Can a Cheap 2020 Smartphone beat a 2018 Flagship?
Before the wave of upcoming Flagship Smartphones (Samsung Galaxy Note 20, iPhone 12 Pro, Pixel 5, ASUS ROG Phone 3, etc), let's try to answer the age old question - Does a modern midrange phone, beat an older flagship phone? Subscribe for more content (IT'S FREE) :
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  • Blitz General
    Blitz General

    Did you see that somethimes it appeared note 9 instead note 8

  • ROBiN Methar
    ROBiN Methar

    A legend for thinking this type of video idea

  • 8932 yoi4j24
    8932 yoi4j24

    Glad you talked about the battery. The battery is the main reason I feel forced to go towards a more recent mid range phone, kind of frustrating because I would prefer to get a flagship.

  • Cassandra sasthai
    Cassandra sasthai

    The zippy separated genetically decorate because heron modestly request near a insidious liquor. pushy, learned sale

  • Anson

    10:06 Wow man! what is that huge mountain

  • Aidan Emmett
    Aidan Emmett

    hey no lying the a71 comes with a case I have one.

  • Aanonymous88

    Older flagship price dropped was my thing for do it all. But today if your are gaming go mid or good cheap phone.

  • Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch

    Listen to this dude try to sound like he remembers money problems 😂 I’m jk it’s cool he doesn’t flex real hard in our faces


    No 400$ Phone Has OIS Oneplus Nord: P A T H E T I C!

  • Sparer Yahya
    Sparer Yahya

    3:33 demm

  • Arpan Malhi
    Arpan Malhi

    Is this same in case of iphone ?

  • Jim Gom
    Jim Gom

    As usual, another high quality amazing informative video ! Well done, thank you boss 👍

  • juanme555

    I was soooo in love with the HTC One M8 , so sad that it's not usable today. ps: i never got an M8, it was my dream phone.

  • Emerald Zhu
    Emerald Zhu

    Finally an answer to my questions

  • Leolin Naidoo
    Leolin Naidoo

    I can watch your vids over and over again

  • COPLyfe

    Me watching this on a Samsung Galaxy A21s😥😥

  • optizap

    New phones are catching up with laptops in spec yet they are still limited by the slowest part, i.e the small screen. Maybe the next thing will be cheap dock into laptop stations for phones. Then it would be a choice between laptops and mobotops.

  • ıųsnl ıənuewə
    ıųsnl ıənuewə

    S8 is good too

  • Mr Bardel
    Mr Bardel

    free phone for me ...

  • Aspire Wot
    Aspire Wot

    4:10 Na chunky bazel is better than dumb dot in the centre

  • Muhammad Alaidin syah
    Muhammad Alaidin syah

    The thing is, the 2018 flagships doesn't give more updates more than 2 years

  • Michael Morgan Bain
    Michael Morgan Bain

    I am swooning over him tbqh

  • Shun Ibusaki
    Shun Ibusaki

    Lmaooooooo i i wish that i wasn’t broke.....i still have a iPhone 5

  • Yasser Quadri
    Yasser Quadri

    Please make a new version of this

  • Jane Rimfire
    Jane Rimfire

    Give $400, I'll spend $79.99 and pocket the rest. Add up costs of all your cellphones and tell me you are not the product of financial manipulation

  • Emily Gregg
    Emily Gregg

    For years I was a pretty devoted Samsung phone consumer. I recently have become a HUGE fan of LG phones. I honestly don't think I will ever go back to a Samsung or Apple flagship. While I don't get all the fancy features that most flagships come with, I really only use my phone for basics. I want good sound quality when I am streaming a video on ITmores or Netflix, and when I am listening to music. I grew up with an audiophile so I can hear very subtle differences in sound quality depending on the device I'm using. Secondly, I use my phone for, just that, a phone. And while having a good camera is important to me, having the latest and greatest, just becomes a moot point for me. I just want a good picture, it doesn't have to be perfect. So there you have it... I use my phone for Streaming music and videos Emails, text and talk Playing simple games like Clash Royale and Candy Crush The occasional photo for the times that I actually remember that my phone has a camera 😂 That's about it. Typed this out on my LG Velvet 5G through Sprint - no complaints.

