Best Of Zion Williamson | 2019-20 NBA Season
Check out the best of Zion Williamson from the 2019-20 season so far!
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  • Tinman T
    Tinman T

    Just love the humble attitude he displays. If you watch his highschool til now, he seems to have that same quiet assassin's mentality. He know's he going to get his buckets and he doesn't force it. Barring any serious injury, he'll be a hof player. If he works on his free throws like Karl Malone did, he can become unstoppable. Wait until Ja Morant and Zion get on the same all star team... Non stop highlights.

  • H.R Enterprise
    H.R Enterprise

    He should be the clear roty be he got to get play less games

  • Pj Mendoza
    Pj Mendoza


  • Sean J
    Sean J

    Thats my NBA2K21 My career build right there... paint beast.

  • SL

    I officially show my.interest in the NBA again. Reminds me of a Charles Barkley 3.0.

  • Grew Up Without one
    Grew Up Without one

    11:14 this commentator needs a hug. Has me feeling sad. Sounds like he’s explaining a list of horrible side effects from a info-commercial medication

  • Thanos Argyropoulos
    Thanos Argyropoulos


  • Thirdy Gaming
    Thirdy Gaming

    Future Superstar 💪

  • Thirdy Gaming
    Thirdy Gaming

    They should call zion Fyling 👑

  • Gato


  • Popo

    he's flying

  • たかさわ


  • Jam Man
    Jam Man

    Kuzma is Zion’s bitch

  • Shot Caller
    Shot Caller

    Love watching Zion play

  • Ahmet Can Karakuş
    Ahmet Can Karakuş

    zion and lonzo new dwayne wade and james interesting performance. crayz!!!

  • Skaholic TV
    Skaholic TV

    Next to Shaquille O'neal

  • R Ochoa
    R Ochoa

    Some youngsters told me Zion is like the new Shaq, I laughed😆 at him for a half hour and then I👋 slapped him! Don't get me wrong dude is good and fun to watch but like💪 Shaq, let's not get crazy😵🤒🤕 now.


    Zion is Born to fly and smash that NBA rim

  • Rich Weather
    Rich Weather

    Lebrun wants no parts he just look and stare

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack

    I just realized how different it is without fans

  • Joshua 38
    Joshua 38

    720p??? What is this? Its 2021. 4k or at LEAST 1080p is calling

  • Marve Mottola
    Marve Mottola

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  • Kaieger

    This guy is the definition of triple threats

  • Xyvo

    Give them a show I guess

  • Jairus Jara
    Jairus Jara

    They should call him Zion "the Lobster" Williamson

  • Pogi Man Extreme Gaming
    Pogi Man Extreme Gaming


  • Kristoffer Smedegaard
    Kristoffer Smedegaard

    20 minutes of alley oops



  • SixThreeSix Chedda
    SixThreeSix Chedda


  • Kevin Fabilloren
    Kevin Fabilloren

    shaq 2.0

  • hsbear

    He will get his ring soon

  • Kim Irjan Galang
    Kim Irjan Galang

    Is this Lonzo Ball Assist highlights?

  • 粘土ちゃん


  • Robert Douglas
    Robert Douglas

    I think the Pelicans are gonna be incredibly good real soon.

  • PapiRy

    if you name your son zion he will be a bulldozer

  • Zion James Albino
    Zion James Albino

    Anyone have Zion Name Here 👇

  • Tre Jackson
    Tre Jackson

    The glove and kemp = lonzo and zion

  • Benson Leung
    Benson Leung

    Why is him shooting an open 3 a highlight

  • Danno 2x
    Danno 2x

    Zion, Ingram and lonzo are gonna be one of the best trios in the league in the near future💯👌🏼

  • DLX Infinite
    DLX Infinite

    Im still taking Luka or Ja Morant over Zion. Zion doesnt have their court awareness. Cant create a 3 off the dribble. His 3's look like 1950 set shots.

    • Rod

      Zion proved he could shoot in his first NBA game. Hell, everybody has a different play style.


    Imagine him in 5 years at peak physical performance...

  • Sir Patrik
    Sir Patrik

    Barkley... -Again🙏

  • Michele

    dis guy a tank

  • Glen Allen Hill hit bombs
    Glen Allen Hill hit bombs

    You know what’s amazing? Look at all these scores, Pels are easily a “60 win” team with Zion healthy

  • Goburn

    I like how evens the opposing teams crowd cheers for him. They want him to succeed

  • drakestar13

    this " BOY " is the future!!!!!!

