Relive Chelsea's dramatic penalty shootout triumph over Bayern in the 2012 UEFA Champions League final in Munich.


  • Karan Jagga
    Karan Jagga

    Now I am a Bayern fan

  • xXOverEyeXx

    Don't forget about Torres, he made chelsea goes to final by his last minute goal against Barcelona in semi final

  • xXOverEyeXx

    one of the most dramatic final

  • chinelo havaianas
    chinelo havaianas

    thank you Chelsea for taking out bayern munich and giving the world club to us🦅


    Drogba makes me cry everytime I watch this

  • James Porter
    James Porter

    You could point a gun a Drogba and he will still remain cool as a fan

  • Sadole 94
    Sadole 94

    Didier Drogba five star😘

  • M

    This is the best ucl final after Istanbul miracle

  • M

    Man of the match is not drogba it's Petr cech

  • Ifumie

    the absolute big game player

  • Footy Edits
    Footy Edits

    What a game

  • Stephano Barbosa
    Stephano Barbosa

    Chelsea 2 UCL.... arsenal... 0.....

  • Kudz Pakaipa
    Kudz Pakaipa

    The Barcelona semi-final was crazy, they were all over us, shots cleared off the line, red card, posts and crossbars my heart nearly exploded. When Torres scored I ran outside celebrating around the block. I swear justice was served. I hated barca with a burning passion for that night in 09

  • Maicon Cartman
    Maicon Cartman

    Born in the king 💙💙💙💙💙

  • francis enemuo chiname
    francis enemuo chiname

    9:59 that's Lukaku there

  • imoobong akpan
    imoobong akpan

    Nothing beats your first!

  • cristina susana pereyra
    cristina susana pereyra

    Walter safarian y Christian Martin que estaban en los vestuarios

  • Murodjon Sharopov
    Murodjon Sharopov

    That day was Cech's birth day

  • Anish Oinam
    Anish Oinam

    Lifetime joy for Chelsea fans. Petr Cech is such a great great goalkeeper.

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    Chelsea 4 life

  • alfarisy ahmad
    alfarisy ahmad

    07:11 wow. Petr Cech is brilliant. And he was 100% correct

  • Mr. Bobby Bolivia
    Mr. Bobby Bolivia


  • Jareesh Jeri
    Jareesh Jeri

    Chelsea ilove you 😍😍😍

  • Volamber

    Neuer was basically a wall and for Drogba to score such an impossible goal at the time was majesterio

  • Alberto Baudino
    Alberto Baudino

    The opportunity given in 2008 is lost! But the game of football is technical tactics and then it takes an Italian to give strength to the whole and going to win at Bayern Munich! Forza blu campio

  • Chanikya .A
    Chanikya .A

    I want Chelsea vs Barcelona 2009 flashback show it if you have dare.


    Who is here months after winning the second one

  • Geromu Boo
    Geromu Boo

    Am a United fan buh this game gave me goosebumps that day.congs Chelsea.

  • lukáš wot
    lukáš wot

    Best Ucl final

  • Spandan Chakrabarti
    Spandan Chakrabarti

    This hurts.

  • Max junior Odi
    Max junior Odi


  • Jay Effess
    Jay Effess

    I'm a Bayern fan but they blew this game so badly. I remembered being depressed for a month straight after this game. Senior year of high school

    • Solution gaming DW
      Solution gaming DW

      You won next year

  • Clokopucs

    7:32 is Peter cech is not on the line anymore? Is it legal or no? When the "stay in line" law was made?

