AX Armani Exchange Milan - FC Bayern Munich Highlights | Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, PO Game 1
In scenes of incredible drama AX Armani Exchange Milan launched the second-biggest comeback in playoffs history, defeating FC Bayern Munich 79-78 with a buzzer-beating game-winner from Zach LeDay.

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  • Lilian Liampoti
    Lilian Liampoti

    Milan is better than Bayern

  • Nicolás Sebik
    Nicolás Sebik

    che gioco ragazzi, forza

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi

    This is amazing, congrats Milano

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy

    What a game finish by Milan :D

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    Ну это уровень зрелищности

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj

    Crazy game, incredible come back, incredible end. Chaco Rodriguez, i love u man

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      Munich always forget about 3 seconds (1972)

  • Satsujin

    When you watch this game you can’t be fan of any team, you will be fan of the GAME. Such a remarkable finish. 🔥🔥🔥

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      This serie will get us more exited I guess.

  • Bandu Vhare
    Bandu Vhare

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  • bssni touir
    bssni touir

    What a game finish by Milan :D

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      Great Zak!

  • Nicolò Farina
    Nicolò Farina


    • bssni touir
      bssni touir

      Great Zak!

  • Aristidis Katsifarakis
    Aristidis Katsifarakis

    Better than NBA, playoffs

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir

      Munich always forget about 3 seconds (1972)

  • egegeldi

    Thank u Milan! 💙💛..😉

  • Nabil monster
    Nabil monster

    Great performance for both teams

  • Fatih Çifci
    Fatih Çifci

    3:04 replay anonsçu

  • Deniz yaren Süre
    Deniz yaren Süre

    Milano is great team. Final match: Anadolu Efes - Ax Milano. Respect from Turkiye.

  • Trouble Maker
    Trouble Maker


  • AlanXyz

    Yow!! the alley-oop last sec was ssheeeeshhh!!! at first i thought it gonna pop out the ring :v

  • Kubilay Şahin Kaplan
    Kubilay Şahin Kaplan

    Wow! Amazing end!

  • bgaletosoutien

    imagine if the fans were there...

  • Марк Антонов
    Марк Антонов

    Munich always forget about 3 seconds (1972)

  • Mpampis Zelico
    Mpampis Zelico

    Great Zak!

  • süleyman kırıcı
    süleyman kırıcı

    This serie will get us more exited I guess.

  • pauliukas1892

    Amazing ending for Milan, congrats :) Bayern did none, and is none...

  • Deividas Runca
    Deividas Runca

    Leday learned how to finish the game from Grigonis last year :)

  • Edvinas

    Žalgiris always selling trained players,well done leday

  • Gurbette ömrüm geçecek
    Gurbette ömrüm geçecek


  • Elle Lawliet
    Elle Lawliet

    What a comeback and what a buzzer from Milan!

  • Sis

    bayern lost the way they won most of the matches regular season. Poetic justice :) What a boring team Bayern is.

  • Domas A
    Domas A

    Zach LeDay, former Žalgiris player, good luck in the playoffs. 👍💚

  • ilyas mehdiyev
    ilyas mehdiyev

    Really sad for Milano, very hard winn, I look forward to over 10 points winn from Armani(efes fan)

  • Captain Cortez
    Captain Cortez

    Zenit fan here checking this game. What a game that was!

  • Fikret Sözen
    Fikret Sözen

    OMG ZACH !!!!!! BRAVO !!!!

  • Erdo Rt
    Erdo Rt

    Noob Bayern

  • Benas Kucinas
    Benas Kucinas


  • Haldun Tantur
    Haldun Tantur

    Gerçekten sürpriz bir sondu. 39 dakika 26 saniye deplasmanda önde götürdüğün maçta, Milan öne geçti. Ama 1.2 saniye kala Bayern öne geçti. Maç sonunda kalan 1.2 sn de Milanın Malcolm Delaney ile pota altına kullandığı uzun asisti tamamlayan.Zack LeDay Milan adına maçı aldı.

  • spy trig
    spy trig

    Great comeback Milano but what was Bayern thinking on defense? 1.2 to play and you put one player uselessly jumping up and down on the sideline instead of simply defending 5 against 4 inside the court with your tallest hands near the rim??? Brain fart moment.

