ABANDONED Vehicles RESCUED From Texas Jungle After 40 YEARS | Completely Hidden By Nature | RESTORED
Picking up from where they left off, Lance and Wyatt attempt to dig through acres of uncharted territory in the Northeast Texas woods. Making their way through this dense overgrown jungle of a region, they attempt to rescue a huge classic vehicle collection with some that have been sitting untouched for over 40 YEARS! Staying well aware of their surroundings, they begin to cut away and dig out what's left of these forgotten jewels.

Follow along on this episode as they attempt to save a 1966 Chevy P30 Step Van, as well as a highly forgotten 1962 American Rambler 400! As the guys brave through the obstacles, they have high hopes of saving these forgotten memories that are slowly turnin to rust!

WATCH PART 1 HERE: itmores.info/player/video/o2eOsqp_qNSea84

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    WATCH PART 1 HERE: itmores.info/player/video/o2eOsqp_qNSea84

  • MJM’s Workshop
    MJM’s Workshop

    Best thing I ever did was get a receiver Mount winch and weld a receiver Mount on the front of my trailer. Problem is I haul a lot more junk home when I don’t have to use a come along.

  • Carlos  R. Zamot Sr.
    Carlos R. Zamot Sr.

    you guys got a wench on your trailer,why dont you cut the trees and vines then rope and pull them out with the wench???

  • Andy Rivas
    Andy Rivas


  • Stephen Krzanowski
    Stephen Krzanowski

    Great Father & Son teamwork! Love what you are doing saving all these vehicles. Please as a word of safety and experience... Never stand or have any part of your body in front of a split rim tire (ring out towards you) while filling with air. People have been killed / decapitated or lost limbs.

  • Winters Battle of Bands
    Winters Battle of Bands

    20:45. No, they're not interested in selling any of the really old cool stuff. They're gonna hang onto them until they rust away.

  • Thunderbolt Garage
    Thunderbolt Garage

    This video made sweat!!

  • Marcelo Gregory
    Marcelo Gregory


  • Wong Young kin t7
    Wong Young kin t7

    F vv and I have

  • Wong Young kin t7
    Wong Young kin t7

    Hppt is

  • Jim Getz
    Jim Getz

    Ya all need a few pitch forks to move the brush. Keep up the good work/ videos . Thanks

  • oliver w
    oliver w

    that step van is pretty sporty...another nice score

  • Abhishek C
    Abhishek C

    Is this turnin rust changed to restored???

  • مهدي السلطان
    مهدي السلطان

    كل شىء جميل

  • Mike Dyndiuk
    Mike Dyndiuk

    I would watch more of your videos, but some of them are so long I don't have that much time. Under an hour is better for me

  • Svatopluk Havryš
    Svatopluk Havryš


  • tech works info
    tech works info

    Good work brother

  • Leanda Lynch
    Leanda Lynch

    so where continuing story for this one??

  • Edwin Ayala
    Edwin Ayala

    What do you guys do with those junks after?

  • Krekauto funilaria
    Krekauto funilaria

    Valeu o esforço 🙂

  • timothy fricker
    timothy fricker

    A short chain for going around tight corners

  • Eric Franks
    Eric Franks

    Dad needs a trailer upgrade

  • Carole Rodeghiero
    Carole Rodeghiero

    Make a couple wheel dolly. Puddin has wheel dollie that he puts the wheels in and scoots the cars and trucks around on.

  • Carole Rodeghiero
    Carole Rodeghiero

    Maybe bring a tire

  • RyanTreks

    hahaha, go to the southeast. The owners will want $1200 for each of them.

  • Carole Rodeghiero
    Carole Rodeghiero

    Wyatt prayers for them to let go of the nice truck.

  • Carole Rodeghiero
    Carole Rodeghiero

    Be safe and work smart

  • geoffreyjones2000

    My p60 was insulated and had a 6.2 diesel with a turbo 400 and square tube axels, sir

  • Raymond F. Pittam
    Raymond F. Pittam

    Are you guys originally from Arkansas or California? Those are the only two states I have lived I have seen people do such crazy things.

