Bagnaia vs Marquez in Aragon | 2021
A battle for the ages!!! 🔥

Enjoy the best moments of the unforgettable scrap between Francesco Bagnaia and Marc Marquez! ⚔️

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  • kleb441

    MM93 tried seven useless attempts

  • Gde Satrigraha
    Gde Satrigraha

    amazing 3 last laps

  • San Biru
    San Biru

    Epic battle

  • Jack


  • Luka Džidić
    Luka Džidić

    You may not like Marquez, his altitude, his unnecessary aggressiveness at times... I don't either. But what this man does with that Honda while his teammates languish at the back is nothing short of astonishing. If he was less aggressive and fucked up his shoulder less by unnecessary crashes, his career would last long enough to become statistically by far the most successful rider in history imo. Probably the rawest talent that we've seen in this sport for such a long time, maybe even since Rossi's young days.

  • Cuplis Adi
    Cuplis Adi

    Salut buat bagnaia 👍👍 tenang seperti legend vr46 💪

  • Glimpse Glitch
    Glimpse Glitch

    Yyyeeeeaaahhhhh Se non commette scorrettezze Marquez non è nessuno!! 🤣

  • matahari pagi menyinari
    matahari pagi menyinari


  • christopher jijil
    christopher jijil

    Congratulations bagnaia 💫

  • tama jian
    tama jian

    😂😂 marqeus LOL 😂😂😂😂

  • HK 7
    HK 7

    Ancoreee marquez..sangat disayangkan...ndk sprti dulu lgi marq. Mungkin gara' jatuh cidera itu ya

  • Singgih

    Marques kaya di ajarin balap

  • Zolkefly Man
    Zolkefly Man

    Good game

  • rodrigo gimenez-rico laguna
    rodrigo gimenez-rico laguna

    Múltiple World Champion Márquez! ☝️


    Mm93 Wonder

  • ruruyukan bae
    ruruyukan bae

    di puter berapakali tetap seru👍👍👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

  • AG 19P
    AG 19P

    Ambisi vs teknik

  • Phantom62

    Big performance of both and at the end big deserve for Bagnaia, was very fun to watch this on tv!

  • Ruli Realme
    Ruli Realme

    Wow pecco 🥰

  • Admin Kalioso
    Admin Kalioso

    Amazing pecco. Winner mentallity.

  • Gualtiero Stanganini
    Gualtiero Stanganini

    Ai trovato pane per i tuoi denti

  • Hiburan Ladang Bisnis
    Hiburan Ladang Bisnis

    Honda vs Ducati Yamaha semakin didepan, Didepannya ada honda vs ducatinya sedang pamer kekuatan 🤣

  • samuel garcia
    samuel garcia

    Bagnaia crack...

  • David Joyce
    David Joyce

    F1 take note. THIS is how it's done.

  • arifin ARN
    arifin ARN

    Penerus VR46

  • Alig Dahar
    Alig Dahar

    Hallo...I am from Indonesia 🔥🤗 I like for moto GP ❤️🔥🔥

  • Antonius Bastian
    Antonius Bastian


  • Nur Rojabi Fadilah
    Nur Rojabi Fadilah


  • Dian Dadirosadi
    Dian Dadirosadi

    Bagnaia vs Maequez, duel terbaik "motogp" 2021...

  • Moh Siddiq
    Moh Siddiq

    Gw pnsaran ch marc marques klo pndah dari honda

  • Pee yon
    Pee yon

    the battle both of them is surely awesome, but i think marquez is too rushing to beat oppenent.. i dont like that.

  • Alien Jones Savage
    Alien Jones Savage

    People, I've been telling you since 2019 that all Pecco needed was a factory bike to be on a fair battle against the top riders, who he definitely has proven to be at the same level. Pecco's just awesome! Ya better keep an eye on him coz I'm telling you, he's going to be champion soon! PS: he's a total gentleman an amazing rider. He's showed us there's no need to be a reckless cocky asss like "Crash Marquez"

  • ilham pampom
    ilham pampom

    Coba aja MM gak cidera patah.. pasti lebih agresif...

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    the fact that Pecco able to stay calm for the whole race itself is already amazing. rock solid 🔥

  • Salva Lv Diary
    Salva Lv Diary

    What a race....bravo

  • 𝗗𝗶𝗰𝗸𝘆 𝟬𝟭𝟰
    𝗗𝗶𝗰𝗸𝘆 𝟬𝟭𝟰

  • Max 67
    Max 67

    Bravo Pecco! Forza Ducati!

  • Pastika N
    Pastika N

    Sensational and epic races….🔥🎩

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      Basta che non vinca quella 💩 di Marquez….

  • Dick Money
    Dick Money

    The Honda doesn’t have the speed.🤡

  • Vittorioski Bruciaboski
    Vittorioski Bruciaboski


  • ธวัชชัย ทองเนตร
    ธวัชชัย ทองเนตร


  • SHN

    Okay lets be honest it because of M.Marquez this video has gone above a million views 😁

  • Tibor Molnar
    Tibor Molnar

    yes )))

  • Riccardo Conte
    Riccardo Conte

    so much time we dont see similar show, TOP

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster

    Marquez has not matured as a rider, still all or nothing.

  • Erwin Fahrul
    Erwin Fahrul

    Dan Marquez pun terlihat ayam disini hahaha

  • ZeroBoostBuick

    I'm not a Marquez fan, but I love how he can put on a amazing show and make us more excited when watching.

  • Terry Westmorland
    Terry Westmorland

    The determination of Marquez continues to amaze.