  • Yoki_IsTheName

    This was also a low-key Lonzo Ball highlights and how good his vision is.

  • sblah

    5:19 is some crazy sh*t... impressive as hell

  • Bryson Tills
    Bryson Tills

    The overconfident decrease remarkably haunt because number italy interfere off a best larch. panicky, elfin t-shirt

  • Noc YT
    Noc YT

    Almost 300 lbs. and can jump 3+ feet off the ground. Absolute freak of nature

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee

    A lebron and shaq baby

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee

    Dude is freak of nature

  • Alonzo Tanner
    Alonzo Tanner

    This nigga will be the next Shawn Kemp. I mean I know yall hate on him cuz he hasn't exactly put in a lot of minutes but the time he HAS put in, he's shown he's powerful. Once he's back in shape for real, he can do that. With Lonzo on his side it'll be like Kemp and Payton again. I mean Lonzo is clearly no Gary Payton of course but he definitely is a great partner on the court for Zion. I think Zion (and Lonzo) have done just enough to really show me that anyway. This is only Zion's 2nd season. He's gonna eventually prove himself for real. And remember, Shawn Kemp wasn't known for his jump shot either.

    • Alonzo Tanner
      Alonzo Tanner

      @DLX Infinite respect 👊🏾

    • DLX Infinite
      DLX Infinite

      @Alonzo Tanner We good.

    • Alonzo Tanner
      Alonzo Tanner

      @DLX Infinite I’m chill. I guess you were probably just bustin my chops it’s all good. Anyway, LaMelo just started. He didn’t even score his first game. Lonzo didn’t live up to the hype his pops laid out for him but he’s a capable PG though. LaMelo showed he’s good in that way already too. However I just hope he can score better than Lonzo. I still remember after Lonzo’s first few games, Stephen A was talkin mad trash about Lonzo not living up to hype on ESPN. I got faith.

    • DLX Infinite
      DLX Infinite

      @Alonzo Tanner Speaking of "butthurt and angry???" took you 2 paragraphs to say "opinions matter?" Calm down, son. LaMelo Ball is better than Lonzo Ball...even as a rookie

    • Alonzo Tanner
      Alonzo Tanner

      @DLX Infinite 1. Zion hasn’t put time into the NBA like Kemp has. And Kemp’s outside shot was garbage. I think he made like three 3’s his entire career. You don’t know if his shot will develop so don’t talk like you got a crystal ball up your ass. If so I want the lottery numbers for Saturday please. 2. I said plain and clear that Lonzo ain’t Payton so do get all butt hurt and angry I compared the connection of each duo cuz they DO have a good connection on the court too. Anyway, Zion is just beginning, my dude. For all we know, he may even outshine Kemp in the future. You never know. I see a lot of Kemp like swag in his court game. You may not but I do and your opinion won’t change that 😎

  • Trollius Godum
    Trollius Godum

    he gives a new meaning to 3 and D - no layups, its either a 3 or a Dunk

    • DLX Infinite
      DLX Infinite

      His 3's are awkward. Slow windup, no leg lift. A set shot. He cant get 3 off the dribble. He's not Luka, that's for sure.

  • Flock Lesnar
    Flock Lesnar

    The league is in trouble

  • Lorrie14uw Avila0nx
    Lorrie14uw Avila0nx

    The fine cobweb superiorly untidy because dresser conceivably place aboard a disgusted kick. pushy, quiet dinner

    • DLX Infinite
      DLX Infinite

      You really need to stop fuckin with those bad poetry creator sites. This shit is horrible.

  • Brian Tan
    Brian Tan

    Poor Kuz

  • SiLenT366

    A lot of stuff Javale McGee can do... not that impressed honestly.

  • LE RUU76
    LE RUU76

    Watch when Zion, Zo, Gelo, Melo and Mikey are in the same team.💯🔥🔥👈

  • Ashley Masopust
    Ashley Masopust

    "AIR HULK" i'm sticking with this moniker.

  • Chann Fongsrisin
    Chann Fongsrisin

    he probably has a better vertical in elementary school than i will my entire life

  • Eli Colon
    Eli Colon

    Lonzo is such an elite passer tho

  • Addictive Gamer
    Addictive Gamer

    Scariest part that we haven't seen much in that video is that he gets the offensive board after half of his missed shots and then finishes. So basically, you can only prevent the score but not the offensive rebound. Dude is scary especially in this 3pt era

  • Bryan Loke
    Bryan Loke

    Lonzo and him have some pretty good chemistry

  • imData

    This guy is a freaking monster ! If he avoids big injuries he could really become one of the best player we've seen in a NBA court ever. Zion, Doncic, Tatum, Morant... This new generation is monstruous.

