Lebron Full Game | Miami Heat vs Oklahoma Thunder - All Games | 2012 NBA Finals
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  • 小梁


    • Edwin Demetrius
      Edwin Demetrius

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    • Okta Bingal
      Okta Bingal

      @Omari Reid 77u

    • Weirdo Wilab
      Weirdo Wilab

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    • Babatunde Loye
      Babatunde Loye

      @brice harris jokin k jokin n no

  • SC Challenger
    SC Challenger

    Back when okc faced the heat, refs, and the nba

  • rabuli tajipo
    rabuli tajipo

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  • Genie Resnera
    Genie Resnera

    Wow😀this finals is very intense and exciting.

  • Genie Resnera
    Genie Resnera

    Wow😀this finals is very intense and exciting.

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    joh bhan

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    andrea murphy

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  • Ang probinsyanong magsasaka
    Ang probinsyanong magsasaka

    Only james harden and Westbrook without ring ,ibaka and Durant had already

  • Michael Tang
    Michael Tang

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  • Gamerzroy NoINTENTION
    Gamerzroy NoINTENTION

    1:58:54 Real talk this would be one of the best highlight in NBA finals history if it went in

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    ehdhtehjtr jgdfgtertgf

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  • Key X
    Key X

    Who else peeped that Perkin’s shove around 14:02

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    Ker Loz

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    ethn the man

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    JaVonne Dukes

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  • King KRUSTY
    King KRUSTY

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  • BagSign

    This victory feeling man... one fucking day ❤️

  • Bennett Dukes
    Bennett Dukes

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  • Andrew Blackop
    Andrew Blackop

    KD and Harden gonna get their revenge this year 😈

    • ddp540

      @Andrew Blackop 😂😭😂😭😂😭

    • Andrew Blackop
      Andrew Blackop

      @ddp540 Won't even make it past the Clips 🥱

    • ddp540

      Lakers in 5

  • Tornado_man2k20 Tiktok
    Tornado_man2k20 Tiktok

    This team is back to vs lebron for revenge of 2012

    • ddp540

      Lakers in 5

  • Darren Hodgkiss
    Darren Hodgkiss

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    Brandon Yip

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  • MystiC

    Miami really knows to pickup players.. they all know how to shoot 3 .. except for lebron

  • MystiC

    This wasn't even prime d Wade....

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    rabuli tajipo

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  • Nathan Neo
    Nathan Neo

    miami just better here in game 5 and can someone explain why is james harden guarding lebron?

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    Isabel Lacson

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  • Sergio 7
    Sergio 7

    One of the most forgettable nba finals

  • Rodney Hall
    Rodney Hall

    Wade must got that bag cuz them Jordan’s ugly af bro

  • rabuli tajipo
    rabuli tajipo

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    • OKjoey86

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  • Tamir Hall
    Tamir Hall


    • ddp540


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    Cornelia Chukes

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    Janet Kien

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  • Fredrick Meredith
    Fredrick Meredith

    This Thunder team bounced Kobe Bryant's LOADED LA Lakers, and Tim Duncans LOADED S.A. Spurs team in the Western Conference playoffs but LEGATO James was just a little too much.

  • OneClick 3
    OneClick 3

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  • Janet Kien
    Janet Kien

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  • Mary ann Tierra
    Mary ann Tierra

    Watching today idol lebron

  • JaVonne Dukes
    JaVonne Dukes

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  • JaVonne Dukes
    JaVonne Dukes

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  • Elite Gamez
    Elite Gamez

    They literally showed more respect in NBA games back in the day than they do today

  • Mike Rose
    Mike Rose

    I'm surprised Skip don't say Mike Miller saved Lebron Legacy because He was cooking

  • Sundy Turalde
    Sundy Turalde

    noon pa pala lumuluwa na mga dunk ni westbrook😂😂😂

  • Harry Shaw
    Harry Shaw

    Never thought there gonna be 3 future MVPs in one team in 2012...

  • jooshoowa

    Never thought there gonna be 3 future MVPs in one team in 2012...

  • Alexander Chua
    Alexander Chua

    To all who is saying that Durant is better than LBJ, here you go.

  • Marc Richardson
    Marc Richardson

    Jus shows how long Harden been playin that flop shat...

  • Roman Rezontov
    Roman Rezontov


  • Jim dela Cruz Vera
    Jim dela Cruz Vera

    2:19:47 tf was that? LeBron and KD, bruh😂😂

    • KRT Music TBG
      KRT Music TBG


  • Vincent Ramirez
    Vincent Ramirez

    Thank you for giving me a nostalgia!! Hope BRON wins his 4th Soon!

