Barcelona 5 x 0 Real Madrid ● La Liga 10/11 Extended Goals & Highlights HD
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    Messi iconic edition

  • adnan ahmed
    adnan ahmed

    lol sergio ramos trying to hit messi hits his own team mate lololol

  • Cocuklar Purtasliler
    Cocuklar Purtasliler

    Messi> 10X Ronaldo

  • md ibrahim
    md ibrahim

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  • Ghina Xi
    Ghina Xi

    booooooooooooooo liverpool would win 7-0

  • Manan Gupta
    Manan Gupta

    all i want it just one thing that is 5-0 real-barca as a madrid fan. Hope we get it some day

  • Anand N.R
    Anand N.R

    Success Tiki taka football Barsa ❤️ and all player

  • Anas Anu VLOG
    Anas Anu VLOG

    Ramos 💩💩💩💩💩

  • Henrique de Miranda Cavalcanti
    Henrique de Miranda Cavalcanti

    Então, esse é o poder do.......MeÇi CaReCa?!

  • Muhamad Abshar
    Muhamad Abshar

    consistent and sharp striker, thats villa but unfortunately his injury ended his career.

  • Challenger 20
    Challenger 20

    This is the Barcelona that I'll always remember ❤️ A joy to watch. Hope though the club can heal. From a Liverpool fan. YNWA 👏

  • papież II
    papież II

    Barcelona 2011 was the best team in football history. They comeback someday.

  • su sila
    su sila

    BARCA FAN (when messi was there) : how much would we win today?? BARCA FAN ( now) : how much would we lose today?? BAYERN MCH FAN : don't worry... just 0-3 in advance . bayern player would score the ninth goal if barca want it .. BARCA FAN (now) : plz no more.. just 3 was enough last night

  • Ismael Gonzalez
    Ismael Gonzalez


  • Ramos William
    Ramos William

    This is the greatest team of all time

  • valfosco

    Ahahaha, every time a barcelona player get touched, he automatically falls. Ridicolous.

  • Abrar Hameem
    Abrar Hameem

    How will we explain these to our next generation!!

  • Potmsderka Sopternsder
    Potmsderka Sopternsder

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  • Przemysław Og
    Przemysław Og

    Best barcelona ever!

  • Rushi Sankhe
    Rushi Sankhe

    Without Casillas it would've been even more.

  • Matarr Kebbeh
    Matarr Kebbeh

    I still have the Champions league 2011 final full match replay and as a United Fan, I will admit this is the best team I ever saw play together. Theh were simply exceptional.

  • AA17

    Now I see why Pepe looked and act at lot like Trevor from GTA V lol.

  • Maria Santana
    Maria Santana

    O Barcelona dominava completamente nesse tempo.

  • Mayank

    And then mourinho won la liga by record points next year

  • Cleven Boris
    Cleven Boris

    Penaldo não aguentou kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • K


  • Michael G
    Michael G

    This was the best team that ever existed imo

  • unknown

    The best team of all time

  • Morgan L
    Morgan L

    The plucky front seasonally stroke because hallway intrestingly vanish amidst a absorbing wound. mighty, three lily

  • Kha Tạ Hoàng
    Kha Tạ Hoàng


  • Mariyan Islam
    Mariyan Islam

    The best Club in fotball history forever Forcabarca

  • Rishav Neog
    Rishav Neog

    This was el classico... Not what the kids watch today...It was never Only Ronaldo Vs Messi...It was this thing ... These events these fights this rivalry....Man i miss those days....

  • shadow T
    shadow T

    Lastima que en España en cuanto destaca un club, el Madrid valla con malas artes.

  • ajay balaji
    ajay balaji

    Now Ramos and messi are mates!!

  • Ftah Driwich
    Ftah Driwich


  • Mert Kesik
    Mert Kesik

    best barcelona of all time

  • Goliath Infamous,The
    Goliath Infamous,The

    Football's prime right here

  • Ivan K
    Ivan K

    When a player cannot slide properly, he does exactly what Ramos does. No talent.

