2020 NBA Draft Scouting: How Anthony Edwards could become the most dynamic scorer in the NBA | ESPN
ESPN NBA draft analyst Mike Schmitz breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of former Georgia Bulldogs guard and 2020 NBA Draft prospect Anthony Edwards. Schmitz says Edwards has the potential to become one of the most lethal scorers in the NBA.
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  • Abraham Noorzay
    Abraham Noorzay

    this guy gives me michael beasley energy. calling it now, he’s gonna be a bust.

    • Stefan The Best
      Stefan The Best

      Take this L bro

  • Danang Dwiatma
    Danang Dwiatma

    As a t-wolves fan, I really like his game. Lack of effort on defense is concerning when MN already has D'lo and KAT on the team but I hope he will improve defensively since he has strong physical tools. Bringing Rubio back was a good decision. He helped Donovan Mitchell and Devin Booker with his playmaking ability. I believe Edeards will improve his shooting percentage bcause he doesnt have to carry the offense in MN since they have three good scorers in D'lo, KAT and Beasley. Cant wait to watch him play in NBA

  • Relayzy1

    6'6 230 i take that over Ball all day!

  • Amazonbargains

    Does he actually prefer rapping??

  • Gary Gallant
    Gary Gallant

    He’s nba ready.

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson

    Go wolves....dear lord please don't let him turn into Andrew Wiggins!

  • Rivera Junn Arvin Jay
    Rivera Junn Arvin Jay

    he needs to workout on his defense first

  • Piersen Playz
    Piersen Playz

    Who is here after he got drafted 1st overall?

    • italian communist
      italian communist

      @04mzwach anti usa? 98% of the nba is america

    • 04mzwach

      Well, I hope he's good but might boycott like i did last season if they continue their anti usa B.S. =P

  • Vincent Lam
    Vincent Lam

    looks like justis winslow lol nothing special in the nba...

  • joseph taylor
    joseph taylor

    Can Anthony Edwards make the Timberwolves better should he be the No.1 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft? Let's wait and see!

  • joseph taylor
    joseph taylor

    Definitely has mad game, but is he ready to face the NBA talent especially the elite players? Let's be wait for the season to start and see!

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike

    Ben Mclemore 2.0

  • Jeffery Jackson
    Jeffery Jackson

    Anthony Edwards is the best player in this year's draft. Minnesota Timberwolves better get him.

  • Deja Vu
    Deja Vu


  • Zackary Kasprzak
    Zackary Kasprzak

    If he improves his efficiency from 3 he will be big time big if though

  • Erik Amundson
    Erik Amundson

    Please timberwolves don't mess this up

  • The Elephant In The Room
    The Elephant In The Room

    Why does everyone need to be compared to someone else. Why can't he just be himself. So annoying.

  • Donald Priola
    Donald Priola

    Anyone who picks LaMelo over this kid is insane. But leave it to the Wolves.

  • TN gamer
    TN gamer

    Rodney sticky at best

  • Ched Beckford
    Ched Beckford

    I like his size and strength at the position but those shooting percentages worry me

  • Dakota Miller
    Dakota Miller

    Harden 2.0, I’m jumping on this bandwagon

  • Sergio

    He’s mike

  • CK Sherlock
    CK Sherlock

    "So smooth and freakishly powerful". Perfect description. Crazy athleticism, quick handles and can make his own shot. I'm sold.

  • Spartans Creed
    Spartans Creed

    If charlotte gets him it's over

  • Marshall Yarbrough
    Marshall Yarbrough

    This guy isn't going to be very good. Mark my words. He'll be about as good as anthony bennett was. He shot 40 percent against college defenders. Only 29 percent from 3. He has terrible shot selection and low basketball IQ. 1:1 assist to turnover ratio so he isn't a good playmaker for a guard. NBA defenders will ruin this guy's life. There's no way he's a top draft pick. Huge bust.

  • division100

    So hes gonna be playing the James Harden defense

  • J Hines
    J Hines

    If he develops a consistent jumper along with a 3 point shot then he’s a all star

    • J Hines
      J Hines

      And commit to the defensive end

  • john doe
    john doe

    im all set ..lol he said dion waiters haha i cant unhear that dont drive him #1

  • U.T. Ghan Permie
    U.T. Ghan Permie

    A low IQ shooting guard who's got a poor shot selection? NBA's got plenty of that. I am not in awe with potential, especially athletically. What I seek is maturity and IQ. There's not a lot of those 2 things in the NBA.

