Brilliant Jannik Sinner vs Alexander Bublik Match! | Miami 2021 Highlights
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  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Sinner is something special, his approach, talent, and speed must terrify those at the top. Bublik, one of my favourite players to watch, he's just great.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    Those 3 forehand slap returns from Alex were crazy. He looked to be enjoying the match despite the loss.

  • Tracy Edwards
    Tracy Edwards

    Bublik has a new fan in me! What a great tennis attitude and he can play! Much success to both of these guys the rest of the year.

  • The Bearded Golfer
    The Bearded Golfer

    Bublik horsing around some until he realized he might need to stop horsing around, but by then it was too late.

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      Ambos son brillantes

  • Amrit Virk
    Amrit Virk

    Bublik seems talented but another kgryos in making. It's good for tennis though.

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      Fairplay contest: Bublik 10 kirgyios 0

  • Rob K
    Rob K

    That’s one of the best forehands I’ve ever seen, and I’ve watched a lot of tennis

  • Goran

    Bublik’s smile is very good after loss.

  • Manuel Franchini
    Manuel Franchini

    Technic of Bublik isn't less than Sinner's technic

  • Giuseppei io Dettori
    Giuseppei io Dettori

    Bublik, great fair play, good match, sinner is not human

  • GP

    Bravissimo...sei veramente fortissimo...sembravi Terminator....😉

  • Владимир Мыльник
    Владимир Мыльник

    Sasha Bagel, small size not ready today to win. BUT what moments are presented Tennis! and Sinner, But him no need was do the presents.

  • pabloMK

    great mental attitude for a 19 years old player. impressive.

  • Mauro Ferrario
    Mauro Ferrario

    Sinner fantastico

  • MR Kalibata
    MR Kalibata

    Bublik’s new fan right here...he can play some astonishing points in the beginning of the sets then lose focus then lost the set, all he just needs is to keep it up when he’s ahead.

  • Michal Chaloupka
    Michal Chaloupka

    Bublik plays like a god but every important match he chokes unfortunately, if he works on this he can be very high in the rankings soon

  • Demetrio Maria Raffa
    Demetrio Maria Raffa

    Sinner ha la testa di Borg, lo vedo bello solido!

  • kishor kumar
    kishor kumar

    1:30 loving smile

  • P MS
    P MS

    Hope this puts an end to Bublik being referred to as Discount Kyrgios or a Kyrgios wannabe. In terms of personality Bublik is nothing like Nick. Bublik is too relaxed and humble. It takes a lot of heart to appreciate an opponent after losing such an important match.

  • fernando cerro
    fernando cerro

    Ambos son brillantes

  • twoeasytoou tomorrow
    twoeasytoou tomorrow

    Fairplay contest: Bublik 10 kirgyios 0

  • Andrei Daniel
    Andrei Daniel

    I see a little bit of Dolgopolov in Bublik...I like that

  • Alessandro Savore
    Alessandro Savore

    Sinner il migliore 🇮🇹

  • Antonio Fiorentino
    Antonio Fiorentino

    grande... sinner porta questo atp miami master 1000 a casa...,ricordati chè non sei umano hahaha

  • Mira Gowaikar
    Mira Gowaikar

    I can see this Sinner-Bublik match up becoming one of the greatest rivalries

  • David Njoroge
    David Njoroge

    NEXT GEN: Time to win tournaments where the big three are not playing. SINNER: Hold my beer... Someone once said the next gen will wait for the big 3 to retire only for a younger player to start dominating😅

  • Steve Hughes
    Steve Hughes

    Good attitude from these that a lot!!

  • David Njoroge
    David Njoroge

    ROGER FEDERER VS JANNICK SINNER 👍👍LIKE if you want to see this match this year, you can't help but love Sinner, great match

  • babyelian77

    Basically, Bublik is a polite Nick Kyrgios !

  • Paris Zingis
    Paris Zingis

    Bublik is a Walmart version of Kyrgios

  • Yaa McCartney
    Yaa McCartney

    Great match, clearly two talented players. The quality is amazing! But better sportsmanship at the end!!!