  • Zette Ly
    Zette Ly

    I mean he just swiped kuzma without an effort 🤣

  • Dizzy

    If he keeps playing like this, he may be as good as Alex Caruso 🤯

  • Jon Melendez
    Jon Melendez

    Pelicans need a SF and a PG

  • Eac Eac
    Eac Eac

    Describe The Zion with 3 words dunk dunk dunk

  • CheesyWafflez

    he plays like lebron

  • David Jones
    David Jones


  • Lucas

    Just here to remind everyone to watch Zion weak side

  • A Alagao
    A Alagao

    I hope he has a relatively healthy career ahead of him. Everytime i see him dunk i hold my breath for his knees and ankles

    • A Alagao
      A Alagao

      Its a good thing Zion didnt stay at duke for another year.. Imagine Zion with Steph Curry "Without the 40 inch vertical"....

  • daddy c
    daddy c

    Big man hitting them long 3s doh

  • Nik

    Lonzo underrated as hell

  • Nik

    Alvin gentry is shaking is head after every made 3 cuz it’s just making it harder to take him out 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Josh


  • ZebrasAreNotHorses

    2:04 - awesome oop but fuck I don't want to see him landing like that often; he gonna cut his career short.

    • ZebrasAreNotHorses

      @Barry Obama yup, not only that Rose is like half his weight too

    • Barry Obama
      Barry Obama

      ZebrasAreNotHorses Derrick Rose 2.0 wreck his knee by age 21


    Lots of lobs and fast break points

  • Daniel Paul
    Daniel Paul

    Obviously he is better, but I noticed alot of hom.embarassing one Anthony Davis, and if Davis is considered a top 10 player, then Zion is top 3 and I would argue number 1. Followed by Tatum, Lilliard

  • Nate Flores
    Nate Flores

    8:24 Ball movement is key🔥🔥

  • Tobias Baars
    Tobias Baars

    He blocked Malik Beasley on two different teams

  • Tom Films
    Tom Films

    12:00 ISO 😂

  • MacDaddyConner

    They will be the 4th seed half way through the season. Zion, Ingram and Ball is a hell of a trio. Next season will be amazing with all these teams how they are

  • Harlem Goon
    Harlem Goon

    He needs to hire lebron trainer

  • Kevin Polo
    Kevin Polo

    when he was in hs everyone was saying can he bully grown men the same way.... he definitely can

  • AnSturbin

    It’s like if Francis Ngannou played basketball

  • Keanu Carmean
    Keanu Carmean

    Lonzo to Zion is the new Rondo to Garnett

  • tommyoshady

    Charles Barkley 2.0

  • BBBT

    D-Rose use to jump like Zion. Let's hope the kid stays healthy and adjust his game a bit

  • Pop Boogie
    Pop Boogie

    I love how that fan Odell’d the Zion block lmaooo

  • leonidas diamond
    leonidas diamond

    before < sir charles barkley> now very similar players.

  • Dakid_josh15 DJM
    Dakid_josh15 DJM

    Lon is passes tho 🔥 and Zion is a very underrated passer

  • Zion

    As a guy who’s name is literally Zion I’m proud of this guy

    • Barry Obama
      Barry Obama

      Bro u throw down the rock like Zion⛹🏾‍♂️

  • Agent K
    Agent K

    The fact that this is actually a weaker version of zion compared to summer league before he got injured is crazy

  • Cameron Durham
    Cameron Durham

    Anthony Edwards: Budget Zion Zion: Budget Carmelo Carmelo: Budget Lebron Lebron: Budget Scalabrine Scalabrine: Shaggys mentor

  • Jose Carranza
    Jose Carranza


  • David M Fonseca Gonzalez
    David M Fonseca Gonzalez

    This kid is only 20... It’s obvious he’s an amazing athlete. But his basketball IQ and skillset can’t be overlooked. He can dribble, pass and play defense. This kid is special..

    • DLX Infinite
      DLX Infinite

      Ever see him set up a 3 off the dribble? No, because he cant. His 3p is a set shot, his jumpers look more like arm throws. Give me Luka or Ja Morant

  • Treu Mccauley
    Treu Mccauley

    This Lonzo Zion duo finna be nasty 💯💪🏽🔥

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez

    Can someone tell me how did Zion get so good

    • DLX Infinite
      DLX Infinite

      Luka Doncic and Ja Morant (ROTY) walk out the room....."Ya crazy, he's a dunker, thats all"

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