CAMPUS COUPLE S2 EP7 (Splendid TV) (Splendid Cartoon)
Finally Bimbo is on the part of redemption. Let's hope she will pull through. Watch this amazing video and share with friends and family.
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  • Amanda Loveland
    Amanda Loveland

    Amina t’a husband is also acting suspiciously. I have a feeling he’s gay even because he doesn’t even like the mention of children 🤔

  • James Christiana
    James Christiana

    Happy new month to everyone this month brings happiness peace joy blessing in Jesus name amen. Everything we are hoping from God we will achieve it this month. Stay away from extra marital aff9

  • ama peggy
    ama peggy

    Long time ooooooo I really miss you all

  • Jacy Anaf
    Jacy Anaf


  • Life Facts
    Life Facts

    So proud of Bimbo. As for Aminat, she better decide with whom she wants to be and soon. Nice one as always.

  • Okoye Precious
    Okoye Precious

    This Dickson's voice ehh 😰

  • given mbale kasumbu
    given mbale kasumbu

    Zambia is watching... Splendid TV cartoon is dope🔥🔥

  • Precious Leo
    Precious Leo

    Deal with me, I'm your Nigeria Lol..... this line gat me laughing

  • Blessing Samson
    Blessing Samson

    Is too short 😭

  • Geraldine Ngondjock
    Geraldine Ngondjock

    I enjoy this piece of cartoon every time thanks for our spirit up. But wait toh !the kind of love I see here, do we or some people really experience it in real life ? Cause love in movies, cartoon are totally different from real life;if you all know what I mean.?Thanks though hope love find me too not in campus obviously!

  • Hope Azeke
    Hope Azeke

    Nice one

  • Yemi D
    Yemi D

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16. Jesus loves you. If you wish to Surrender your life to Jesus Christ. Please repeat this...My Lord Jesus...I am a sinner...I come to you today...accept me as your son/daughter....wash me with your blood...I confess you as my Lord and personal saviour... In Jesus name. Amen Welcome into the family of God!

  • mary Charles
    mary Charles

    It seems aminat's husband has something to hide as to y they can't have children 🤔maybe he's talking pills to prevent him from getting aminat pregnant

  • Pretty Setty
    Pretty Setty

    And who's this watching after Aminat and Ojoe?

  • Mauricio Musondah
    Mauricio Musondah

    I miss mama bomboy

  • Gabriel Ijerhe
    Gabriel Ijerhe


  • Jessie Gondwe
    Jessie Gondwe

    It will end in tears for aminat...I can't wait

  • Bawon Dorcas
    Bawon Dorcas

    Am in love with this full episode full of lessons

  • Art life
    Art life

    I just wish they could upload new videos every hour 😍much love from Kenya😍😍

  • Audrey Mufumbi
    Audrey Mufumbi

    The episodes are too short 🥺

  • Precious Seleka
    Precious Seleka

    Am I the only one wondering who the woman in the car is🤔 I think she is spying on Ojo and Aminat because it's not the first time I see her

  • Emelia Nyame
    Emelia Nyame

    This channel is dope

  • Agie shee
    Agie shee

    loving it from kenya...thou you kept us waiting

  • clara adeyeye
    clara adeyeye

    Seems Amina has already made up her mind...

  • muritala Aishat
    muritala Aishat

    When a woman married to a cheat husband this is what happened but i think Aminat should hv open up to ojo bimbo continue to smile

  • Justina Enyindah
    Justina Enyindah

    Hmmmmmm. Some times mothers can be something else. If there are any child that needs more care and attention to me is a girl child because a lots happen within them but kept to them self. God will help us n help her too.

  • Inyene Oxford
    Inyene Oxford

    Aminat!!! Chai 🙆 She wants an apartment to have a fling with Ojo

  • osasona eunice
    osasona eunice

    The moment you realise you have a problem you're a step to your solution already. Thanks Splendid cartoons for this inspirational video

  • Chuma Igbeke
    Chuma Igbeke

    I can guess aminat will become pregnant for ojo 😏

  • Common Sense Sisters
    Common Sense Sisters

    "Deal with me I am your Nigeria" 🤣🤣🤣 Bimbo we love this your quote oooh and we are glad you have taken a bold step to begin therapy yaaaaay 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 SplendidTV✅✅✅ you people are doing great 👍🏾

  • Common Sense Sisters
    Common Sense Sisters

    Aminat Aminat Aminattttt how many times did we call you ehhhh???? Receive Sense ooooh this games you are playing won't end well ooh!!!

