Alessio Di Chirico Ends Press Conference Early: 'I Don't Like How You Only Speak To Winner'
Watch #UFC middleweight Alessio Di Chirico respond to the only question he received following his first-round KO win over Joaquin Buckley at #UFCFightIsland7.

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  • Michael Dunn
    Michael Dunn

    yeah i agree with him if the guy isn't knocked the f*** out. Joe Rogan used to interview people after they were knocked out, and then they all started becoming memes because they were saying stupid stuff and not themselves so he swore he would stop doing it.

  • Honigdachs

    What a dude.

  • MMA Face-Off
    MMA Face-Off

    Really great point, the respect for the fighters is not anywhere close to where it should be.

  • Berty Wicaksono
    Berty Wicaksono

    this guy is G

  • User Old Account
    User Old Account

    Lol he has such a stereotypical accent, compared to Vettori

  • Chris Steinke
    Chris Steinke


  • Derving Rios
    Derving Rios pays off to win, that's why only the winner is interviewed

  • Luka Luketic
    Luka Luketic

    Tutto molto bello ma il fighter che perde può scegliere di partecipare alla press conference senza problemi. Cringiata

  • Rikimaru Azuma
    Rikimaru Azuma


  • Passion 85
    Passion 85


  • Adelo Frazao
    Adelo Frazao

    You don’t need to like or deslike. The sport is not just made by to people. It’s owned by someone, who sets the rules. You don’t like, make up your own MMA setting. Otherwise, do as you are told, and contracted. You should be fired for insubordination. It is not your will. Douche

  • marco veronese
    marco veronese

    Dio can

  • Christopher Schwagmeier
    Christopher Schwagmeier

    I agree with this 100%! Obviously use your best judgement on how the fighter lost but this was done in a very respectful manner and I see absolutely nothing wrong with his message! God Bless The World!

  • Austinstarr79

    Strong, serious, honest. What else to be an excellent atlete?

  • rlmz00

    Maybe it's because he's a millennial, he believes in participation trophies.

  • mario roma
    mario roma

    true warrior


    Well that was awkward!

  • Tergis Tv
    Tergis Tv

    Nobody's talking about how Buckley got sent into outer space. Probably not a good idea to put a guy on a mic that just got done with a conversation with James Vick 💯

  • Droneggiando

    Italian style my friends! Grande Alessio!!!!

  • ram1

    Sounds like he would like participation trophies too and bonuses if you are knocked out in incredible fashion smh

  • don anonimo
    don anonimo


  • jay wenang
    jay wenang

    hes a real stand up guy hes a man of morals and principal im with it


    Just FOLLOWED him on Instagram for THIS REASON alone.


    It will make this sport more mainstream


    He has a point.

  • Narendra Bhosle
    Narendra Bhosle

    Completely agree with you sir hats off to you for bringing it to the attention of media 👏 👍

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    Respect for this guy!

  • Hauron Kherty
    Hauron Kherty

    The worst thing anybody can do is to give an MMA fighter a microphone anyway.

  • Stv



    Bravo 🔝

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Sad thing is, no one cares!

  • Kid Power
    Kid Power

    Honestly didn't know who he was as he was the supposed "stepping stone", but he after this you can only have respect for the man. I hope can get some wins, I will definitely be curious to see him again.

  • Maestro Von Huge
    Maestro Von Huge

    Wow, that's something, fair play bro.

  • jmak

    This guy lmfaoo dont kick people in the head u wont have to do the interviews after 😂

  • Daniel Domingo
    Daniel Domingo

    Hell ya he's right.

  • PhotonGangLol

    They don’t interview the loser cuz slurring bloody bashed faced dudes isn’t a good look for abc/espn. Buckley wasn’t too bad but he did get knocked out so you never know plus it’s just the general rule of thumb out of respect for the losing fighter. His hearts in the right place but I don’t think he understands.

