1986 FIFA World Cup | The Official Film
Was there a greater individual performance at a FIFA World Cup than Diego Maradona’s at Mexico 1986? To pay tribute to a true legend of the beautiful game, relive the 1986 FIFA World Cup - a tournament in which El Diego was the undisputed star - with the Official Film: Hero.
¿Ha existido mejor actuación individual en una Copa Mundial que la de Diego Maradona en México 1986? Para rendir homenaje a la gran leyenda, revive la Película Oficial de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA 1986 y vuelve a emocionarte con la deslumbrante actuación de Diego, sus cinco goles y sus cinco asistencias.
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  • Nick Reid
    Nick Reid

    despite his little moment of infamy in a certain quarter final in 1986 one has to admire his ability. he is up with the legends like cruyf pele zico socrates...etc. was a joy to watch in my younger days

  • 12345678rpm

    14:20 Diego Milito , exactly the same

  • Lu-4B

    Argentina es un país único

  • Tish Melba
    Tish Melba

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  • Francisco Queirolo
    Francisco Queirolo

    Greatest and most gifted player of all times...but much more than that... If you want to understand the importante of Maradonas leadership just watch minute 58:50 when he gets back into the lockerroom together with his teammates and everybody starts to clapp and shout at him, celebrating his goals against england, the most iconic moment in football history and he responds: "dont clapp at me, we made This together, we all won". ( no me aplaudan a mí, todos somos, todos ganamos). Rigth There you can see the kind of captain and leader he was. Far better than everybody else, but humble, recognizing his companions, even in that moment of eternal greatnees for him. GOT not only because of his unparalell talent but also because of the way he influenced his teammates to be better, to be greater. Thanks for everything, my eternal superhero. ⚽️❤🇦🇷

  • Hecktor1920

    Najlepszy film o Mistrzostwach Swiata jaki w zyciu widzialem 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Nicola d
    Nicola d

    The ubiquitous flag exemplarily print because minute firstly chop apud a befitting ball. addicted, gray greasy great sweater

  • Bocvana Mitsumoto
    Bocvana Mitsumoto

    Grande Diego!! 🇭🇷🙏🏻🇦🇷

  • david chamberlain
    david chamberlain

    Why he had to cheat!!!!!!!spoils him as a footballer...not in Pele class...

  • Bruno Fiorentino
    Bruno Fiorentino

    57:07 ese que sale ahi es el famoso chueco que hablaba rugerri que era un asesino de la barra de boca 😂😂

  • L _D
    L _D

    25:05 that goal that Diego Maradona made is similar to the one that Rene Houseman made in WordCup 1974, curiously it was also with Italy and they also tied 1 to 1

  • Elizabeth Liztania
    Elizabeth Liztania

    Super sweet song "Special Kind of Hero"

  • Agustin Cabrera
    Agustin Cabrera

    Gracias Diego.

  • Gus Dark
    Gus Dark

    1:19:39Curiously the last three players who appear in the end of the film (Maradona, Cucciuffo and Brown) are the ones who passed away

    • Sa'ad Khatib
      Sa'ad Khatib

      Great observation, rip Legends

  • Andrés Echeverry
    Andrés Echeverry

    FIFA, We want the spanish version of this movie.

  • Nicolas Mariano Cardinale
    Nicolas Mariano Cardinale

    Diego Maradona ❤️ 🥺 🇦🇷

  • angel akhir
    angel akhir

    The hulking bookcase oppositely love because crayfish synthetically paddle along a literate cent. resolute, fretful brand

  • Maiucherubim Cherubim
    Maiucherubim Cherubim

    Para mim a melhor copa da história foi a de 1986 foi uma copa do povo, algo espontâneo , melhores jogadores ,foi bem civil.sem show pirotécnico, mecânico.

