Basketball - USA vs Spain - Men's Gold Final | London 2012 Olympic Games
BK42 - Men - Gold Final - Basketball - 12 August 2012 - London 2012 Olympic Games.
Complete coverage of the Men's Basketball final between USA and Spain from London 2012.
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  • Carlos Reyes
    Carlos Reyes

    Navarro excelente jugador!, España excelente nivel, le plantó cara a USA muy bien en el 2020.

  • \Quentin_Tarantino\

    Good moments never forget un placer jugar con estado unidos 🤘

  • Fg Dw
    Fg Dw


  • Fg Dw
    Fg Dw


  • heady

    Purple color as a major color for london olympic is so beautiful

  • Nelly Grieve
    Nelly Grieve

    I love basketball!!!!!!!

  • Ed mund
    Ed mund

    You never know you i d i e n t

  • Ed mund
    Ed mund

    Ibaka is m o r o n

  • Tsering Dhondup
    Tsering Dhondup

    spain team is no joke, especially against team USA.

  • Antarctica Gan
    Antarctica Gan

    The moment he said "Kobe Bryant!" I almost cried. RIP kobe

  • York Hawk
    York Hawk

    Can weee...listen to the broadcast with the guy going nuts in the background? The dudes in the English broadcast are asleep!

    • York Hawk
      York Hawk

      Okay, Beatles/Beach Boys puns aaaaand *Mute*

  • Tanner Martin
    Tanner Martin


  • Sem vuthyrith
    Sem vuthyrith


  • jeffrey salomon
    jeffrey salomon

    I came here for KOBE R.I.P MY GOAT⛹🏽‍♂️🏀

  • Vavi

    like suckers

  • 최창락

    Memorial kobe

  • Tierney Norman
    Tierney Norman

    Its so nice to see two diffrent groups of people play so well together. Even though were almost a " world " apart, we still have respect, and love for eachother no matter the game.

  • Alex Orduno
    Alex Orduno

    Juan Carlos Navarro was a savage he had the first 12 point for the team right away and they sending double and triple teams most of the time

  • Collin Sjobeck
    Collin Sjobeck

    So ridiculous Spain scored 100 on this team

  • Chororot

    I like 2008 Olympics beast of d wade and Dwight outhere

  • jay jay
    jay jay

    llull is a badass last name


    Tha real GANGSTAZ'''

  • THOMAS K. Hallie
    THOMAS K. Hallie

    Team, mostly Black

  • Noir

    four thunder players were repping their countries on this floor yet they didn't get that ring that year lol let that sink in

  • Jerry Butler
    Jerry Butler

    Yo wassup with the backhand compliments from the commentators

  • Alok sharma
    Alok sharma

    US can make three teams for olympics who will win gold, silver and bronze

    • Kunal Sethi
      Kunal Sethi

      @Orihekat David the US has always been the better team

    • Orihekat David
      Orihekat David

      US is no longer far better than other teams, this final was really close game.

    • Eduardo Branco
      Eduardo Branco

      @antonio rivera It's called FIBA Basketball World Cup dummy

    • Alok sharma
      Alok sharma

      Look at the points difference in SF and QF... it was like a practice match for these guys.

    • antonio rivera
      antonio rivera

      @toti sotomayor was that even English and it’s not called the World Cup this isn’t soccer he clearly meant 3 teams for the gold medal for basketball

  • Orest Forest
    Orest Forest

    Great match. P.S. Who's with me going back to the future to the exact day of August 12th, 2012 and buy some Ripple + Bitcoin? Limited spots.

  • 김대연


  • 김대연


  • Scott Willett
    Scott Willett

    The World is catching up ever so slightly

    • Soul Burn
      Soul Burn

      I don't know about the world but Europeans have already pretty much caught up with the NBA in terms of competition lvl as of 2021. I mean look how Spain almost beat USA even though Spain as a whole doesn't really care about bball whereas Americans rank bball as the #2 national sport after NFL. Keep in mind 2012 is almost a decade ago now and the current NBA is a disaster. The European bball leagues are much more entertaining and legitimate than the current NBA. It's funny, because I stopped watching the NBA around 2012-2013ish.

  • mrhoopfan

    KD KD KD!!!

  • 鳥居俊祐


  • robelto burrows
    robelto burrows

    Spain had nothing to be ashamed of,,, they gave the USA something to think about,,, The USA were lucky in this game,,?

  • Andrew Park
    Andrew Park

    Love and miss you Kobe Bean

  • 劉michael

    china james

  • Max Fillinger
    Max Fillinger

    this looks like allstar weekend

  • rfk

    When they were young... When we were young... RIP KOBE :(


    que verga se dejan ganar , PODIAN HABER GANADO


    ESPAÑOLES les falto apretar , ustedes juegan mejor

  • Emre Ülkü
    Emre Ülkü

    I hate arabic speakers.

  • Better Agree
    Better Agree

    Kobe Bryant r I p

  • Bear Soulseeker
    Bear Soulseeker

    Comparing to the '92 Dream Team, this 2012 USA team was unwatchable.


    No one thinks coach K is a top 5 coach in the US

  • Florian Volk
    Florian Volk

    1:27:56 is that Vin Diesel just chilling?

  • Never Surrender0824
    Never Surrender0824

    Oh Kobe I miss you..

  • HiThere

    RIP Colby.

  • ALKHATO /اَلخَطو
    ALKHATO /اَلخَطو

    Wait a minute Did ITmores had streaming option back then in 2012?