  • Mspinklocs

    Aminat is really putting herself in a position that's not good. First thing she is lying to her husband and her side man. All I see is trouble trouble in the end.

  • Sandra Aifuwa
    Sandra Aifuwa

    Love you guys so much

  • Sade Lewin
    Sade Lewin

    I honestly can't stand this girl Aminat😒😒😒😒😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. I know Ojo's heart will break bad but I hope he will find his wife soon.

    • Sade Lewin
      Sade Lewin

      All she cares about is getting back at Ronke😤kmt.

  • Sade Lewin
    Sade Lewin

    Mi deh yah🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • Monique Brown
    Monique Brown

    10 mins not enough for these episodes at all. Gosh splendid. Great job 👏

  • Nika Jones
    Nika Jones

    Ok Splendid, the episodes need to be longer. I need like 30 minutes per time. This is so interesting.

  • Akeem Bobbyslim
    Akeem Bobbyslim

    They say sometimes our soul mate comes after marriage.. I pray that God gives us our soul mate at the right time..

  • Akeem Bobbyslim
    Akeem Bobbyslim

    They say sometimes our soul mate comes after marriage.. I pray that God gives us our soul mate at the right time..

  • sharon jacob
    sharon jacob

    I really love watching splendid.dey are trying.I can't wait for Aroil

  • Love love lioness
    Love love lioness


  • Erica Nkansah
    Erica Nkansah

    Bimbo is finally seeking help Thank God and this Aminat and her husband dier,they should solve their issue

  • Yani R
    Yani R

    Who is the woman in the white car? She is always spying on Aminat.

  • Nadine King
    Nadine King

    Gorsh why is she being so dishonest. The very lie that starts a relationship ends it..

  • Barbra Namoga
    Barbra Namoga

    Aminat shouldn't be playing with someone's feelings , she can lie sometimes but not all the time

  • Daniel Peter
    Daniel Peter

    Aminat is going the wrong that will back fire at her soon

  • pi772nty

    I think Aminat is going to get pregnant by him and her husband will find out then. I think her husband is sterile

  • Jodi Robinson
    Jodi Robinson


  • kisiwah kersten
    kisiwah kersten

    So aminat really wanted to cheat

  • NIKKY Ganiyat adenike
    NIKKY Ganiyat adenike

    I love this episode plzzzzz next episode plzzzzz

  • Biodun Omolayo
    Biodun Omolayo

    Mr splendid more knowledge 👏

  • tessy eze
    tessy eze

    Nice one guys

  • Max 00
    Max 00

    This is awesome, seeing Bimbo happy makes me smile

  • Latoya Muringai
    Latoya Muringai

    I am PRESENT 🍹


    Oh Mr Splendid I can't wait for next episode

  • Susan Okungbowa.
    Susan Okungbowa.

    Nice one oga splendid. but you used to upload it longer for us before .what happened bcus we enjoyed it watching it longer. sorry i didn't meant to upset you guys ooooooooo. thank you.

  • Elizabeth Taworid
    Elizabeth Taworid

    Splendid your the best ❤️🔥🔥

  • Dell John
    Dell John

    I love it but to short

  • blessing afi flow like a river
    blessing afi flow like a river

    I want aminat to feel what say put ronke through when she made her brother left ronke

  • Claudette Brown
    Claudette Brown

    Bimbo smile is brighter than my future

  • Afro king
    Afro king

    Great episode

  • Mega Siliver Empire Tv
    Mega Siliver Empire Tv

    Amazing. Splendid

  • Titilayo Aisabokhai
    Titilayo Aisabokhai

    Splendid you are the bomb!👍

  • Inemesit Essiet
    Inemesit Essiet

    Amina has started seeing the results of her hatred for Ronke Na so life bi

  • Sonia Pretty
    Sonia Pretty

    Please next part 8

  • Deborah Elizabeth Yaw
    Deborah Elizabeth Yaw

    Who else think Aminat husband is impotent he can't have children

  • Memory Nelson
    Memory Nelson

    Bimbo n that guy are trauma bonding 🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️it won't end well for both of them

  • Itzme


  • Divine Ilawagbon
    Divine Ilawagbon

    Whoever is reading this, I pray that God to heal whatever is hurting you & God is going to pour so many blessings into your e😇🙌🏻 it’s your time. In Jesus name. Amen