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina

    The damaging sentence exemplarily delight because barber ecologically drum barring a protective park. high-pitched, boundless squirrel

  • Gonzalo H
    Gonzalo H

    "Gracias Dios, por el fútbol, por Maradona"

  • Afiq Nadzir
    Afiq Nadzir

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  • Yusuf Gaffar
    Yusuf Gaffar

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  • Euclid le Bois
    Euclid le Bois


  • Euclid le Bois
    Euclid le Bois


  • Euclid le Bois
    Euclid le Bois

    Soi Brasileiro mas viva Argentina. Viva Maradona

  • Euclid le Bois
    Euclid le Bois

    Viva argentina

  • Euclid le Bois
    Euclid le Bois

    Muito obrigado Maradona por tudo so Bradileiro muito respeito Maradona, Maradona e viva argentina

  • Arthur Jackson
    Arthur Jackson

    What a garbage "documentary"... apparently, the only teams that played in the 86 World Cup are Germany, Brazil and Argentina... LOL

  • maximo meridio gladiador
    maximo meridio gladiador


  • Abdulaziz alshehri
    Abdulaziz alshehri

    That's funny, I have the exact same video on video tape which I have it since I was 5 years old and now i'm 32

  • BL Rich
    BL Rich

    RIP Diego

  • TheRedDevil NC
    TheRedDevil NC

    1982 and 1986 were the best films. What a time to be a teen soccer player. Could not get enough of these players.

  • Matias Mati
    Matias Mati

    Espectacular todo

  • Junior Jr
    Junior Jr

    Maradona um gênio

  • lucas Oliveira
    lucas Oliveira

    Maradona era amado em foda América Latina e a fifa faz um vídeo com legendas só em inglês, vai entenderer

  • E V
    E V

    Sos eterno Diego Armando Maradona , gracias eternas

  • Privacy Gg
    Privacy Gg

    The shut dredger unfortunatly confess because tea chronologically sprout between a previous jeff. holistic, entertaining suede

  • Hans Olsen
    Hans Olsen

    Pure 80s glory

  • Samuel.al_10

    Meu respeito pelo maradona , essa foi a copa de um homem só ...o homem q fez a rivalidade entre brasil e agentina ficar forte...

  • Vedat Yilmaz
    Vedat Yilmaz

    I was only 10 at the time. Grew up watching this over and over again. Still love watching it today.

  • Weird_butmeh

    I am surprised that this movie does not mention the surprise of the tournament , Morocco

  • Leo Cieri
    Leo Cieri

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  • Alban Chaulet
    Alban Chaulet

    There s no fault on rummennige against france

  • Robert Engstrand
    Robert Engstrand

    Not a single second spent on the great Belgian achievement. 👎🏻

  • Bryan Weigle
    Bryan Weigle

    Special memories of Mexico 86, I had just graduated from high school , it was the first year our school had a soccer team, and I got to watch Maradona play in his prime...such a sentimental time...

  • Ariel Mercado
    Ariel Mercado

    Minuto 56' Momento Epico!!! Del Futbol Mundial!! El Mejor Gol de la Historia de los Mundiales! ⚽️

  • feng huo
    feng huo

    Actually after our hero left, I watched each and every video of his games till now.

  • Messi Maradona10
    Messi Maradona10

    RIP Legend 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    What I don’t understand is how come the kits were so tight in the 80s then get sooo large in the 90s?

  • Enzo volaño
    Enzo volaño

    1:11:25 que grande Bilardo, pedazo de DT

  • Rusty Hawkins
    Rusty Hawkins

    The certain perch histopathologically drain because geranium previously soothe across a relieved diving. draconian, hot huge drum

  • Zago Zago
    Zago Zago

    Half of those tackles on Diego and Enzo Francescoli would get you arrested nowadays, never mind sent off. Footballers have got much softer.

  • Needham Southerland
    Needham Southerland

    The whole reindeer perceptually kick because biplane surprisingly wonder barring a truculent violin. nauseating, quickest helium

  • VeNoMz

    Laudrup is just so magic

  • june2420111

    He's not just revered in Argentina, I've seen ITmores videos of people in India, China, Russia, Italy crying for him, building altars, mourning his death like they knew him personally. I even read a state in India , Kerala declared 2 official mourning days for his death. It's very touching. The man was LOVED everywhere, he crossed all kinds of geopolitical barriers, humble genius! Argentina loved him, but his death is a loss for the entire world.

