Attack on Titan Season 4 Final Scene
To be continued...
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  • Lord Aizen
    Lord Aizen

    Ending Spoiler:

    • PotatoSalad

      I just now realized that the attack Titans eyes are now a hazy white

    • retriet


    • Conor Mayweather
      Conor Mayweather

      hey, I appreciate it A-hole. You teased me well

    • petertalks29


    • Justone Jk
      Justone Jk


  • Ayush Garg
    Ayush Garg

    Eren always bitches Reiner low-key

  • Gurtaj Hundal
    Gurtaj Hundal

    PART 2!!!!


    I love the way mappa has drawn the characters. I really love reiners style. He looks like angry, stylish, and awesome!!!. And erens titan, it just looks so badass!!!! (Cant wait for the next part) bring it on, december 2022!!!!!!

  • LI3 R3N
    LI3 R3N

    0:02 This scene is rare and cool as hell.

  • Atomic Zombii
    Atomic Zombii

    Imagine if people thought this was the actual ending (of the entire series)

  • _ TwentyOneGray _
    _ TwentyOneGray _

    why the fuck is this so oversaturated

  • DzieckoKwiatu Wystrój,Dostrój,Odleć.
    DzieckoKwiatu Wystrój,Dostrój,Odleć.


  • Rj Boyland
    Rj Boyland

    -eren being ready to kick the -$85$ out of Reiner- I love this ending scene

    • 1 1
      1 1


  • Damian Debortoli
    Damian Debortoli

    0:13 "Revenge for liberio" -The guy that sent 4 boys to destroy 1/3 of the paradise population

  • The Pacifier
    The Pacifier

    They have now idea what disaster is gonna happen next..

  • The Pacifier
    The Pacifier

    AOT was better in studio WIT's hands. But it's just my opinion, you may disagree.

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      I love both studios so I don't care but I do think the 2d attack titan is better here just my opinion.

  • Darkborne Lines
    Darkborne Lines

    shiiiiieeeeet, imagine if they actually had proper production time for season 4, amazing scene

  • Padhiyar Om
    Padhiyar Om

    Eren don't give a fuck he ain't scared of anyone just bring it on 👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 밤비


  • AoT is comedy
    AoT is comedy

    After chapter 139, 0:07 That's the founding bird

  • Jokza GG
    Jokza GG

    The OST is perfect for this scene ong.

  • iταcнiッ

    The history has begun

  • Robin47

    Season 4 ended the way it started, with Reiner parachuting down to fix his mistakes

  • DragonKnightYT

    Where is the "levi go boom" video?


    i get there plan, it was to bite any parts of his body so he can transform to get his limbs back, that way marley could find his location and zeke can battle him, great job exposing your location yeagerists

  • Sonof2tards

    Eren's Titan looks so much better with Mappa. The white eyes, thin face, much more detail in the face. Wit's was smooth, more rounded, and less detail in the face. Mappa's actually looks menacing and "scary".

  • Emma MHA Edits
    Emma MHA Edits

    I've not even made it this far I just need to know if the ending is gonna stress me out / is too sad

    • AoT is comedy
      AoT is comedy

      i'll give you a warning dont have too high expectations, i had and now i regret

  • mttbrad777

    my only ask is that they go back and fix monkey scenes after they finish s4 pt 2

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    Yoo, Erens green eye blurred a bit. Is it just me?

    • AoT is comedy
      AoT is comedy

      its basically coz of war hammer!

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    Kakatekoy Lainah!✊🔥

  • 身勝手の極意

    Since eren now has founding titan ability i think he can control colossal titan which are inside walls

  • Tokek


    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager


  • J Gwynbleidd
    J Gwynbleidd

    Come Reiner, so I can stomp you out for the third time.

  • Daniel

    Eren's titan looks like a demon

  • D1gging_D1rxT

    0:24 epic scene

  • TBBoomer

    Definitely in the minority but I prefer the old design

  • Leila7254

    It's gonna be a looooong wait till december 2022 😫

    • GreenDaGrey

      I'm pretty sure it'll be released around January next year, not December because January still counts as winter and it has something to do with the "winter anime season" or whatever (im not quite familiar with it)

  • Zain Zaidi
    Zain Zaidi

    look how beautifully mappa animated eren titan way better than s3

  • Ivin3690

    Eren straight ignored the Jaw and Cart Titans lol feels bad man.

  • Ivin3690

    0:25 that's such a godlike shot. I mean literally. He resembles a biblical deity thrust against the sky and the scene is almost like it's set up in high altitude, like an end of times scene.

  • Taylor Pennie
    Taylor Pennie

    Manga spoils watch out interesting fact about falco in eps 1 was for shadowing what his titan would be Do Not read anima only plz don't be mad

  • Super Reebz
    Super Reebz

    Reiner just looks done with this whole shit

  • Harold Olano
    Harold Olano


  • Reinaldo Manuel
    Reinaldo Manuel

    After the last chapter I’m not even hyped anymore.

