Lebron Full Game | Miami Heat vs Oklahoma Thunder - All Games | 2012 NBA Finals
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  • 小梁


    • Okta Bingal
      Okta Bingal

      @Omari Reid 77u

    • Weirdo Wilab
      Weirdo Wilab

      @Omari Reid _p

    • Babatunde Loye
      Babatunde Loye

      @brice harris jokin k jokin n no

    • Brooke Hughes
      Brooke Hughes

      Lebrun James is a great player

    • Rich Lucero
      Rich Lucero

      @Omari Reid 00

  • Andrew Goldin
    Andrew Goldin

    The thunder were good sports to stick around and give hugs

  • Kien Lao
    Kien Lao

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  • Erron Smith
    Erron Smith

    Most forgotten NBA Finals Ever.💯 I'm pretty sure kd harden and Westbrook Don't remember🤣 I know lebron does🤣💯

  • TheBonelessBanana

    So which team was better, OKC or Golden State? Also, what's so wrong with the Nets super team make up compared to the previous 2 that people bitch about?

  • Cleveland Powell
    Cleveland Powell

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    Janet Kien

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    Janet Kien

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  • Ty Lito
    Ty Lito

    OKC was essentially the nets w russ instead of kyrie lol

  • Janet Kien
    Janet Kien

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  • Janet Kien
    Janet Kien

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  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis

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  • JUSTINcredible

    Watching this now and it’s still hilarious how KD STILL has no rings 🤣

    • JUSTINcredible

      @Mark David Mallorca you clowns really forget about the 2013 and 2016 finals huh?

    • JUSTINcredible

      @Rhenard A. 2016.. 3-1 lead. Jus sayin

    • Mark David Mallorca
      Mark David Mallorca

      Both of them has cupcake rings

    • Archie Andrews
      Archie Andrews

      Still hilarious both lebron and kd have 0 rings

    • Rhenard A.
      Rhenard A.

      Golden State warriors champ 2017 just sayin..

  • saiden abdulatip
    saiden abdulatip

    why the refere touching the stomach of COACH SPOELSTRA

  • ダンサーアッツ

    未だに見てる! とても印象的なシーンの一つ!

  • Halle Merritt
    Halle Merritt

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  • Amari

    Does anyone have game 6

    • Amari

      @John Smith bro I can’t find it anywhere I’ve been searching for months

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      Really bruh

  • Fran Swinford
    Fran Swinford

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  • Straw Hat Guy
    Straw Hat Guy

    2:44:12 This frame is the most iconic NBA Finals moment for the wrong reasons.

  • denzel gregoire
    denzel gregoire

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  • cristian flores
    cristian flores

    arbitraje terrible solo comparado con el lakers kings

  • Little Prince
    Little Prince

    Battier and Mike Miller the unsung heroes of these series

  • Michelle Happy
    Michelle Happy

    Btuh what are theae latest comments

  • Vinz The Prinz
    Vinz The Prinz

    Heat Lebron was the most likable Lebron. So sad when he returned to Cleveland, he became a diva.

  • Linh Nho
    Linh Nho

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    Bolt Bolt

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    Ker Loz

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  • Roberto Sanvada
    Roberto Sanvada

    Fuck this foo

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez

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    Luiz Oliveira

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    Robii _93

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    Randi Mastrogiovann

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    Irene Hamilton

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  • JB

    1:20:50 Chris Mullin " no one comes back in 3-1 deficit in NBA history" 4 yrs later Lebron did it!!

  • 이동욱

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  • Chupapi Monyanyo
    Chupapi Monyanyo

    The 2014-2016 GSW era is what OKC could have been if they kept Harden 😔

    • Bane

      Idk man I feel like Harden getting away from OKC and balling alone forced him to evolve and get better

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

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    Gio Gwno

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  • Guilherme Mesquita
    Guilherme Mesquita

    1:56:01 AD would never imagine he would be winning a ring with LeBron 8 years later

  • Guilherme Mesquita
    Guilherme Mesquita

    Is still 2-2 after 3 minutes

  • joh bhan
    joh bhan

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    Natthan Clark

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  • Yoss At Ako
    Yoss At Ako


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    Truong Hanh Vi

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  • SC Challenger
    SC Challenger

    Back when okc faced the heat, refs, and the nba

  • rabuli tajipo
    rabuli tajipo

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  • Genie Resnera
    Genie Resnera

    Wow😀this finals is very intense and exciting.

  • Genie Resnera
    Genie Resnera

    Wow😀this finals is very intense and exciting.

  • joh bhan
    joh bhan

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    andrea murphy

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  • Joseph langi tv
    Joseph langi tv

    Only james harden and Westbrook without ring ,ibaka and Durant had already

  • Michael Tang
    Michael Tang

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  • Yotsuba Nakano
    Yotsuba Nakano

    1:58:54 Real talk this would be one of the best highlight in NBA finals history if it went in

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    ehdhtehjtr jgdfgtertgf

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    Luke Andris

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    Anthony Yuen

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    awdawd adad

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  • Key X
    Key X

    Who else peeped that Perkin’s shove around 14:02

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    Ker Loz

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  • ethn the man
    ethn the man

    I was watching movie trailers and I went to sleep. Where did this come frim

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    JaVonne Dukes

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    Ker Loz

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  • King KRUSTY
    King KRUSTY

    man i miss fans

  • BagSign

    This victory feeling man... one fucking day ❤️

  • Bennett Dukes
    Bennett Dukes

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  • Andrew Blackop
    Andrew Blackop

    KD and Harden gonna get their revenge this year 😈

    • ddp540

      @Andrew Blackop 😂😭😂😭😂😭

    • Andrew Blackop
      Andrew Blackop

      @ddp540 Won't even make it past the Clips 🥱

    • ddp540

      Lakers in 5

  • Only_heatnation

    This team is back to vs lebron for revenge of 2012

    • ddp540

      Lakers in 5

  • Darren Hodgkiss
    Darren Hodgkiss

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  • Ren Portallo AC
    Ren Portallo AC


  • Matthew Hinojosa
    Matthew Hinojosa

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  • Brandon Yip
    Brandon Yip

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  • MāDM4rch

    Miami really knows to pickup players.. they all know how to shoot 3 .. except for lebron

  • MāDM4rch

    This wasn't even prime d Wade....

  • rabuli tajipo
    rabuli tajipo

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  • Jeanette Rodriguez
    Jeanette Rodriguez

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    Thcs Giáo viên văn

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  • Nathan Neo
    Nathan Neo

    miami just better here in game 5 and can someone explain why is james harden guarding lebron?

  • Isabel Lacson
    Isabel Lacson

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    joh bhan

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    JaVonne Dukes

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    Andikan Otu

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    Hunter Watkins

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  • Sergio 7
    Sergio 7

    One of the most forgettable nba finals

  • Rodney Hall
    Rodney Hall

    Wade must got that bag cuz them Jordan’s ugly af bro

  • rabuli tajipo
    rabuli tajipo

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    • OKjoey86

      Exactly what I was thinking. Took the words out of my mouth

  • Isabel Lacson
    Isabel Lacson

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