  • Simon Butler
    Simon Butler

    Sportsmanship can define you at times. Bublik displayed great sportsmanship and I absolutely admired that about him. Sinner tho... what a guy eh? Really admire this kid.

  • Zenful Sounds
    Zenful Sounds

    How mentally tough is Sinner?!! Just WOW...he's 19 and is like a zen monk!! AMAZING!! Definitely soon a possible top 5.

  • Allegretto Miffy
    Allegretto Miffy

    Thanks for the stunning match. The handshake and conversation was terrific. We have more hope for the future tennis. 💪

  • Bartholomew Lyons
    Bartholomew Lyons

    1:55 all good and lovely at this point. And from 5-3 up he went to 5-6 down. That is tennis for you. Bublik has talent but man he wastes his chances

  • Dan Zhou
    Dan Zhou

    Bublik won this match on carefreeness.

  • Ignacio Sosa
    Ignacio Sosa

    Nice sportmanship from Bublik to Sinner. That's lovely man!

  • Robert Neighbors
    Robert Neighbors

    End of match Bublik says to Sinner at the net: "you're not a human !"

  • Nick Geo
    Nick Geo

    If Bublik focused on winning, he could be a top 10 player

  • Stefano Tranchellini
    Stefano Tranchellini

    Fantastic match from both players. Unbelievable resilience from Sinner!

  • Kevin Chang
    Kevin Chang

    It looks like bublik has done such a good job of recovering from his "I hate tennis" days. It is a delight to see him smiling and having fun and being able to focus on his love of the game itself, rather than be consumed by the harsh and unforgiving pressure of competition. will this result in the absolute best tennis he can produce? maybe, maybe not. but as long as he is enjoying himself while also making enough money to live comfortably, he doesn't really NEED to produce the absolute best tennis he is capable of to be happy, and there's something really wholesome in that. I'm becoming a huge fan of that wholesome happy energy he is showing these days.

  • Yusuf KAŞIKÇI
    Yusuf KAŞIKÇI

  • Tom Nguyen
    Tom Nguyen

    Sinner was lucky to get out of this match, he was down a break in each set. He wouldn't get away with a more experienced player!

    • Tom Nguyen
      Tom Nguyen

      @ItalianoMedio LOL You'd have made your point if Sinner was also down a break in 2nd set, and came back to win.

    • ItalianoMedio

      Omg you're right if someone with more experience like Bautista was up of a break in the final set I'm sure it would have been over for Sinner! Oh... wait a minute...

    • Yusuf KAŞIKÇI
      Yusuf KAŞIKÇI

  • Nicola Galli
    Nicola Galli

    This quality is so good 🔥

  • Tennis Tan
    Tennis Tan

    Any Italian here ? Pls tell me, if there is, the meaning of this name Sinner ?

    • Fran Cesca
      Fran Cesca

      @Angelo Genovese ah si certo! Però è la traduzione dall'inglese non dal tedesco. Il suo cognome ha origini tedesche

    • Angelo Genovese
      Angelo Genovese


    • Fran Cesca
      Fran Cesca

      In italian no

  • Kieran Rankie
    Kieran Rankie

    Bublik kind of looks like Evan Peters

  • Corrin Shapovalov
    Corrin Shapovalov

    those huge forehands from both are just satisfying to watch along with the sound when the ball struck the racket

  • volcanic.meteorefox

    Nice, that they‘re not spoiling the winner anymore! But I wish they would put some thought into the edit. At one point Bublik is leading 5:3 and it‘s 40:40 - next point, Sinner is leading 6:5. There should be at least one point of the re-break, I think.

  • risto shikongo
    risto shikongo

    Interesting how the game turned around.

  • Paolo Dugini
    Paolo Dugini

    Vedere Bublik giocare è sempre affascinante, senza tatticismi, alla Monfils, sono questi giocatori che tanto servono per il divertimento del pubblico e per il tennis. Alla fine della partita dimostra anche di essere una bella persona, che rispecchia lo spirito del suo tennis in campo. Su Jannik che dire? da italiano appassionato di tennis non voglio sognare troppo, certo che oltre alle capacità tennistiche (che può ancora migliorare) ha una maturità ed una solidità mentale davvro non umana alla sua età. Avanti Jannik, ed avanti anche gli altri nostri ragazzi che finalmente stanno popolando i tornei importanti con risultati positivi, Berrettini, Sonego, Musetti, Checchinato e così via. Bravi, era l'ora!

