65-Pound Pit Bull Is The 'Fun Uncle' For Tiny Foster Puppies | The Dodo Pittie Nation
This 65-pound pittie named Thunder teaches foster puppies how to "sit" and "stay" 💛
Keep up with Thunder and Anne and all their foster puppies on Instagram: thedo.do/agirlandherpibble.
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  • GeorgiaBound

    These videos of Pit Bulls have definitely changed my perceived perception of how sweet these dogs truly are!

    • Fab Funty
      Fab Funty

      @Rawjan 39 Exactly that's why they called them nanny dogs they could be trusted with their endless loyalty what sadly was often misused and decades of uncontrolled backyard breeding with zero knowledge had done the rest to the once beloved race. It's just fair that they get a bit of their reputation back. It's not their fault, it's always what humans did, they didn't choose this.

    • Joanna Livingston
      Joanna Livingston

      They are the biggest babies in the whole world

    • Native Europe
      Native Europe

      @GeorgiaBound That's cool. 👍.

    • Native Europe
      Native Europe

      @em1o smurf _"you obviously haven't read all my posts in this thread,"_ I didn't need to, I was responding to the only post of yours that I bothered to read. If you think your posts get better somewhere then point out where exactly and I'll be happy to look them up. _"or don't understand english language nuance. i was the one that posted their being called nanny dogs."_ Unlike you I at least know how to use "their" in a sentence. And I know you were the misinformed bell-end that posted that, which is obviously why I responded to you using your own quote, genius. _" go troll elsewhere."_ Troll is a deflection that low IQ people use when confronted with facts they can't grasp. You said they were called nanny dogs for centuries which proves you just mouth off malarkey you either read on youtube or made up completely, doesn't it?

    • HexIsMessy

      Best comment ever!

  • Fab Funty
    Fab Funty

    The Daddy-instinct is very big in him 🤣that's exactly what those little ones need for a good start

  • Love_Tay

    I love the thumbnail :DD

  • TheCrazymomto6

    What an amazing foster papa!! Great job Thunder and foster mom!!

  • Joel Stelmark
    Joel Stelmark

    🙏🏾Bless You All


    This... Is... Brilliant...

  • VioHRD


  • Paulette Stegall
    Paulette Stegall

    I 😘loved how the babies SIT when Thunder sit and follow

  • I. Shiva
    I. Shiva

    Puppie love 😍 amazing

  • GracieCatYT

    Ahhhhhh, how are they so cute?! Like I love pitbulls

  • TheSheldonBass


  • thomas callahan
    thomas callahan

    I have had 3 pit bulls. Each one has been a delight and gentle.

  • Stuart Ashton
    Stuart Ashton

    That is the reason I love animals humans I put up with

  • Kenneth M
    Kenneth M

    Why do they come in without the mother are the newborns found dumped?

  • Noneya GDB
    Noneya GDB

    And then at 8 weeks he ripped their throats out...

  • Imperial Guard
    Imperial Guard

    is 65 pounds considered heavy???? i would assume it is bc its in the title but like,,, dude my dog is almost 100lbs

  • Aline Sanchez Ramirez Baruchi
    Aline Sanchez Ramirez Baruchi


  • meg grotte
    meg grotte

    He's like I'm ready mom

  • Xinnara

    i saw their update on facebook the other day, apparently the pitbull killed 2 of the puppies and then attacked the owner when they tried to stop it, theyre in critical condition right now. so sad to hear when they all look so happy in the video

    • Hrp Drp
      Hrp Drp

      Link? Seems way too unlikely

    • axolotl

      h u h

  • OminousSoul

    That toy at 1:25. We have the exact same toy for our Dog. It is the only toy to this day she hasn't destroyed as it it just too sturdy

  • Janelly Vazquez
    Janelly Vazquez

    that's funny because my uncle's rescue pit mix is named thunder lol

  • Lonny Moses
    Lonny Moses

    My dog and best friend growing up I named Thunder. Still miss him after 25 yrs.

  • Parker Yaeger
    Parker Yaeger

    He is no uncle That is a DAD

  • Mallory Poling
    Mallory Poling

    Thunder is actually very important to the development of these pups! He is socializing the puppies to other dogs. And is also helping to teach them manners that they will need in the home.

  • Edwin Yi
    Edwin Yi

    how sad is that the dog gets attached and then gets the puppies taken away multiple times

  • Brissieskater1

    Have a look at the expression on the face of the ' Fun Uncle' at 1:22, the facial expression is quite eerie, spooky and almost menacing - the puppy was just too young to realise.

    • Hrp Drp
      Hrp Drp

      Nah, even puppies that age understand facial expressions and body language, and that was a blank neutral stare, even nearly dropped his toy/treat thing.

  • Alexandre A
    Alexandre A

    They are so cute!!!