  • Dovydas Atkocaitis
    Dovydas Atkocaitis

    Karma for byern always crying for fouls

  • Rafael Luz
    Rafael Luz

    Crazy game, incredible come back, incredible end. Chaco Rodriguez, i love u man

  • Jonathan Frimerman
    Jonathan Frimerman

    Milano miracle part 2

  • Enrico Mizzega
    Enrico Mizzega

    Che panza ha trinkieri!!!!!

  • Cemil

    I cant say how happy I am as a Fenerbahçe fan..Congrats Milan..

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir

      Well done Armani 🙂❤

  • Ad Astra
    Ad Astra


  • Replays Flink
    Replays Flink

    hahaha bayern lost hahaha losers

  • Γιάννης Προιος
    Γιάννης Προιος

    Χαχαχα Η Ολυμπια ντυθηκε Ολυμπιακος, γιατι τετοιες ανατροπες η Ευρωπη απο τον Ολυμπιακο τις εμαθε και τις συνηθισε! Μπαγερν ακομα εισαι πολλη μικρη, οπως και να το κανουμε παιζει κι η φανελα ρολο σε τετοια ματς!!!

  • Marius Stasytis
    Marius Stasytis

    Thank you for the show! Greetings from Kaunas, Mr. Leday.

  • кот котович
    кот котович


  • Donatas Kaminskas
    Donatas Kaminskas

    A joy to watch game like this. A true playoffs game, congrats Milan from a Žalgiris fan. I hope these series will give us even more incredible matches !

  • tanerrr

    *bayern can win only with referees support. do you know how many times they win in the last second, with last second point? from total 20wins ,they won 14times in the last second!* *they can win only with Ref Support.this time Milan was better, i hope they win the next Match too. because milan is much better than this Krauts. Go Milan!*

  • EGE Mutlucan
    EGE Mutlucan

    Both Gist and Reynolds lost their man. Silly

  • Hasan A.
    Hasan A.


  • Nikos trianta
    Nikos trianta

    Congratulations from Greece we Support Milano ❤️☘️

  • Salih Sarikamis
    Salih Sarikamis

    İşte burada işin içine tecrübe giriyor. Milano koç ve oyuncu tecrübesi ile sakin kalıp kazandılar. Enerji sizi bir yere kadar getirebilir ama her zaman sonuca vardıramaz. Ama en çok merak ettiğim seri bu, 5 maça uzayacak tek seri de budur.


    bayer münih çok can yakar eleyin şu takımı milanoyu tercih ederim rakip olarak :) Andrea Trinchieri çok iyi koç iyi takım kurmuş N. BALDWİN ise mutlaka Fenerbahçenin transfer etmesi gerekiyor tamda böyle sorumluluktan geri atım atmayan pasıda dripling de yapabilen guard lazım efeste bi 5 numara birde 4 numara transteri yapıp kadroyu korursa uzun yıllar daha türk takımları euroligde keyif vermeye devam eder inşaallah sırf taraftarın HATRI İÇİN Galatasarayı da EUROLİGE almalılar kimki moskovo dan daha iyi olacağımıza eminim

  • Emin Kılıçoğlu
    Emin Kılıçoğlu

    what a game!!!

  • Sam

    FOREVER FCB ❤️ Mia san Mia

  • Gürkan Şensoy
    Gürkan Şensoy

    Tebrikler Milano


    Best match in play off



  • zilvis11

    Well Bayern litteraly had a win, but Baldwin decided to act like little girl, jump around, talk with referees, cry instead of focusing on his game. He even done too many bad decisions near the end of the game instead passing to his team mates. Good luck Nick Weiler Babb to recover from your injury 🙏

  • Chris Fts
    Chris Fts

    Bayern last night commited suicide...Clearly a lack of experience but the plays were good. Armani's big players took the W but Mesina is not a coach for that level

  • Patrick Santucci
    Patrick Santucci



    it was very exciting

  • Birol Mutlu Bayındır
    Birol Mutlu Bayındır

    Congratulations Milan

  • Andrey Bolkonskiy
    Andrey Bolkonskiy

    Ulan Trinchieri böyle bir oyunu nasıl yersin :)

  • juliusy t
    juliusy t

    i love my bot zachy

  • Diego Raffa
    Diego Raffa

    Questi giocatori di oggi non li conosco. Ho nostalgia del tempo di D'antoni, Meneghin, McAdoo, Pittis, Premier. L'unico che conosco è Messina visto che allenava già 30 anni fa. Comunque ieri ho visto gli ultimi due quarti e il recupero è stato straordinario. Forza Olimpia!