  • Felix unoh
    Felix unoh

    Mr splendid much luv sir,Happy sunday guyz

  • Charity Ghinita
    Charity Ghinita

    Aminat is playing a dangerous game

  • Olusegun Atinuke oreofeoluwa
    Olusegun Atinuke oreofeoluwa

    Have been waiting since

  • losinta sule
    losinta sule

    I feel bad already for Ojo cuz he will be heart broken if he finds out the truth about Aminat 🙄🙄🙄

    • lucky girl
      lucky girl

      So true 🤯

  • Santee Hayles
    Santee Hayles


  • losinta sule
    losinta sule

    Why can't Aminat and her room mate open up to one another. There marriage sucks.

  • Claudine Bih
    Claudine Bih

    Wow thanks Mr splendid happy palm Sunday to all u guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • symone brown
    symone brown

    Wow bimbo am feeling very good for this step you guys make to get help I hope all will be well soon bimbo and you can feel true love this time around, as for you amanat this is getting worst you need to tell ojo the truth about you stop your hide and seek life because its gonna cause you shame in the end.thank you mr splendid may god grace continue to keep you 🤗❤❤❤

  • Queen Yankees
    Queen Yankees

    This Aminat too I don't understand what she is trying to do at all. She should be very careful or else she will loose both men. Whatever her husband is hiding too will come out soon. As for Bimbo I am happy for her and I pray this happiness last forever. Thanks Splendid TV for the good work. I am learning alot from your stories. 🙌👍😍😘🇬🇭

  • Manuwa Kebbie
    Manuwa Kebbie

    I'm happy for Bimbo, Aminat and her husband should just divorce since they don't love each other and are cheating on each other

  • Mary Langason
    Mary Langason

    Bimbo u smile ! Oooh God i have hopes .

  • Vivian nana Yeboah asiamah
    Vivian nana Yeboah asiamah

    Aminat you're selfish and heartless how could you 🙄

  • umunna Hope
    umunna Hope

    This is too short for an episode please Mr Splendid. Nice job though

  • Vivian nana Yeboah asiamah
    Vivian nana Yeboah asiamah

    Am.late oooh please give me hit small spendid good job 🌹🌹


    Splendid is doing a great job 😘😘, missing mama bobo n baba landlord

  • Yawa Dahoui
    Yawa Dahoui

    Look beautiful when u frowned wowww changed everything around. Wow

  • Yawa Dahoui
    Yawa Dahoui

    Happy 4 Bimbo

  • Yawa Dahoui
    Yawa Dahoui

    Love remove every spirit of shyness....ojo in Splendid cartoon

  • susan murimi
    susan murimi

    Great storyline, you guys are doing a wonderful job

  • Yawa Dahoui
    Yawa Dahoui

    Hmmm Aminat

  • Yawa Dahoui
    Yawa Dahoui

    Aminat is going 2 be caught hahaha

  • Gift Owusu
    Gift Owusu

    Mr splendid, pls change Aminat clothes 😂😂😂

  • Gift Owusu
    Gift Owusu

    Mr splendid, pls change Aminat clothes 😂😂😂

  • Gift Owusu
    Gift Owusu

    Mr splendid, pls change Aminat clothes 😂😂😂

  • Gift Owusu
    Gift Owusu

    Mr splendid, pls change Aminat clothes 😂😂😂

  • Samuel Bockarie
    Samuel Bockarie

    Splendid, I am Sierra Leonean, I always watched your movies, but please hear my humble and little request, please extend the time for us the viewers. Please

    • Splendid TV
      Splendid TV


    • Ori Agnes
      Ori Agnes

      Welldone mr splendid .

  • Paschaline Chigozie
    Paschaline Chigozie

    Splendid always gracing my Sundays 😘

  • Janet Inyang
    Janet Inyang

    Great job love u splendid

  • Jasmine Lewis-francis
    Jasmine Lewis-francis

    I'm really happy Bimbo is getting help and seems a lot happier, however Aminat really needs to tell Ojo she's married. If not, that would only lead to so much will blow up in her face big time

    • lucky girl
      lucky girl

      So true but it all her fault


    Happy Sunday oooooooooooo my ppl

  • Bernice Owusu
    Bernice Owusu

    Please I can't wait for the next episode, I enjoy when watching splendid cartoons