  • Steven Groves
    Steven Groves

    Pitties have the best smiles

  • Rob Weaver
    Rob Weaver

    too cute!

  • gypsy

    I'll take one of those puppies........

  • Nick white
    Nick white

    If any animal has a better smile 😊 then please tell me pit are born happy


    2:05 look at the smiles!

  • denise quinby
    denise quinby

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️i so wish we were allowed pits here in the uk i worked with them in rescue pre ban 20 yrs ago never met a nasty one only loving goofy ones no such thing as a bad dog just vile owners right ❤️

  • Dan Yarwood
    Dan Yarwood


  • TV Youtube
    TV Youtube

    Disgusting child maulers /killers

    • axolotl

      @Hrp Drp mhm

    • Hrp Drp
      Hrp Drp

      I agree, humans can be such disgusting child mailers and killers

    • axolotl

      It's a bad owner, not a bad dog

  • Fatima Amorim
    Fatima Amorim

    OMG, I am in love 🥰🐾❣️

  • Jorden Miller
    Jorden Miller

    I wished she kept the dogs

  • Eric Proffitt
    Eric Proffitt

    What a smart ass mofo dog. He knew he was teaching them. The Man Thunder. 8D

  • Stela S
    Stela S

    Such a sweet doggie

  • chLOVEx

    uncles are always the best know what im saying? 😌🙌🏼

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams

    I love Pitties! They've got the biggest, softest, gooiest hearts! Can you believe anyone is afraid of these dogs?

  • John Darnell
    John Darnell

    Thunders the man!

  • James Murray
    James Murray

    Short arms can come in handy though, especially when it comes to paying the bill.

  • remi

    God Bless Thunder and the foster mom.

  • Ashley Verrinder
    Ashley Verrinder


  • Max Kim Lowe
    Max Kim Lowe

    Gotta have that one fun uncle or relative.

  • Laura_M

    this is the most ♥ ️

  • Ceaton Busch
    Ceaton Busch

    Oh my heart 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Brain Scott
    Brain Scott

    Fig and Fern hope their new owners change their names....


    Omg best uncle in the 🌎😘

  • Vincent Donovan
    Vincent Donovan

    Ugly mutts.

  • Raw Blow
    Raw Blow

    Wish i could meet a sweet woman like this that loves animals, esp dogs like i do!

  • Great White Avalanche
    Great White Avalanche

    Best thumbnail ever?

  • Spot J
    Spot J

    I know Dodo has a bunch of comments on me on multiple over 150+ videos that they have saying that I want to take in dogs puppies you know I can give unconditional love I have a giant yard fenced in lots of food I even cook steaks burgers and chicken for my animals

  • Kyle Montgomery
    Kyle Montgomery


  • norman9970


  • Audrey Chagnon
    Audrey Chagnon

    How awesome!

  • K P
    K P

    They are the cutest

  • Asa Black
    Asa Black

    He’s such a good boy and mentor.

  • Betty Spaghetti
    Betty Spaghetti

    Those pups are so freaking adoraaaabbblee!!!

  • Allie Kressner
    Allie Kressner

    This video just goes to show and prove that pitties are not scary monsters everyone thinks 🙏

  • KCC IT
    KCC IT

    HELP. I have a neighbor that got a Pitbull (I have no issue with the breed). But every time I go into my back yard the dog charges the fence and barks, until I leave my yard. I can't enjoy my back yard. I have tried giving him treats (with the owner permission) and he still runs up and barks and barks, it (not gonna lie) has me a bit worried. I am going to put in a higher fence, currently just a little three foot chain link one, I am worried that he gonna learn he can jump it, and have no idea how he will react in my yard. anyone with a lot of XP with this breed, any recommendations?? side note the owners do not discipline him when he barks, I have never seen them take him for a walk, I think they got him cause the boys thought it would be cool to have a pit.

