1930s Antique Sentry Safe Restoration - Perfect Restoration
Meine Mechaniker
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Hello everyone. Here I am with a new restoration project. I have restored a very heavy antique belongs to early 1900s. (1930s) This safe weighs approximately 100kg (220.46 lbs) In this restoration I added wheels which weren't there originally. Lock mechanism of the safe wasn't original too. I guess that it might ve got broken in theft attempt. I found some hints about that incident. I believe the possibility of an attempt of fixing at 1970s there were a fixing residue on the lock mechanism because of some lock and some bolts from that time period. I renewed the lock mechanism completely. Now lock mechanism is clean and weldless. We can hear bolder sound as a result. So how I find this safe; I bougth it from and old Armenian woman. It belonged to women's husband. It was in his jewelry shop. And they brought it to their home. Since she wasnt using it she wanted to sell it. That way I have reached to this woman. I bougth it approximately a year ago. I feel very satisfied about this restoration . I hope that you will like it too

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Camera : Sony FDR AX33
Microphone : Sony ECM-GZ1M
Light : 2 Pcs Softbox Lighting Kit
Video Edit Software : Davinci Resolve 17

INTEL I7 2600 CPU 3.40 Ghz
HYPERX 1600Mhz DDR3 32GB Ram
MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4Gb

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  • Meine Mechaniker
    Meine Mechaniker

    Thank you for watching. Don't forget to ''Subscribe'' This is my previous video; WW1 1915 Entrenching tool restoration - Gallipoli on the day of Anzac [4K] itmores.info/player/video/r4KBqJFmnKttpM4

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker

      @Edison Leparto Ventura 👍👌

    • Edison Leparto Ventura
      Edison Leparto Ventura

      ‼️SUGGESTION: It would be better to describe and explain what you are doing (even thru text) so that we would not just merely watching but also learning.

    • Rajesh Gajjar
      Rajesh Gajjar

      I have this kind of safe too old godrej brand

    • Restaurando Coisas Velhas
      Restaurando Coisas Velhas

      Liked it. Keep going straight ahead.

    • CarloBraca

      @Meine Mechaniker s:8/99

  • Matthew JK Hill
    Matthew JK Hill

    While I am always impressed by people who do these kinds of restorations, this really takes the cake. I mean, I am sincerely impressed. Genuinely beautiful. Excellent craftsmanship. Just ... wow.

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker

      Thanks mate 🙏🏻🍀

  • Ganesh Ram
    Ganesh Ram


  • KellyJelly9976

    this restoration came out incredible!!!!

  • Cesar G
    Cesar G

    How many hours did you spend on this resto?

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker


  • The Mandalorian
    The Mandalorian

    Easily one of the best restoration videos I've ever seen! Amazing job!


    Top restoration 👏👏👏

  • AMR Phone
    AMR Phone

    is very very good 😍

  • arel gr
    arel gr

    from now on it is an iron jewel.

  • Michael Meyer
    Michael Meyer

    It was made to fake a antique good job making it look great

  • Carlo Bolinastretta
    Carlo Bolinastretta

    Bravo ottimo lavoro! good job!!

  • Iron Freddy
    Iron Freddy

    Saubere Arbeit.

  • gfresh353

    Wow! Gorgeous!

  • jorge cartagena
    jorge cartagena

    Strong and beautiful... ¡congratulations!

  • Frank and Dana Snyder
    Frank and Dana Snyder

    Looks like lead paint....


    2:45 anyone imagining that some money or full treasure in it

  • Ken Ossowicz - Living in Cape Coral
    Ken Ossowicz - Living in Cape Coral

    Impossible task for most, I imagine, but your immense skill and precision saved this piece and made it a work of art. Curious to know how many hours went into this project. And then to edit all that footage! Blown away!

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker

      Thank you, l guess 40 days 🙏🏻

  • David Charles-Williams
    David Charles-Williams

    The legs with the wheels were a mistake imho.

  • Family Guy
    Family Guy

    Beautiful! Excellent job 👌

  • Anita Marie
    Anita Marie

    This is like the Titanic safe

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker


  • Danger X
    Danger X

    I'm glad I found this channel as well. nobody's close to being as good or is perfect as... my mechanics

  • Ray Leonard
    Ray Leonard

    Great Restoration

  • J. B.
    J. B.

    I’ve been looking to resubscribe to your channel for over a year & could never think of the name. Just now happen to come across your channel again. Keep up the good work. New (old) subscriber here. :)

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker


  • gianghokyhiep

    Put the ones you restored on auction please, i’d love to have any piece that you did, outstanding job, love it love it love it

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker

      Thank you 🌿🙏🏻

  • 1Independentrider

    So many advertisements it’s almost unbearable to watch.

  • burntheobedient

    You should have done more passes with the camera of all of the parts. At least 7 more.🤣🤣

  • nevamind68 T
    nevamind68 T

    Mate, that's not a safe, that's Art 👍🏾 🖤

  • Gollammeister

    Amazing restoration

  • Gollammeister

    My friends cat Mr sweep is sat watching this video with me 😂

  • Gollammeister

    2.1 dislikes seriously?? Must be safe businesses sulking cos someone shows how to restore a safe vs them making money out of people

  • Gollammeister

    Very nice indeed

  • JACKSON Road
    JACKSON Road


  • Sami Ben Ahmed
    Sami Ben Ahmed

    Safe restoration: is the restoration safe or it is a restoration of a safe? 😁😅. Nice video.