  • MadLightsProduction

    I hope lakers get him, and lakers should trade, Howard, cousins, Mcgee, Green, KCP, and Morris. Nothing can beat lakers.

  • TheKing BOYI
    TheKing BOYI


  • argonaut

    More athletic than Harden and stronger, but little less bkb iq

  • Jose Concha
    Jose Concha

    This draft is so sorry

  • JamesonYT

    DLo will love this guy

  • Aldo Alili
    Aldo Alili

    I know a thing or two. Watch out for Okongwu, Vassell, Saddiq Bey and RJ Hampton. All will be future Hall of Famers.

  • Rannie Dykes
    Rannie Dykes

    This guy is dion waiters prolly not mentally but dion was nasty coming out of college. He got drafted to the wrong team tbh.

  • E.C. Moore
    E.C. Moore

    What's that lil beat in the beginning

  • Arjun Akella
    Arjun Akella

    Anthony Edwards being viewed as a Top 3 2020 NBA Draft prospect symbolizes basketball scouts potentially learning from their mistake of underrating Donovan Mitchell 3 years ago

    • Seven Grand
      Seven Grand

      well mitchell is like d-wade who himself went #5 overall

  • Lee Choctaw
    Lee Choctaw

    Draft xpress was better

  • Kevin Castillo
    Kevin Castillo

    Golden state

  • san mck
    san mck

    This guy gonna be a god

  • Rudy Regalado
    Rudy Regalado

    Spurs with the 11 pick

  • PokeVibes

    Obi body him tho

  • jesse pronk
    jesse pronk

    He shoots like 20% from the field lmao what are you talking about

    • Aidan Watson
      Aidan Watson

      Boom. Roasted.

    • Blake Larson
      Blake Larson

      52%TS. Not bad actually.

  • Mercuric Mike
    Mercuric Mike

    a shabaz muhammad in the making

  • Lucio Gonzalez
    Lucio Gonzalez

    He is literally build like oladipo.

  • Andy, Jr. Bucton
    Andy, Jr. Bucton

    Dwyane Wade

  • Changhyun Park
    Changhyun Park

    bruh james harden looked so clapped when he was playing college basketball

    • Jordan Gilty
      Jordan Gilty

      Oh does he look good to you now? 💀

  • Janross Gapuz
    Janross Gapuz

    Over rated

  • Khyl Solomon
    Khyl Solomon

    Didn't they say this about almost every other #1 pick before

  • Goofyscott80

    Let’s go Timberwolves!!!

  • Evans Lemont
    Evans Lemont

    Man this dude is so smooth. I think he has the highest super star potential. Minnesota better take this guy.

  • Res Udeew
    Res Udeew

    Oladipo wasn't the #1 pick....poor Anthony Bennett.

  • Carmichael Tuplano
    Carmichael Tuplano

    Harden,Oladipo,Beal combination.

  • Danny Lim
    Danny Lim

    Frankly, I struggle to think of another player that was so inefficient in college that became "...the most dynamic scorer in the NBA.." - #1 NBA scorer in 2020: James Harden shooting splits were .489/.356/.756 - #5 Dame .467/.409/.887 - #7 Trae Young .422/.360/.860 - #9 Russell Westbrook .465/.338/.713 - #10 Bradley Beal .445/.339/.769 - Edwards is .402/.294/.773 --> His FG% and 3P% is considerably worse than EVERYONE on the top 10 list (only perimeter oriented players)

    • Danny Lim
      Danny Lim

      I've gone thru the entire top 50 list of scorers in the NBA 2020. And the only one that comes close is Paul George, with splits of .424/.353/.909. Will give AE benefit of the doubt, but he certainly needs to outperform the odds.

  • Dante Varona
    Dante Varona

    so he is a thicker Wiggins

  • jacjun0592

    So wait you can go 16-16 and still be able be projected no. 1?? FOH Minny don’t fall for this bs the scouts are trying to play us.

    • Just Vibin'
      Just Vibin'

      Team record doesn't matter in drafting a player. It's about how the player hinself performs.....

  • Caleb Jaco
    Caleb Jaco

    Good God please don’t let this man fall to the warriors... just imagine him & Klay on each wing with KAT at the 5 & Wiggins playing a power 4 position & Steph running point...

  • Steve Zissou
    Steve Zissou

    ESPN get your audio quality in check

  • MSJ

    Minnesota needs to trade this pick to the knicks for Mitchell Robinson and 8th pick. At 8th, they should pick Vasell.