    • Hrp Drp
      Hrp Drp

      Hello! I am here to help! I have had experience with several pit mix dogs, mostly my own but also neighbors. The barking is just an attempt to get your attention/alert their owner to your existence for the most part, and not something to be scared of when know you can feed them treats without being growled at. There isn't too much you can do to stop the barking altogether, Especially any physical discipline or yelling, hitting can lead to biting, because the dog learns to harm those who push boundaries, and yelling encourages barking. So one way to help, is to treat the dog, for not barking, by sitting near the fence untill the dog gets quiet, and then giving them a treat when they are, making sure to give a treat for longer and longer times of silence. Another way, imo can be the easiest way, and what I do with my pit-pug mix, is to turn the barking into a task that has an end, simply by having the owner present when the dag starts barking, then the owner would give a command like "I see" or "thank you" is what i use, and call the dog over to be given a treat when the stop barking and come to the owner. With this method, the owner does need to let the dog know every time it starts to bark that they heard them or they will just keep barking. Another way, wich might be the best for your situation, actually doesn't involve treats, pits are very energetic dogs, and can be very play motivated (my dog cant focus with treats and instead I "treat" her with play) it involves distraction, when the dog sees you, you need to try and pull out a toy before the dog even starts to bark if you can, best if you have a bright ball or squeaky toy you can squeak, this distracts the dog from its initial thought of barking at you, and instead gets excited to play, and when the dog is quiet for a bit you can call out "good dog" and and toss the toy or dangle it for a short tug. In fact, it could be as simple as giving the dog just toys to play with in the yard instead of barking, i mean, there is a bit of "training" that goes with it so the dog doesn't get bored and ignore the toys, wich is basically just playing with the dog and toys in different ways and many types, chew toys like kong are great cause you can just fill them with dog food even and chewing is a great distraction for dogs. Also chances are he cannot jump the fence, pits have a weird barrel chest that makes it near impossible for them to jump forward over a fence, all my pits jumped so high they could touch their back paws to the top of a basic chainlink fence (i think its around 4 feet tall) but never bade it over, no matter what they were jumping at, dogs, cats, people, and even the mailman, who was very scared of our 2ft tall pit pug for a week. Last tip, if all else fails, ignoring will work eventually, just pop in earbuds, listen to some music, and don't acknowledge the dogs existence, don't look at them, and eventually they will give up on barking at you.

  • Lucho Portuano
    Lucho Portuano

    This lady is an angel.

  • Terry Mcnorton
    Terry Mcnorton

    had two pitties great dogs blame the media for the misinformation

  • Sooner Mimi
    Sooner Mimi

    What a special dog you have.

  • Hapa Chick
    Hapa Chick

    Please stop with the Pitt propaganda

  • Relaxing With Animals
    Relaxing With Animals

    To whoever is reading this, you are loved. You are blessed. Your dreams are manifesting as we speak. Time is on your side. Everything will work out in your favor. May you find more love, peace and prosperity.

  • Dark Howl
    Dark Howl

    Fun uncle.....

  • Osya Sa
    Osya Sa

    Adooooorable 😍

  • Hargoni Yamaki
    Hargoni Yamaki

    Thunder is so gentle

  • Wise Man
    Wise Man

    So awesome

  • Cute Creatures
    Cute Creatures

    this is so fulfilling

  • Julie W
    Julie W

    I can't imagine anything more precious! Thunder is such a gorgeous guy.

  • Alfred Mandujano
    Alfred Mandujano

    Hi thunder I like your name

  • Bull Shark
    Bull Shark

    Such a beautiful video

  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose

    you are doing such great work

  • Phyllis Brown
    Phyllis Brown

    The sweetest story. Thunder is the best.💖

  • Animals Care
    Animals Care

    Love is a four legged word

  • Arthel Burkland
    Arthel Burkland

    OMG SO ADORABLE! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🐾

  • jujia7

    Oh wow,I had a rough day and these dogs ....AHHHHH I'm cryingggg

  • PairaDice Casino
    PairaDice Casino

    not a pitbull

  • Diane Hayse
    Diane Hayse


  • Amanda Collyer
    Amanda Collyer

    Fig and Fern..... best puppy names ever :)


    thunder is allready a trainer because the puppy folow and do what thunder do so u don't really have to do anything.

  • Chaz Rubz
    Chaz Rubz

    Dodo seriously you’re killing me over here with all this cuteness!!!

  • Tommy Hayes
    Tommy Hayes

    What a beautiful thing how could anyone make them fight !! Those people should be hung

  • Curiosos da Galáxia
    Curiosos da Galáxia

    One of the Great Channels of inspiration for my Channel.

  • Meghan Workman
    Meghan Workman

    OMG those puppies...my heart can't take the cuteness!

  • Dopey Tripod
    Dopey Tripod

    this is such a family channel even the dogs junk gets blurred out

  • don time
    don time

    They seem to all be smiling in the thumbnail

  • Marri Winston
    Marri Winston

    Your making him depressed every time they leave🚮

  • Tomboy Topic
    Tomboy Topic

    Those are his puppies now! 😂

  • LKeet6

    her and her dog foster together :) :)

  • Joao Vitor
    Joao Vitor

    The sassy interest especially try because columnist medicinally wrap lest a bashful steven. joyous, omniscient green

  • echangeclasse

    Merci beaucoup

  • David B
    David B


  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones

    I love this 😁

  • Marlene Walker
    Marlene Walker

    I have a Pitt Bull who loves cats now. Every time we go for walks or car rides and he sees a cat he thinks we have to stop and take it home.

  • Second Thought
    Second Thought

    This a great video. So glad you foster puppies. And Thunder just proved that dogs are the temperament of how they are raised.

  • Timothy Pettit
    Timothy Pettit

    Thank you for your dedication! It's a lot of work and takes a special person...

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