Crazy Truck Driving 2021, Verrücktes LKW-Fahren 2021😍 #160

  • GetReady4LiftOff



    Ooh maan that guy is GR8 & got balls of Steel

  • Masud Sadot
    Masud Sadot

    Dumb way to do it because nothing will stop it if it’s on cliff edge

  • Josué Moreira
    Josué Moreira


  • Ricky Corbin
    Ricky Corbin

    yep crazy driver there could've went right on backwards

  • Jamshed Alam
    Jamshed Alam

    Fill llllppppppl

  • Bruno JM
    Bruno JM

    I think just plain idiots

  • steamhard

    So what’s this being buried in China

  • Handell Morancie
    Handell Morancie

    Be more careful on the job 💯👌 fully active

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich

    Not crazy very stupid ignorent from start, loading wrong,to drive away wrong.only smart one was the person takeing this.

  • Neil Tibbs
    Neil Tibbs

    I bet there was a funny smell in that cab.

  • E Selman
    E Selman


  • Ok Boomer!
    Ok Boomer!

    Burying a Uighur village.

  • Bruno Charles
    Bruno Charles

    C'est logique que ce camion bascule. C'est à cause du point de pivotement de la caisse. Il est trop en retrait par rapport à la longueur de la caisse. Et comme les matériaux glissent mal, la charge s'accumule après le point de pivotement. Il y a donc trop de report de charge, et le camion bascule. De plus la caisse descend trop bas, toujours à cause du point de pivotement. Bref, c'est très mal conçu, et donc, dangereux. Mais, c'est chinois.......

  • Steelaygot Maowenbach
    Steelaygot Maowenbach

    Rook rye-kk chi knee tay kin obber you toob.

  • Tuyen Tran
    Tuyen Tran

    It's not crazy. He's just shit in his pant.

  • Elbldo Zeir ali Arocs XXL
    Elbldo Zeir ali Arocs XXL

    Hello my friend writing with great pleasure

  • Garland Hann
    Garland Hann

    That’s not crazy they are stupid. For over loading the trucks. Don’t they understand. What happens when overloaded

    • Garland Hann
      Garland Hann

      Just stick to your rice fields. 😂

  • mike hill
    mike hill

    Chinese boycotting could cause a robot war of off china robotic production,starvation ,disease ...oh well we got that already.

  • Julien Freddy
    Julien Freddy

    Crazy driver

  • Noe Cabrera
    Noe Cabrera

    Made in china 🇨🇳....

  • キィちゃん


  • Ada Skinner
    Ada Skinner


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