    • Paolo Dugini
      Paolo Dugini

      @Utente007 è vero, ma se si pensa a 10 anni fa adesso sembra di essere nell'eldorado :) e ci sono anche i giovanissimi che hai citato.

    • Utente007

      Cecchinato ha dato il via ai risultati positivi dei tennisti italiani ( Mager , Caruso , Berrettini , Sonego , Sinner , Musetti ...) , ma poi è calato purtroppo di prestazione . Spero che nei prossimi mesi sentiremo parlare anche di Nardi , Vincent Ruggeri e Zeppieri ... Che non facciano la fine di Quinzi😂

  • デストラビス


  • Madgik Bufgard
    Madgik Bufgard

    Саша ну как так в двух партиях вёл и проиграл.

  • Knotwilg

    I watched the match. Bublik at one point played two underhand serves in a row. It was fantastic.

  • MoonInSun108

    Crazy skills 🤯

  • Flam63

    Bublik ha semplicemente risposto da gran signore alla prima frase rivoltagli da Jannik a fine partita: "Hey, you're not human !". Gran bell'esempio di sportività. Ce ne fossero :)

  • Victrola66

    Ever since I saw Sinner at Roland Garros last year, I immediately thought...this guy is going to be big. Like Nadal big.

  • Stregone Csbn 1929
    Stregone Csbn 1929

    SINNER 🇮🇹

  • Kirill

    Incredible performance and play)

  • DaPohli

    Maybe it's just me. But these EN commentators are getting incredibly old. "Goodness me", "Oh, that is special", "Fantastic" ... zero variance, no emotion. Boring af

  • nicovfb 2007
    nicovfb 2007

    How did Bublik loose the 1 set?

  • gaetano cimino
    gaetano cimino

    Jannik sei l'orgoglio di tutti noi. Grazie per quello che ci stai regalando.

  • Vismay Gupta
    Vismay Gupta

    Bublik just came here for enjoyment. What a guy!

  • CGcarmineCG

    Bublik has the talent to be a top 10. He is so fun to watch. Hope to see him more in the future. Someone says he is like Kyrgios but he's not. He play for fun and try to win respecting his opponent. Always smile. Sinner is something else. A champion to be? As an italian i hope so. I'm proud to be represented from this young talented guy. Now Roberto Bautista Agut in the semi. The dream continue.

  • Vismay Gupta
    Vismay Gupta

    1:25 even he didn't believe he just smacked that return !

  • Marco Tudini
    Marco Tudini

    Grande Bublick!👏👏 He is funny, hits the ball like crazy and has no problem to congrats the opponent in that way... Ah ok i'm italian so... Bravo Sinner to getting over this tough mach😅

  • ТурбоТОП

    Sinner top 8 by end of year.

  • Shen Lua
    Shen Lua

    Bublik & Kyrgios --> Trickshot Kings 👑

  • Marc Zimmer
    Marc Zimmer

    What a forehand at 1:30? Bublik is such nice and human guy. Sinner is so mentaly stable and focused. Was always break back an played it at home. Great compliment at the end during shake hands.

  • Giuseppe Buonsante
    Giuseppe Buonsante

    Yannik, the best!!!!

  • Antonio Androsiglio
    Antonio Androsiglio

    first of all, Bublik is extraordinary both for his technical baggage and for his game and for his approach to tennis, always with a smile between his lips. On Sinner, it's absolutely amazing how he can forget the mistake he just made and play the best tennis possible at the next point; he seems determined and focused on winning like a true champion; his blows can then be of monstrous power. If it continues like this it won't be difficult to get to the top ten in a couple of years. But I think if he really wants to be at the top he has to learn to vary his game, go to the net more often, play some short ball, some slices etc... He basics a little bit like Djokovic as the greatest power, but he has all these variations that Sinner lacks today. However, a miracle of nature

  • Jimmy He
    Jimmy He

    Why didn't Bublik trick Sinner with the under arm serve?

