Bobby Lashley vs. Cedric Alexander: Raw, Apr. 5, 2021
The implosion of The Hurt Business continues as WWE Champion Bobby Lashley goes one-on-one with Cedric Alexander. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • James

    Not very logical, lashley was on a 8 count outside and Cedric ran to the other side of the ring to bounce off the ropes and jump outside. If the ref kept counting lashley would of been counted out. I know it’s pre determined haha


    I've read all the comments there seems to be a consistent trend lmao

  • Emanuel R. Noor
    Emanuel R. Noor

    Why WHy!!!!WHY??!! Don't just go breaking the coolest faction ever.

  • 34.CarlosJavier

    👍💪🙏♀️♂️🔺💙1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣. Hechos 2:21.

  • Ronnnie Buchanan
    Ronnnie Buchanan

    I get it now. Its just like the shield. Bobby then hopefully Shelton and then Cedric.

  • Lanz Paqueo
    Lanz Paqueo

    I wanna see shelton and cedric help drew win the title

  • Simply Joy
    Simply Joy

    When you become a champion...your true colour shows

  • Hasan Kaya
    Hasan Kaya


  • Franck Roussel
    Franck Roussel


  • bobby kibble
    bobby kibble

    I was a pretty sweet master lock

  • J Shapiro
    J Shapiro

    lashley needs a rock bottom type move with that stroke position

  • roman reigns
    roman reigns

    Hurt business is trash stay mad 😁😂😂😂😂💀🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹

  • Adnan Dani Khan Khattar
    Adnan Dani Khan Khattar

    Finally The Hurt Business Finished

  • Henri Waynei
    Henri Waynei

    I was hoping for the hurt business to be the best faction since the evolution era

  • M.A.D MAN
    M.A.D MAN

    If I were wwe I would have bobby lashely be wwe world champ, mvp be u.s. champ, and cedric and shelton as tag champs like evolution. They could have been great.

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee

    Here is the thing. Benjamin would’ve been smarter if instead of punching Lashley, he took off his belt and starting lashing him with it

  • Loxley Dixon
    Loxley Dixon

    no point of me watching RAW anymore 😒


    NXT vera level


    Compare to this match and bobylasly NXT matches now a day's excellent

  • gravelly96

    If they only broke up so Bobby Lashley gets booed at Mania then fine. But PLEASE, they need to reform once WrestleMania is done with. The fans aren't just saying it for the sake of it when they say this was one of the best factions of the modern era and that splitting them up was such a ridiculous thing to do. Like I legit might stop watching Raw just because now they've split up there's literally nothing good on that show anymore except Drew.

  • Alex Aiello
    Alex Aiello

    Wait, I’m sorry I’m confused. Who’s who? Who’s The Hurt Business and who’s not. Is Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin The Hurt Business and Bobby Lashley and M.V.P aren’t or is it the other way around?

  • -A -
    -A -

    Can anyone tell why newest Raw and smack-down full episodes are no longer here in youtube?

  • Ethan Renshaw
    Ethan Renshaw

    For a split second when cedric was jumping into lashley you could see lashley be like "prehaps i treated you too harshly"

  • C H I E N A H
    C H I E N A H


  • Vikram Kumar
    Vikram Kumar

    Bobby leshly king, kong .


    I love seen black ppl get pushed

  • Will C
    Will C

    Baron Corbin could be their secret member

  • Alfonso Echevarria
    Alfonso Echevarria

    Hurt busines was one of the few good things ngs in WWE and Vince done it again

  • Hmachhuana Ralte
    Hmachhuana Ralte

    Why on earth Vince break the THB why.... Whats the goal here🤷

  • Mbako Pinem
    Mbako Pinem

    Rip Cedric 😂🤣🤣

  • Noyel George
    Noyel George

    I am happy that hurt business has broken. This is also a lesson for MVP who have poisoned alexender to stab his former partner Richoett

  • Leonel Cardenas
    Leonel Cardenas

    Let benjamin run with it after wrestlemania. Give him one good run. He deserves it

  • SK Swamy
    SK Swamy

    Bobby lashley most powerful superstar in todays WWE locker room. Even Brock Lesnar will lose to him. Drew McIntyre will lose in this Wrestlemania.

  • Titan Sokugawa
    Titan Sokugawa

    I feel like Shelton and Cedric might interfere in Lashley’s match at Wrestlemania.