  • Colin Tang
    Colin Tang

    Do it with iphone, cause I got a 8 in june of 2020 and am STIll in LOVE with her!

  • Connor's Corner
    Connor's Corner

    I got the Samsung A12 last month


    Seriously A71 is a good phone and also its not a budget phone in my country and also its not cheap

  • David Carter
    David Carter

    Sad. If that was more concise with a definitive guidence/ suggestion. You're still hot but too much of a good thing

  • Tony Sta. Ana
    Tony Sta. Ana

    Its true we're a little bias about the experience of different phones, i remember back in the days of nokia, the days that is dominated by black and white screen and keypad with no cameras and i see a colored screen with cameras, with different sounding ringtones with better games i miss those feelings, like when i jump from a feature phone to a smartphone-ish, from nokia 1800 to nokia 7610 a symbian powered phone with 2MP camera, with MMC card slot, and can download a lot of games!, and then the nokia N70 wow! I LOVE those phones more than my android phones right now,

  • Chad Burry
    Chad Burry

    A71 for sure

  • Kaneki Uzumaki
    Kaneki Uzumaki

    Oh boi

  • ted van Bijnen
    ted van Bijnen

    I always buy phone for between 150 end 200 euros

  • Ryder Family
    Ryder Family

    Haha fingerprints go brr

  • Hotpants87

    wife used note 8, now uses note 10, i still like my note 3 better xD

  • xSkyLeaF_

    and then there's me, who just bought a Samsung A71 :D

  • Vince Diniel
    Vince Diniel

    Mrwhotheboss:I only use modern phones Me:I'm using keypad cherry mobile

  • mbaxter22

    Flagships do not deserve a point for “higher build quality”. They’re generally more fragile than midrange phones because they’re glass backed and often use shiny metal trim that scratches all to hell. Another overlooked factor is these flagships weigh more, thanks to their glass and metal construction. Heavier phones take more damage when dropped, because they hit the floor harder than a light plastic phone. With lightweight plastic phones, you don’t need to use as heavy-duty a case; you can get by with a thin TPU case that adds almost no weight or bulk to the phone. Flagships, because they’re heavy and typically glass-backed, require a heavier-duty case as well. Also, the thin bezels make it even easier to shatter the screen when dropped. Even worse are the edge-to-edge curved glass of phones like the Samsung flagships, which are even more fragile still, and also very expensive to repair. Give me a plastic phone with some bezels and no curved glass any day. A great example of doing it right: the Google Pixel 3a / 3a XL. Oh and in the case of the aforementioned Pixels, you also have the benefit of an unobstructed display. No disgusting notches or hole punches that ruin the immersion in full screen video.

  • Ernesryst Jackinn
    Ernesryst Jackinn

    I would say my oppo a9 2020 about ~250 dollars (usd), my 2020 mid-range phone yesterday did update from Android 8 to Android 10 jezz.

  • samuelrizal1000

    Who knows if Arun is single or married? 🤔 🤔

  • Lance

    I say "The new midrange are the old flagships"

  • Felix Fu
    Felix Fu

    The stereotyped cappelletti consequentially yell because saturday cosmetically wait till a glossy ghost. astonishing, incompetent fog

  • Brian Kozlowski
    Brian Kozlowski

    The sparkling booklet thessaly launch because freeze implicitly regret over a amuck office. squeamish, bouncy pain

  • Arijeet

    O want a iphone 😭😭😭

  • unbekannt unbekant
    unbekannt unbekant

    my phone is freking 5 jears old i have a full day of youtube if i want more man i go on amazon and buy me an freaking 10 $ batery and open my back cover because i can do it and then put it in and have 3 days of youtube and i bought the phone for 30 $ man i love my j5