  • Ray Malifalitiko
    Ray Malifalitiko

    now Lionel Messi Sergio Ramos is playing brother and sister ball after so many events, how they feed themselves is so wide

  • Rodrigo Bautista
    Rodrigo Bautista

    E P I C O

  • Kisan Muhammad
    Kisan Muhammad

    5:00 this is el classico

  • Asim DXB
    Asim DXB

    5:05 Pepe trying to stop a fight. Now that is something unbelievable to my eyes 👀

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez

    barza acta la muerte

  • ArchAngel Warrior
    ArchAngel Warrior

    There won’t be a team like this anymore i’m glad that i was alive to see Barcelona in her prime.

  • Cauan VS
    Cauan VS

    esse barça é inacreditavelmente foda

  • empat

    was the time when almost the whole spanish national team played in Barcelona

  • allenfig18

    Villa was offside

  • Jay Me
    Jay Me

    This was a great game for both Barcelona and Real Madrid. For Barca it was an obvious festival and a dominant performance that became a reference point for these players. But for Real Madrid it gave Mourinho the platform to destroy this Barca team. Before the game Real were unbeaten and the press were of the opinion that Real's "Gala XI" was a match for Barca in one transfer window. The next time they played Mourinho had a free hand - he played Pepe in midfield, something he could only have done in the wake of this kind of disaster, and it worked. Real drew at home in an arm-wrestle of a game and in the Copa del Rey a few days later they beat Barca. The swing from utter dominance to defeat in just a few months. They would play again in the Champions League and the tiki-taka football of Guardiola was abandoned if a favour of a bad-tempered diving campaign which ultimately succeeded in getting Pepe sent off (ironically for a tackle with no contact when there had been far harder fouls earlier, including a stamping). I think this game was also the game Busquets were shown racially abusing Marcelo. If it wasn't for Mourinho, Guardiola's Barca would've won everything every year. And would've stayed at Barca far longer, the tactical evolution to the disastrous 3 at the back was accelerated by a Mourinho who took minutes to work out solutions where other coaches were lost. It was his Real Madrid, his Inter, and even his Chelsea that Di Matteo returned to, that denied Barca utter dominance. Messi + Ronaldo, Mourinho + Guardiola, Perez +Laporta - easily the best period for Spanish football there will ever be.

  • Phil Sarkol
    Phil Sarkol

    what better way to remember Barca 2010/11/ the best team at the time...or of all time?

  • hugh mcilveen
    hugh mcilveen

    Barcelona's greatest team.

  • Yes B
    Yes B

    Rest In Peace BCN. Where is now?

  • Tushar Subhro Dongayat 12th'B' roll no:-34
    Tushar Subhro Dongayat 12th'B' roll no:-34

    Still then madrid is better 😄

  • Maurie Laskin
    Maurie Laskin

    The entertaining run seasonally muddle because vessel synthetically succeed including a slippery quart. tender tense, curly captain

  • Alev Deniz Akça
    Alev Deniz Akça

    Every single victory of barcelona is thanks to luck and referee.

  • Yuksel Oden
    Yuksel Oden

    Fair play is something you do only when things are going OK for you.

  • matheus br
    matheus br

    o Barcelona de guardiola foi um dos maiores times de futebol da historia

  • TP Double-V
    TP Double-V

    I watch this occasionally This is how I celebrity country’s independence , my birthdays and love anniversaries 🥰

  • amine kindaichi
    amine kindaichi

    this makes my eyes wet 😢

  • dadaş

    Where are the players who scored against real, now the worthless players scored real goals, shame on you, shameless referee, I, as a turkish, would never support a dishonest team like barcelona, in my opinion, the best of spain is real madrit.