  • Mehmet Akpınar
    Mehmet Akpınar

    Your videos make me so satisfied that I watch them in bed in order to fall asleep faster.

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker


  • Pferdinand Porsche
    Pferdinand Porsche

    very impressive

  • Walter Engler
    Walter Engler

    When you used that wood block to hold out the door, and then a vise to slightly bend in the bottom of the door so it was all flush again .. that impressed me. I never thought of something that simple to get such a good result. As to the imperfections in the handle for the safe .. I sort of wonder was that part of how they were made? With those imperfections? It's not wear or pitting from age there were gaps and it seems more like a defect in the handle. Nicely resolved by the way.

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker

      thanks, the errors in the brass materials were a fabrication error. unfortunately a poor quality brass casting.

  • John

    Love how you used vice grips on a brass turn handle, I would have fired you on the spot.


    God job MR

  • Ryu Yamada
    Ryu Yamada

    Why is this only recommended to me just now? I have been a fan of restoration channels for a while now. Glad this was recommended to me. Perfect restoration! First video in your channel that I just watched. Looks like I have so many to binge-watch. Thank you! Keep it up!

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker

      Thank you so much 🙏🏻

  • فهد فهد
    فهد فهد

    عمل رائع

  • Ceyhun Mustafayev
    Ceyhun Mustafayev

    Super !!

  • уууи бьбьб
    уууи бьбьб

    Заибали рекламы

  • Andrew Turnbull
    Andrew Turnbull

    Brilliant outcome! Superb choices at every point. Colour, finish, materials and technique! Thank you for your generosity!

  • Blake Vaughn
    Blake Vaughn

    you need to work on your welding my guy

  • Elisabeth J. Gawthrop
    Elisabeth J. Gawthrop

    The salt/flour/vinegar dough trick was enlightening, no pun intended. 🙂

  • Tobias Tofft
    Tobias Tofft

    I can SAFELY say, this turned out beautifully!

  • T. M
    T. M

    OMG!!! That came out AWESOME!!!!

  • Mahmoud Omar
    Mahmoud Omar

    Well done 👏, what an amazing hard working task, keep up the good work 💪

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    Tejaan Show


  • Mario Ammerschuber
    Mario Ammerschuber

    Very nice, good work. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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    Joshua Ball


  • Angel Berna Beltran
    Angel Berna Beltran

    A magnificent work, it really impresses, I subscribe to your channel, I just think that you have not restored it, you have made it new.

  • BorntoBirdie

    Do you sell these? If so do you have a link to a website or online store?

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker

      😅 write me on instagram

  • Анастасия Пожидаева
    Анастасия Пожидаева

    Гениально!!! Восхищаюсь каждым видео, сколько много трудов!!!!🙈💜

  • Nicholas Martin
    Nicholas Martin

    This is the Lawrence of Arabia of restoration videos

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker


  • Paulo Oliveira
    Paulo Oliveira

    Omg the dedication

  • PhillyGamer

    Damn good job there

  • Charles LEE
    Charles LEE

    Fabuleux !

  • Marcos Ufarte
    Marcos Ufarte

    Good restoration.

  • Fauzan Maulana
    Fauzan Maulana

    Most satisfying thing I watch this month, the amount of effort you put in, unbelievable

  • Rassul Rakhimov
    Rassul Rakhimov

    Вообще класс!!!

  • NIDIAV61


  • Todd Laney
    Todd Laney

    Outstanding restoration!!!! So much talent. Keep up the videos.

  • Jü Mo
    Jü Mo

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  • Coffeee

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  • Coffeee

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    Jörg Schäfer

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    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker

      감사 해요 (빨간불, 초록불 🤗)

  • ديكورات جميله
    ديكورات جميله


  • deepdance111

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    Ruth Kaylor

    Beautiful restoration

  • YahBoi Pixel
    YahBoi Pixel

    barley a restro, freaking rebuilt everything but the box, impressive asf

  • Robert Jenkinns
    Robert Jenkinns

    Safe Restoration is always better than violent restoration. lol

  • Katr Kg
    Katr Kg

    Awesomely beautiful. You're a Master (with capital M).

  • Антик Минтик
    Антик Минтик

    Колеса приделал, чтобы легче было украсть его)

  • Dennis Spalmacin
    Dennis Spalmacin

    Beautiful, beautiful work.

  • Frank Biz
    Frank Biz

    Flawless Amazing job!!!! Just subscribed. You are one of the best.

  • Mile Živković
    Mile Živković

    Wait. Are you the same person as my mechanics???

    • Meine Mechaniker
      Meine Mechaniker

      No 🙏🏻

  • noonsight2010

    Excellent job. I really enjoyed watching.

  • Marti Williams
    Marti Williams


  • Gayan Madusanka
    Gayan Madusanka

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  • Ray Horner
    Ray Horner

    Take your safe to "LockSmith Lawyer" to see if he can unlock your safe.

  • Neon Rinzla
    Neon Rinzla

    Interesting. I have lived in West Bromwich all my life and never heard of Sentry Safes - maybe time to look it up, nice to see a little bit of history from my home town for once.

  • Sareke Prakash
    Sareke Prakash

    Good and nice work

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  • no name
    no name

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    Henry Etzold

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  • Gustavo Affonso
    Gustavo Affonso

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    saudade saudade

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    merc with the mouth's new phone

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