    • Sophia Scott
      Sophia Scott


    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      @seiko no I hope so.

    • seiko no
      seiko no

      anime end can be different

  • Willcc19 -
    Willcc19 -

    So if Marley had all this firepower before Paradis took a dump on their military forces why didn't they use that to capture Eren sooner

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      Eren ate Lara's titan. Wouldn't be that easy to break erens hardening

  • Triggered Sharib
    Triggered Sharib

    Tarzan is that you?

  • Free

    Nobody: Every badass anime character: *"Koi"*

  • I poop a lot I poop a lot
    I poop a lot I poop a lot

    After this scene it's just Eren: call an ambulance call an ambulance but not me

  • adidas

    Conuyoohhhh...., LaInaaa.....

  • A human
    A human

    Hopefully MAPPA has enough time to make part 2 of season 4 look epic

  • NoOBGamerDZ

    Oh they animated his hair god damn ...

  • AJ

    When commander magath say's We will have our revenge from liberio Eren: *laugh* Nigga look at mirror Look whats u done To wall maria and my mom

  • Mavi

    Eren and reiner in their mind : how many more times will I have to fight this guy?

  • SponsAapje

    Alright I'm just gonna spoil it, sorry. Reiner didn't bother opening his parachute.

  • Guillermo Feijoo
    Guillermo Feijoo

    name of the ost??

    • Pat pat
      Pat pat

      Ashes on fire

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami

    Finnally a worthy opponent, their battle will be LEGENDARY!

    • Sam Haslam
      Sam Haslam

      @AoT is comedy Reiner has plot protection

    • AoT is comedy
      AoT is comedy

      @Sam Haslam lainaaaahhh

    • Sam Haslam
      Sam Haslam

      Who do you think will win?

  • disgusTAEd

    Second part is gonna be insaneeejemsjw

  • Kamcio Jumper
    Kamcio Jumper

    Everyone before: Go Eren! Everyone now: Stop it, Eren...

  • Phantom Z
    Phantom Z

    What's the point of dragging this epic season till winter 2022? . Won't the fans be frustrated? Wb the people who don't read manga? If it has something to do with Corona then it's understandable. Or is there any other specific reason? 🤔

    • ultra gamerpro
      ultra gamerpro

      @Phantom Z spoilers The RUMMBLEING will be cgi cause no one can draw 1k clossal titans and eren founding big thick titan

    • Phantom Z
      Phantom Z

      @Chronica yeah ok. Thank u so much :D

    • Chronica

      @Tejas Mishra That's what I'm saying

    • Tejas Mishra
      Tejas Mishra

      @Chronica its a full cour(16 episodes)

    • Chronica

      @Phantom Z Part 2 is going to be a full season. i don't know where you got that it's just 1 episode

  • kevin


    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      Yoo, ur pfp looking kinda fire. What should i type so i can get that too on Google?

  • Kelekers

    The saddest thing in Attack on Titan is when "To be continued" changed into "The end"

  • Gunshort ka khel
    Gunshort ka khel

    My exam :- Let's put an end to this guy Me:-come

  • Claw

    who is here after chap 139 ?

  • Uncle TAB
    Uncle TAB

    English language eren:Reiner Japanese language eren:leiner Me:😂😂

  • A bicep curl
    A bicep curl

    After Chapter 139

    • LM 10
      LM 10

      @L Mao main goal from the start exterminate the titans and save mikasa and armin.... who play a huge role in the titans is sad....but it is the truth....goodbye to eren

    • L Mao
      L Mao

      yeah... what's the point..

  • Luiz Cerqueira
    Luiz Cerqueira

    Koio, Laina!

  • Dr.Carnage

    when season part 2 is coming

    • _ Chris
      _ Chris

      Winter 2022

    • huniverso

      Next year , let's just wait patiently


    The manga just got ended

  • Abdoullah Alalgui
    Abdoullah Alalgui

    Part 1: Eldians attack Marleys Part 2: Marleys attack Eldians

    • douma

      Part 4:bird

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      Part 3: World go brr

    • Ali Bali / BiryaniElement
      Ali Bali / BiryaniElement

      Part 2: Eren attacks everyone

  • Op Musab
    Op Musab

    Even titans from eyes looks like byakugan


    I don't see any problem here, Just the main character challenge Isayama golden boy

  • Y

    the dopest moment in my entire existence

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando

    To all anime-onlys, you should absolutely stay away from anything related to AOT since there are people who get pleasure out of spoiling things for others

    • douma

      They spoiled everything up to chapter 132 that's why I decided to read the manga

    • Diego Brando
      Diego Brando

      @Eren Yeager i feel you, i got major events spoiled to me which is why i decided to read the manga

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      Just got spoiled by some brat. Fck my eyes._.