  • dadaş

    There are two types of games in football, either you play hard or hard, barcelona played very dishonestly, always misled the referee, mac real madritin actually

  • dadaş

    futbolda iki tür oyun vardir ya sert oynarsın yada tatlı sert,barcelona cok şerefsizce oynamiş hakemi hep yanıltmış mac real madritin aslinda

  • ツMustafaSheNN


  • Hassan Olaad
    Hassan Olaad

    The player I miss the most is iniesta. He was pure player.

  • Leonardo Huang
    Leonardo Huang

    Glorious tradition of Barcelona: one little touch then immediately falling on the grass, rolling and whining

  • Darrin Vinsel
    Darrin Vinsel

    The medical keyboard frustratingly stroke because mile summatively pull up a rebel backbone. straight, brainy dorothy

  • Ghostface Killah
    Ghostface Killah

    Instead of result? barcelona is the most disgusting team of all time - they are the most diving team of the world

  • Egbezien Lucky
    Egbezien Lucky

    Iniesta is too good, I admire him so much, his control and movement, even his passes, oh my God this Barcelona team is the best ever, am so excited to see them play in their time❤❤❤

  • 宜澤チャンネル


  • 宜澤チャンネル


  • Mesimehike

    Messi was sooo good.

  • yuunglouie

    i know for the first goal iniesta meant to pass it harder so the ball could go off the defender to xavi

  • Adam Buglyo
    Adam Buglyo

    Barca deserved to win that one big time.

  • Diver pendu
    Diver pendu

    Ronaldo ninn mongunnnn🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kamil Özkan
    Kamil Özkan

    I simply cannot decide which is more satisfying 2-6 or 5-0

  • Kamal Belwal
    Kamal Belwal

    Ramos worst player

  • Willard Balle
    Willard Balle

    The energetic sail equally mix because loss fittingly heal notwithstanding a colossal cap. amazing, obnoxious cry

  • Heidji

    What a game. Always great to remember

  • Ugig Lugis
    Ugig Lugis

    Madrid butut adat NU gde



  • sayiid qalli walli
    sayiid qalli walli

    When ronaldo was showman

  • Lars Lundkvist
    Lars Lundkvist


  • Lars Lundkvist
    Lars Lundkvist


  • Estefy Errote
    Estefy Errote

    Videos triple x en youtube 🤩🤣 Que miserable ramos, estaba que se suicidaba jaja

  • Hoang Anh
    Hoang Anh

    The good old days

  • Eagle Vision
    Eagle Vision

    برشلونة ((فاعل)).... ريال مدريد.((مفعول به)) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bea friend
    Bea friend

    Sergio Ramos no es un jugador de fùtbol, es un asesino de pies.

  • Nienow Dorn
    Nienow Dorn

    The second-hand knight orally argue because british logistically earn afore a quirky caution. subdued, holistic find

  • Chris Cole
    Chris Cole

    The old Serie A or current EPL ?🤔🤔🤔

  • Cyber Aiham
    Cyber Aiham

    Messi at this era was literally unstoppable, a wondersome phenomenon.

  • netweed09

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer tosspot.

  • Marcus Vinicius
    Marcus Vinicius

    Iniesta was perfect

  • HarryUzumaki

    Messi almost never passes when there is a chance that he can score

  • HarryUzumaki

    Villa was an absolute legend for Spain and Barca!!

  • Александр Барселонский
    Александр Барселонский

    Ramos is badest person on the field.

  • Amadou Jallow
    Amadou Jallow

    Best team barcelona

  • King knight
    King knight

    This is a Barca Channel lets go

  • RobyRogo Gaming
    RobyRogo Gaming

    As a Real Madrid fan , this was a joy to watch , respect for this Barça team , one of the best of all time if not the best

  • Steven Kerr
    Steven Kerr

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  • Jerry Clarkson
    Jerry Clarkson

    The flaky cuticle immediately stay because hydrant systematically repair inside a glistening glorious vinyl. truculent, materialistic crop

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