  • Raymond F. Pittam
    Raymond F. Pittam

    Man the man who owns that place is far smarter than you two and I thought you was a Preacher and smarter than cleaning a man's land plus paying him to remove his Junk. Don't seem you guys are as smart as I thought. You do a Thousand Dollars worth of Land Clearing to pat to move a piece of Junk.

  • Ninfa Carpenter
    Ninfa Carpenter

    Time to put a winch on dad’s trailer??? Love what you do and enjoy your channel!! You are really showing off that trailer, may you could get them as a sponsor!!! My husband definitely has trailer envy!!!

  • Mohamed Zulkifly
    Mohamed Zulkifly

    Is that an Ice cream Truck sir'?

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin

    Got an idea for the rambler make a gasser out of it

  • Paul Henderson
    Paul Henderson

    Did they have titles for these vehicles?


      Yes sir

  • Jessy Pillai
    Jessy Pillai

    Hi, watching from Trinidad, West Indies

  • Stan

    How many parts before we start working on it?

  • Bec busman
    Bec busman

    I'm sure that will be a nice rig when it's done . 😊 I really like that trailer ,

  • ανα κολ
    ανα κολ

    Just out of curiosity, because in our country, cars have an owner no matter how old they are did you buy the car or you just take it because it's abandoned?

  • Texas Jungle
    Texas Jungle

    Great deal boys! Anything from the Texas Jungle is a gem! Enjoyed the show


    I want to see the second part.

  • Neil Stanford
    Neil Stanford

    Awesome guys I'm new to your channel love what your doing keep it up


      Thank you and may God bless you

  • Gary Rowlands
    Gary Rowlands

    well that's 47minutes I'll never get back.

  • Noor Zaidi Ahmad
    Noor Zaidi Ahmad

    Whats the follow up on this video , we are being waiting for more than a week ...!

  • James K.
    James K.

    MAN, I guess one man's junk is another man's treasure, lol. I think he should have paid you to remove those vehicles off his property. :)


    Nice cars

  • Asif Mir
    Asif Mir


  • Willie Bulletman
    Willie Bulletman

    Great job

  • Arred Tanau
    Arred Tanau

    Mantap sekali

  • K&A SRT8
    K&A SRT8

    I hope yall buy that Hudson next to that chevy van and the black one in the shop. Some good ole classics.

  • Janet Hoover
    Janet Hoover

    Love seeing family working together

  • Shaner The Grey
    Shaner The Grey

    $1200 for the whole lot? Fantastic!

  • Steven Stanford
    Steven Stanford

    I would like to have seen the new video I work 6 days a week and 24, hrs a day would have like to have seen it but already taking down

  • The Custom Channel
    The Custom Channel

    Holy shit this is where yall went to I miss yalls old channel

  • One Man Garage
    One Man Garage

    That old old International truck though !!!

  • Montney  [Mont-knee]
    Montney [Mont-knee]

    is the old truck worth rescuing in front of the step van

  • T Zero
    T Zero

    That sure looked like poison ivy by that Econoline.

  • David Spriggs
    David Spriggs

    Take a sheet of heavy plastic to lie on when putting chains on - no dirt, water or prickles get on you then!

  • Wassamatta U
    Wassamatta U

    Goodness gracious! I've seen and been on hard removals but this one way is up on the list! Best of wishes to all. 😎

  • Leanda Lynch
    Leanda Lynch

    funny finding you under new you tube name good recatch up , your videos not so hot though , not so much close up ,

  • bgdavenport

    I've been watching you guys toil and wrestle with this old vehicles. When are you going to make a towing sled? Need a design? A modified CAT shovel should work just fine.

  • sean fagan
    sean fagan

    The box truck has what a b4t Cummings 4 banger. Un killable. The turbo probably needs some lovin.

  • sean fagan
    sean fagan

    1200 good dam that is what you would pay for each one in jersey if you could find one with out ending up in a shallow grave under the car you was looking to buy.

  • Yama Man
    Yama Man

    Love this channel but coming from England UK that squeaky Southern texas accent can be hard on the ears 😬😉😆

  • James Black
    James Black

    With you 2,I don't think yall could think of the easy way. I seen so many things that were not done that would've been (the easy way)

  • Tina Overman
    Tina Overman

    take all of them

  • Delasie Wynter
    Delasie Wynter

    The van look like it could be made into home

  • Sylvain Leseur
    Sylvain Leseur

    Great, thanks to share.

