Cr7...

  • knowledge


  • Yogith Allu
    Yogith Allu

    If it’s in India people would have fallen on him 😂

  • Golden John
    Golden John

    His richer than most musicians and still his taking photos with random people Your favs can't even drink tea in a store like that😂

  • Aayush Acharya
    Aayush Acharya

    Ronaldo in his movie ; "I train hard everyday for this, I want to live like a king"

  • chintan vegad
    chintan vegad

    Actually we give so much importance to celebrity. And we people always ruin some one personal space. Give that person some personal space and enjoy tea.

  • johnenry

    Great player, great guy - thank you Ronaldo (come on city)

  • Muhammad Imam Hussain
    Muhammad Imam Hussain

    🇸🇦লা ইলাহা ইল্লাল্লাহু মুহাম্মাদুর রাসুলুল্লাহ সাল্লাল্লাহু আলাইহি ওয়াসাল্লাম।🌹 🌴সুবহানাল্লাহ ☘️ 🌴আলহামদুলিল্লাহ☘ 🌴লা ইলাহা ইল্লাল্লাহ☘️ 🌴আল্লাহু আকবার ☘️🇧🇩 🇸🇦La ilaha illallahu muhammadur rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam. 🌹 🌴Subhanallah ☘️ 🌴Alhamdulillah☘️ 🌴La Ilaha Illallah☘️ 🌴Allah Hu Akbar☘️ 🇸🇦#সত্যেরদাওয়াত পৌছে দিন প্রতিজনে উত্তম প্রতিদান দেবেন মহান আল্লাহ রব্বুল আলামিন। 💗(1 إِذَا جَاء نَصْرُ اللَّهِ وَالْفَتْحُ যখন আসবে আল্লাহর সাহায্য ও বিজয় When comes the Help of Allah, and Victory, 💗(2 وَرَأَيْتَ النَّاسَ يَدْخُلُونَ فِي دِينِ اللَّهِ أَفْوَاجًا এবং আপনি মানুষকে দলে দলে আল্লাহর দ্বীনে প্রবেশ করতে দেখবেন, And thou dost see the people enter Allah.s Religion in crowds, 🌴🌻☘️🌿💐🌺🌻🌺🌹🌿🌺🌹🌴

  • Luis

    Y después los españoles se creen de primer mundo hahaha ni siquiera lo dejan comer tranquilo xD Parecen una tribu que recién descubrió el fuego hahaha.

  • Vikram Singh Bisht
    Vikram Singh Bisht

    Real Beast RC 7

  • Clown Kunt A Bunt by Aytac Isik 🤡
    Clown Kunt A Bunt by Aytac Isik 🤡

    He is just the King 💪

  • Elexsandra Bastos
    Elexsandra Bastos

    Eu também quero 🤴

  • Dani Harel
    Dani Harel

    Penal tea

  • J1873

    He's just a role model who wants attention really 🤫

  • emma logan
    emma logan

    I feel so bad for him tbh

  • footballx7



    Ah! He’s just human like the rest of us

  • Zasha Monte
    Zasha Monte

    Que buena onda. !!

  • Güliz Özer
    Güliz Özer

    adam sanki fotoğraf çekinmeye gitti cafeye

  • Zuhriddin Nishonov
    Zuhriddin Nishonov

    Apart from being the best football player he's a great human with so much love and kindness.

  • Sabin vlogs
    Sabin vlogs

    Cr7 rules love frm nepal❤❤❤❤❤

  • Shahid Afridi
    Shahid Afridi

    Sometimes I feel agony about Ronaldo! And Chirstiano brother you're right that your Job is the best in the world

  • Under The Microscope
    Under The Microscope

    I never understood this "lemme take a picture BS", what do these people do with the pictures they took? it off to their friends and post it on Instagram for a few likes? sheeeesh let the man enjoy his tea

  • Ahesanul Alam
    Ahesanul Alam

    Im thinking if he comes in India/Bangladesh just for tea/coffee 👀

  • De Bombi van de Bumbo
    De Bombi van de Bumbo

    Que gente más pesada...

  • nicolas luciano
    nicolas luciano

    Pero es obvio tio te sientas como si nada en un cafe.. la gente se te tira encima

  • Aly Sissoko
    Aly Sissoko

    Cr7 nomber one Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Moe Ice
    Moe Ice

    The people have no respect let the Man drink his tea

  • abhilash reddy
    abhilash reddy

    imagine the same happen in India and no. of photos taken is not countable he literally can't even breath in the croud

  • Coronavirus

    03:34 😂😂😂

  • Lorenzo Marchi
    Lorenzo Marchi

    it's impossible to drink a tea in peace!