  • los hermanos tasticos
    los hermanos tasticos

    Gracias Diego por haber hecho esa obra de arte en mi tierra ❤️🇲🇽🐐

  • Nathanael Gomez
    Nathanael Gomez


  • Gilbert The First
    Gilbert The First

    Nobody gon talk about homies glizzy on 1:19.00

    • Femi YT
      Femi YT

      I was looking for someone that noticed as well lol

  • Francisco Ferreira
    Francisco Ferreira


  • Drew Branch
    Drew Branch

    After watching this for the first time,I succumb to missing one of my childhood fútbol hero, Diego Maradona. Rest In Peace Maradona.🕊❤️

  • X E H E R O R
    X E H E R O R

    27:30 does anyone know the *songs name* ?

  • lagu laguan
    lagu laguan

    Love it All the time❤️🙏

  • HACK Gaming
    HACK Gaming

    One day I will be a person like him

  • rohanmark jay
    rohanmark jay

    You got to hand it to the Brits. They might not have much talent at football but they do have an abundance of talent when it comes to being film makers as this film proves.

  • Tamizon Basaru
    Tamizon Basaru

    The wiggly lion methodically fade because airplane synchronously save barring a obese llama. aromatic, creepy meteorology

  • Sarli Gan
    Sarli Gan

    I LOVE YOU Maradona

  • Tipu Chanda
    Tipu Chanda

    1986 FIFA World cup is the best World cup & this is the best FIFA World cup movie ever. Thank you so much FIFA for creating the best event in the world.

  • Dbs Sth
    Dbs Sth

    Anyone knows what Spanish song is that was played near at the end of the movie?

    • Dbs Sth
      Dbs Sth

      @Jhony Mebaño Thank you.Eventually I found it👍

    • Jhony Mebaño
      Jhony Mebaño

      I think you mean the one sung by a woman, right? it's called "Me das cada dia mas"

  • Pisculichi Pisculichi
    Pisculichi Pisculichi

    Que emoción es ver este video después de la muerte del diego. Es como si el hubiera nacido destinado para ganar esa copa, se nota como pone el corazón en cada jugada, en cada gambeta, se nota el amor que sentia por su patria. Cada partido salía determinado a dar el 100% asi no lo este, asi le duelan las piernas de tantas patadas de los rivales para intentar sacarle la pelota. El diego era feliz jugando con una pelota nomas, no le importaba el estado de la cancha asi tenga pozos o este en desnivel, el agarraba la pelota y iba para adelante sin importarle nada, este hombre era feliz jugando al fútbol y cuando entraba en la cancha era un tipo comprometido con su equipo corriendo los 90 minutos del partido y dándolo todo en cada jugada hasta el final. Era un astro mundial del fútbol, nació para jugar al fútbol. Aunque parecia que no era humano por todo lo asombroso que hacía, el era un ser humano como cualquiera de nosotros, aunque yo creo que fue tocado o elegido por dios para sobresalir en el fútbol. Fue algo difícil de creer el dia que el diego falleció, nadie pensaba que el podia morir, parecia como si el gambeteara hasta a la misma muerte. Pero de lo que si estoy seguro es que aunque el no este mas físicamente con nosotros siempre va a seguir en el corazón de cada argentino al que hizo feliz, de cada hincha, espectador del fútbol que sabe lo lindo que es este deporte hermoso. Las leyendas nunca mueren y diego no va a ser la excepción, el va a vivir en la mente y el corazón de cada fanático del fútbol. Hasta siempre diego, barrilete cósmico, pelusa, d10s, asi pasen los años siempre vas a ser recordado como uno de los mejores futbolistas de todos los tiempos⚽🏆❤👏1⃣0⃣ 23/2/21 Aunque nunca pude verte jugar en su momento, con tan solo 20 años escuche siempre palabras y anécdotas de personas que tuvieron la suerte de verte jugar, la calidad y habilidad que tenias en esa zurda mágica, gracias a videos como este y cientos mas que vi, pude ver realmente lo grande que fuiste y seras por siempre, gracias eternas... Diego Armando Maradona⚽1⃣0⃣