  • denis zigante
    denis zigante

    He hits Dana twice 🤣

  • Sean E
    Sean E

    Dude's a G

  • Luis Vega
    Luis Vega

    Hes sounds a little bit like Marlon Brando on the Godfather and reminded me of when he rejected the Oscar

  • Raymond Minewiser Jr
    Raymond Minewiser Jr

    It’s an entertainment business. The loser gets interviewed if it makes sense. If ur watching a movie do u think the director is gonna put an actor on the scene that no ones cares about in the big picture of things...No. but Jon Jones vs chael sonnen, both interviewed for obvious reasons. And this has happened thousands of fights. But finally I would say it’s weird they didn’t interview Buckley. He does have a lot of hype , or did... maybe he was still messed up.

  • D.A. S.
    D.A. S.

    Back in the day, the press interviewed UFC fighters who lost too - on the panel. All at once , winners and losers would be seated.

  • D.A. S.
    D.A. S.

    What the hell does the world need ?????? More of people like this.

  • Michael Rivera
    Michael Rivera

    He does realize there's post fight interviews for both fighters right?

  • Jarek Chlebicki
    Jarek Chlebicki

    This definitely seems like someone who lost a lot of fights

    • Sol Invictus
      Sol Invictus

      @Jarek Chlebicki They aren't performers aren't actors, are athlete. No disrespect to the media. You probably like the showoff prima donna trash talkers. Fighting it's another thing.

    • Jarek Chlebicki
      Jarek Chlebicki

      @Sol Invictus lol As a performer and a athlete it’s your job to talk to media. He disrespected the media by leaving the podium . Wasted everyone’s time A guy just lost , not one athlete wants to be interviewed after a loss Get with the times bud , fight the battles that are worth fighting

    • Sol Invictus
      Sol Invictus

      @Jarek Chlebicki So someone respectfull as Kabib validate you speach according to you?...nope.

    • Jarek Chlebicki
      Jarek Chlebicki

      Nah , deff someone who lost more big fights than won them

    • Sol Invictus
      Sol Invictus

      Or just a respectfull fighter and not a showoff prima donna.

  • D V
    D V

    Sad thing is, no one cares!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Good on him. Stand for what you believe.

  • HyperGnar

    This guys an idiot! You honestly think the loser of a fight, a man who just got embarrassed on national television, and who is mentally down and emotional after a knockout wants to be interviewed? Typical delusional guy that believes so strongly in what hes saying and with so much passion that it causes other people to follow him. Shut your mouth, sit down and celebrate the win. Damn!

  • stephen downey
    stephen downey

    Wonder if he split his win bonus with Buckley?

  • Gabriele Gatto
    Gabriele Gatto

    Prossimamente Nono Re di Roma

  • TheRealist 811
    TheRealist 811

    What a legend.

  • J

    it’s funny cause fat dude asking the question was perfect question and delivery for alessio’s message.

  • Brayan Silva
    Brayan Silva

    Damn that first question was kinda rude asf 💀

  • Recanto Sombrio
    Recanto Sombrio

    Class act ! The sport needs more people like him.

  • 13 1618 alalá
    13 1618 alalá

    this stud is real

  • Eddie The Blasian
    Eddie The Blasian

    Joaquin is at the hospital fool!!!! Plus some people don't want to speak after they lose.

  • OptimoSapien MMA
    OptimoSapien MMA

    RIP Kevin Holland’s son

  • Joaquin Jamerlan
    Joaquin Jamerlan

    Bum ass

  • rem

    Sheeps in the comments praising this guy I don't get it tbh this guy is weird.

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    lesson 😉

  • Ram kk
    Ram kk

    MMA is not just about muscle. Its more about knowing how to fight. Distance control, acumen, accuracy, stamina. Ask Wonderboy.

  • Ram kk
    Ram kk

    Short, concise, to the point. Well done Alessio I must admit that when I saw the pairing I thought he was going to be slaughtered. Sometimes is good to be wrong.

  • Nicola Noven
    Nicola Noven

    I bet he made this decision after his losses. What if he won all the fights???

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      The losers in hospital so....

  • Pat Rod
    Pat Rod

    Griffin was so Jolly, but then left Speechless

  • BIM

    He just gained a fan for life

  • Mark Spendiff
    Mark Spendiff

    🔔 end

  • I.E.M le voyageur
    I.E.M le voyageur

    Man, Alessio is a G

  • Paul Maurice
    Paul Maurice

    I would not want to talk to that fat guy either.