    • itachi uchiha
      itachi uchiha

      my guy he already did 😂😂he just one a ring on the lakers

  • res kon
    res kon

    02:07:50 The King has spoken

    • Jim dela Cruz Vera
      Jim dela Cruz Vera

      Job finished? job not finish. -Kobe

  • res kon
    res kon

    Crazy how many times LeBron couldve gone for a 3 in a 1v1 situation but instead pulled to the zone or passed out

  • res kon
    res kon

    OKC wasn't ready but to be fair this Heat team was one of the greatest teams ever in basketball history

  • Joshua

    2:44:12 the dynasty we only saw glimpses of.

  • Harold Bettencourt
    Harold Bettencourt

    Not gonna lie, I'm really sad to see nobody watching my most recent doc :( Do you guys have any feedback for me? Was it just a poorly done video? Edit: Thanks for some of the feedback guys. I can understand for those of you just not interested in League of Legends content anymore, it's just frustrating to constantly see all the other LoL youtubers do so much better in viewership than me when I feel like I'm putting in just as much effort as anyone else. I just wanna understand how I can improve and get to the level of being a real person. Sorry to everyone who doesn't watch League of Legends ITmores content. I don't know why YT is recommending this post to you instead of my actual subscribers lol.

  • Fred Oliveira
    Fred Oliveira

    I fell asleep last night and woke up to this

  • Harold R. Bettencourt III
    Harold R. Bettencourt III

    Man I remember this like it was just yesterday. I was in downtown Miami and we was Lit! Miami was Lit! Love my Heatles. Will always treasure these moments of watching my team win championships

    • Fred Oliveira
      Fred Oliveira

      Never thought there gonna be 3 future MVPs in one team in 2012...

  • Ian Nodine
    Ian Nodine

    it’s nice hearing “blocked by ibaka” four times a game again

  • jake campos
    jake campos

    2:55:35 when Stuart Scott and David stern were standing with eachother, RIP legends

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

    You kinda forget how loud/hype nba games used to be

  • E N
    E N

    Does anybody know the song at 1:08:12?


    westbrook es muy individualista lo quiere hacer todo y asi nunca va a ganar nada

  • Mr Peter
    Mr Peter

    didn’t know Harden was this bad :”

  • Tommy Nguyen
    Tommy Nguyen

    Man just shows how many great teams lebron's faced in the finals like cmon KD Russ Harden Ibaka Perkins Sefolosha Derrick Fisher that's a squad man

  • spencer ayala
    spencer ayala

    i fell asleep watching flight and woke up to this

  • Steve Adams
    Steve Adams

    I feel so bad for KD though!!! Now I know why he joined Warriors. He needed to get a taste of this feeling.

  • Bot Restocks
    Bot Restocks

    Van Gundy was rooting hard for okc but predicted some of the future rules and the core breaking up. Has knowledge on the game haha

  • Harold R. Bettencourt III
    Harold R. Bettencourt III

    I want more of my miami heat LeBron era,please.....

  • Ahmed Shah
    Ahmed Shah

    Van Gundy was rooting hard for okc but predicted some of the future rules and the core breaking up. Has knowledge on the game haha

  • Tamara Lanzrath
    Tamara Lanzrath


  • Tulu bekele
    Tulu bekele

    Lebron got his first ring on KD, KD got his first ring on Bron

  • Sylvia Gitau
    Sylvia Gitau

    I was today years old when I found out Harden, Durant and Westbrook played on the same team.

    • Michael Washington
      Michael Washington

      Yo azz is not a real nba fan🙄😒💯💯

  • kaden3434

    I was watching dom2k at like 2 in the morning and fell asleep and when I wake up in the morning I find this lmao

  • Jorge Luis Resendiz Maya
    Jorge Luis Resendiz Maya

    Thank you for giving me a nostalgia!! Hope BRON wins his 4th Soon! Mexico

  • TGudda

    Goatee bron was different

  • 4pfzayy

    Dang okc really went to the finals with kd westbrook and harden

  • Stephen Chan
    Stephen Chan

    We all thought Thunder would return to NBA finals soon and won multiple championships

  • Jraybay

    Cool upload : D

  • Bingo Bingo
    Bingo Bingo

    16:52 wtf that speed, even LeBron lags behind (yes i know Bron didn't speed up but still)

  • Gianmarco Nessuno
    Gianmarco Nessuno

    Amazing intro!



  • Ulfina Wakjira
    Ulfina Wakjira

    make that 4

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