  • BıronCrıllın 3î3
    BıronCrıllın 3î3

    What happened to Mr. Lashley & MVP?

  • TheUltimateGeordie

    Bobby lashley is the least intimidating bloke in wwe the way he grits his teeth I'd like a kid growling when they don't get what they want honestly needs dome acting classes and his mike skills constantly tripping over himself if he slowed down he would be one of the best on the mic, font get me wrong I love lashley I just think there's a lot he needs to improve or change about his heel posona

  • ViSiOn JaY
    ViSiOn JaY

    Bad decision

  • ViSiOn JaY
    ViSiOn JaY

    Bad decision

  • ViSiOn JaY
    ViSiOn JaY

    Bad decision

  • ViSiOn JaY
    ViSiOn JaY

    Bad decision

  • ViSiOn JaY
    ViSiOn JaY

    Bad decision

  • ViSiOn JaY
    ViSiOn JaY

    Bad decision

  • ViSiOn JaY
    ViSiOn JaY

    Bad decision

  • ViSiOn JaY
    ViSiOn JaY

    Bad decision

  • ViSiOn JaY
    ViSiOn JaY

    Idk if wwe listens so can everyone spam “bad decision “ in the comment section I’ll start BAD DECISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Savage

    The almighty rain will be long

  • Arvind Rawat
    Arvind Rawat

    Kallo ka brock leanser hae ye


    I'm happy Cedric Alexander is high flying again

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy

    I hope that Bobby retains against Drew this saturday. Dude is a legit savage.

  • Itz B.A.L
    Itz B.A.L

    If there’s anything good that can come out of the hurt business break up Is that maybe Shelton and Cedric can stay as a tag team and continue to fight for the tag titles since now they completely have each other back and wasn’t trying to up the other before

  • leafdude 1
    leafdude 1

    Give Shelton Benjamin a legitimate shot at the title! He might be pass his prime but he can still go!

  • Zunayed Khan
    Zunayed Khan

    The look and the body language of MVP clearly shows how disappointed he is with The Hurt Business getting broken.

  • Victoria Davis
    Victoria Davis


  • Victoria Davis
    Victoria Davis



    Apparently both the Retribution and the Hurt Business happened to disband...

  • Too Sweet Wrestling 1997
    Too Sweet Wrestling 1997

    If Vince made the decision to break up the Hurt Business....What a horrible move.

  • Oliver Asante
    Oliver Asante

    Seriously these guys the hurt business was the only reason I started watching raw again not drew whatever McIntyre

  • Ash Yeo
    Ash Yeo

    i think this is some kinda plot twist before the title match. They will reunite at WM and laugh at all of our face

  • Sinay

    What a bad idea to break the Hurt Business



  • G4L17

    We can never have anything good 😔 I really didn’t see The Hurt Business loosing the titles right away and Bobby attacking and turning on them 🤯 ruining the Hurt Business like this it’s sad they were all just champions together this story took a huge 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • antonio gunn
    antonio gunn

    I hope this is the lowest rated WM of all time in response to breaking up the Hurt Business.

  • Jonathan Salas
    Jonathan Salas

    All im gonna say is i dont want to see the same guy win at wrestlemania again.....

  • Gopinath Suba
    Gopinath Suba

    Iam very Happy

  • Alex J
    Alex J

    Alex Johnson Drew McIntyre Bobby LashleyMVP super short and bitchy man surg Cedric Alexander🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤩🤨🤨🤨🤪🤪🤪🥸🥸🥸🥸😎😎😎😎😜😜😜😜😜😜😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😌😌😌😌😌😌😂😅😀😀😀😀😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😍😍😍😌😌😌😍😍😚😚😚😚😚😜😜😜

  • Alex J
    Alex J

    Please please let me know when you’re coming to your place to call Cedric Alexander beat Bobby Lashley and then we Then we can have Drew McIntyre versus Bobby Lashley versus surgical Alexande😍😍😍😍😍😇😇😇😍😇😍😍😍😎😎😎😜😜😜😙😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😂🥸🥸🥸😎😎😎😎😎😎🥸🥸😜😜😜😜😜😎😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😃😅😂😜😜😜r

  • Jim Wilson
    Jim Wilson

    Lashley won't pass a legit drug test

  • Doug Martin
    Doug Martin

    Just like the TNA days! MVP managed Lashley and led him to the TNA World Title.