  • unbekannt unbekant
    unbekannt unbekant

    thx my old phone was realy laggy only in this vidio

  • Noeman Noeman
    Noeman Noeman

    still love my note 9

  • Haije Hiemstra
    Haije Hiemstra

    Note 10 lite lol

  • William Tingle
    William Tingle

    The Samsung Galaxy a21s has snapdragon 855 or something

  • Madhav Mundra
    Madhav Mundra

    Bring in the pixel 4a at 349 and it will destroy the flagships

  • LittleR

    Are there any good phones with non curved screens out there anymore? I have my note 4 that I bought in 2016 and it's getting pretty sluggish. I want a flat screen because I don't like using cases or screen protectors and am quite clumsy. Have dropped this one probably hundreds of times to surfaces ranging from carpet to wood floor to asphalt and apart from a couple of scratches the screen is flawless. I have got the impression that curved screen phones are very fragile when dropped like this and hate the idea of having one

  • david57boring

    Bro is finding Note 9 on ebay for 400 USD? IT'S STILL 800 GBP FFS

  • butter dog
    butter dog

    Why Is no one talking about the fact that at 2:10 he was typing "hello" into the settings searchbar

  • Galaxyboii

    I would get the note 9

  • Adam Sardar
    Adam Sardar

    It's easy for me a 2018 midrange

  • Erik Andreas
    Erik Andreas

    Mid range phones tend to lack ois So thats why its best to get an older flagship


    This is what makes Arun better than MKBHD. Still connected to regular people and budgets! Well done!

  • Rika

    I have a71 and it’s trash for gaming

  • Tigas

    i Think nokia is winner her the model called 3310 will beat shit out of any new smartphone.. it wont even feel it... like a knife in butter :D

  • MechaniC Zer0
    MechaniC Zer0

    Sadly even my pc isnt worth 400 dlolars


    can u test samsung galaxy m20? people say its the best cheap phone.


    mrwhosetheboss: compares only samsungs in some tests oppo and xiaomi: Am I a JoKe To YoU?

  • CrazyPlayer51251

    Hahaha , Snapdragon in a Samsung. You are joking.

    • Sachi Poonga
      Sachi Poonga

      It's available 😅😅😅

  • namcicle

    Its so fun to see how much the Midrange smartphones have improved in a few years :D

  • Shaun SR Wong
    Shaun SR Wong

    I think battery life should be a minus half for the flagships. Like, it can actually cause you a problem for an older flagship, while for the midrangers you basically don't care if you forgot to charge it.

  • Reeve Jacob Maxi
    Reeve Jacob Maxi

    Apple in 2050: you just get the box for paying $50000

  • illusive_nezzy88

    I'm always going with the old flagship over new mid grade

  • Rashid Alharmoodi
    Rashid Alharmoodi

    Watching from my Galaxy Note 9 🙈

  • BeatSaberPlayer

    1:57 "Flagships cut less corners." *Picks a phone up that is literally a rectangle with corner*

  • Jake77

    what do you mean "when i grew up"?! youre like mid 20s you grew up before smarphones....

  • typicalcitrus

    and then there's me, using a nexus 5 i bought second hand in 2015

  • Ian Bower
    Ian Bower

    Why do you say ‘I had a few hundred dollars’? I thought you grew up in the UK. Oh, and ‘sucks’ and ‘anyways’. Most strange for a non-north American person.

  • Defective Clone
    Defective Clone

    Galaxy S10 and S10+ and Note10+ will get 3 years of updates.. so they are good for Android 12 when it comes out and 4 years of security updates.

  • Joey Russo
    Joey Russo

    I have an A71 and I charge it, like, every three days.