    • z3nspyder616

      Especially that the manga ended now

  • Sam Haslam
    Sam Haslam

    Who is gonna win the fight between eren or Reiner I say this as I think Reiner has some armour for plot

  • 9moon

    C ya in 2022

  • SIslam786


  • Thanos is Retired
    Thanos is Retired

    Because you either die a Futurama, or you live long enough to become the Simpsons.

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira



    cant wait until they animate the rest of the manga it was so good

  • Nenciu Stefan
    Nenciu Stefan

    Why eren titan is blind?

    • AoT is comedy
      AoT is comedy

      @Eren Yeager why you want spoilers bruh, above you complainin for getting them, nvm the answer is mikasa, eren is mikasa's simp

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      What people see after the world got massacred by Ereh

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      @Solo K he simped on who?

    • ultra gamerpro
      ultra gamerpro

      He became a devil that's why blinded by rage

    • Solo K
      Solo K

      He became a simp

  • Aqil Amsyar
    Aqil Amsyar

    Im in the minority here But i gonna miss the cgi


    Sheeesh Ik what happens but imma stfu 🤫

  • Affan Mostafa
    Affan Mostafa

    Aot: takes a break. Ppl: what are we gonna watch now. Stone ocean to ppl: I got you my besto friendo

  • Melvin

    Eren : come... reiner! Reiner : okay... but let me vibin on this plane for 1 year

  • TheMCPEGamer86

    Gonna make an animation 'bout this

  • Pedro Adomaitis
    Pedro Adomaitis

    We're going to miss the opening and the ending ;-;

  • report bot
    report bot

    now lets wait a year for 16 episodes XdDXDxDxdXddddXdXXxxxXDxDdDXdDSXDDdXDDx

  • leandro piñeiro
    leandro piñeiro

    No se porque pero esta vez me gusto más el titan de eren en 3d, muy bueno.

  • Seonghwa Daddy
    Seonghwa Daddy

    When Ereh said 'lainah' i purely felt that 😩☝🏻

  • Roxy Senpai
    Roxy Senpai

    0:18 here's a spam for you

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager


  • Abiyan Syihan
    Abiyan Syihan

    U guys need to remember all of that wall titan,and all of the civilians will get animated thats gonna take a long time

  • Ray Shabaz
    Ray Shabaz

    I thought I was coming out this winter. This better be more than an hour long movie because there are so much more that needs to be shown

    • Ray Shabaz
      Ray Shabaz

      @Yuuki I know. That's why I said NEARLY. This winter and the next

    • Yuuki

      @Ray Shabaz It's not gonna be two years. Part 2 is airing in Winter 2022

    • Béla Rácz
      Béla Rácz

      @Ray Shabaz lmao look it up

    • Ray Shabaz
      Ray Shabaz

      @Zezqi IV that's what I thought because they're making this look like this is the finale episode

    • Zezqi IV
      Zezqi IV

      @Ray Shabaz there are 23 chapters left in the manga so there are gonna be a lot more then one episode

  • Melou

    "Come. Reiner" Reiner: "aight bro just give me one year and I'll be there"

  • Albaraa ghbeis
    Albaraa ghbeis

    What happened to the green in Eren Titans eyes

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      @Aimer Boy He craved for peace like armin. But different one i guess.

    • Aimer Boy
      Aimer Boy

      He lost his humanity and glow he had

  • Unreal Drawer
    Unreal Drawer

    This scene was Complete God tier, But things change when Studios Change For Instance OPM,S1 was great and was Animated by Madhouse,But s2 got little bit boring when the studio changed to JC Staff why do they do that Why can't they just keep moving forward Without changing Studios

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager


  • Robykaa Varga
    Robykaa Varga

    When will the second part come out?

    • _ Chris
      _ Chris

      Winter 2022

    • Jom

      Winter 2022

  • Drip Titan
    Drip Titan

    Eren: come at me Lainahh Reiner: I’ll land In a year or more 😎

  • Nam Phạm
    Nam Phạm

    when will the last part release?

    • Ahmed Eltaib
      Ahmed Eltaib

      Winter 2022

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet

    Honestly this scene was a little weird. There was no build up. It felt of tact. They talked for three epsiodes and then boom somone transforms and now its war.

    • Small Chungus
      Small Chungus

      @Eren Yeagerlets just enjoy talk and dialogue scenes cuz part 2 has none,, just fight scenes

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      That’s how it is in the manga soo yeah.

    • Small Chungus
      Small Chungus

      Well yeah the whole part 2 rumbling arc is basically fight scenes

  • Resilient Fool
    Resilient Fool

    Lmao s4 started with reiner falling from a blimp and ended at reiner inside the blimp preparing to fall😂

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      It ended with Eren saying Reiner.

  • Simon Elcano
    Simon Elcano

    3 episodes remaining

    • Béla Rácz
      Béla Rácz


  • typhol

    "kOyouh'' 0:20


    ma man Reiner just wanted to die

  • Briss Lara
    Briss Lara

    Eren: manos les va a faltar

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