  • S from
    S from

    Shelton Benjamin is a great and talented wrestler. I do hope WWE does something good with him. I'm sure they won't because that is what they do with their talent which is nothing.

  • Virginia Chapi
    Virginia Chapi

    Bobby lashley becoming wwe champion was a big mistake

  • Zain Zk
    Zain Zk

    There's no need of tap out in wwe

  • jeffrey panda
    jeffrey panda

    Cedric and Shelton going cost Bobby the wwe championship at WM after they take out MVP during the match

  • Tanmay Modak
    Tanmay Modak

    Let's hope bobby and shelton feud for the wwe title. Shelton deserves it

  • Reynaldo Abulencia
    Reynaldo Abulencia

    I Miss Cedric’s Tope Con Hilo’s

  • Franklin Cliente
    Franklin Cliente

    What the WWE are going to say about the death of jackveneno riflare


    It is the replay of sheild 1 betrayer , he wins the title and other 2 tries to stop him as a team

  • Ria Willams
    Ria Willams

    Can't stand Lashley. He talks a tuft game but he is a coward. He went to the locker room to offer the person who can put down Drew a title match. Like real brave.

  • Modelguy422 Gaming channel
    Modelguy422 Gaming channel

    It's TRUE rumor report that MVP and Lashley went to vince to beg him not to break them up but vince is stubborn and had his mind made up and that the moral went down backstage because Vince dors not listen to much feedback from wrestler's and ideas when it pertains to storylines and there careers

  • Duderell28Gaming

    This making wanna see younger Shelton Benjamin

  • Janie Everett
    Janie Everett

    Let's make the rock vs Bobby Lashley fight.

  • fmthebaron

    Did MVP suffer a Ryan Shazier injury or something because he's had that pimp cane for a long time now.

  • fmthebaron

    Shelton and Cedric are obviously still heels so hopefully they'll rejoin The Hurt Business soon. MVP still likes those guys.

  • Terry O
    Terry O

    Vince is going to change his mind Saturday and put Bobby over😂

  • Don Hutchinson
    Don Hutchinson

    Yes....the ALMIGHTY should retain and be the true destroyer !!!!!!!!

  • JBlayze TV
    JBlayze TV

    Worst decision ever to breathe up THB, hopefully creative bring them back together at some point

  • ANO

    Shelton and Cedric getting buried smh

  • matt stpierre
    matt stpierre

    The hurt bussiness is still a thing guys they just took out the weaker links

  • william nobbe
    william nobbe

    Yeah right... with the hurt lock is probally cheating to win😡😡

  • Michelle Indacochea
    Michelle Indacochea

    @Bobby Lashley @MVP @Shelton Benjamin @Cedric Alexander The Hurt Business is best thing I ever had, I thought got my back since Lashley decided to break up, it is 100 percent heartbreaking for me and now I moved on the rest of my attire life. @Bobby Lashley you have 2 choices to make 1. Shelton and Cedric to rejoined The Hurt Business again 2. to get fired It’s your choice

  • Ramius Aquiler
    Ramius Aquiler

    You know, since Shelton is friends with Lesnar he might call him for payback against Lashley. Now we can have LASHLEY VS LESNAR

  • ivan luna
    ivan luna

    I got a feeling that the hurt business will reunite by helping Lashley win at Mania

  • Syed Arif Shah
    Syed Arif Shah

    we want brock lasner vs bobby lashly

  • Hannes Horn
    Hannes Horn

    Is Vince actually okay tho? He legitimately makes the worst decisions! Exactly the opposite to what the fans want.

  • Christian Reid
    Christian Reid

    The other 2 are honest weak as piss

  • Vash Outlaw
    Vash Outlaw

    I'm hoping The Hurt Business disbanding is a ruse, but knowing WWE, they're probably going to have Shelton and Cedric cost Lashley the title at Wrestlemania. That way they can have Drew win while thinking they're keeping Lashley strong.

  • Klutzy Bee
    Klutzy Bee

    Hurt Business should've had a way longer run as a dominant stable, it's a real shame that no fans got to witness them as a stable live.

  • Aaron Fleming
    Aaron Fleming

    Still can't believe they broke up the Hurt Business. So sad 😢💯

  • Speedfreak

    1:03 MVP looking impressed with Alexander

  • chathammond

    Hurt lock is getting old.

  • jayant gaming
    jayant gaming

    Hope they reunite in future

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