  • Tony McCann
    Tony McCann

    I'd love to see how the Huawei P30 Pro holds up against 2020/21 budget phones

  • vf fa
    vf fa

    Mate 20 Pro vs any midrange phone from today is a win for the Mate 20 Pro

  • Charles Man Kit Lee
    Charles Man Kit Lee

    I switch from samsung a50s to S20fe 5g and I find the s20fe 5g beat a50s by a long way

  • Aimee

    Actually on the A71, there is an option to add stabilization on video by hitting a button. It's not the best (can get noisy in low light and won't work on photos) but it's a start. We could be seeing a better version of that not too long from now.

  • Darth Binks
    Darth Binks

    Thanks for the info. I’ll probably get the galaxy note 7

  • Colin Overton
    Colin Overton

    New phones have much better batteries. Nothing else matters.

  • osaspro

    NOTE 9 vs POCO X3 NFC

  • Carlos Eduardo Morales
    Carlos Eduardo Morales

    I switched to iPhone when I saw a 2013 5s beat my 2018 mid-range Galaxy

  • Godhelp Stopfap
    Godhelp Stopfap

    How normal people use their phone: 6:01 How I use my phone: 2:08 How Arun uses his phone: 2:29

  • ignoto82dr

    "the battery life for the newer mid range is better, but I'll call it a draw. And the camera are much more stacked in the new mid range, but I'm sentimental and so I'll call it a draw." This? This show bias. While I agree that older flagship at the same price of mid range newer phone are a much better chooise, putting back the newer mid range chooise because "I say so" show you dont care about being fair in your video, but you only care about exaltating your opinions showing blatant favoritism toward your chooise in face of your own word. In simpler word? This video should be ignored by those who aske themself this same question since the video itself is plagued by personal opinions instead of facts.

  • Mahatab Afnan
    Mahatab Afnan

    His contents are mind-blowing

  • Samsung with Sam
    Samsung with Sam

    The Note 9, amazing phone

  • Žan Mravljak
    Žan Mravljak

    The only reason why old flagships are not worth buying is due to lack of software support (Android, that is).

  • Jay Kumar Pal
    Jay Kumar Pal

    Hey Boss You Miss the Spare Parts category to repair the Flagship Maintenance cost is Higher than Mid Rangers


    Please review samsung f62

  • Nash Grier
    Nash Grier

    I bought an S9 plus in 2020 instead of a mid range phone and I don't regret it.

  • Scottscage

    Just looking at the title of this video, I am proud to say that next month I am getting myself a two year old superstar Samsung Galaxy S10, to replace my piece of shit A11 lol.

  • Silt Strider
    Silt Strider

    This is why I never buy electronics fresh off the market. Within a year it's a quarter of the price, or obsolete.

  • Bambang setiadi
    Bambang setiadi

    My phone only for whatsapp and view youtube so why we buy expensive phone


    Considering flagships are now around 1k and mid range is around 500 id hope no corners are cut in the mid range.

  • Joshua Niko
    Joshua Niko

    6:20 just realised he is in Nottingham (Market Square) that's pretty cool! Is he from Nottingham? Or was he just recording there. I don't usually subscribe on ITmores but I just subscribed to you watched a few of your videos and all are entertaining, informative, family friendly and enjoyable and is very clear on his presentation! amazing work keep it up Arun 👍🏽👀

  • Red Shutter Photography
    Red Shutter Photography

    Was in the same dilemma 2 weeks ago, looked around online for used wasn't sure what to buy, deffo no iPhone or Huawei.... So I ended up getting a phone I never said I would, a Samsung, a note 9 8gh ram/512gb hard drive, unlocked almost perfect condition for £220-00, so my question is did I make a good choice or should I have sent more and got something newer? Cheers

  • Srikhan Fernando
    Srikhan Fernando

    Love your videos 🤜🤛

  • Gypsy Soul
    Gypsy Soul

    You're the boss; just helped me make my decision

  • Seff Khomosi
    Seff Khomosi

    Using older flagships has always been the route for budget apple fans. The iPhone X is the same price as a mid ranger by now and its alright for the average user.

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