  • Dev Murasing
    Dev Murasing

    Wow very nice Honda 👌

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia Fops

    Epic battle MM93 💪💪 The King Is Back 🇮🇩🎉

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee

    Bagnaia, remember Biagi

  • Giuse Germa
    Giuse Germa

    Basta che non vinca quella 💩 di Marquez….

  • Top Model
    Top Model


  • Giancarlo Imperatori
    Giancarlo Imperatori

    Secondo voi a posizioni invertire Bagnaia sarebbe riuscito a superare lo spagnolo?

    • Bolia Fops
      Bolia Fops

      Could well be the best ride of his career for Bagnaia..... 👍👍👍

  • Agung Data kurnuiawan
    Agung Data kurnuiawan

    bagnaia style its very very VR46...know the situation

  • Arif Wibowo
    Arif Wibowo

    I need epic battle like this, not just win and reach championship.

  • OPPO A37 Nana
    OPPO A37 Nana

    goreng bala bala di sambelan gurih gurih nyooi

  • AssAssine Rage
    AssAssine Rage

    Fan of BAGNAIA hereafter 🖒 well done

  • ben rado
    ben rado

    Peco will be new Rossi


    Fuckkkkk marques

  • adib z
    adib z

    My new favorite rider. Bagnaia

  • Dapid

    i'm pretty sure the miscalculation was on Marc. if he fight Pecco he should do it as early as he can. that way he can disturbing Pecco consentration. that is what i saw how Pecco race in the previous races.

  • FSofarda

    The king of aragon mm93 is back..... to give back the crown to the next king

  • gianfranco Cappello
    gianfranco Cappello

    Gli stessi sorpassi che in Formula uno vedi in 12 anni.

  • Septian Yusuf Riyan Hadi Wiranata
    Septian Yusuf Riyan Hadi Wiranata


  • Dr. Atul Kumar Saroj
    Dr. Atul Kumar Saroj

    Thats just made my life successful🌟

  • maliki gunawan
    maliki gunawan

    Pecco is the best

  • Siddharth Rajan
    Siddharth Rajan

    Could well be the best ride of his career for Bagnaia..... 👍👍👍

  • Tom Yeung
    Tom Yeung


  • Victoria Aguero
    Victoria Aguero

    Marc vamos seguí brindado ese empuje que tenés vamos!!!! Llegaste eso es lo que cuenta fuerza!!!! Besos mil !!!!

  • Bruno Villani
    Bruno Villani

    Grande Bagnaiaaa .. portaci suuu

  • David De Gea
    David De Gea

    Seru abis.😆

  • Rosalia Efrina
    Rosalia Efrina

    The reporter always laugh to Marc, shame

  • deddy agus
    deddy agus

    Ashamed markowez... 🤣🤣🤣

  • pascal marneffe
    pascal marneffe

    dans son fion la merguez :)

  • Ram kk
    Ram kk

    Marquez ; Eat your heart out.

  • gudi r1
    gudi r1

    Que carretón esas últimas 3 vueltas, lastima que se tiró tarde maquez e hizo aburrida la carrera hasta las últimas 3 vueltas

  • MusZico13


  • MrMarcoW666s

    There is nothing to do, the Ducati is too much superior to the Honda as M.Marquez is really superior to P.Bagnaia. Anyway, slowly, slowly, Marquez is coming back and when he's really there, there will be no one else. Great Marquez!!!

  • amir

    ducati power

  • Maure Musa
    Maure Musa

    Mau sampai kapanpun VR 46 tetap legenda terbaik.

  • ediberto santiago
    ediberto santiago

    And the rules? MM93 twice exceeds the track limits on the last lap and what happens? Nothing. BB33 does the same in a previous race and has no advantage with it and what happens? It is punished. You spoil the championship with rules that are valid for some and not for the Honda rider.

  • Dimo


  • DiScRiMiNaTeD

    this is the demonstration, the first time that marquez finds a bike that is up to the honda he is defeated, he kicked his ass


    This is high adrenaline racing from both Bagnaia & Marquez love it

  • Roberto Ferrini
    Roberto Ferrini

    GOOO Pecco!

  • due no
    due no

    Stai dietro MERDA

  • sleg8

    Great battle. Thank you. Ducati has so much power 💥

  • Blacius Loemakto
    Blacius Loemakto

    Bravo VR46 Riders Academy 🇮🇹👍

  • Anita Dejtsch
    Anita Dejtsch

    Ducati is a best boy boy

  • Ngr'YudiCk

    M'M = Losser 😂😂😂

  • Travis Junior
    Travis Junior

    Mario Aji riders FIM CEV Repsol Moto3🇲🇨👍👍🙏

  • MedicalMusic

    Wow…the speed from Ducati…

  • Morano Simanjuntak
    Morano Simanjuntak

    Ke 1jt

  • Justin Ruggier
    Justin Ruggier

    Moto GP - class act ✊🏻

  • BlueRayChoose

    Ducati 🙏🔝

  • Whgu ybnm
    Whgu ybnm

    he may lose but he will get up again surely, and what a ride that was from pecco incredible race🔥

  • Sy Merisa
    Sy Merisa

    i like this battle Bagnaia vs marques, Dejavu Rossi with Stoner. Usually race boring because never battle

  • Android Tips
    Android Tips

    93 💕

  • abdhi abdhi
    abdhi abdhi

    everyone are precicions untill marquez came to destroyed it. if simoncelli was there I believed they will die together. I miss someone like simoncelli to destroy MM

    • Whgu ybnm
      Whgu ybnm

      Que bosta. Cortou no finalzinho!!!

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