  • Wynton McCurdy
    Wynton McCurdy

    Marc Gasol is such a baby. He complains a lot in this game, and he complains a lot on the Lakers because they won't give him playing time. Look at him start to mentally breakdown as he argues with the coach 2:02:02 Thanks for playing, Spain. Great team. Buy Marc some baby's milk! He'd take that over a silver medal!

  • Ler Servicio Tecnico
    Ler Servicio Tecnico

    si te pones a pensar algunos 2 metros y monedas y herran al lado del aro ! de maderol

  • yung douche
    yung douche

    Idk why this was in my recommendations but *im glad it was*

  • Lord _Eccentrixx
    Lord _Eccentrixx

    Why did he have to say that kobe was named after the steak? What kind of shrooms is this man taking🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jared Blanco
    Jared Blanco

    soy el unico q piensa q los de estados unidos no se lo toman enserio

  • x _ x
    x _ x


  • kittencat1983

    as intensive as the final in 2008 Beijing Olympic!

  • 25/8 Athletics
    25/8 Athletics

    Is it just me or did the Olympics make LeBron look normal?

  • Enver Hoxha leader of communist Albania
    Enver Hoxha leader of communist Albania

    The arab commentator is kind of disturbing

  • mario yu
    mario yu

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  • Исмира


  • nicholas m
    nicholas m

    1:45:13 yooooo thats sus

  • Alex best
    Alex best

    Сборная Африки,а не США)))

  • Abdelwahid HADJ ZOUBIR
    Abdelwahid HADJ ZOUBIR

    Soooooooooo many mistakes by the commentators !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Abramov
    Alex Abramov

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  • SHER ;
    SHER ;

    Imagine... Playing against NBA best Players yet ending the Match with only a difference of 7? What a Game from Spain!

    • OOF :3
      OOF :3

      Man LeBron, Kobe and Chris were still kinda young and then you got dudes like AD and Harden and KD

  • Olin Simpson
    Olin Simpson

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  • Blu

    Omg, they are all so young here.

  • Arkan Turki
    Arkan Turki

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  • 이동욱

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  • Tonio

    The commentators said that the Spain player tried to get out the way when he fouled CP3 LOL 😂 he clearly and intentionally did a football hit on that man 😂 a bunch of haters those commentators

  • Jacky Kong
    Jacky Kong

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  • nesluso lukejti
    nesluso lukejti

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  • Zavier Bacote
    Zavier Bacote

    I forgot how horrible those refs were all game

  • Maria Filippou
    Maria Filippou

    usa shouldnt be in this lmao its way 2 unfair for the other teams like look at the people in the team. KD harden CP3 bron and more

  • Ronald Tham
    Ronald Tham

    All Time The best underdog team...

  • Grace marrie
    Grace marrie

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  • Aaron Albrecht
    Aaron Albrecht

    24:17 "anthony again from miles away" bro its just a 3 three

  • Aaron Albrecht
    Aaron Albrecht

    They really need to get Mike Breen to do the Olympics

  • Wide World of Trains
    Wide World of Trains

    Spain played a really good game, they just ran out of gas in the 4th quarter. The USA has a very deep bench and is always fresh and rested.

    • Alfredo Oliva
      Alfredo Oliva

      Spain was stacked. USA LUCKY . No one will ever touch the origiNAL 1992 DREAM TEAM

  • Jahsiah Galvan
    Jahsiah Galvan

    I feel like USA wasn’t trying at all lol

  • Zacky Rin
    Zacky Rin

    Rest kobe Bryant legend

  • Konnect HD
    Konnect HD

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  • Jean Gray
    Jean Gray

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  • Emma Thoell
    Emma Thoell

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  • John Lacey
    John Lacey

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  • Rogelio Panotes
    Rogelio Panotes

    They can’t play that zone defense against Curry and Lillard and Klay in today’s game.

    • Jabatocolor

      honestly, I prefer that generation and that basketball style.

  • gomi singh
    gomi singh

    The quarrelsome shame symptomatically rain because mercury totally decorate athwart a rude desire. quack, macabre ghost

  • David McPhail
    David McPhail

    The commentator mentioned the one lone “loss” of the US to the Soviets. And the color commentator mentioned the fact that the last 10 seconds of the game was replayed three times to let the Soviet PROS “beat” the American armature college players. What a JOKE! I believe if they had to do it again, the US should have walked off the court and gave up...

  • Bryan Oloughlin
    Bryan Oloughlin

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  • Bryan Oloughlin
    Bryan Oloughlin

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  • Jonathan Hsu
    Jonathan Hsu

    bro if Stephen curry was there, Spain would of gotten their asses spanked

  • Dynamo

    Mans touched his finger and got fouled

  • 北美肉松

    Plz do not learn from soccer players. Intention fall is like a clown!

    • Sss Medellín
      Sss Medellín

      Is fútbol in spain 😎

  • Bryan Oloughlin
    Bryan Oloughlin

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  • marcos cellone
    marcos cellone

    Bye bye spain

  • awdawd adad
    awdawd adad

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  • airness ditan
    airness ditan

    Only black mamba is best

  • Karen Ruby
    Karen Ruby

    Text Me: (Eight=Five=Six) (Three=Four=Nine) (Four=One=Nine=Seven)

  • Ken Stewart
    Ken Stewart

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  • Aaron Lincoln
    Aaron Lincoln

    These announcers are horrible


    I saw arnold

  • A Z Z E L
    A Z Z E L


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