  • OTs _ELi
    OTs _ELi

    Kd injured for one year and disrespected

  • Ricky Bachman
    Ricky Bachman

    Edwards should average 25 a game if he gets the minutes.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore

    He's like Donovan Mitchell, he can't be guarded. Minnesota will be playoff contenders.

  • Kyanos Pantokrator
    Kyanos Pantokrator

    Anthony Edwards for Minnesota!


      He's our new J. R. Rider! Exact same height, weight and athleticism.

  • Aaron Luricina
    Aaron Luricina

    29% from 3? Wth?

    • Oblivious 404
      Oblivious 404

      Melo shot around 29% on jump shots so the too prospects don't seem to be shooters

  • Ray-Annd Cortel
    Ray-Annd Cortel

    Will be a decent starter.i dont see him flourishing with the wolves. He decent tho. I aint drafting him 1 tho

    • Ray-Annd Cortel
      Ray-Annd Cortel

      Oblivious 404 you mad bro?🤣🤣🤣

    • Oblivious 404
      Oblivious 404

      Who asked?

  • Bloodymer Zkizzoid
    Bloodymer Zkizzoid

    Welcome to Dub Nation!,

  • Maurice Mallari
    Maurice Mallari

    Dynamic backcourt duo with DLo

  • 8 Four
    8 Four

    This guy looks like an automatic raptor

  • Ludovic Leris
    Ludovic Leris

    4:26 pause

  • bentley Jordan
    bentley Jordan

    If he plays anything like his opal he will be a god lmao

    • Ali

      bruh lol

  • Leo lazarou
    Leo lazarou

    Norman Powell 2.0

  • Willy J
    Willy J

    No one can smoke meth like Tyreke Evans though

  • aji maundri
    aji maundri

    Dion waiters ?

  • LiquidGoldSwords

    He looks like a mix of Westbrook and Harden. All-star potential yes, winning potential not so much.

    • JohnnyU1988

      any prospect that was compared to harden would be seen a near number 1 pick like fultz or luka

  • vKevinnn

    Next time use statistics that matter tf, who cares what percentage his assists comes from or how many pull-ups Only care about assists per game and shooting percentages

  • Jae Deep
    Jae Deep

    Bulls need to move up to get this kid..Wendell Carter Jr & 4 pick to the Warriors for the 2nd pick..

    • Anthony Monacelli
      Anthony Monacelli

      yeah they should make that trade. it will be hilarious when the wolves take him from the warriors at number 1

  • Wally Thompson
    Wally Thompson

    Baby face

  • The Unit
    The Unit

    Welcome to the Wolves

  • E.C. Moore
    E.C. Moore

    "THE GSW SELECT"...👀

  • Isaac Schweer
    Isaac Schweer

    Poor shot selection, lacks defensive engagement and is generally inconsistent? Sounds like Andrew Wiggins 2.0...

    • Korey Knepper
      Korey Knepper

      There's a difference between him and Wiggins, Wiggins doesn't do curtain things because he just doesn't care, I think Edwards doesn't do curtain things because he's just not smart. If you hear interviews with him he's a bit of an air head. I see more JR Smith than andrew wiggins

    • Dedrick McConnell
      Dedrick McConnell

      Andrew is uncoordinated!

    • Jethro Climacosa
      Jethro Climacosa

      Andrew "let me take a midrange jumper in which i suck" wiggins

    • Lucio Gonzalez
      Lucio Gonzalez

      but with a jumpshot

    • Ben Breber
      Ben Breber

      Isaac Schweer not at all

  • Jude Bamford
    Jude Bamford

    We need him at the wolves

  • Nib Green
    Nib Green

    Maybe I heard wrong but did he say Vitor Oladipo was drafted number 1 I bet Dan Gilbert wished he was I know that’s who he wanted not Anthony Bennett