    • matt

      he tried more than once, actually

  • ur couzin
    ur couzin

    Bublik is like if Kygrios wasn't an asshole

  • ur couzin
    ur couzin

    Holy shit they made the other "next-gen" guys look like chumps. What a match. That was probably one of the most entertaining straight set matches of the past decade.

  • Inder's Corner
    Inder's Corner

    Bublik has really a nice character... It literally takes a lot of strength to be humble especially when every other is just smashing rackets at any other reason...😂 He surely has my support from now on...

  • jian yu Ke
    jian yu Ke

    I saw the future of Next generation in tennis !!

  • ArticruciA Williams
    ArticruciA Williams

    Bublik turned on his power-up and every forehand sounded like a spank and was an instant winner XD

  • Sean Eckhart
    Sean Eckhart

    Its almost like Bublik knew he was gonna lose the match going toe to toe with Sinner and the only way he could win was those crazy 50:50 shots. Great sportsmanship in the end nonetheless 😂

  • Timothée Preston
    Timothée Preston

    Bublik is awesome Guy. He did the show but still great Guy.. kyrgios need to do the same

  • zachary wan
    zachary wan

    Alex be nick’s long lost brother 🤣🤣🤣

  • Timothée Preston
    Timothée Preston

    Sinner is new berdych in better

  • Abhishek Pathak
    Abhishek Pathak

    Sinner is showing so much maturity and fighting spirit at such a young age.

  • Marcus Fredriksson
    Marcus Fredriksson

    Looked like a throw. At least the first set.

  • Gaboumachine44

    Ok, Im a Bublik’s fan now 😂😎

  • yan su
    yan su

    what a nice game!!!!

  • Ryo Shusuke
    Ryo Shusuke

    Bublik lost, but this Sascha earned his “c”. Unlike a certain domestic abuser.

  • Warrior Son
    Warrior Son

    Bublik is so entertaining....I hope he becomes more consistent also...🤔😒

  • A. Tanaka
    A. Tanaka


  • Strawberry Shortcake.
    Strawberry Shortcake.

    I'm so happy seeing Bublik get serious about his game. Easily the most underrated volleyer on tour.

  • Moh'd Salmen
    Moh'd Salmen

    Ma boyy always intertaining, lets goo sinner 🔥🔥 I was hoping for a semi final against medvedev, but i just went through the scores and he lost to bautista, great stuff from the spaniard, i thought medvedev would win this one!

  • Teresa J
    Teresa J

    He said your not a human man🤣

  • Frank G.
    Frank G.

    Awesome win by Sinner he kept his focus throughout the match. Bublik is the one who didn't seem human in the first half hour, he was hitting insane shots.

    • Michele Favaron
      Michele Favaron

      ...and he lost the match....imagine if bublik didn't play so good in the first half hour

  • Flont1991

    Wow what a game!!

  • Ramone Cricket
    Ramone Cricket

    Quite frankly, Thiem, Medvedev, Zverev and Rublev should only be temporary custodians of the game until Sinner becomes the player he's meant to be. Tsitsipas will be the best of that bunch in my opinion (maybe 4-6 slams), but this guy is the true dominant champion in waiting of the next 15 years. Not saying he's Big 3 level, but you get the gist.

  • Hiren Patel
    Hiren Patel

    What a guy Bublik is, got love this man...👌👌👏

  • Cuerdo

    15years old haha

  • vhyles

    60 fps ... Finally ..

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Amazing points, are the images accelerated ? those forehands were so fast

    • Barbara Abt
      Barbara Abt

      No, they were not. I watched them live

  • Jorge Augusto
    Jorge Augusto

    1:26 speechless (lol)

  • Wattanai James
    Wattanai James

    Getting bublik's admire word is enough to prove that jannik sinner is future no.1.

  • Peter Tamura
    Peter Tamura

    Next gen!

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