    • Amr M. Ashour
      Amr M. Ashour

      It's made long time ago but not alot of referees cared about it until VAR

  • Ventura Lozzi
    Ventura Lozzi

    The cute malaysia reassembly sound because canadian karyologically level during a deeply opera. glossy, brawny soldier

  • Mufasa

    I think if these 2 teams played each other 10 times, Bayern would win 9/10. This was a miracle 💙

  • Makia Valentine
    Makia Valentine

    I can never forget this day in my life as a Chelsea fan

  • MM oro entertainment
    MM oro entertainment

    Not chelsea fan but drogba was........amazing he is legend of all time at chelsea

  • Ali Mukhtar
    Ali Mukhtar

    Best season ever for Chelsea. I enjoyed every game from the group stages. Great team and character

  • Seftian Andri Asandi
    Seftian Andri Asandi

    I see Romelu Lukaku when celebrate

  • Akun Bisnis
    Akun Bisnis

    Andai aku bisa bahasa inggris

  • 413_Mazin Manzoor
    413_Mazin Manzoor

    the background score when drogba scored💙💙

  • Cakra Mart
    Cakra Mart

    From 2012 UCL.. Its only Lukaku who still as chelsea player now

    • Anthony Lopez
      Anthony Lopez

      Hilario ?

  • MrJohn

    This has to be one my favourite matches i've ever watched.After 9 years i still get chills when i see Drogba's equalizer and his final penalty!

  • BUY BOSS Token
    BUY BOSS Token

    Torres Cech Drogba

  • Rund um den Sv Niederwerth
    Rund um den Sv Niederwerth

    *Fc Bayern Munich vs Chelsea Fc (1-1 a.e.t 4-3 a.p.k)* 1-0 Thomas Müller (83 min) 1-1 Didier Drogba (88 min) *The Shootout:* 1-0 Philipp Lahm X Juan Mata missed 2-0 Mario Gómez 2-1 David Luiz 3-1 Manuel Neuer 3-2 Frank Lampard X Ivica Olić missed 3-3 Ashley Cole X Bastian Schweinsteiger missed 3-4 Didier Drogba

  • MoBiLIVE

    One of the best days in my life

  • S.M.A

    I cried so much that night. One of the best moments ever.

  • マスオAV


  • Dowpler

    arguably the most stress any chelsea fan went through

  • ardinho16

    Chelsea most recent triumph vs Manchester City was stressful, but i’m grateful it wasn’t this stressful

  • Bull TV
    Bull TV

    Their home, OUR TROPHY!!!

  • Ерик Мусабаев
    Ерик Мусабаев

    Chelsea*s fans wait this title so loooong! So many pain after penalty in 2008, "f*cking disgrace" in 2009 ... and this is last chance to this legendary generation. Last chance to Drogba, Terry, Lampard, Cech and Cole. And so dramatic game and last legendary penalty!!! And Chelsea win! Supporters cry, players cryed. One of memorable moment in my life!!!!

  • Aldrich HF
    Aldrich HF

    Im happy with the fact that even though Bayern lost the final in 2012 they still manage to climb to the top of Europe in 2013

  • 이진서

    korean says this match “chelamdunk” which means Chelsea + Slamdunk lmao😂😂

  • Omari The People
    Omari The People

    Unbelievable moments

  • biskut tembikai
    biskut tembikai

    Chelsea 2021: Superior of wonderkids Chelsea 2012: Loyalty of Legends

    • Barkadoglona

      Chelsea 22: we won it more than spurs and arsenal We dont need more coz they will nevr win

  • Amazing Vipul
    Amazing Vipul

    No words..just pure emotion💙

  • Chi best
    Chi best

    I'm still here after we won our second champions league 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙2021

  • George Liakos
    George Liakos

    Their country, their stadium, our cup… 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️ Champions League and Super Cup 2021 Winners!🥳🏆| The Pride Of London

  • George Liakos
    George Liakos

    Why this music is so dramatic? We won!😂😂⚪️🔵⚪️🔵

  • 96.Juancho West
    96.Juancho West

    Drogba Legend 🐐🔥

  • 96.Juancho West
    96.Juancho West

    Que buenos partidos y grandes leyendas 🙏🏼🔥🇦🇷

  • Siska Ramadhayani
    Siska Ramadhayani

    2012 and 2021 moment terindah bluess

    • mickey


  • Shara Hallo
    Shara Hallo

    Chelsea is pro no won can beat him common Chelsea

  • Kristjan Stavlic
    Kristjan Stavlic

    Drogba legend

  • Jackeline Cortez
    Jackeline Cortez

    Like si ves esto cuando ahora el Chelsea ha ganado la 2 da orejona

  • Barbara Taylor
    Barbara Taylor

    The auspicious rowboat firstly unfasten because technician unequivocally sip concerning a debonair sphere. natural, insidious nepal