  • Joseph Donkers
    Joseph Donkers

    Double or triple up on the chain get your truck closer to the car and you should have more control when towing

  • Tyler Sowa
    Tyler Sowa

    This feels like a legit tv show ! Well done FLAWLESS VICTORY

  • Robert Pikari
    Robert Pikari

    Shut Up!!! &...😂😂😂

  • Stuart Nimmo
    Stuart Nimmo

    I’m always amazed by those old tyres airing up! I was concerned about father’s heavy breathing 😮‍💨 tooo hot 🥵

  • Ron Weaver
    Ron Weaver

    Load it backwards the rambler

  • joel Staab
    joel Staab

    Just a thought... you ever chop one of them vans? Might have ot look around and see if someone has. Like that old International a whole lot... too!

  • letour32rr

    Y’all will have to partner with one of those “yard rescue” youtube channels next time.

  • Vivette

    You guys sure are determined !! 🚘

  • ford nut
    ford nut

    You guys need to get a rollback.

  • John Weeks
    John Weeks

    Yea that old international truck would make a cool build

  • 944tim

    perhaps you can get Ryobi as a sponsor, showing their pole saw in real life conditions..worth a shot.

  • User Anonymous
    User Anonymous

    this was definitely not a set up im reckon those vehicles been there a while lol

  • dalesworld

    I have that same Rambler in my garage that needs to be restored. Looking forward to see what you do with it.

  • AYZTyler

    Where in northeast Texas is this? I'm in Tyler.

    • Sam Hill
      Sam Hill

      AYZ the place this video was shot is in Dekalb tx

    • AYZTyler

      @RESTORED, that would put you either in Bogata or Deport. Am I correct?


      We’re about 90 miles north of Tyler on highway 271

  • Ryan Beyea
    Ryan Beyea

    What's up

  • Ryan Beyea
    Ryan Beyea


  • Emil Mellow
    Emil Mellow

    Oh my! God bless u for attempting this extraction.

  • robert bustard
    robert bustard

    i see the old guy is doing all the work.

  • gala xies
    gala xies

    looks like fun work. that van in black & red paint, and with red rims. ugh..

  • Mark

    My brother and i used to beat one around the fields when we were kids push button tranny selector on the dash.My dad called it a Nash

  • Projects Galore
    Projects Galore

    Love the old Rambler. I had a 61 Classic wagon when I was 15...long time ago.


    That old Pickup back there looks like a gem stuck in time....Be nice to have!

  • Phillip Bremer
    Phillip Bremer

    Be honest next time got big truck but need little bigger time you can rip and tear just hook and tug

  • Phillip Bremer
    Phillip Bremer

    Otherwise our got times good memories advertising adventures reality and experiences are the best

  • Phillip Bremer
    Phillip Bremer

    Replacement for intimate interaction interoperability newest features drive train applications apostery

  • Phillip Bremer
    Phillip Bremer

    Sad story your life is resolved in fixes repair issues yep floor vent tires like ideas of getting running but think they were used up years ago when parked

  • Dyana Mullican
    Dyana Mullican

    What finds you have there. what work you have too. thanks for sharing with us.

  • Wesley Sellers
    Wesley Sellers

    I pray for you boys when you get in the brush like this

  • MellowYellowCJ7

    Fun projects, but please don't use a tow ball to pull out stuck vehicles. At least you used a chain and a slow pull, but still sketchy.. itmores.info/player/video/xnd6lX6WZ5iXpps

  • 1towmater1

    A trick i use, u pull the break away for the electric trailer brakes to keep trailer from dragging backwards. Also have someone hold vehicle. Brakes or i have a prybar that wedges between seat and brake pedal to hold brakes

  • charles turner
    charles turner

    that old tom's peanut truck was a great save! i learned to drive in a tom's peanut truck, back in the day.

  • Robert Donald
    Robert Donald

    Put a winch on the second trailer

  • Jason W
    Jason W

    Props to the guy for letting go of them. So often they will just sit and rot until someone dies, and generally it’s too late by then.

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