  • Ty Dilts
    Ty Dilts

    Two theories: The worst thing he does are pull-up 3s in transition. They are incredibly popular, but he's not a good enough shooter, and he's "so tough" to stop going to the rim, it's a waste. I'd be interested to see what getting rid of that would do for his efficiency, both by raising his 3-point percentage and giving him more shots in the paint. Pull-ups in the half-court or step-backs are fine, but stop pulling up at the top of the arch when you are basically 1-on-1 on a fastbreak. The other: he's really athletic, but he needs to sloooow waaaaay doooown. I'm glad you made the Harden comp. He's another people say isn't athletic because he plays so deliberately. But he's actually athletic. I also see some of Luka Doncic's game in him. Just like Allen Iverson stretched the carry rule to its extreme and dared refs to call it on his crossover, does Doncic (and Harden) with traveling. Edwards is so big and can take such long-steps. No one is going to bump him off his route to the lane. Step-backs, hesis, euro-steps, in-and-outs, these are all marks of a slower, more deliberate approach. Being big and strong (he's already the size of Doncic and Kawhi and bigger than Harden), he can just keep defenders on his hip. (Jimmy Butler is another). Butler, Harden, Luka all have vastly different games, as does Edwards. But they all play "slow" in a good way, and they use their strength to their advantage. I'd be interested to see what Edwards could do in that manner rather than relying on his explosiveness and speed to make everything work.

  • Justin Hinckley
    Justin Hinckley

    Better scorer>Edwards Most talented player>Ball Seems like a trae vs Luka debate again


    Tbh his shooting and passing is a bit suspect. Harden isn’t just off dribble and create, he’s also good at reading offense and making correct last second plays. This is where LaMelo is much better. I think Wolves needs shooting thou, so they should pick up Edwards and try to move him for Booker. Warriors pick up Ball or Wiseman if Giannis play is available, if not Wiseman might be the perfect pick for them. Hornet got no choice, so...

  • Breon Sturdivant
    Breon Sturdivant

    He is a smaller Kyle Kuzma is whole game is exactly the same especially his biggest weakness is the ability to make plays for others

  • 2lowwkey _
    2lowwkey _

    Minnesota already have Malik Beasley makes no sense if they draft Edwards because they both have similar game

    • Oblivious 404
      Oblivious 404

      Beasley is hella efficient as a catch and shoot guy, he doesn't go off the dribble. Their playstyles aren't similar at all. Beasley is a high volume scorer but the Wolves need a shot creator besides DLo or on the bench.

    • Anthony Monacelli
      Anthony Monacelli

      exactly. I really think the wolves should explore trade for a package of both their first round picks and a couple players

  • Abdurahman Saed
    Abdurahman Saed

    Where are my timberwolves fans at 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Farrque Hussein
      Farrque Hussein

      Bro idk I want melo but Edwards ain’t bad either

  • Rico Lorenzi
    Rico Lorenzi

    Poor man’s Wade

  • Ronaldo Buenafe
    Ronaldo Buenafe

    No way he's number 1 overall. Maybe number 1 in Round 2.

    • Ronaldo Buenafe
      Ronaldo Buenafe

      @Anthony Monacelli Ok. U win. Bye.

    • Anthony Monacelli
      Anthony Monacelli

      @Ronaldo Buenafe just pointing out that those aren't things a bust does. charles barkley never won a championship. is he a bust?

    • Ronaldo Buenafe
      Ronaldo Buenafe

      @Anthony Monacelli So what. Guy's a loser.

    • Anthony Monacelli
      Anthony Monacelli

      @Ronaldo Buenafe Karl Towns - 2 time all star, all nba, 41% from 3 on 8 attempts a game

    • Ronaldo Buenafe
      Ronaldo Buenafe

      @Connor Lucht Edwards is obviously a bust You heard it here first. Well, the Wolves are fond of taking bust picks anyway. Good luck.

  • Relayzy1

    First NBA pay check and he will be motivated.

  • Jefferson Lucas da Cruz
    Jefferson Lucas da Cruz

    Go Minessota

  • Sam Omer
    Sam Omer

    Welcome to Minnesota

  • Mr Logical Mind
    Mr Logical Mind

    *Knicks fans finna call the police on themselves, and run at them with an airsoft bb gun when they get there.*

  • Jay Robbins
    Jay Robbins

    Ok so a Victor Oladipo/ Mitch Richmond type. He could be a threat long term. Could land 1st.


    So an athletic, iso focused, guard with poor shot selection and average to below average offensive IQ who also gives very little effort to defence. Sounds like a hyped up YMCA dude. He's got potential but I'm not impressed

  • Aaron Noonan
    Aaron Noonan

    Wolves need to forget about Booker and just draft this kid!! Future star written all over him!!

  • NightNight

    Hes a lazy talented player

  • txyu kefu
    txyu kefu

    I’m a wolves fan... and I think the wolves should draft Deni Avdija... or Obi Toppin... Ball, Edwards, Wiseman are just overhyped... imo...

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