  • Sword of S
    Sword of S

    Stand up guy. Respect.

  • Vegeta Launched Final Flash
    Vegeta Launched Final Flash

    Real talk.

  • Steffen Ward
    Steffen Ward

    This guys a fool. Dont expect participation trophies. Of course they only interview the winner. GTFO

  • Nigalas Cage
    Nigalas Cage

    You many simps buying into his nonsense. Pretending he's this stand up guy when he's only bitter because nobody ever wanted to interview him in his last 3 previous fights.

  • Ser24870

    You can’t interview the loser. Imagine a salty loser setting around waiting for an interview and then they snap from hearing some bs. Maybe at the end of the entire PPV but not right after the fight. Too many meat heads that would try to fight again

  • Nacer Ouafa
    Nacer Ouafa

    They used to do that back in the days..


    I appreciate the sentiment but he just KTFO Buckley with that head kick. They don’t have time for him to recover and I’m sure he was making his way to the hospital after that anyways. Honorable guy. Wrong moment to be so honorable IMO. Not gloating after you KO the guy who probably gets KO OTY in 2020 is enough.

  • Braco Valenčić
    Braco Valenčić


  • Rokkman3

    Bad ass

  • Goodser

    The losers in hospital so....

  • Garabin s
    Garabin s

    Yea let’s go interview the guy who you just head kicked into unconsciousness...

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    That’s how you send a message. Politely and eloquently.

  • Xuan Power
    Xuan Power

    Oh how I miss the old post conference with everyone in the table, winners AND losers

  • Sage Sarrazine
    Sage Sarrazine

    Joaquin Buckley and Ariel Helwani made about 70 fake accounts to dislike this

  • Cheebzsta

    Good on him sticking to his principles like that.

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      you don't interview a guy who's been knocked out though. Someone should explain it to him....... But I agree with interviewing the loser too as long as he has gotten knocked o

  • Kent Kraus
    Kent Kraus

    Get cocky, sleep soundly

  • Weaam Ahmed
    Weaam Ahmed

    Much Respect Man 🙏 👏..

  • Colton Crawford
    Colton Crawford

    They interview the loser all the time if they haven’t gone to the hospital.

    • Donovan S
      Donovan S

      not true...he means in ring interview

  • JACK *
    JACK *

    I respect that

  • The Informed Independent
    The Informed Independent

    Respect to Manza

  • Mark Correale
    Mark Correale

    Thank you for your good sportsmanship, Alessio. You're absolutely right. I frequently have to turn off the sound on my TV when I'm watching because the know-it-all commentators (you know who you are) during the fights are constantly showing bias by talking up their favorite fighters and playing down the ones they don't prefer. Sometimes the judges listen and make bad decisions on the outcome because of the commentators. All of the fighters deserve respect. Sometimes I feel that the UFC and fans dishonor them. And it doesn't sit well with me.

  • stephen cohen
    stephen cohen


  • Sean Long
    Sean Long

    I actually respect that! You should definitely interview the winners and losers!

  • Marc Krock
    Marc Krock

    He's a putz

  • Fahed !
    Fahed !

    I agree. Man, he forewent a huge opportunity to get his name out there purely on principle

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    What a sore winner

  • Derek Of Rivia
    Derek Of Rivia

    The first reporter always makes me cringe.

  • Master of the Arts
    Master of the Arts


  • TheGlizz

    They dont interview him because you kicked his brain out theyll speak with him later on

  • John Philips
    John Philips

    you don't interview a guy who's been knocked out though. Someone should explain it to him....... But I agree with interviewing the loser too as long as he has gotten knocked out.

  • Brent Yap
    Brent Yap

    I got to know him at the amateur world championships in 2014 in Las Vegas. Awesome to see hi. Rising through the ranks

  • Espitia Family
    Espitia Family


  • Hira Matangi
    Hira Matangi


  • el houcine mensouri
    el houcine mensouri

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