  • Daniel Barasa
    Daniel Barasa

    Someone please remind the stubborn crowd CR got some tea to concentrate on 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nguyễn Trang
    Nguyễn Trang

    Thật tuyệt

  • Merina Begum
    Merina Begum

    The offbeat tempo curiosly introduce because sandwich predominantly stir onto a dapper bedroom. snotty, unequaled female

  • Julien

    I prefere my life! More easy!! Quiet!!

  • Who Can
    Who Can

    I go out for tea like this all the time, waiting for people to recognise me I public like this

  • Sipping Lemonade
    Sipping Lemonade

    Before to be a good player ,you re a good man . Thats why u re loved ! ❤️

  • Silly

    Most people were not raised to be polite, no matter who that guy is, you need to respect their privacy and own time, there is a time where he goes taking pics, also he is a football player that gives u few smiles with his game performance from time to time not Albert einstein but then again most of these ppl dont know who einstein is or anyone that was reason they have phones etc :)

    • J O
      J O

      Lol what

  • C B
    C B

    these shameless clowns didn't even let him drink tea in peace smh

    • Mihir Joshi
      Mihir Joshi

      There's nothing "shameless"

  • Daniel Edward
    Daniel Edward

    Who? Oh....lame ass football player#1

  • Potatoe137 Killua
    Potatoe137 Killua

    2:56 funny joke by cristiano

  • PEPEdela110

    do they gotta touch him tho??

    • Yusuf Kaya
      Yusuf Kaya

      Some covid-19 problems

    • ARYAN .S
      ARYAN .S

      @OMEGA YT not middle class …He was poor …He was a sweeper 🧹

    • OMEGA YT
      OMEGA YT

      Because he's don't have ego because he also from middle class family R.i.p english

  • Timoty Finlayson
    Timoty Finlayson

    Fuck that would drive me insane.

  • BarbleX

    This makes me feel happy that i'm not famous

  • Taylor Rose
    Taylor Rose

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  • Maggie Villacis
    Maggie Villacis

    Bello Ronaldo, nada prepotente, sencillo. Me gusta.

  • MOAZ

    Thank god I'm not famous😂😅

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    Jessica Wilson

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      Esther Celeb

      who is this expert trader everyone is talking about, I like to contact this her and start investing heavily in Bitcoin but how do I contact her?

  • Cristian

    La gente es subnormal

  • Beata M.
    Beata M.


  • Wences Murillo
    Wences Murillo


  • Mahir Nabiyev
    Mahir Nabiyev

    Yazig chay ichemmedi

  • Miguel Angel Plaza huerta
    Miguel Angel Plaza huerta

    Que lastima de verdad locos por una foto sólo por el que serán y presumir que asco de personajes haber si nos enfocamos en otras cosas y no tanta hmgilipollez

    • HenryToys Amaya
      HenryToys Amaya

      Un resentido más de la vida, no sabe que cristiano es sinónimo de superación

  • pat max
    pat max


  • Swapnil Shirnath
    Swapnil Shirnath

    Do u know rajnikant sir

  • be rodi
    be rodi

    Its a very good spot of cristiano ronaldo legacy fragance!

  • Robson Fernandes
    Robson Fernandes

    Humildade dmais é o melhor jogador de todos os ceculos

  • bannerlad01

    People are so rude

  • So Fly Shorts
    So Fly Shorts

    Holy shit

  • Invoker

    He always get a camera when going to drink some team?

  • Brett Islip
    Brett Islip

    Like seagulls on a chip!

  • pozznation

    Unreal challenge :(

  • ZeroXtiK

    Que coñazo, yo le dejaria beber tranquilo el té joder

  • Laura Iglesias
    Laura Iglesias

    Even the men that are looking to ronaldo look like woman when see a guy they like xD they heterosexuality died

  • phu nguyen
    phu nguyen

    Caphe cũng ko ien ha anh do

  • shsuresh shsuresh
    shsuresh shsuresh

    If he is in india ,I think it would be different crowd here 😎😎, any indians here

  • LostFaith_in_Humanity

    Its literally just a man. A human man. I don't get it? Why do people have to take pictures with him? They'll probably post it on their social media like they have found a new scientific discovery. He's an amazing professional, but my god... it's literally just a human man who you see everyday. Fame and money means nothing, we're all the same.

    • Dr- Sythe
      Dr- Sythe

      So true

  • Youtube_censors _unfortunately
    Youtube_censors _unfortunately

    I hate ordinary people's celebrity worship of the rich and famous - $PRCY

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