Anthony Edwards | 2019-20 College Highlights ᴴᴰ
Music Outro: ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia (Evans Remix)

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*I do not own any of the footage or audio in this, it belongs to the NCAA and the copyright owner of the song. I make the videos for entertainment purposes only*
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  • ADIL444 FF
    ADIL444 FF

    "I'm a mobile player" "I'm not white ff or Rendy r" But l play well, but no one suport💖🥺 Suport mobile player🥺🙏🙏

  • ADIL444 FF
    ADIL444 FF

    "I'm a mobile player" "I'm not white ff or Rendy r" But l play well, but no one suport💖🥺 Suport mobile player🥺🙏🙏

  • ADIL444 FF
    ADIL444 FF

    "I'm a mobile player" "I'm not white ff or Rendy r" But l play well, but no one suport💖🥺 Suport mobile player🥺🙏🙏

  • ADIL444 FF
    ADIL444 FF

    "I'm a mobile player" "I'm not white ff or Rendy r" But l play well, but no one suport💖🥺 Suport mobile player🥺🙏🙏

  • MbaTv

    Watch my Anthony Edwards highlights and more on my channel...

  • KuroBushi

    50 million dollar contract? And 75 mil?

  • jessinextdoor

    Different 😳😳😳

  • Will Cee
    Will Cee

    D wade vibes

  • My Dick
    My Dick

    Future nba all-star

  • Adrian Ervin
    Adrian Ervin

    Dame he good

  • Sir Kedz
    Sir Kedz

    Ladies and gentlemen.... The rebirth of T-Mac.

  • oldnew newold
    oldnew newold

    He really look like a bust! Every shot is a bad shot! WTF!!

  • Paper Flexing
    Paper Flexing

    rookie lbj with range

  • Don Paolo Cruz
    Don Paolo Cruz

    Watch his Debut game

  • Jumpa Hoodie
    Jumpa Hoodie

    Ant Man 🐜 🐜 🐜

  • Jits Monteros
    Jits Monteros

    At 3:41 that dunk stoped the cheerleaders.

  • Samurai S
    Samurai S

    who's here after his preseason game debut?

  • {feitan}

    Kid has ice water.

  • Chris

    Plays like this are what make him dangerous 4:30

  • Chris

    That was quick 3:08

  • Storm

    And to think he wanted get drafted by the nfl.

    • 7th Orisha
      7th Orisha

      Fake news.

  • Sports Center
    Sports Center

    Wow this guy is good

  • Liam Wagaman
    Liam Wagaman

    The stepback at 4:05 is on some Harden shit. My god

  • Fai

    seems like Drose 2011 mvp gameplay

  • Tri 7 Mafia
    Tri 7 Mafia

    Bruh is a problem.

  • Cade McDowell
    Cade McDowell

    The eagles could use him.

  • Helen Brión
    Helen Brión

    And he doesn’t even like bball

    • 7th Orisha
      7th Orisha

      MJ loved baseball and Kobe, Hakeem wanted to play soccer

    • Cade McDowell
      Cade McDowell

      How do u know?

  • Willie Will
    Willie Will

    Anthony is not super athletic, but he is a great three point shooter, and has no problem taking the big shot. He is not a point guard so please I hope no NBA team puts him as a point guard. He is a shooting guard/small forward. I love the fact that he is coming into the NBA in a decent built body. I also love the fact that he dribbles with his head up, especially when he drives to the hoop. He needs to develop a mid range jump shot, and learn how to widen his offensive arsenal by adding some post moves. Something like a MJ and Kobe post up style. I think he is an average defensive player. I do not see him being an all defensive type of player. He is coming to score and hit big shots. He has a big shot form. He has great elbow coordination and follow through. He is a more of a driver than a shooter. Has great potential and is a #1 pick.

  • Sunny Tzude
    Sunny Tzude

    I’m already saying bust, but I feel horrible saying it

  • Mike Teezy
    Mike Teezy

    omg he’s disgusting

  • Trey Lewis
    Trey Lewis

    Am I the only one who thinks dude ain’t all that 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Sharmarke Ismail
      Sharmarke Ismail

      yep you are the only one

  • Zavier M
    Zavier M

    Can’t argue with him being number 1 pick he has an all around solid game

  • Tywan Mcdowell
    Tywan Mcdowell

    Anthony Edwards reminds me of Kevin Durant

    • guest man
      guest man

      Anthony Bennett.

  • Alex Diw ayan
    Alex Diw ayan

    Look like Donovan Mitchell moves

  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones

    The boy cold.. I'm just not sold on his landing. And it's evident where his spots is. The league gon expose it Quick but I GOT HIGH HOPES FOR HIS CEILING

  • lucky albeza
    lucky albeza

    i hope his gonna be healthy

  • Fabio Editz
    Fabio Editz

    My guy for sure has HOF Deadeye and Range extender

  • Cullen Clark
    Cullen Clark

    The jerseys tho

  • Jalen Wetherspoon
    Jalen Wetherspoon

    He meant to caption dwade highlights

  • Derek Curry
    Derek Curry

    Baby jordan

  • Josef Christoffer Rizarri
    Josef Christoffer Rizarri

    hope this guy doesn't get serious injuries in the NBA. kinda scared how he dunks. Hope he'll be fine


    Tell me that's not LeBron with a better jumpshot

    • Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever
      Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever


  • jerico barredo
    jerico barredo

    We know how the first anthony turned out.

  • michael Taylor
    michael Taylor

    Erick bledsoe at best should have went with ball smh...