  • Marcos Moreno
    Marcos Moreno

    Drogba was an incredible player. The amount of goals that he scored at finals is spectacular. He was never at a normal games but in the important nights he always appaered

  • Stéphanie Soumahoro
    Stéphanie Soumahoro

    Drogba 🥰🥰🥰

  • Md. Rashel Chowdhury
    Md. Rashel Chowdhury


  • Mr Barkat
    Mr Barkat

    I'm very excited

  • Juka Cyborg
    Juka Cyborg

    When will you do 2021. FLASHBACK?

  • Alessio Mazzuca
    Alessio Mazzuca

    I never thought Chelsea would win the Champions League in 2012.

    • Alessio Mazzuca
      Alessio Mazzuca

      The 2021 one after I was Chelseas class i was like: "Ok, Chelsea is gonna win the Champions League."

  • Mix mixture
    Mix mixture

    No doubt. Bayern Munich always go final.

  • Dybala Tantino
    Dybala Tantino

    3:06 oooops game over for Bayern

  • Amit Rana
    Amit Rana

    The womanly kayak july remain because michael intrestingly enter among a picayune tray. gainful, amused grain

  • Blink 182
    Blink 182

    Messi & CR7 will join CHELSEA FC Very Soon, it's already Confirmed 😊👌👍👍👍😊

  • Ebrahim

    Chelsea 💙

  • Not Cree Ø
    Not Cree Ø

    Blue is the colour Football is the game We're all together and Winning is our aim So cheer us on through the sun and rain Cause Chelsea Chelsea is our name 💙

  • XGreenBean

    I’m telling you in 5 years there’s gonna be a Man City vs Chelsea flashback

  • Alisher Dekanov
    Alisher Dekanov

    Dider drogba ti odin iz luchwex forvort

  • Reina_Kousak.a

    We did it again

  • lionel david
    lionel david

    Super Frankie Lampard I just love you

  • Sudarshan Pokhrel
    Sudarshan Pokhrel

    Both teams had astonishing goalkeepers.

  • Svaxie

    as a bayern fan, seeing this in my recomended makes me wanna die

  • Cole Matthews
    Cole Matthews

    9 years later I still get goosebumps watching Drogba score that penalty

  • Issa Weringa
    Issa Weringa


  • Rx.est

    At 9:30 Bastian looked back and saw Drogba stepping up, that's when he knew it was over lol

  • batam oh batam
    batam oh batam

    Inggris vs Italia. Winner Inggris 2 1

  • Randy Abraham
    Randy Abraham

    Ryan Bertrand's debut in the UCL

  • kadri erkal
    kadri erkal

    Kerem ereal 76

  • Rahman Yusuf
    Rahman Yusuf

    KTBFFH 🔥🔥

  • Ognjen Bozovic
    Ognjen Bozovic

    I be on this match and i am fan of Chelsra

  • LecereMapper TTOM
    LecereMapper TTOM

    bayern :(

  • Samuel Wainaina
    Samuel Wainaina

    Who hear even after 2021 win😃

    • Thatz1Animator

  • George Mbilinyi
    George Mbilinyi

    Who is steel, watching this in 2021

  • nilza oliveira
    nilza oliveira

    The tactic was great, because Bayern is a very strong team that needs a contender with a great defense and Chelsea did that. And when needed they attacked and won. Muller scoring with a header and Drogba being like I can do a better one

  • B-46 Nishant Mohan
    B-46 Nishant Mohan

    The is the best underdog champions League story.

  • elena chacon sanchez
    elena chacon sanchez

    The chelsea was an amazing team, because was a team with legends: Drogba, Lampard, Petr Cech, Ramires, Fernando Torres and Ballack

  • Free Donny
    Free Donny

    And they won it again 8 years later