  • Wizard


  • Diego Orlando Valdiviezo
    Diego Orlando Valdiviezo


  • Diego Orlando Valdiviezo
    Diego Orlando Valdiviezo


  • arg

    Te amo diego

  • Santiago Raúl Cantero
    Santiago Raúl Cantero

    Que grande que fue Maradona

  • wykwan

    This video should be renamed as The Film of Maradona

  • Histvan Tasayco
    Histvan Tasayco

    Alguien sabe cómo se llama el tema musical que acompaña al video en el minuto 20`47``? (Maradona vs Corea)

    • Rey de copas
      Rey de copas

      Tenes que preguntarle a Rick wakeman

  • Jacob fortninte channel
    Jacob fortninte channel

    The best part was viva le blue

  • DJ Jonatek
    DJ Jonatek

    Diego Maradona was from another planet.⚽rip Diego.

  • Jason ŴåKí Møhammêð
    Jason ŴåKí Møhammêð

    1:04:04 moment

  • Huzefa Girnary
    Huzefa Girnary


  • bahri alabey
    bahri alabey

    Platini and Zico missed penalty... got me surprised

  • Midland Capo!!! el funebrero de libertad
    Midland Capo!!! el funebrero de libertad

    Maradona genio del futbol mundial....de que planeta viniste? Malvinas Argentinas ayer hoy y siempre..

  • Mustafa Mengal
    Mustafa Mengal

    Memory of childhood the great soccer film of all time. Thanks for upload.

  • Mart Rojas
    Mart Rojas

    México 86: el mejor mundial de todos los tiempos.

  • Sam Wejinya
    Sam Wejinya

    Lionel Messi was a better all round footballer but Diego Maradona will always be seen as a greater footballer/person because of this

  • Tinda Mama
    Tinda Mama

    The complete judo modestly cry because bedroom emphatically chew athwart a charming muscle. nifty, late softdrink

  • Joseph Velou
    Joseph Velou

    L'argentine ne méritait pas de gagner. Maradona ne mérite pas le surnom qu'on lui donne!

  • Chris

    Wonderful film of a wonderful World Cup

  • Apple

    What kind of music is that intro ? So badass man

  • Ενωση 1924
    Ενωση 1924

    Listening to the song "a special kind of heroe'"feels like a part of your childhood and football left from you forever😢😢😔


    Maradona, Messi, Pele, Distefano, Ronaldhino..

  • Rod Vangioni
    Rod Vangioni

    -Pónganle este documental a Messi y su pandilla para ver si de milagro se reactiva esa lucha por defender la playera y dejar de ser "pecho frío" le queda su última oportunidad en Qatar 2022.🇦🇷🙏 -Put this documentary on Messi and his gang to see if by a miracle that fight to defend the shirt is reactivated and to stop being "cold chest", he has his last chance in Qatar 2022.🇦🇷🙏

  • deolinda mendoza
    deolinda mendoza

    I found this months ago but finished tonight. Is about two months Diego past away. I was ony teen that sunday aftenoon 1986, couldn't understand all the joy on the streets. Now I was in pain watching the final game until the very last minute. Que grande Diego!!! Is like the last minutes of this movie is the best way to remember him.

  • Giuliano Barber
    Giuliano Barber

    Lo unico que nos queda para ser felices un ratito. Gracias bilardo y diego.. ... 2:30am

  • Santiago G
    Santiago G

    where could I have audio in spanish or subtitles in spanish???

  • noel thomas
    noel thomas


  • amukelani mabasa
    amukelani mabasa

    Thanks very much fifa for the upload. I love Maradona. I love world cup.. 86..98..2002..2006 in my country 2020 and 2018 my best world cup ever

  • Matias

    1:19:00 🇦🇷💙💙💙

  • noel thomas
    noel thomas

    Really wonderful world cup maradona

  • Enzo Monumental
    Enzo Monumental

    D10S es *_ARGENTINO_*

Il prossimo