  • Marvin So
    Marvin So

    Dude's landing after a dunk is clean

  • Francis Aaron
    Francis Aaron

    He reminds me of Oladipo with better 3 point shooting touch

  • Nemesio Salgado
    Nemesio Salgado

    Dude is incredible

  • Joshua Choi
    Joshua Choi

    Has a higher ceiling than Zion imo

  • Adam Guerrero
    Adam Guerrero

    Wow, I didn't realize he could dominate like that... Zionish, but w/ long-term potential. Cool!

  • Branden _
    Branden _

    Makes it look easy

  • PradaShwaii

    Dude has shit shot selection but holy shit how does he make them

  • C. C.
    C. C.

    #1 pick rather be a NFL player 🤣 #crashandburn


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  • rpaul sanders
    rpaul sanders

    He will be a good quarter back.. 🤭😁

  • joseph chavez
    joseph chavez

    Lol yall really hyping this man. Another role player in the making. Not too much competition this year. Vets gonna bully this man you heard it here first

  • Ninja Channel
    Ninja Channel

    Jumper stroke looks effortless. If he gets enough reps he can become one of those dangerous scorers who are always attacking from everywhere. Slasher tools are just speed and hops; all he needs, really.

  • Moku

    Mans said he'll drop basketball anytime if he was recruited into the NFL, skill wise he's a number 1 pick but in my mind he ain't nothing.

  • kongi phillips
    kongi phillips

    JR Rider?

  • kongi phillips
    kongi phillips

    He looks pretty good....👍👍

  • Ajit Singh
    Ajit Singh


  • Alex Cooper
    Alex Cooper

    never heard of him until the draft but this guy is cold. Too bad he'll be lost forever in Minnesota

  • Peterson Oliveira
    Peterson Oliveira

    Boa tarde Nice amén vai trabalhar

  • zumba

    His shooting is scary

  • TylerAaronMedia

    I’d take Anthony Bennett

  • bteeuwen

    He looks like a less prone to injury Zion when he jumps

  • ThatWasEpicToo

    Kobe Bryant shooting form

  • DeAnthony 91
    DeAnthony 91

    Wow kid looks like a mix of great players. 💯

  • Regie Bautista Arts
    Regie Bautista Arts

    Its like a fusion of russel westbrook and james harden.

  • Emman Landrito
    Emman Landrito

    Upgraded reggie jackson

  • Reyner Giovanni
    Reyner Giovanni

    Westbrook but bigger..

  • James Kelmenson
    James Kelmenson

    Clear westbrook comp. Injury risk, for himself and the players around him. High intensity. An issue i see is shooting over the defender. He doesnt really generate space with his shot. So i doubt rookie of the year. But yeah, id expect good defense, rebounds, plenty of cuts and fast breaks, iso's, but hes too fast against his competition right now so when hes in the nba hes gonna be shut down in the fourth quarter

  • salvador calaguin jr
    salvador calaguin jr

    Better than last #1 pick

  • Nick GREEN
    Nick GREEN

    his dunks remind me of Jordan's

  • Brian Clay
    Brian Clay

    Who's here after taking a dump?

  • Deezel Kane
    Deezel Kane

    How is this guy a number one pick lol

  • Arrian Dixon
    Arrian Dixon

    3:22 was showtime and contact finisher on HOF #Mean 🔥🔥

  • Stanley Ezidiegwu
    Stanley Ezidiegwu

    John boyegas cousin

  • RJP 008
    RJP 008

    Way better than ball

  • My'lik

    Anybody comment about the announcers laugh?? Lol 🤣

  • Zoltan Shojka
    Zoltan Shojka

    He is literally young Carmelo but more fluid

  • playboii

    why he pullin up like KD y’all see that or im trippin🤔💯

  • cactus jacck
    cactus jacck

    Guy at every 3 aaaahaha

  • Joseph Mack
    Joseph Mack

    His shot reminds me of KD.

  • Lit Louie
    Lit Louie

    Dat man is like another Zion Williamson except dis dude is 40 pounds lighter dat can knock down 3 pointers like its 2K like wtf. Dis man a cheat code smh!!!😯💪💪💪💪💪

  • Distxnction X
    Distxnction X

    Definition of a 2 way slashing playmaker

  • Max Cheng
    Max Cheng

    I think he’s a taller but slower Westbrook who can shoot

  • Matthew Willis
    Matthew Willis

    He plays like a more complete MJ.., the three ball is definitely in his bag he just gotta get more consistent

  • mark evans
    mark evans

    i think he is a smaller version of Kevin Durant with his scoring prowess and the type of shots that he makes.

  • ChanChann

    most awkward landing ever

  • Sachin R
    Sachin R

    Shoots like Durant

  • Grape Juice
    Grape Juice

    Lil bro a dog

  • Amnesia

    I'm here after he was drafted💁🤜🏿

  • matt anderson
    matt anderson

    The kid grew an inch within the past year making him 6’6, 230. Pretty incredible for just a 19 year old. Already among the largest players at his position.

  • john Snow
    john Snow

    This guy is legit..deserve to be the first overall unlike the hype only lamelo ball meh

  • Ivan Romero
    Ivan Romero

    He plays like a small KD.

  • junarudo - sanimation
    junarudo - sanimation

    Man. Kobe

  • junarudo - sanimation
    junarudo - sanimation

    His betyer than russel wow.. Hahaha

  • Josue Becho
    Josue Becho

    this guy is a mix of lebron and westbrook ... stunning

  • Thomas

    he's a mini Zion

  • SRT eight
    SRT eight

    Lance Stephenson for sure hopefully he is mature.

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