  • NickG Productoin
    NickG Productoin

    Ну это уровень зрелищности

    • lp (Moscow)
      lp (Moscow)

      Messinais a real Prof! Full respect!!!

  • Vincas Ivanauskas
    Vincas Ivanauskas

    Refs couldn't get you out of this one Bayern. No wonder why team who isn't worth top 8 loses. I think it will be 3-1 for Milan.

  • Giedrius Butkevicius
    Giedrius Butkevicius

    If karma had a name it would be Zach! Congrats to former Žalgiris boy and Milano.


    Panter trpaj Trinkijerija kao po obicaju

  • Francesco Porcelli
    Francesco Porcelli

    C'mon AJ...❤🤍❤🤍❤🤍❤🤍❤🤍❤🤍❤🤍❤🤍

  • berkay yılmaz
    berkay yılmaz

    This is amazing, congrats Milano

  • Christos Christermi
    Christos Christermi

    I want to hear the Italian commentator for the last shot .

  • Pierluigi Calza
    Pierluigi Calza

    Grazie olimpia

  • Monty Vegas
    Monty Vegas

    I had money on Bayern, a few thousand but you have to respect the come back & hard work Milan put in.

  • Konstantinos Mertzanis
    Konstantinos Mertzanis

    From this teams i support Armani and i want to win the euroleague because my team (Panathinaikos) is out

  • durmuş köylü
    durmuş köylü

    bu maç izlenmeliymiş be...

  • That boy joni
    That boy joni

    Best Euroleauge game of this year.

    • Yavuz Selim
      Yavuz Selim

      Never you looked all games full?

  • yalçın alperen candemir
    yalçın alperen candemir


  • BballJack

    crazy Sergio! and Kyle with that super important offensive rebound...smh champion

  • Eymen Efe ALP
    Eymen Efe ALP

    03:02 oh, dude, l-look at the referee table... OMG.

  • Reikalaujam PS5 Už normalią kainą
    Reikalaujam PS5 Už normalią kainą

    Great win for ax Milan congrats from Žalgiris fan 💚❤️

  • Francis Degener
    Francis Degener

    Its hurts for Bayern fans and irs nice for milan fans

  • Tolga Deniz
    Tolga Deniz

    Happy end..

  • Giannis Savvidis
    Giannis Savvidis

    Well done Armani 🙂❤


    magical messina touch at the end.

  • Alessio Zani
    Alessio Zani

    Crazy...but Super

  • C S
    C S

    Baldwinin son hücumlardaki kötü tercihleri maçı kaybettirdi

  • Poyraz Yıldırım
    Poyraz Yıldırım

    Milan shows that you can comeback to bayern

  • Artem Gorshenin
    Artem Gorshenin

    Congratulations Milan!

  • kemal kara
    kemal kara

    Crazy finish

  • Jonathan Frimerman
    Jonathan Frimerman

    The real super league back at it with another drama feel sorry for Bayern

  • vaidas pakarskas
    vaidas pakarskas

    Respect the Italian basketball school, Messina he's just talented, Germany has never been a basketball country and will never be

    • Zugzielanzeiger

      Germany is on a good way to become such a country. But Munich is not a good example for German basketball.

    • Alłî Žãķhô
      Alłî Žãķhô

      Italy isn't a basketball country too , same like germany! But at least Italy is better in volleyball

  • Javi Castro
    Javi Castro

    GAME OF THE YEAR, NO DOUBT! #DankeRagazzos

  • Javi Castro
    Javi Castro

    This series I like to define itself in 5!

  • Akın Akın
    Akın Akın

    Kalp kıran 1 son saniye...🏀

  • Buğra Hakan Kadir
    Buğra Hakan Kadir

    Es war eine schöne Game. Ich habe sehr begeistert und warte auf nachstes Spiel. Game On!

  • Katerina Maximiliano
    Katerina Maximiliano

    What an end!

  • mv 2002
    mv 2002

    Great win Milan,Bayern clowns 🤡🤡🤡

  • Osman Abiniz
    Osman Abiniz

    Milano ooo 🇹🇷🇮🇹

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